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Loving Whooga Uggs

Posted by on Feb 28, 2011 in Uncategorized

Loving Whooga Uggs

Hey guys.  3 months ago, I ordered some Whooga Uggs from Europe just because I was planning to visit colder countries over winter.  Sadly, The shipment didn’t arrive before my November Hong Kong trip.  But I was so happy that we went back to Hong Kong to experience Disneyland.

When in Hong Kong, everyone is walking and taking MTRs and buses.  I have tried walking around Hong Kong in different kinds of shoes and I always end up with blisters, tired and worn out soles, and cramped muscles.  I walked around in slippers before but my feet still hurt >.<

I am very happy to share that these Uggs were very comfortable and though I brought other shoes with me, I opted to wear this on the entire trip because I know walking around can keeeeel meh!!!

It is a bit expensive though but I say you invest in original and well-made Uggs.  The ones made with poor quality will also hurt your feet.  If you want one, you can order where I ordered and EXCLUSIVE to FlairCandy.com readers, you can avail of a discount if you use the Coupon Code 791FLAIR.

whooga ugg bootsDSC 0003
Whooga Ugg bootsWhooga Ugg Boots

whooga ugg bootsWhooga Ugg Boots


If you’re from the Philippines and you’re buying one, I suggest you use Johnny Air coz I had to pay for a crazy amount of tax for these in customs.  I haven’t tried Johnny Air and I’m not sure why but I heard great feedbacks from Johnny Air from friends.

This gave comfort to my chilly toes in Hong Kong.  At the same time, it gave me all the comfort I need to walk around Disneyland all day, waiting in lines and of course trotting around Hong Kong’s Mong Kok and Causeway Bay to shop :)

whooga ugg boots disneyland

Whooga Ugg Boots

White Beret from HnM

Navy Blue Stripe long top with long sleeves from Forever 21

Dark Green stockings from Terranova

Pink Whooga Ugg Boots :)

If you don’t want the hassle of shipping, you can just buy Uggs everywhere where you’re going at.

But since it’s almost summer already, it’s time to ditch boots and uggs and it’s time to bare some skin!  These should be good for the next winter season!




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Turn Around Bright Eyes Garnier Music Video

Posted by on Feb 27, 2011 in Beauty, Featured, Health, Movies & TV

Turn Around Bright Eyes Garnier Music Video

Ooh la la!  Yet another music video I’m at :)

Hi guys, I’m writing this from Hong Kong Disneyland now and this truly is a happy place :)  What’s happier is, the Garnier music video we shot a few weeks back with other Garnier Facebook fans has just been shared with me on YouTube :)

I just want to say thank you to all my friends at Netbooster and Garnier Philippines for inviting me to be a part of this video.  It was a great experience for me meeting these other ladies in the music video :)  I do hope we all will have a reunion soon *wink* 😛

Anyway, I will share more about this video when I come back ^_^ in the meantime, follow Garnier on Facebook to get updated (and maybe invited to join another music video? who knows?) with all the latest stuff they’re at, including the launch of this new music video which will happen so soon!

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Flaircandy is going to Hong Kong Disneyland

Posted by on Feb 24, 2011 in Announcements, Featured, Hong Kong, Travel

Flaircandy is going to Hong Kong Disneyland

I’m still a child at heart (and at height) and I’m so excited to go to Disneyland Hong Kong!  This time, I will be spending more time in Disney and actually booked in their Hollywood hotel.  I really need this break!  I want to be a princess even for just 3 days, to enjoy, have fun and just relax around the park :)

Iflaircandy goes to disneyland hong kong

I was very very excited that I made this flair Mickey Mouse logo on my iPad.  doodle doodle… :)

oh, and wheninmanila.com’s logo has also transformed 😛

wheninmanila disneyland logo mickey mouse

I’m so excited!

I heard there are new activities in the park.  Last time I went here was in the summer of 2009 and it was hot!  I’m so excited to go here on a cool time ^_^ and finally, I can still wear my boots with-a-fuuuurrr.

I am leaving tomorrow morning and will update you soonest, for now, time to pack my bags :)

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See you at the RISQ Grand Summer Fashion Show

Posted by on Feb 22, 2011 in Art & Photography, Entertainment and Lifestyle, Events, Fashion, Philippines

See you at the RISQ Grand Summer Fashion Show

USummer is just around the corner and so is the RISQ Grand Summer Fashion Show!

RISQ Grand Summer Fashion Show

RISQ Grand Summer Fashion Show will gather together the country’s best young designers to present their summer creations.

On March 4 at the World Trade Center, 10 young designers will reveal whether they can take their place among the country’s best fashion experts. It’s a reality show like no other and for a hugely discounted ticket price on BUYanihan.com you can enjoy guaranteed admission, watching professional ramp models strut their stuff as you make like Rachel Zoe, deciding which look is in and which is definitely out.

You can buy your tickets now at a discounted price with Buyanihan.com :)

At only P200 for regular tickets from the regular price of P500 it’s absolutely worth the RISQ! Each ticket holder is entitled to a delicious cocktail drink.

Discounted tickets are only available on BUYanihan.com and nowhere else: 60% Off on Regular Tickets (P200).

    Enjoy The RISQ Highlights!

  • 10 young designers vying for top prize
  • 50 professional ramp models
  • Performances by Rico Blanco, DJ Funk Avy and country’s top party spinners, The Manoeuvres, and Hotlegs
  • Hosted by Joey Mead
  • Directed by Floy Quintos

The Risq Grand Summer Fashion Show will happen at the same time as Go Negosyo’s 3rd Women Entrepreneurship Summit and Expo.

