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Santa Passing by Manila via NORAD Santa Tracker 2010

Posted by on Dec 25, 2010 in Events, Travel | 2 comments

Merry Christmas everyone!

Did you know that you can follow Santa Claus wherever he goes and track him down?


This was when Santa was on his way to Rome, Italy.

As of the moment, he’s been going to different cities to deliver gifts.  Believe it or not, he has passed by Manila already! XD


I’m not so sure if he’s visiting other areas in the Philippines.

If you want to follow Santa and know where is Santa Claus now? then head on to NORAD ‘s website to track Santa!  Is this for real?  Who cares, it’s just fun watching where he’s going ^_^

Follow Santa via NORAD Santa Tracker here.


  1. I’m following Santa now. Let’s see if he works until the morning. Hihi.

  2. i hope santa won’t get lost. lol


  1. UrbanGlamGeek - Follow Santa! He passed by Manila already :P http://bit.ly/eqRtDq: http://bit.ly/eN6UTv

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