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Always Summer Attitude and the Havaianas Race to Hawaii

Posted by on Jan 28, 2011 in Entertainment and Lifestyle, Events, Fashion, Music, Philippines, Surfing, Travel

Always Summer Attitude and the Havaianas Race to Hawaii

What’s up interwebosphere?

So, I was walking around Manila Polo Club yesterday night and I felt the cool night breeze that you will only feel around this time of the year.  To me, it was the perfect weather!  I heard some reggae music and I had the weirdest adrenalin rush! ^_^ If you don’t know yet, I’m a raggamuffin’ girl (a girl who loves reggae)!  and I usually just hear these vibes on summer and I love how reggae music usually calms me down and sets me to chill mode.  Listening to reggae music is therapeutic enough for me to change my bad mood to chill!

I was then like, omgee I miss the beach!  I can’t wait for summer!  But then I realized that I am one lucky girl because I live in the Philippines where the beaches are available 365 days in a year unlike other countries that are experiencing blizzards at this moment!  In fact, it’s surf season from October to Feb and I usually spend time on the beach to surf.  Comes March to July – summer time and you’ll often find me in Boracay or in other awesome beaches here in the Philippines!  August – September is also another surf season so if you ask me if it’s possible to be summer all the time then hell yeah it is!

Havaianas encourages the summer state of mind and with this, they just launched the ‘Always Summer’ campaign to remind Filipinos that they don’t need to wait for the season to rejoice in its spirit.  Summer in a tropical island like the Philippines never ends and neither do the happy moments that come with it.

The Havaianas Race to Hawaii

Havaianas 2011Havaianas 2011

As part of its year-long summer celebration,  Havaianas is launching the Havaianas “Always Summer: Race to Hawaii” contest.  Flip-flops lovers nationwide can compete in a day of exciting summer fun by purchasing two pairs of Havaianas and winning a slot in the race.  Winners in the regional leg will proceed to Boracay – all expenses paid – to compete in the final leg for the ultimate prize: a trip for two to Hawaii – the land that inspired Havaianas.

More details about this contest at their official website www.havaianassummer.com

Havaianas Event Photos

Havaianas 2011

Havaianas 2011

Nails done at Nailaholics prior to the event Open-mouthed smile

Havaianas 2011

Notice the gold serpent ring on my hand?  I will give it away soon c/o Panopio Jewelry! Smile

Havaianas 2011

Me and Telly

Havaianas 2011

Coffee Break!!! It’s been a while since I’ve listened to them live


Havaianas 2011

I think this was when they were singing “Pass the Dutchie”

hell, it was awesome~!

Havaianas 2011

The event was set at the Manila Polo Club, but I felt like I was on the beach.  Daym, I had great memories in Bora with Telly ^_^

Havaianas 2011

Alvey Pulga of Channel V Smile

sorry dude, I wasn’t able to get a good shot of you coz you were hyper and moving a lot Smile with tongue out

Havaianas 2011

Intermission number (it’s like Poi dancing without the fire)

Havaianas 2011

This is kewl *pats self* Smile with tongue out

Summer Plans

Anyway, summer is around the corner too!  But before I greet summer, I’ll go off to Hong Kong first and experience staying in Hong Kong Disneyland’s luxury hotel ^_^  I want to feel like a princess on a cool weather and I want to wear the Uggs that I bought that I wasn’t able to wear on my last Hong Kong trip.  I’m also there to shop! Uniqlo and HnM here I come again!

For summer, I want to go Boracay again.  And this early Feb imma go surfing!!!

Of course, I’m also planning to buy two pairs of Havaianas so that I can have a raffle entry!  HAWAII is on my to-go list! I want to surf there and I hope I WIN!

Havaianas Race to Hawaii
Havaianas Race to Hawaii

So guys, are you excited for summer?


Then share your plans on the comment section below ^_^

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Project 365 2011

Posted by on Jan 28, 2011 in Art & Photography, Featured, Personal

Project 365 2011

I have wanted many things, and started many things – but I don’t finish it.  This year, my resolution is to be more disciplined and finish what I started.  I think this whole project 365 will help me own the word “Discipline”.

2010 did great things for me.  I feared somehow that I won’t be able to live up to the hype I had in 2010 for the new year.  But, the each day is a new day and I believe in “Destiny” – and you make it… you don’t wait for it.  You DO it!

and I live to my favorite quote I read somewhere “Luck has this peculiar habit of favoring those who don’t rely upon it”

To all those who have been part of my 2010, thank you very much – even in little ways you have helped me and you know who you are.

Happy New Year everyone!

Click and follow ^_^



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Memories (15/365)

Posted by on Jan 27, 2011 in Career, Personal

Memories (15/365)


Day 15 of Project 365

I’m a licensed Certified Public Accountant and here’s my story.