I love summer because everyone is beach-bound and you know how much of a beach bum I am.  Check out more details about RISK and how you can purchase the discounted tickets on the link below:


See you there!


RISQ Grand Summer Fashion Show

World Trade Center Metro Manila
Gil Puyat Ave. Extension cor. Diosdado Macapagal Blvd.
Pasay City 1300 Philippines


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Thunderbird Resort Binangonan Rizal Event Center

Posted by on Feb 22, 2011 in Art & Photography, Business & Finance, Celebrities, Entertainment and Lifestyle, Events, Featured, Gaming, Manila, Philippines, Pilipinas

Thunderbird Resort Binangonan Rizal Event Center

Last Friday, I got invited to the launch of Thunderbird Resort’s Event Center in Binangonan Rizal.  I had fun being on the bus to and fro the venue for 2 hours with other bloggers.  We had to travel about 2 hours to Thunderbird Resort Rizal (traffic) and 1 hour heading back to Manila (no traffic).

Thunderbird Resort Binangonan, Rizal, Philippines 50

I walked around the resort with other bloggers.  I love their infinity pool.  This shot is a little bit blurry, auto-focusing fail.  I just set timer for this 😛

Thunderbird Resort Binangonan, Rizal, Philippines 48

Isn’t it lovely here?  My settings are on *Auto* mode using my Nikon D40.  Yes, once again using my DSLR as a point-and-shoot.  That’s when I get lazy to think about tinkering manual settings 😛

Thunderbird Resort Binangonan, Rizal, Philippines 44

These are their rooms.  It was very peaceful and cozy here.  Me and the other bloggers wouldn’t mind staying overnight 😛

Thunderbird Resort Binangonan, Rizal, Philippines 41

lovely Red flower contrasting the background at night

Thunderbird Resort Binangonan, Rizal, Philippines 36

If you want to play and win for some cash 😛

Thunderbird Resort Binangonan, Rizal, Philippines 33

They had surprise fireworks display :)  Again, like I said, my camera’s on Auto mode.  Click on the image and view it on Flickr to check exif settings

Thunderbird Resort Binangonan, Rizal, Philippines 30

I was scared for the people lighting the fireworks up.  They were so close to it @_@

Thunderbird Resort Binangonan, Rizal, Philippines 24

Beauty Queens got serenaded by Jed Madela

Thunderbird Resort Binangonan, Rizal, Philippines 09

The event was hosted by the lovely Nikki Gil.  I love her new hair! It looks fab on her :)  I also love her shoes! ^_^

Thunderbird Resort Binangonan, Rizal, Philippines 07

Cher, Aerin and Alex at the new Events Center of Thunderbird Resorts

Thunderbird Resort Binangonan, Rizal, Philippines 04

They had drum beaters welcoming us at the entrance :)  they also had fire dancers who breathe fire out – or something like that 😛

Thunderbird Resort Binangonan, Rizal, Philippines 01

Oh yeah, so next time you need a classy events center for your meetings, seminars, parties and other purposes, check out the chic and posh events center of Thunderbird Resorts.  It’s just 1-2 hours away from Manila and would help your guests focus out of the city for a bit :)

For more information on Thunderbird Resorts Binangonan Rizal, check out their official website:


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More photos of the event here.

Discovering Thunderbird Resorts at Poro Point La Union

A Series of Adventures at Thunderbird Resorts at Poro Point La Union

Play and Stay at the Cliff Golf and Beach Club at Thunderbird Resorts Poro Point

Breakfast at Olives

Thunderbird Resort Binangonan Rizal Philippines 57

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New Michael Antonio Shoes White Leno-PU

Posted by on Feb 18, 2011 in Fashion, Shoes, Wardrobe

New Michael Antonio Shoes White Leno-PU


I have a new baby!!!

Presenting, my new Michael Antonio shoes!

Michael Antonio White Leno Resorts World Newport Manila

I have been searching for a gnarly white pair of shoes but I haven’t found the one for me.  I have always been a fan of Michael Antonio and as I was shopping around Resorts World, I passed by Michael Antonio which had a sale of up to 50% off.  This sale is only ’till the end of February.  So head on to any branch of theirs to check out some items on sale.

Sale Michael Antonio White Leno Resorts World Newport Manila

The sale is only until the end of February 2011!

What attracted my attention though are these white Leno Michael Antonio shoes.  It was on the “New Arrivals” rack, therefore, no sale.  But still, the price was not bad for the quality and the design of the shoe and ka-ching-kaching I bought it!  I got it for P3,200 not bad for these awesome pair!

Michael Antonio White Leno Resorts World Newport Manila

oh, and the saleslady said that Anne Curtis bought the red one of this!

More Photos of other cool shoes I found around the Michael Antonio shop:

New Michael Antonio Shoes Newport Manila Resorts WorldNew Michael Antonio Shoes Newport Manila Resorts WorldNew Michael Antonio Shoes Newport Manila Resorts World

New Michael Antonio Shoes Newport Manila Resorts WorldNew Michael Antonio Shoes Newport Manila Resorts WorldNew Michael Antonio Shoes Newport Manila Resorts World

Hannah Villasis Flaircandy New Michael Antonio Shoes Newport Manila Resorts World

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2011 Pyromusical Fireworks Videos Spain Finale at SM Mall of Asia

Posted by on Feb 18, 2011 in Art & Photography, Entertainment and Lifestyle, Events, Travel

2011 Pyromusical Fireworks Videos Spain Finale at SM Mall of Asia

I cried when Spain dazzled me with their finale.  It was so magical!  I never would have thought something this beautiful is possible.  You have to see it yourself to believe it.  I attached a video capturing Spain’s Finale of the Pyro musical Fireworks competition.  It looks lovely in videos, but having all of those beautiful colors right in front of you with the person that you love was indeed magical <3

Do check out of course the next few week’s run of the International 2011 SM Mall of Asia Pyromusical Fireworks Competition on the weekends of February and March.  Full schedule of the pyromusical 2011 is shown here on my other blog post.

