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Empty Streets of Hong Kong

Posted by on Nov 30, 2010 in Featured, Music, Personal, Travel | 8 comments

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I was walking around the residential streets of Hong Kong last Thursday late at night.  It’s usually my thing.  I love walking around a new place, be curious, observe people and the streets and try to submerge myself into their culture.  I just appreciate the cool breeze in Hong Kong around winter time.  Our hotel stands a few meters away from the Harbor, bringing cooler chills.  For the first time this year, I wore boots, thick jacket, and gloves.  At first I thought my cough would worsen because of the cooler temperature, but it actually stopped.  It’s probably because I wasn’t sweating on my back anymore unlike in the Philippines.

Anyway, the view of the streets was awesome.  Empty streets that is and it made me calm and think about stuff.  I kept thinking how grateful I am to be where I am now and how lucky I am to have great people around me all the time.  I also kept wondering what I can do to move ahead.  The empty streets amazed me on how calming it can be.  It wasn’t exactly empty, just not crowded and discreet.  I was not scared of walking alone.

Sometimes, you get to appreciate a place when everyone else is sleeping.  You can take a closer look at the world they’ve built.  Sharing you the song that was on my mind while walking the streets of Hong Kong at over midnight. Smile

Late Night Alumni Empty Streets Lyrics

The city feels clean this time of night
Just empty streets
And me walking home
To clear my head

I know it came as no surprise
I’m affected more than I had guessed on what was said
If this love’s not meant to be
If the heart’s not ready to open
If we make it I won’t see it’s broken

If this love’s not meant to be
If the heart’s not ready to open
If we make it I won’t see how it’s broken

It’s the quiet time before the dawn
And I’m half past making sense of it
Was I wrong?
Should I claim to give it all
In a world where not much ever seems to last long

If this love’s not meant to be
If the heart’s not ready to open
If we make it I won’t see it’s broken

I stopped searching coz I found what I was looking for…


  1. wow ang ganda talaga ng Hongkong, parang ikaw; city is as beautiful as you are.;-) Wish I could go to this place.;-)

  2. what’s ur camera set up?

  3. aww thanks Nonoy 🙂 I really need some words of encouragement now.

  4. I think naka F22 ako dito.. shutter at 6 sec ata… not sure… was just mixing things up 😛

  5. Totoo naman; Ikaw na atah ang pinaka magandang blogger na nakita ko. Sana may picture ka rin with the Hongkong skyline in the background. I think that would be a really beautiful view. 😉

  6. Thanks Van 🙂 di ko nga nadala tripod ko 🙁 so mej handheld and iso 1600

  7. so..bumili ka ng boots? ung ugg boots ??? 🙂 wow..goodluck nlng po ! 🙂 kung ano man ang decision mo susuportahan taka! 🙂


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