College? What to take?

I went to College not knowing what course to take.  I just went to school anyway and picked a course that was practical.  I decided to take “BS Management.”

I underwent  enrollment process and had a couple of interviews from the Dean.

“You scored very high in the entrance exam” she said.  Why don’t you take BS Accountancy instead?

I wanted to say “Okay, whatever” but I just blurted out “Really?… Okay” I said as I just don’t care what course I’m taking.

I went to college in the humble city of Bacolod, my hometown.  It is still considered a province.  I wasn’t exposed to other career opportunities and I took a safe turn, and took accountancy.  I figured, a lot of businesses would need accountants.  They need people like the future accountant me.

I went to rigorous Accountancy training in La Salle Bacolod.  Our school was known for a good Accountancy program.  It was a struggle for me since I was juggling lots of extra co-curricular activities like being involved in Student Government (but I stopped), dancing a lot and cheerleading, handling the events for JPIA (Junior Philippine Institute of Accountants) for a while and organized JPIA night and production night.  I even joined a beauty contest because no one else in my batch would join.  I guess I just have big balls to try to do anything no one would.

On my first year, we have this “qualifying exam”.  If you fail this exam, you can’t proceed to the second year of the Accountancy program and you’d have to shift to another course.  I took the exam but I was already thinking of shifting courses.  I was considering “nursing” at that time.  Until the result of the exam came and I saw my name on the “passers” list @[email protected] Before there were 5 sections but it got narrowed down to like 50 (ish) remaining students.  Some were crying and I was being ungrateful for destiny’s gift and I wanted to shift.

Passing the qualifying made me decide to stay.  I mean, some people wanted this so bad.  I didn’t want it as much, but I got in.  Destiny must be telling something.

More struggles in the second to fourth year but I am not a quitter and I pursued Accountancy with my whole heart.  I even had to quit dancing partly because I am struggling with Accounting classes and partly because of my hyper jealous boyfriend who doesn’t want guys holding my butt when we’re doing stunts.

If there was one thing I regret doing in college, that was giving up DANCING.  I regret it like crazy.  I love dancing, and that’s one thing I’m certain I’m good at.  I wasn’t even that good in Accounting.   If I worked hard, I know I can still juggle the two.  But I don’t know what happened. Sad smile

Graduation and CPA Review

I did it! and the next step is to pass the CPA Board exam!  But first, I need to go to a CPA Review School.  I won a scholarship for a review school in Iloilo.  I won this through winning the title “Miss JPIA 2002”  (yes, the beauty contest I joined – I won).

I wanted to study in Manila though so I gave this scholarship to someone more in need than me.  I honestly forgot who OMGG… It has been a long time.  But, I’m definitely sure that he passed the board exam and I am so happy I helped someone achieve this dream Smile To me it was nothing, but to him, it might be everything Smile


CPAR stands for CPA Review School of the Philippines and one of the owners is Mr. Conrado T. Valix, author of Financial Accounting texbooks for accounting students.  His book became our bible as we studied.  I met a lot of people here and got exposed to other CPA students.  I am super friendly ^_^ but sir Valix often call it “paduding”.  There’s no direct translation but it’s close to being “friendly” and “flirty” ~_~

Sir Valix, along with the other reviewers of CPAR were awesome.  I think I enjoyed the new environment too much that I wasn’t able to focus much on the review. – I FAILED.

Yes, I failed my first CPA Board Exam.

Take Two.

I didn’t give up.  I know I was just a little bit distracted.  On my take two, I really focused but this time, it was also more relaxing.

I did very well this time that I got in the top 100 (topnotchers) for the mock CPA Exam.  I got invite letters from SGV asking me to visit them for interview.  and I scored a spankin 94 on the CPA Board Actual Exam.

One thing I learned is to never give up no matter what.  Learn from your mistakes and try again.  One of my friends took the exam 5 times.  and she passed the fifth time.  As long as you want it, pursue it… over and over again Smile

3 years then

3 years after, I decided to let go of being an Accountant and try Internet Marketing, Digital Entrepreneurship and Blogging Smile

I loved accounting at that time.  But, I found a new passion – blogging, photography, travelling, being adventurous and the internet and social media.

I missed those days though so me and my friend Charm decided to visit our review school CPAR and UST.  UST is where we stroll around if we want to de-stress.  What a lovely campus Smile

back then there were no:



and I wasn’t blogging.

a lot of things could happen only in 3 years and I wonder, 3 years from now, what would I be doing?

What would you be doing?


This is Charm – looks like we’re in some place other than the Philippines, but we’re just chillin’ in UST Smile

Good thing the guard let me in, it was a school day Saturday and I was wearing off shoulder top and shorts Smile with tongue out


Sir Valix. Smile

We kinda disturbed him from work Smile with tongue out


This is mang Cards who always cooks for us when we join sir Valix for lunch XD


la la la… those were the days Smile

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Free Nike Park Apparel with your new EastWest Bank Credit Card

Posted by on Jan 27, 2011 in Run, Sports

Free Nike Park Apparel with your new EastWest Bank Credit Card

Happy New Year everyone!

I love New Year as this is really the time that I get to shop for myself as my Christmas shopping is dedicated to buying gifts for my family and friends. It’s been my ritual to start the year looking for great value finds for ME. So far, I got an awesome deal of 25% discount on my new digital camera and was able to buy imported make-ups and lotions at 50% off!

Just when I thought my finds couldn’t get better, I saw this big ad for Free P2,000 worth of Nike apparel with a new EastWest Bank credit card while shopping in the mall. I got so excited as I’m planning to buy new running shoes that I can use for jogging to shave off pounds I gained over the holidays. I quickly checked their website and applied online! Can’t wait to get my card and buy my NIKE shoes thanks to my new EastWest bank credit card. Mhuahh to New Year and great deals!

Hurry, you can still catch this free P2,000 worth of Nike Park apparel promo of EastWest Bank Credit Card if you apply through their website on or before Feb 15.


Free P2,000 worth of Nike Park apparel

Check out more info about the EastWest Bank promo with Nike Park Apparel here:


I usually make the most out of the free stuff I can get and while most department stores are still on New Year’s SALE right now, I say take advantage of all the sale items including Nike Park apparel and use the free P2,000 worth of Nike Park gear with your EastWest Bank Credit Card.

Most people are now into getting fit and have different ways to shape up. I already signed up for a few races for the New Year… join ME! Also, people rush to the gym on the first month of the year because everyone is trying to stay faithful to their New Year’s resolution. It’s time to shop for new clothes, new gadgets and gym/sports apparel.

It’s time to invest wisely in your goals for the next year. As for me, getting my body fit, taking care of my skin and health and shopping for the stuff that makes me look good are on top of my list for myself. I am also planning to upgrade my Nikon D40 DSLR for my photography.

What are your priorities for the next year? Ever thought about your New Year’s resolution yet? Share them with me on the comments below. clip_image002

*This is a sponsored post for EastWest bank.


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Rent The Musical is Back on Valentine’s Day 2011

Posted by on Jan 25, 2011 in Celebrities, Entertainment and Lifestyle, Movies & TV, Music

Rent The Musical is Back on Valentine’s Day 2011

So guys, let me ask you a question… How do you measure life? 

I watched Rent The Movie first than seeing the theatrical play live and I can now say that watching it live is definitely way much better!  I watched RENT live for the first time last December 2010.  I was very happy to have finally watched it and I also highly recommend you guys to see it too!  More details on the musical below.

Due to insistent public demand, 9 Works Theatrical brings back its hit musical, RENT, this coming February 12, 2011 at the Carlos P. Romulo Auditorium, RCBC Plaza, Makati City.

RENT is the imaginative retelling of the classic Puccini opera, La Boheme, set in New York City’s gritty East Village. This unforgettable and timeless story of a group of starving artists, who, despite poverty and illness, learn to fall in love and find their voices, brings a universal message of hope for everyone.

Winner of the Tony Award for Best Musical and the Pulitzer Prize, RENT with Book, Music and Lyrics by the late Jonathan Larson, has made a lasting mark on Broadway with its iconic score which includes the crowd-favorite, “Seasons of Love.”

Some of the country’s talented theater artists who will reprise their roles for the restaging of RENT (previously staged by 9 Works Theatrical – Feb. 2010 at the Carlos P. Romulo Auditorium, and Dec. 2010 at the Power Plant Cinema 2) include singer/TV host Gian Magdangal as Roger Davis, the songwriter. Gian recently starred in 9 Works Theatrical’s hit musical “The Wedding Singer” and regularly appears in GMA-7’s Party Pilipinas.

Sheree Bautista, TV personality / singer and Magdangal’s real-life girlfriend will reprise her role as Mimi Marquez, the AIDS-afflicted dancer from the Cat Scratch Club.

Alternating with Sheree and joining the cast for the first time is singer / TV personality and showbiz royalty Ciara Sotto. Ciara recently appeared in the local theater production of Magsimula Ka! and is thrilled to be playing a role that will both challenge her and put her pole dancing skills to great use.

Also returning are Fredison Lo as Mark Cohen, the nerdy filmmaker; OJ Mariano as Tom Collins, the computer genius; Job Bautista as Angel Dummott Schunard, Collins’ drag queen street musician lover; Jenny Villegas as Joanne Jefferson, Maureen’s public interest lawyer lover, and Lorenz Martinez as Benjamin Coffin III, a former member of the group who, after marrying a wealthy woman, has since become their landlord.