2011 Pyromusical Fireworks Videos Spain Finale at SM Mall of Asia

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Blue Bloods: Law vs Blood

Posted by on Feb 18, 2011 in Celebrities, Events, Featured, Movies & TV

Blue Bloods: Law vs Blood

Confused about the title?

Before I explain, let me share a little bit more about the movies and the TV series I watch.  I watch Fringe, Grey’s Anatomy, House, Smallville, Kyle XY and Chuck and How I Met Your Mother.  Also, when I was a kid, I used to watch star gate @_@.   But my head got hit by a big rock vertically in grade school and I think some of my memory is gone – I no longer can recall what Stargate is all about 😛 I also used to watch Rosswell (is the spelling right? that alien dude falling in love with an earthling?) and Charmed!  My genre is somewhat more of action-packed / mysterious / scientific in a way.  To tell you honestly, I learn a lot from watching these films.  I feel like a know-it-all now watching House and Grey’s Anatomy that sometimes I diagnose myself or my brothers and sisters when we get sick (I’m not a doctor, just a wanna-be).

My favorite movie when I was a kid was “Harriet the Spy.” I love mystery and how to get smart watching people solve crimes and puzzling phenomenon and stuff.

And oh, I watch Gossip Girl because of the fashion 😛  Unlike most people, I don’t follow GLEE often.  I just watch it when I happen to see it while surfing the TV.  But seriously, watching How I Met Your Mother and Gossip Girl makes me learn more about life, love and relationships.  Mature relationships ^_^

I get addicted to watching these TV series @_@.  My boyfriend doesn’t want me to get so hooked because I couldn’t work.  😛 My excuse is always – “hey, I’m learning something here… and I’m multitasking!  See, I’m editing my photos while watching Fringe” 😛

Blue Bloods: When Law Means More Than Blood Ties

Anyway, there’s potentially something I can get more addicted to watching.  It’s the new series in AXN called Blue Bloods.  I got invited to the launch and the premiere of the first episode at Newport Ultra Cinema.

The invite said “don’t forget to wear a new york police district costume or inspired attire you might win a prize from the Rich and Richard of Amazing Race Asia

and so, there I was in my cop self 😛

NYPD Cop costume AXN Blue Blood Launch in Newport Ultra Cinema

Thanks to my boyfie for letting me borrow his blue polo and to Cheryl for lending me her police cop hat :)

AXN Blue Blood Newport Cinema
AXN Blue Blood Newport Cinema

Watching the pilot episode of Blue Blood in the awesome theater (I swear I could live sitting in that chair forever), made me think that you could learn a lot about law and enforcement and how to be a smart ass from watching the characters solve crimes.  I love New York and I want to learn everything about that place because I dream of someday trotting the streets of New York, watching fashion weeks here and there and getting invited to kick-ass parties *sigh*

This series is popular in the US.  I just uploaded photos on my flickr and one person commented saying “It’s my favorite show here in Florida.” – said by Joelvergara Photography :)

The event was hosted by the Riches: Richard Hardin and Richard Herrera.  They are the winners of the Amazing Race Asia 4.

AXN Blue Blood Newport Cinema

and they were also wearing NYPD shirts 😛

Anyway, here’s more info about the new action TV series presented by AXN.

Tom Selleck makes stellar comeback in new family-cop drama

Blue Bloods AXN

AXN, Southeast Asia’s No. 1 international channel, is excited to be the first in Asia to premiere Blue Bloods and a special press screening was be held on Thursday Feb 17, 2011 at the Newport Ultra Cinema at 6PM. This latest offering is by the same award-winning producers of hit TV series The Sopranos, Mitchell Burgess and Robin Green; and the creator that gave audiences iconic TV series Charlies’ Angels, Starsky and Hutch and Fantasy Island, Leonard Goldberg.

Praised as “one of the season’s five best new shows” by Entertainment Weekly, Blue Bloods has indeed lived up to its promise. The series debut in the United States was CBS’ highest rated Friday night premiere in 6 years! Critics universally praise Blue Bloods for its compelling characters, brilliant writing and engaging plot lines. In fact, the show has done so well for CBS that its shift from Friday to Wednesday nights has been a stellar success, topping its best ratings since its premiere!

A drama about a multi-generational family of cops dedicated to New York City law enforcement, Blue Bloods marks multi-award winning Tom Selleck’s (Magnum P.I., Jesse Stone) return to prime-time TV. The stellar cast of young and seasoned actors include Donnie Wahlberg (Righteous Kill, Band of Brothers), Broadway luminary Len Cairou (Damages, The West Wing) and Bridget Moynahan (Coyote Ugly, Sex and the City).

Frank Reagan (Selleck) is the New York Police Commissioner and heads both the police force and the Reagan brood.  He runs his department as diplomatically as he runs his family, even when dealing with the politics that plagued his unapologetically bold father, Henry (Cairou), during his stint as commissioner.  A source of pride and concern for Frank is his eldest son Danny (Wahlberg), a seasoned detective and Iraqi War veteran who on occasion uses dubious tactics to solve cases.

The sole Reagan woman in the family, Erin (Moynahan), is a New York Assistant District Attorney and newly single parent, who also serves as the legal compass for her siblings and father. Jamie (Will Estes, Reunion, U-571) is the youngest Reagan, fresh out of Harvard Law and the family’s “golden boy”; however, unable to deny the family tradition, Jamie decides to give up a lucrative future in law and is now a newly minted cop. Jamie’s life takes an abrupt turn when he is asked to become part of a clandestine police investigation even his father knows nothing about and which might have been related to the death of his brother, Joe.

Indeed, what sets Blue Bloods apart from the run-of-the-mill cop drama is its focus on blood ties and the clashes that inevitably arise from having a family of cops and a daughter as a prosecutor. As Tom Selleck shared in an interview, “One of the key elements of the show almost every week is a family dinner. Frank is a patriarch of a family… They’re Irish and they’re Catholic and they argue a lot at family dinner but it seems to be one of the favourite parts of the show.”

Blue Bloods’ balanced combination of nail-biting detective drama and family struggles offers rich material rarely handled so well by both a cast of actors and writers. It invites you to fall in love and admire the men and women who struggle in and out of themselves to maintain order in New York City and their families. Sometimes, law enforcement means more than blood ties.

AXN Blue Bloods Event Photos at Newport Ultra Cinema

AXN Blue Blood Newport CinemaAXN Blue Blood Newport CinemaAXN Blue Blood Newport CinemaAXN Blue Blood Newport CinemaAXN Blue Blood Newport CinemaAXN Blue Blood Newport CinemaAXN Blue Blood Newport CinemaAXN Blue Blood Newport CinemaAXN Blue Blood Newport CinemaAXN Blue Blood Newport CinemaAXN Blue Blood Newport CinemaAXN Blue Blood Newport CinemaAXN Blue Blood Newport CinemaAXN Blue Blood Newport CinemaAXN Blue Blood Newport Cinema

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What I did for Valentines Day

Posted by on Feb 17, 2011 in Events, Featured, Personal, Tech Chic

What I did for Valentines Day

I usually don’t like walking around the city during Valentines Day because it’s always traffic and everyone’s rushing to buy and deliver gifts.  I was sick then (and I still am) so I decided to just stay home.  It’s a good thing I didn’t have any shoots, nor events scheduled for me.  But, for my boyfie, he had work all day.

Anyway, I was dying to buy myself a new power PC that I can use heavily for photo editing and video editing and alas, I have decided to buy a Macbook Pro.  I chose Valentines day to buy this because I love myself and I am my own Valentina :)  Seriously, I think this is an investment for me as a blogger, a budding photographer (naks) and a videographer (at least online).   I am planning to make more videos just to express my artistic self.

I was happy with my ASUS EeePC seashell that I have been using for a year.  What I loved about it is the long battery life.  I usually use it for 7 hours when I do heavy on photo editing (Picasa) and net browsing.  But sometimes, it can last me up to 10 hours, if I dim the brightness settings which I only do if it’s dark.  Also, I love how I can just bring it anywhere without hurting my back.  And it fits in almost any bag of mine because it’s small.  Plus, I didn’t have to bring a plug because it can last me a whole day without plugging it! <3

But then, photo editing and video editing definitely requires tons of RAM and you know, all that more techie specs.  So, I was very excited to move on to Mac.  But before that…

Lunch at Papa John’s <3

I was happy that my boyfriend can still accompany me in buying my new MacBook Pro despite his busy schedule.  We had a yummy lunch at our pizza place – Papa John’s at Greenhills.  The staff were so sweet, they gave me a balloon for keeps 😛

Papa John's Greenhills Manila PhilippinesPapa John's Greenhills Manila Philippines

What I love about Papa John’s is the tasty crust, and the crunchy edges that aren’t black from being overcooked :) It was perfect!  I love the garlic and butter sauce that’s unique to them.  I think that’s their trademark ^_^

Another tip from my boyfie who’s from San Diego (where there are lots of Papa John’s) is to ask for some ranch dressing.  Dip your Papa John’s pizza into some ranch dressing and *magic* <3

Buying a new MacBook Pro in Greenhills

I didn’t want to roam around with much cash and walk around Greenhills by myself holding a brand new, boxed MacBook Pro.  I was so scared of being alone there because my Blackberry was snatched in Greenhills too.

I found a MacBook Pro sold the cheapest in Greenhill’s Digital hub in VMall a few weeks back.  I saw it was around 54k if you pay in cash (as compared to P61,999 if card).  I was like, hmm… “I just cashed out my Nuffnang earnings of about a 54k amount” – SAKTO!

Hence, on Valentines day, i decided to buy it!  Unfortunately, MacBook Pro 13″ was OUT-OF-STOCK! NOOOO!!!!!  I went to their sister store Digital Walker in Theater mall above the small foodcourt there and still, nothing >.< I also went to iStudio in Vmall but no luck :(  There’s not much MacBook Pros left oh no!  I heard that there’s gonna be a new MacBook pro to be launched around April and this would include higher storage space but no disc drive.  Anyway, that’s just chi-chi for now.  But maybe, that’s the reason why MacBook pros are getting out of stock in the Philippines.

I was about to give up when I passed by the cellphone section.  I just randomly asked one store there with some MacBooks displayed on their window if they still have a MacBook Pro 13″ and to my surprise, they had one!!! YAYE!  and they had the cheapest cash price of P52,000 for a brand new MacBook Pro ^_^ I didn’t ask how much they would self if sold in credit because I didn’t think about it at that time because we were running late for a meeting and I was so desperate to buy one already since I know that stocks are already out :(



Awesome! I’m a MacBook girl now and I love it :)

Thank you to Nuffnang PH for the timely cash-outs!  I bought this MacBook Pro solely from my Nuffnang earnings ^_^

Don’t have a Nuffnang account yet? sign up now :)


Anyway, the unboxing of my new MacBook pro will be uploaded soon and I will talk about how my transition from PC to MacBook pro went.  Anyway, some of you might have known what I think of the new MBP from time to time on my twitter and facebook so do follow meh ^_^

Valentine’s Day

yes, I spent the rest of Valentines day tinkering on my new MacBook pro and migrating files and organizing them.  It’s about time I spring clean my digital documents :)

How about you? How did you spend your Valentine’s day?

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Healthier Tropicana Juice Plus Boost

Posted by on Feb 16, 2011 in Beauty, Contests, Featured, Fitness, Food, Health

Healthier Tropicana Juice Plus Boost

Maintaining Good Health

Hey guys!

Hannah Villasis on Health, Surfing and Tropicana

At the start of the year, I vowed to be healthier because I believe that health is wealth!  I did my detox on the first week of the month and that jump started my healthier year!  I feel cleaner now and I felt like my digestive track just got rebooted to its ideal state!  I feel my metabolism going faster and I lost 3 pounds already!

What’s more important in starting a really healthy diet is to maintain it by feeding your body with healthy food and drinks.  As much as possible, I eat a serving of fruits or veggies per meal.  I make sure that there’s some fiber and more nutrition going inside my body.  I believe that if you are healthy inside, it will reflect on the outside – smoother skin, silkier hair, healthier teeth and nails etc.  Nothing is healthier than healthy body cells!

Most of the time, you would think that healthy foods aren’t tasty!  It may be true at times especially the bitter ampalaya but not at all times.  Here’s one healthy drink that sure is tasty!

Healthier companion

I’m sure you’ve tried Tropicana juice before but this time, they have Tropicana Juice Plus!  It’s the same natural Tropicana Orange juice you guys loved before but with a boost of Calcium and Antioxidants!  This juice drink that I’m sure you guys love is also high in Vitamins A, C, D and E without preservatives.  These are some of the basic vitamins and minerals that our cells need without preservatives, artificial flavourings and colourings!

1.)     Calcium Boost – Orange juice drink that is high in calcium to help strengthen your bones and teeth.

2.)     Antioxidant Boost – Orange juice drink with high levels of vitamins C and E to help battle free radicals.


Filipinos are getting more health conscious right now and Tropicana Juice Plus is a perfect partner for busy people who seek a more convenient way to stay healthy.

And, it tastes good and natural!

Let’s Play!

If you have free time, play this fun game!

Play Whatta-Boost and get a chance to win an iPod Nano.

Tropicana Juice Plus Whatta Boost Game - Play now!

Play here!

*This is a sponsored post for Tropicana Juice Plus.

Live healthy!

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2011 Pyromusical Fireworks at SM Mall of Asia Korea and Spain

Posted by on Feb 13, 2011 in Entertainment and Lifestyle, Events, Featured, Manila, Philippines

2011 Pyromusical Fireworks at SM Mall of Asia Korea and Spain

I can’t stress much how I love fireworks.  My eyes were just shimmering with happiness and amazement last night as I watched probably two of the best fireworks I’ve seen in my entire life (for now.)

Korea had their fireworks show first and I was amazed.  Then Spain displayed their fireworks and I was more at awe.  The music was REALLY in sync with the Fireworks and they designed it very well.  They had more unique fireworks too like the Spiral purple fireworks that I have never seen before.

I also watched the first ever Pyromusical in SM Mall of Asia and I say this year is bigger and better than ever.  This year they had:

– performances from both countries: Korea and Spain

– Korea had one of their artists come over here to serenade the crowd with her violin skill.  I am very sorry that I forgot the name of the artist, but if you do know who, please comment below Smile She was amazing though, her finale song was a very remarkable cover of our classical song “Anak”.  She made it funky-melodramatic-rock. and it was awesome

– Spain had flamenco dancers who gracefully enchanted everyone watching

– Close Up had a stage where Sponge Cola performed.  It was my first time hearing them live and they do rock.

Pyromusical 2011 Participating Countries and Schedule

February 12

7pm Seoul Korea

8pm Spain

Feb 19

7pm Portugal

8pm United Kingdom (U.K.) UK

Feb 26

7pm China

8pm France

March 5

7pm Japan

8pm Canada

Mar 12

7pm Australia

8pm Philippines

Ticket Prices for VIP with dinner, VIP, Gold and Silver


Pyromusical Photos Korea and Spain Fireworks

*All rights reserved.  Pictures are copyrighted.  If you want to use my photos, just send a link to my blog http://flaircandy.com If you want to use my photos for commercial purposes, or anything else, you can contact me and we can discuss.

You may click on the photos (and view on Flickr) to view EXIF data and settings I used to capture the fireworks.

Captured by Nikon D40 and kit lens.  Special thanks to Cheryl Golangco for lending me her tripod :)


Pyromusical 2011 Fireworks SM Mall of Asia Spain vs Korea (76)Pyromusical 2011 Fireworks SM Mall of Asia Spain vs Korea (78)Pyromusical 2011 Fireworks SM Mall of Asia Spain vs Korea (67)Pyromusical 2011 Fireworks SM Mall of Asia Spain vs Korea (68)Pyromusical 2011 Fireworks SM Mall of Asia Spain vs Korea (74)Pyromusical 2011 Fireworks SM Mall of Asia Spain vs Korea (73)Pyromusical 2011 Fireworks SM Mall of Asia Spain vs Korea (75)Pyromusical 2011 Fireworks SM Mall of Asia Spain vs Korea (51)Pyromusical 2011 Fireworks SM Mall of Asia Spain vs Korea (50)Pyromusical 2011 Fireworks SM Mall of Asia Spain vs Korea (40)

Pyromusical 2011 Fireworks SM Mall of Asia Spain vs Korea (51)


Pyromusical 2011 Fireworks SM Mall of Asia Spain vs Korea (43)Pyromusical 2011 Fireworks SM Mall of Asia Spain vs Korea (50)Pyromusical 2011 Fireworks SM Mall of Asia Spain vs Korea (64)Pyromusical 2011 Fireworks SM Mall of Asia Spain vs Korea (56)Pyromusical 2011 Fireworks SM Mall of Asia Spain vs Korea (61)Pyromusical 2011 Fireworks SM Mall of Asia Spain vs Korea (52)

Related Links:

Pyromusical Facebook Page

Pyromusical  Philippines Official Website

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Axe Desktop Calendar 2011

Posted by on Feb 12, 2011 in Entertainment and Lifestyle

Axe Desktop Calendar 2011

This is a quickie post Smile I am on the Desktop 2011 Axe Calendar and I am on the month of February and October Smile


Hannah Villasis FlairCandy Axe 2011 Calendar Philippines (2)

This is just a preview Smile with tongue out

I’m with your other favorite Axe Girls  like Betina Beatrix Acosta, Jahziel Manabat, Karen Bordador, Arra Castro and Carolyn!

You can download the Axe Calendar via their official facebook page below Smile


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Treating Your Friends to Great Gifts

Posted by on Feb 12, 2011 in Entertainment and Lifestyle

There’s always seems to be a holiday, birthday, or event right around the corner that you need to shop for, but buying gifts for friends doesn’t have to be a chore. It can be hard finding great gift ideas for friends, especially if you aren’t close to them, but it’s really nice to make a gift personal.  Even though it can be a lot of work, it shows you’re really putting in that extra bit of effort. Here are some practical and personal gift ideas you can consider or use as a jumping off point.

Gift cards are a good gift idea when you don’t know exactly what to get someone. They’ve become a standard gift when you have to get something but are not sure. Most stores now offer gift cards for purchase, so if you know your friend’s favorite store a gift card may be the best choice.

Even for the friends that are really hard to shop for everyone could use a day of relaxation. Surprise your friend or family with a spa treatment for a day of pampering. There are a lot of great coupons and deals that you can get that make an affordable gift.

You can go the practical route and get your friend something they can use at work. There are a lot of creative ideas like a personalized calendar that allow you to add photos or a message. You can also get them office breakroom supplies or some great coffee to drink at the office instead of the traditional sludge you find resting in the coffee pots of most break rooms.

If you want to give the gift of elegant dining with affordable prices get your friend a Groupon certificate. They can choose from a list of restaurants and get special deals on dining at some really amazing restaurants around the country. It’s affordable and you can get a lot of bang for your buck.

These are just a few ideas to start with, but do some researcht if you’re looking to do something special for a friend or family member. Show them how important they are to you, because it really is the thought that counts.

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Christina Aguilera National Anthem Super Bowl Video

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Christina Aguilera won a lot of awards in the music industry and is really known for her powerful voice.  She is only human though and in the recent Super Bowl 2011, she scrambled the lyrics of the National Anthem of America.

For non-American citizens, you wouldn’t notice the faulty lyrics because her performance was really good.  But many noticed of course and bashed her.  I say she’s only human and singing in front of everyone in that big stadium would definitely put you into too much stress @_@

Anyway, here’s the video.

What do you think?

christina aguilera national anthem super bowl 2011
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Exercise With the Stars for a Healthier Colon

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Exercise With the Stars for a Healthier Colon

I’ve been trying to get a cleaner body inside and aim for healthier body cells.  Once you’re tiny cells are healthy, it will reflect in your skin, hair, teeth, nails and your total physique.  I am now obsessed with keeping my diet clean and healthy and I take Easy Phamax Wheatgrass everyday to keep my insides clean Smile Easy Phamax has another program that would get you more fabulous and look healthy by cleaning the dirtiest part in your body.  Read on Smile


Learn and exercise with stars and doctors to avoid constipation, colon cancer

Those who have been trying all these years to get rid of their spare tires (protruding bellies), read on.

Actress and health buff Jackie Lou Blanco leads the roster of speakers to the So Easy Colon Cleanse Life Camp that will be held on February 19 at the St. Giles Hotel along Makati Avenue (Makati City).

She will be joined by a respected Filipino oncologist and US- and Malaysian-registered dietitians/nutritionists, image and weight consultants who are leading proponents on the prevention, diagnosis and management of life-threatening diseases, in particular colon cancer.

They are all one in saying that what lie inside your fat stomachs are not just fatty foods but hardened stool that have been inside your colon for years.

According to world statistics, 90 percent of diseases are caused by an unhealthy colon.

An unhealthy colon always leads to major digestive orders which affect people of any age and will happen more frequently as they grow older. Worse, it causes colon cancer, the world’s third leading cause of death and sixth in the Philippines. But the good news is, 30 percent of diseases are preventable, according to the World Health Organization.

Anyone can register for the one-day So Easy Life Camp, health enthusiasts and especially people who are overweight, constipated, meat eaters, have a history of colon cancer and other types of cancer, suffer from skin problems, aged 30 and up who have never undergone colon cleansing yet.

Up for discussion are Losing weight and maintaining it at healthy levels by Jackie Lou and US-registered dietitian Cheshire Que, Preventing cancer and colon cleansing by Dr. Anthony Abad, Carrying with aplomb your new (lean) look by image consultant Malu Galang, and the Power of the colon-cleansing product ‘So Easy Colon Cleanse’ with wheatgrass by Malaysia-registered dietitian/nutritionist and book author Penny Chong.

The So Easy Colon Cleanse infomercial is showing on Cable TV in 14 cities across the country. In Metro Manila, it is screened daily on SkyCable 11 and Destiny Cable 3, 10pm – 12 midnight.

For more information about the Life Camp, interested parties can call Easy Pha-max Philippines at 890-EASY (3279) or visit www.mysoeasycleanse.com.

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Bounce Laundry Shop in The Fort

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Bounce Laundry Shop in The Fort

Hey guys, I know there are not a lot of Laundromats in The Fort.  My friend just opened one and do check it out and have your laundry done here if you live in The Fort.  Or, for those who work in the Fort, you can have your laundry done here too Smile

bounce laundry

Bounce Laundry is a Full Service Laundromat located at Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City. They provide professional laundry and dry-cleaning services to their our customers and offer a convenient and hassle free domestic services enjoyed by even the most stressed executives in Manila so that you can have …A PEACE OF MIND…

Mondays to Fridays – 7AM to 9PM
Saturdays to Sundays – 9AM to 7PM

Dry Cleaning
Pressing Service
Stuffed Toy Cleaning

ADDRESS: Unit 2M Kensington Place 29th Street corner 1st Avenue, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City.
CONTACT #: 0917-8822269 or 5867989

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Video Recap of Christina Aguilera, Black Eyed Peas Halftime Super Bowl

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Video Recap of Christina Aguilera, Black Eyed Peas Halftime Super Bowl

I am not really into guys bumpin’ each other trying to steal the ball of another but the longer I watch the NFL games, the more interesting they get and the more I get hooked watching it.  American football isn’t that popular here in the Philippines.  Soccer is getting a little bit more attention due to the Azcals but for people who really don’t follow football, you have to at least watch the entertainment!

Two things I look forward to watching the Super Bowl other than the game itself: Half Time entertainment and the Super Bowl Commercials.

Well, first of all the Packers won the game today but let me share the other entertainment and the feedback it got from the crowd.


Christina Aguilera and Lea Michele singing the National Anthem and America the Beautiful

Here is the video of Christina Aguilera singing the American National Anthem with Lea Michele of GLEE singing America the Beautiful.

I know, I know.  The singing of Christina Aguilera was flawed but OMG her vocals are just awesome!  I have been a fan of her since Genie in a Bottle.  She has a great voice and she delivered the song well, except for the scrambled lyrics.  Singing in that big stadium could bring butterflies in the stomach even to experienced and well established singers.  They often get criticized and most often than not, people would bash them for not singing them the right way.  It’s like our local artists here in the Philippines who get bashed when they sing the Philippine national anthem too slow or too fast.  But, I mean c’mon guys, stop hatin’ I don’t think she meant to skip some lyrics while singing.  I’m pretty sure she tried to give her best. 

And since I don’t know the lyrics of the American National Anthem, I didn’t notice her mistake until Vince told me.  I almost cried even if I am not an American.


Video of Black Eyed Peas, Usher and Slash of Guns and Roses for Super Bowl Half Time

Black Eyed Peas BEP, Usher, Slash of Guns and Roses on Half Time Super Bowl 2011

I heard many complaints and negative comments about their performance but after I watched the video I’m like “what the heck guys, stop HATIN’”

They might have complained about vocal qualities and Darth Vader (fake account) — (DUH?!?) even tweeted about the half time entertainment saying…

“That half time show did more to crush the morale of the rebellion in 30 minutes than I ever did.”


okay, fine. that’s funny but those glowing dancers were fun!

and c’mon at least there were no nip slips unlike Janet Jackson’s performance before!  Or would you rather have seen one from Fergie? you nasties!

People say they sound too different from their recorded album vs live.

One, studio and stadium are both different venues.  Sound quality is definitely better if recorded in a studio.  The stadium was pretty noisy with all the crowd cheering and the loud background music – it would be so hard to hear yourself singing that’s why I think they were all shouting.  But anyway, even if they weren’t that “in-tune” it wasn’t as bad!


What did you think of the two videos? 

and oh, I didn’t like Lea Michele’s performance though, I felt like she held back her vocals or something.  I don’t know. What do you think?

Share, Share, Share! on the comment section below Smile

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Do-It-Yourself Home Detox for the Digestive Tract

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Do-It-Yourself Home Detox for the Digestive Tract

On the first week of the year, I underwent a Detox or Digestive Tract cleansing by myself using Dr. Jason Penaranda’s Digestive Cleansing kit of Aesthetic Science.  Talk about beauty within, I believe that my digestive tract is very pretty after I underwent this self-administered procedure.  The process made me go to the toilet A LOT, but that’s a part of the process.  After all those toxins flushed out of my system I feel healthier inside and out!  I lost 1 pound worth of just all plain bad toxins during the 14 hour cleansing.

I know a lot of you have been asking about how and where I did it and I think it’s time to share this to all of you because it’s Prom season, Valentines Day or Single Awareness day and Summer is fast approaching.  So, before you plan a diet for you to lose some weight or go to the gym to drop some pounds and tone that abs, I suggest that you do a detox first Smile Not only will you feel healthier, it will make your diet and gym workout sessions more effective.  You can do this detox for a price not more than P3,000 and you do this for 14 hours.

Here are my notes that I got from Dr. Jason on the Digestive Tract Cleansing Detox for more detailed information.

Digestive Tract Cleansing

Dr. Jason Penaranda’s Digestive Cleansing is a 2-day detoxification that cleanses the liver, gallbladder, small intestines, and colon.  The procedure is actually just 14 hours but there is a diet and fasting preparation and runs to the toilet after.

This method is a modification of Dr Hulda Clark’s (1928-2009) Gallstone and Liver Flush.  Similar procedure3s are being offered in wellness centers and some hotels where you will be booked overnight.  The procedures will be administered to you and you will be pampered with a lot of other things.  Depending on where you do it and the type of your accommodation, you will be charged anywhere from P8,000 to P30,000 or higher.  If you feel that you need to be assisted personally while doing it, it is advisable that you go to those places where it is done.

However, not all patients can set aside 2 days to be confined in a center or part readily with their hard-earned moneyh for this procedure.  To address this issue, Dr. Jason Penaranda at Aesthetic Science prapared all the materials in a package.  He enhanced the formulation with local herbs to make it more effective and cover even the small intestines and the colon.  They then teach their patients how the procedure is done, which they can do conveniently at their homes and at their own time.  They also provide a hotline that they can call while undergoing the procedure.

Advantages of doing the Digestive Cleansing

The Digestive Cleansing is a high-impact, short-term detoxification method.  It removes a big bulk of the toxins in the liver, gallbladder, small intestines, and colon, in a short period of time.  It basically jumpstarts the detoxification so you begin the cleansing process faster and start the momentum easier.

For General Health.  Nutrition is one of the major factors affecting health and well-being and is dependent on an efficient digestive system.  Doing the Digestive cleansing helps “tune-up” the digestive system to digest and absorb nutrients from food better, allowing you to maximize the benefits of the food that you eat.

For Weight Loss.  The liver is the main organ that metabolizes fats.  Unfortunately, the liver is also the most abused internal organ since most of the toxins that enter our body end up in the liver first.  Liver functions eventually get compromised.  By cleansing it, the liver gets to metabolize fats better and weight loss exercises become more effective.

For Other Illnesses.  The accumulation of toxins in the body is a major contribution to the generation of a lot of our health problems.  By cleansing the digestive system and the whole body, you are providing your body with an internal environment that it needs in order to bring you back to your ideal healthy state.  Common conditions that have been noted to improve after doing the Digestive Cleansing include allergies, asthma, irregular bowel movement, irregular sleeping patterns, elevated cholesterol, abnormal liver function tests, fatigue and manby more.

If you want a body beautiful figure inside and out, you can speak with Dr. Jason of Aesthetic Science using the details below.

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Super Bowl 2011 Commercials

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Super Bowl 2011 Commercials

Happy Monday everyone! and Happy Sunday night to our friends in the United States who are getting hyped up for Super Bowl Sunday 2011.  I am not entirely a crazy fan of the Super Bowl and American football, but it’s always fun to watch the games. 

Anyway, some people just watch the Super Bowl games to watch the advertisements or commercials.  Since millions and billions of people watch the Super Bowl games live online, on the game itself and on television, these people are also exposed to the commercials being aired with the game.  And with this, placement for ads cost $3 million for only 30 seconds of airtime.  This excludes production costs and other stuff like that.  Therefore, the companies placing ads in Super Bowl must have a super awesome commercial that impacts everyone watching the superbowl games.

The challengers for the Super Bowl Sunday games are the Pittsburgh Steelers vs Green Bay Packers.  Here is the list of advertisers that you should watch out for while watching the Super Bowl 2011 live either online, on TV or physically happening in the Cowboys Stadium in Arlington Texas. 


List of Super Bowl 2011 Advertisers



Best Buy

BMW North America


Careerbuilder Cars.com




General Motors


HomeAway Inc.


Motor North America

Kia North America

Mars Mercedez-Benz

PepsiCo’s Dritos

PepsiCo’s Pepsi

Max Pizza Hut



Volkswagen of America


*You can watch YouTube’s Annual Gallery of Super Bowl Commercials on their adblitz page here.  They will post Super Bowl commercials once they get played during the NFL game.


Here are other things you need to look forward to when watching the Super Bowl XLV 2011:

  • National anthem will be sang by Christina Aguilera
  • Coin Toss will be done by Dion Sanders.
  • Halftime Show will be performed by Black Eyed Peas.  It’s back to hip hop this year and the Black Eyed Peas, especially Fergie, is trying to make sure that there wouldn’t be any wardrobe malfunction unlike what happened years ago with Janet Jackson’s performance.

Rumors going around that Justin Bieber is going to have the best Super Bowl commercial ever?

Justin Bieber Super Bowl Ad Still

We’ll see about that.

Here are other screen shots of other super bowl commercials in the past years.

this is lol and I think this is fake Smile with tongue out

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Panopio Jewelry Giveaway – Rock That Ring

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Panopio Jewelry Giveaway – Rock That Ring

This is it!  I have been announcing over the past few days that I will have a contest for my readers and I am giving away a shiny gold ring from Panopio Jewelry.  Panopio Jewelry is giving away a Serpent Ring, a handcrafted sterling silver dipped in gold with diamond eyes.


Gold Serpent Ring with Diamond Eyes

*photo above courtesy of Kristel Chuateco

Panopio Jewelry creates handcrafted jewelry mainly for women to feel pretty.

“Well, not just pretty, but feel great.  It feels different when you know the ring you’re wearing is real and not just some nickel molded accessory.” said Victoria Panopio, one of the two designer sisters of Panopio Jewelries.  They customize jewelry and can even design something that suits your individual style.  Apart from that, they also craft engagement rings and wedding rings.


Here’s the ring under natural light Smile

and here’s how I wear it ^_^


I will use this photo in one of my Project 365 shots!  I just took this shot randomly before I left home to drive.


I’m in love with it! It’s edgy and powerful.  It exudes bold, stylish statement that’s also classy and elegant – and it makes me feel great!

Rock The Ring Contest!

It’s your turn! