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Coke Zero Ambassador Solenn Heusaff – Wild at Heart, Fit in Body

Posted by on Dec 26, 2010 in Celebrities, Entertainment and Lifestyle, Events, Featured, Food, Health | 30 comments

Coke Zero introduces its newest ambassador via the ‘Wild at Heart, Fit in Body’ campaign and it is none other than one of the people I look up to – Solenn Heusaff.

Coke Zero endorser - about Solenn Heusaff

Solenn is Half-French and half-Filipino.  She got her start as a print and commercial model.  But she’s never been content to settle for one passion.

Her passion for beauty pointed her in the direction of Paris to master the art of makeup (and led her to create the controversial nothing-but-a-flag-on look of Joey Mead for Rogue).  Her love for fashion is on display for famous knitwear line Tan Gan, which she designs for.  Solenn’s interests are wide and varied, each more surprising than the last.  Her skill with a brush extends to her painting striking images unlike any other.

Her career took an unexpected turn when she joined the castaways of Survivor Philippines 2010, erasing any notion of her as a prim-and-proper fashion type.  Here, televiewers saw how fit and athletic Solenn really is – taking on grueling challenges one after the other. Every task testing her determination, plus the strength of her well contoured body.

And talking about being athletic, Solenn also boxes in her spare time. Yup, this flawless feline is also a fighter. Going for a few rounds of boxing after a hard day really makes her feel good about herself, she says.

What I admire about Solenn is that she’s a multi-faceted lady boosting with confidence that came from hard work and a healthy attitude in life.  Yes, all the big stars don’t just get lucky.  They work hard to achieve their goals and to be where they are now.  Solenn is no exception.  A lot of people may see her as just another pretty face, but spending a day with her in one of my projects, I beg to disagree.   She is very pretty even without any makeup and her personality shines all the time.  Also, she’s always on time with her gigs.  It may be a small thing, but collectively, this is one helpful habit.

I have always dreamed of a perfect body like Solenn, and it takes discipline to maintain a healthy, fit and well-toned figure.  It takes hours in the gym, a few visits in my derma clinic, a total regimen to take care of my skin and watching what I eat.  That means counting calories too and with Coke zero, I can have the best of both worlds – great taste, zero sugar. Smile

Solenn’s star holds every promise of shining even brighter in 2011, and she has expressed her desire to stay wild and fit in the coming year with Coke Zero.  This is her resolution for 2011, and she invites everyone to join her in declaring they will be wild about their passions and stay fit in the coming year.

Celebrate New Year’s With Solenn

For New Year’s eve, I will be heading off to Eastwood City in Libis to greet the new year and start it right with a wild heart and a fit body!

Join us and party with us – Channel V, Coke Zero and the new ambassadress Solenn Heusaff on December 31, 2010, 9pm at Eastwood City, Libis.

See you!

*This is a sponsored post for Coke Zero.


Here are the photos and coverage of the 2011 New Year’s Party at Eastwood City with Coke Zero and Solenn



  1. Nice ad. I don’t like Coke Zero, I like the regular Coke better. My absolute favorite is the Coke sakto and Coke litro because of the fizz and the spirit 🙂 Anyway, another fan of Solenn here.

  2. I love Solenn! Too bad I didn’t get to watch Survivor Philippines’ Celebrity edition. Will find a way to watch it online.

    Like Pink Magaline, I prefer the regular Coke. But, Coke Zero is so good when it’s really cold/chilled. 🙂

  3. Hi i’m a fan of you wahaha…

  4. Honestly, I can’t tell the difference. @[email protected] I know thought that it has zero sugar. I guess to each his own.

  5. IKR, I’d have to agree with Coke for picking her, she’s perfect for this campaign ^_^

  6. Of Solenn? or me? hahaha I’m kidding, Merry Christmas!

  7. Solenn! 😀 I like Solenn 😀 She deserves that new endorsement deal. One of the models na kahit sexy ang damit, class ang dating 😀

  8. hi solenn! cute ng name mo,bagay sayo.. i’m one of ur million fans.musta n?

  9. wow how sexy you are and look so pretty:-)

  10. helo guest you have many fans i’m also one of them you have everything in your life you are so blessed this is my first time to send message on you hope you don’t mind… happy day:-)

  11. low pho…
    ang cute ni solenn….
    want ko lang iparating sa kenya na…
    Sha ang ditionaryo ng buhay ko….
    cause she gave meanning to my life…
    love you solenn…
    ingat palageh…

    From [email protected]

  12. She’s cute!!!! Maybe you can visit my comic strip! help me fight evil villains! Good luck with the campaign.. and good luck being Coke Zero’s Ambassador!

  13. Wow mis. solenn must be super artsy 🙂 Makeup artist and designer 😀
    You and ms.solenn looks super pretty in the last picture ms. hannah 🙂

  14. ganda ni solenn

  15. I have watched her on Survivor Phil and became fan of her. She is so nice there and very competitive. Sakto is the best!

  16. ang ganda tlga n sollen

  17. Hahahaha!!! nice… look a like ka ni solenn

  18. hey!how’s it going?

  19. hi solen gnda muh tlga akuh nga pla c jenny fans muh eeheheheh :*

  20. solen, grabe ganda, talented p. beuaty and brain b. ganun

  21. Crush Kita Sobra Sollenn!!!

  22. congrats, Solenn! more power to you!

  23. hi…

  24. we love u solenn <3

  25. talbog niya si nammie amuro!

  26. hi?

  27. yeah, Namie Amuro is Japan’s endorser for Coke Zero 🙂

  28. happy new year to everyone.


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