Theater veteran and Miss Saigon alumna Carla Guevara-Laforteza rejoins the cast as Maureen Johnson, the larger-than-life performance artist who sings “Over the Moon.” Alternating with her is newcomer Mian Dimacali from the December run who blew audiences away with her rendition of Maureen, making her one of the actresses to watch out for in 2011.

The rest of the ensemble is composed of Peachy Atilano, Harold Cruz, Johann dela Fuente, Gary Junsay, Anna Santamaria, and Mark Tayag.

The artistic team of RENT is led by Director Robbie Guevara, with Jojo Malferrari as musical director – band; Onyl Torres as musical director – vocals; Mio Infante as scenographer; Martin Esteva as Lighting Designer; Chuck Ledesma as sound designer; Bek Soriano as costume stylist; and Francis Matheu for additional choreography.

The RENT production team is composed of: Santi Santamaria, executive producer; Anna Santamaria, company manager; Toff de Venecia, Marketing & PR Director; Jojo Amboy, stage manager; Toots Tolentino, PR Consultant; Jonjon Martin, PR Manager; Carlos Canlas, Shelyn Tayanes, Marketing Manager.

Show dates are February 12, 13, 18, 19, 20, 25, 26, 27, March 4, 5 and 6. Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays at 8:00PM. Saturdays at 3:30PM & Sundays at 4:30PM. Carlos P. Romulo Auditorium, RCBC Plaza, Ayala Corner Sen. Gil Puyat Avenues, Makati City.

For tickets: call 557.5860, 586.7105, or 0917-5545560, or visit www.9workstheatrical.com, or call TicketWorld at 891.9999.

RENT is presented through special arrangement with Music Theatre International (MTI) 421 West 54th Street, New York, New York 10019 Tel.: (212) 541-4684 • www.mtishows.com

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Clark Hot Air Balloon 2011 Schedule

Posted by on Jan 25, 2011 in Art & Photography, Featured, Philippines, Travel

Clark Hot Air Balloon 2011 Schedule

It’s the 16th Annual Hot Air Balloon and it usually happens during Valentine’s Day season.

15th Annual Hot Air Balloon Festival 2010 03615th Annual Hot Air Balloon Festival 2010 063

It was an awesome experience for me last year.  I love road tripping and we drove all the way to Clark as early as 3:30 am just to avoid traffic and lines in the ticketing area.  Believe me, there will be a lot of people – it will be a feast and watching these balloons is one thing that you must see especially if you are a photographer.

I spent Valentines day here last year… We went home early though at around 9am just to avoid traffic queue on the way out.

Anyway the Official Schedule of the Hot Air Balloon Festival at Clark can be found here.

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Help Save Palawan Seas

Posted by on Jan 22, 2011 in Uncategorized

I wrote this post to spread this awareness to everyone that our place of pride, Palawan, may be in danger.

Last December 30, 2010, an Indonesian Barge towing 8,000 tons of coal became stranded here in the Philippines. To date, people are doing their efforts to repair the barge and time is of the essence because the continuous battery of rocks and currents are damaging the hull which may spill the unburnt coal. Unburnt coal present in marine environments will cause major damage to our beautiful seas.

Palawan is one of our most beautiful beaches in the country.  It is also a great diving spot for locals and tourists. It will be sad if our seas will be filled with oil.  Our seas also host thousands of unique marine life and you can just imagine what will happen if this disaster happens.

I am not entirely sure how we can help as they didn’t inform me how, but I know that spreading awareness is the first step to help prevent damage to our Palawan Seas.  If you have any suggestions, comment below.  I sure will update you guys for any developments regarding this.

More information about the Save Palawan Seas Foundation below.

*click on the photos to enlarge

SPSF, LGU’s, the PCGA and PCG join forces to aid stranded Indonesian vessel

The Save Palawan Seas Foundation (SPSF) in cooperation with local government units, private citizens of the Philippine Coast Guard Auxiliary and the Philippine Coast Guard have been attempting to aid stranded Indonesian barge Ivan Batam since it first entered a Marine Sanctuary off the coast of Taytay, Palawan last Tuesday, December 30, 2010.

Agus Priyanto, captain of the vessel towing over 8,000 metric tons of coal reported that they ran out of fuel en route to Batangas and had entered the waters of the marine sanctuary to seek shelter from rough waters. Fearing the adverse effects of prolonged exposure of coal on marine life, the foundation sold diesel to the vessel. Ivan Batam left the sanctuary and docked in a nearby island instead to await the arrival of more fuel from Manila.

On January 2, 2011, the barge was spotted temporarily grounded near the Southwest of Maytigued Island due to choppy waters. After being lent more fuel, they left the site the following day.

Members of LGU’s of Taytay Palawan, PCGA , PCG and SPSF spotted the tugboat anchored in a nearby island, apparently having left the barge and coal near Binatican Island, also a part of the marine sanctuary.

Unburnt coal, when present in marine environments in sufficient quantities, can cause abrasion, smothering, alteration of sediment texture and stability, reduced availability of light, and clogging of respiratory and feeding organs of marine life (Ahrens and Morrisey, 2005)[1]

Members of LGU’s of Taytay Palawan, PCGA , PCG and SPSF continue to monitor the situation closely because they are concerned by the potential environmental calamity should the barge be damaged and its cargo spilled onto the surrounding coral beds.

To date, a salvage team has gone to the site of the grounded barge to assess the situation. It appears that there has been some damage to the barge that would require minor repairs before it could be towed. Time is of the essence as it is feared that further delay would cause greater damage to the barge’s hull as the vessel is continuously battered by both current and rocks, which would cause the coal spill, endangering surrounding marine life.

Save Palawan Seas Foundation is a non-profit organization that works alongside LGU’s and the Philippine Coast Guard to vigilantly monitor the environmental situation in the province.

[1] Ahrens, Michael J and Morrisey, Donald J. 2005. Oceanography and Marine Biology. Boca Raton: CRC Press.
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Easy Pha-max Lifestyle Center Grand Opening

Posted by on Jan 21, 2011 in Beauty, Fitness, Health

Easy Pha-max Lifestyle Center Grand Opening

Hey guys, it’s New Year and I know you have your own New Years resolutions and I bet one of them has something to do with your health and fitness Smile Here’s another way to get your resolutions working well.  I’m sharing with you another way to a more beautiful, cleaner you – inside and out.

I’m sure you’ve heard of the many qualities and nutrients you can get from drinking Wheat Grass ^_^  Easy Pha-max has been the country’s leading distributor of wheatgrass-based health products.  Easy Phamax is unique among other Wheat Grass products because it’s the only one that also uses the roots of the wheat grass which has more nutrients that’s good for your body.

The first Lifestyle Center that gives Filipinos easy access to health resources in a relaxed setting opened just yesterday, January 20 2011 at the SM Mall of Asia.  Mall shoppers looking for other healthy lifestyle options will find their answer in the Lifestyle Center located at the 2nd level, south wing of SM Mall of Asia in Pasay City.

Easy Pha-max CEO Edward Ling said it is one-stop for the company’s wheatgrass-based health products that include Wheatgrass Pure, Wheatgrass with Honey, Bio Coffee, So Easy Colon Cleanse, Whea-gee (for kids), Bio Soy Milk, Skywheatgrass Plus, Insupro Forte (anti-diabetes), among others.  Other products like Wheatgrass ready-to-drink (in can) will retail soon.

What is Easy Pha-max Wheat Grass?

To those who still have no clue about the benefits wheat grass can give to your body, then allow me to explain.

Easy Pha-max is a subsidiary of INS Bioscience which is engaged in the scientific research and development and commercialization of herbal remedies and bioscience products in Malaysia.  Easy Pha-max is the only company that uses both the leaves and roots of the wheatgrass to get the maximum amount of proteins, minerals and chlorophyll that neutralize toxins and restores alkalinity to the blood.

Mellow-Easy-Pha-Max 029

Me and Vince enjoying our Wheat grass drink.

What’s in the Lifestyle Center?

You will be surprised – because I was!  This is when I say being healthy isn’t boring! Being healthy is cool!

Many things are going on in the Easy Pha-max Lifestyle center customers shopping at the mall can have their health check-ups from experience nurses and dietitians.

Some of the cool check-ups are:

  • Live Blood Analysis (LBA) – identifies traces of cholesterol, uric acid and damaged cells in the blood
  • Body Scan – it provides information on the body’s health condition and can tell you your “metabolic” age


My goodness – I bet my “metabolic” age is of a 40 year old.  But some healthy folks in the lifestyle center have a younger “metabolic” age than their real age O_o.  Unfortunately, I ran off to another meeting and wasn’t able to have my LBA and Body Scan tests.  But, I will do this soon and I will share my results even if I fail Laughing out loud.  This will challenge me to achieve a more beautiful blood stream and healthier skin, hair and physique follows when your insides are healthy Smile

Grand Launch of the Easy Pha-max Lifestyle Center in SM Mall of Asia

We were graced by Easy Pha-max endorser Dyan Castillejo.  Dyan is a sposrtscaster/athlete who has been endorsing Easy Pha-max for two years already.  She mentioned that she could talk about health and fitness for a long time and how Easy Pha-max has been a part of her daily diet.

Mellow-Easy-Pha-Max 030Mellow-Easy-Pha-Max 023

Dyan Castillejo and Edward Ling of Easy Pha-max

Mellow-Easy-Pha-Max 027

“Where have you been all my life wheat grass?”

Stay healthy everyone – remember, health is wealth! ^_^

check out their website at http://www.easypha-max.ph/


Mellow-Easy-Pha-Max 040

I love Grass <3

Flair Candy Smile

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Green Hornet Mythbusters Special Episode

Posted by on Jan 21, 2011 in Celebrities, Entertainment and Lifestyle, Events, Featured, Movies & TV

Green Hornet Mythbusters Special Episode

Mythbusters Green Hornet Episode

The Mythbusters are getting into action hero mode again and this time with Seth Rogen, star and co-writer of the upcoming 3D action comedy The Green Hornet.  On Friday, January 28 at 8:00pm, the Green Hornet Special episode will feature Rogen and Mythbusters team taking on two exciting scenes from the upcoming January motion picture release.  The Mythbusters Green Hornet special will feature clips from the movie, which also stars Taiwanese R&B sensation Jay Chou.

Long a Mythbusters fan, Rogen wanted to find out what would happen when some of these Hollywood scenes are played out in real life.

Mellow-Easy-Pha-Max 011

The Green Hornet Movie scenes put to a test

The Green Hornet movie is now showing and thanks to our friends from Geiser Maclang and Discovery channel for inviting us for a preview of the Mythbusters special Green Hornet episode and the media screening of the Green Hornet movie itself.  It’s a must-watch movie full of action of witty lines that will make you chuckle.  Check it out in cinemas near you and do watch the Mythbusters Green Hornet special episode on January 28, 2011 at 8pm on Discovery Channel and find out which scenes in the movie are possible to happen in real life.

I won’t give any spoilers but just to give a clue on what would be featured in mythbusters, you will see the Black Beauty (Green Hornet’s iconic car) explosive escape and the elevator cut action happening on the movie.  Pay attention when you watch the movie and make a guess if it can really happen in real life – and find out if your guess is correct on Mythbusters!



*The Emmy-nominated Mythbusters, which airs Fridays 8pm on Discovery Channel, aims to uncover the truth behind popular myths and legends by mixing scientific method with gleeful curiousity and plain old-fashioned ingenuity.  The series called “the best science show on television” stars host Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman, and Kari Byron, Tory Belleci and Grant Imahara.  Special episode premieres Friday, January 28 at 8pm (SIN/HK/PH) on Discovery Channel.

For more information about Mythbusters: http://discovery.com/mythbusters

For more information about The Green Hornet: http://sonypictures.com/movies/thegreenhornet

Mellow-Easy-Pha-Max 015

*thanks for Krispy Kreme as well for the new Green Hornet Doughnuts that *stung* my taste buds ^_^

The Green Hornet Trailer

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Shamrock and Rachelle Ann Go Music Video

Posted by on Jan 18, 2011 in Uncategorized

Shamrock and Rachelle Ann Go Music Video

Hey guys!

I’m a Rock Star and I love music!  I feature music videos and songs that I like from time to time especially those that I can relate to at the moment or those that touched my heart or my dancing soul Smile

Anyway, I’m featuring this new video of Shamrock with Rachelle Ann Go with their latest song “Pagkakataon” or “Chance”  Our local artists are very talented – so is my friend Harold Soon and the rest of Indio Productions for making amazing videos.  They made this video and I’m so proud of them ^_^

Shamrock with Rachelle Ann Go – Pagkakataon Music Video

*Trivia – I also *starred* in one of the music videos they made. Smile with tongue out

Anyway, share the love <3

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Thunderbird Resorts Giveaway You Shouldn’t Miss

Posted by on Jan 13, 2011 in La Union, Philippines, Promos, Travel

Thunderbird Resorts Giveaway You Shouldn’t Miss

Win P100k and a Vacation Getaway from Thunderbird Resorts, plus win an Apple iPad!

Dubbed as “Extraordinary”, Thunderbird Resorts launches its first Online Video Contest. Participants will get the chance to win P100k, a Vacation Getaway for Four at Thunderbird Resorts Rizal and La Union, Enjoy Philippines Card and other cool prizes.

The resort’s thrust is to create extraordinary experiences for its guests, giving them a luxurious vacation lifestyle with each stay. It holds two world-class properties here in the Philippines catering to leisure, sports, recreation and entertainment activities. One is located in the highland oasis of Binangonan, Rizal; the other Mediterranean-inspired property is in the peninsula of Poro Point in San Fernando, La Union. Through the online video contest – which is a trend already becoming popular on the worldwideweb – Thunderbird Resorts would like to share this experience and more.
Just answer “What Makes you Extraordinary” in a video to join. Full mechanics is posted on www.thunderbirdresorts.ph/videocontest. Shoot the video at Thunderbird Resorts – either in Rizal or Poro Point – to have your hands on an Apple iPad.

“Extraordinary” is Thunderbird Resorts way of saying thank you to all its online fans and followers. Special mention to Enjoy Philippines, Travelbook.ph, and Nuffnang Philippines for supporting the contest.

For more information on the “Extraordinary” Online Video Contest, go to www.thunderbirdresorts.ph videocontest or visit the official website www.thunderbird-asia.com.

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Quarter-Life Crisis and Sleepasil

Posted by on Jan 6, 2011 in Health, Personal

Quarter-Life Crisis and Sleepasil

It was the holidays when I received this gift from Sleepasil.


Perfect timing because during those stressful and hectic times, I really had trouble sleeping.  Like even if I feel really sleepy, I couldn’t sleep and I didn’t know why.  There were days where I don’t sleep at all because I just lie in my bed and not sleep.  Even if I force myself to.

Thanks to Kezia for personally delivering this to my house Smile I love the scent the lavender oil diffuser gave to my room.  I take for granted the power of smell and how aromatherapy can relax us.  I have been taking Sleepasil for a month now and I think it didn’t only help me sleep, it helped me go through my quarter-life crisis thingy.

I was too worried about what I’m going to do in 2011 that I can’t stop thinking and my mind is just boggled all the time by worries.  I look forward to sleep because that’s the only time my head can rest, but even that for me was difficult too.  At least with Sleepasil, I had the rest I needed to feel refreshed and renewed the next day.  It then helped me think calmly about what I’m going to do for the next year.


Here are other pointers and tips from Sleepasil and some FAQs at the bottom.

Seven Ways to a Healthy Sleep

For most bloggers, the creative juices seem to flow better during nighttime. This actually isn’t new to most internet surfers, for they find comfort in going about the World Wide Web after the day is through. Thus is the time when the online community comes alive and joins discussions about anything and everything under the moon.

Unfortunately, such a lifestyle can disrupt sleeping habits, eventually causing poor health. For nocturnal internet users, here are important considerations in getting that much-needed quality rest.

1. Treat the bed as nothing but a comfortable place for sleeping – no book, no laptops, no distractions. And while you’re at it, use your Adsense earnings to buy the perfect mattress.

2. Insomnia-proof your room by checking its lighting condition. This is because the brain is said to produce more melatonin, a natural hormone that induces sleep, when the surrounding is in total darkness during sleep.

3. Relax the body by taking a warm bath before going to bed. Use your favorite body scrub and loofah, and you’ll feel like you’ve been massaged to dreamland.

4. Wear comfortable pajamas. Be it a beaten-down jersey or a rag-like t-shirt, it helps the body relax and sleep comfortably.

5. Leave bad thoughts aside. Be positive. Always remember that the next day will bring you more opportunities.

6. Say no to stimulants such as sweet desserts and coffee. They are known to be “uppers” which make it more difficult for you to go to sleep.

7. Try natural dietary supplements that aid sleep like Sleepasil. Unlike many sleeping pills, it is not habit-forming for it’s made of a unique blend of melatonin, chamomile and valerian root. It also doesn’t bulldoze you into hitting the sheets like harmful sleeping pills do.

Get the most out of your bloggers lifestlye by maintaining good health. Start by getting some sleep tonight after jotting down that blog post, and reap all the benefits that a well-rested body can give.

Here are a few questions frequently asked about Sleepasil:

What is Sleepasil?

Sleepasil is a dietary supplement that contains a special blend of all natural ingredients –Melatonin, Valerian Root, Chamomile, and Hops – that help you relax and fall asleep.

Sleepasil vs Sleeping Pills

Unlike sleeping pills, Sleepasil is a dietary supplement that helps you relax and fall asleep without the fear of harmful side effects you get from them, such as grogginess when you wake up, dizziness, not being able to wake up when you need to and becoming addicted to it.

What should I expect with Sleepasil?

Take 1 – 2 capsules 45 minutes before you go to sleep. You may notice a difference the first night you take one or two tablets of Sleepasil — you should feel more relaxed and fall asleep easier.

However, in helping achieve a normal sleep pattern, the effect of Sleepasil may not be immediate. The benefits of Sleepasil are typically seen after several days, with more consistent results after two weeks.

In cases that you find one capsule of Sleepasil to be not that effective for you, you may increase the next intake and take two capsules. Sleepasil is not intended to cure Chronic Insomnia.

*Sleepasil is available at Mercury, Watson’s and Southstar drugstores.

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Meeting The Winners of Amazing Race Asia 4

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Meeting The Winners of Amazing Race Asia 4

Thanks so much to Azrael for inviting me and to Joyce of PR Asia for organizing the lovely lunch setting at Basix in Dusit Hotel.

If you don’t know yet, the winners of the Amazing Race Asia 4 is non other than our own Philippine representatives – Richard Hardin and Richard Herrera.

Bloggers and the media were there to interview and ask questions.  It was really inspiring how both of them worked together smoothly in the entire show.


photo credits to Azrael


I won some Lee GCs yaye! and photo ops with Richard Hardin.  The other Richard couldn’t make it ‘coz he went home to his province Smile

Amazing Race Asia Finale 418

Pinoy Pride!

Also, congratulations to aXN for being the number 1 International Channel in Southeast Asia.

AXN Logo-AAOP 2 copy

AXN Wraps Up 2010 as THE No. 1 International Channel in Southeast Asia

HAW-cast102i (Custom)

For many years now, AXN has been claiming the top position as Southeast Asia’s leading international channel.  Especially in the key markets of Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines, viewers have embraced AXN as one of their favourite entertainment destinations.  As the year 2010 is coming to an end, AXN once again cements its position as Southeast Asia’s number one international channel, averaging 10.2 million viewers every month to take the top spot in results tabulated from January to October 2010.

Malaysia, in particular, is a star performer.  Not only is AXN the top international network, it is also the most-watched channel on Astro, leading in average monthly viewer reach at 5.9million.  Amongst English channels, AXN beats the next closest competitor in primetime ratings by 24%, and out of the 14 first-run shows that AXN aired in 2010, 10 premiered at the top of the ratings chart.

Likewise, AXN is ahead of all English pay-TV channels in Singapore in primetime ratings among cable 15+; while in the ultra-competitive market of Philippines where all channels are offered on the basic tier, AXN leads in the English general entertainment category among cable 16+ audience.

Says Mr. Ricky Ow, Senior Vice President and General Manager, SPE Networks – Asia, “Our report card for the first 10 months shows some really great result for the year as a whole. Especially with superb ratings from two key shows in the last quarter – The Amazing Race Asia and Hawaii Five-0 – it is pretty much a foregone conclusion that AXN will finish strongly as Southeast Asia’s top English channel for 2010.”

Indeed, viewers can expect an exhilarating run to the finish-line in the fourth quarter, starting with a chart-topping performance from the highly-anticipated premiere of the re-imagined Hawaii Five-0 that airs Sundays 9PM on AXN.  The elite team of crime-fighters led by Alex O’Loughlin as Steve McGarrett in the reboot of the TV classic certainly mesmerized viewers as the original series did 42 years ago, passing the ratings test with flying colours.  Asia’s very own reality production, The Amazing Race Asia, is another favourite that never fails to thrill viewers across the region.  Here is how each market fared with these two marquee shows so far:

In Singapore, Hawaii Five-0 captured the hearts of both young and old viewers, winning the timeslot during its premiere on 14 November among all English channels on StarHub, and beating the next closest competitor by 20%. Subsequently, episode two on 16 November rated higher and even broke the record to become the top programme of the year… not just on AXN, but amongst all premiering English drama series in 2010 on StarHub!

In Malaysia, the Hawaii Five-0 premiere ratings surpassed all English pay-TV networks during the timeslot, out-performing even the Formula 1 final race which aired at the same time.  The Amazing Race Asia also put in some stellar performances since the latest season premiere in September.  Its season-to-date ratings is ahead of the next highest-rated English channel by a whopping 175%!

With Team Philippines led by Richard Hardin and Richard Herrera winning this season of The Amazing Race Asia, this AXN Original Production won in its timeslot among all international ad-supported channels, and saw an increase of 71% in average ratings over the previous season.

Ow continues, “I would like to sincerely thank our viewers, as well as our cable partners and sponsors, for all the support we have received in making AXN the number one international channel in Southeast Asia. It is precisely because of their great support, that we have been able to expand our AXN family of channels, which today includes Animax, AXN Beyond, Sony Entertainment Television, as well as ONE.  With the expanded suite of channels, we will be able to cater to even more viewers, provide greater variety and deliver a diverse range of programmes to suit the whole family’s viewing preferences.  We have enjoyed a good year, and it is my promise to all our viewers that next year will be even more exciting.”

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Manila Superstar Dance and Sing Audition

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Manila Superstar Dance and Sing Audition

A good friend of mine asked me to post this and I think it will help a lot of girls out there to make their dream come true – become a superstar!

If you think you were born a superstar, then…

We are holding open auditions for females aged 18-23 years old who have a passion for DANCING, SINGING and PERFORMING, and are committed to a career in entertainment.

JANUARY 8, 2011 and JANUARY 15, 2011
4-7pm at Studio Z Katipunan

Please prepare a 2-minute dance routine and a 1-minute song acapella as well as a valid ID and printed head shot and full-body photos.

Email us at [email protected] for inquiries and other details.

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