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How to Make a Sexy Pikachu Costume: Pikachu Ears

Posted by on Dec 24, 2010 in Art & Photography, Cosplay, Featured | 12 comments

Last Halloween, I decided to dress up as Pikachu and Vince as my Pokemon trainer – Ash Ketchum.

Sexy Pikachu Costume - Cosplay Halloween-2010-Pokeman-Trainer-Ash-Pikachu-Big-Fish-Cream-Party 075_ppHalloween-2010-Pokeman-Trainer-Ash-Pikachu-Big-Fish-Cream-Party 073_pp

So, How did I do it?

First of all, the yellow bra and the yellow skirt were two things that I just bought in Divisoria.  I was scouting for either a skirt or shorts.  If you are not too comfortable wearing this, you can find alternatives like yellow t-shirts or a yellow jumpsuit and yellow pants.

It’s up to you.  the main highlight of the costume is the Pikachu tail and the Pikachu ears.

Here’s how I did it.

How to make Pikachu Ears

Things you need:

  • hard folder
  • non-silk, hard yellow cloth
  • scissors
  • scotch tape
  • black or yellow headband
  • needle and thread
  • black paint
  • paint brush

1.  I got a cardboard and cut it into two rectangles of exact shape.  You can recycle used folders like I did.

FHM-Premier-Vixen-LAX-Nightclub-Manila-Nightlife 043

2. Draw ears to shape the cardboard

FHM-Premier-Vixen-LAX-Nightclub-Manila-Nightlife 045

3. Cut the line where you drew the shape with and fold the lower half.  Just estimate how long the ears should be.  I never really used a ruler, I just estimated things through.  Get the yellow cloth and trace the ears.  Then, retrace the ears outside by 1 cm to make sure you have space for sewing cloth.

FHM-Premier-Vixen-LAX-Nightclub-Manila-Nightlife 062

4.  Get a black head band where you can attach these ears with.  I just used ordinary scotch tape to attach the ears on the headband.  Give a little support to the ears so that it stays standing by putting a triangle shaped carboard as you can see blow to keep the ears erect.  Just use ordinary tape to do this.

FHM-Premier-Vixen-LAX-Nightclub-Manila-Nightlife 065

FHM-Premier-Vixen-LAX-Nightclub-Manila-Nightlife 066FHM-Premier-Vixen-LAX-Nightclub-Manila-Nightlife 064

5.  Sew the yellow cloth for ears.  I totally forgot to take pictures while sewing it.  Remember when you traced it above on #3 that you need to give the allowance for sewing.

FHM-Premier-Vixen-LAX-Nightclub-Manila-Nightlife 067

6.  Put the cloth on top of the ears and I just taped it to the cardboard.  You may opt to use a glue gun if you want to.

FHM-Premier-Vixen-LAX-Nightclub-Manila-Nightlife 071

7.  Paint the black part of the ears.  It helps if you draw a line first and then just trace it with the paint and overlap.

FHM-Premier-Vixen-LAX-Nightclub-Manila-Nightlife 075

8.  Do it on both sides and that’s it – you’re done Smile

FHM-Premier-Vixen-LAX-Nightclub-Manila-Nightlife 083

The next tutorial that I will give is how to make Pikachu tail.  It is more challenging than making the ears…

I must say though, I am proud of the tail that I made.  The Cream Ball Halloween Party was very crowded and people kept bumping on my tail.  I was surprised that I made it so well that it stood up until now. I wasn’t using any string or what not to aid the tail to be upright. Smile with tongue out

FHM-Premier-Vixen-LAX-Nightclub-Manila-Nightlife 102


  1. That is creative! And, the whole outfit looks very cute. Awww, so smart of you to DIY it.

  2. that was so very cool, btw merry christmas ms.hanna.

  3. Thanks 🙂 Merry Christmas to you and your family too 🙂

  4. yeah,I have a DIY for the tail too 🙂 mej mahirap nga lang yon, I couldn’t explain it much because it was mostly trial and error

  5. This is a cute post about making costumes. Tingin ko may future ka rin sa customized costumes for next Halloween 😛

  6. cool 😀 i thought you bought it. when i first saw the pics.

  7. I made it wiff my own pawis and flair haha XD

  8. sorry if i sound soooo conservative, but did your parents really allowed you to dress like that? The skirt was OK buuut the bra? YES i think I should live in a different era, no offense meant.

  9. dude, wearing a bra is just like wearing a bikini. That just is. and I wasn’t the only one wearing that in the party 🙂

  10. Parang may kulang po…
    Sana naglagay kayo ng red circles sa pisngi niyo… hehehe

  11. You already! 🙂
    Ikaw pala ang seksing pikachu! Hehe.

  12. You did a epic job!
    But where is the link to your tutorial of how you made the tail?

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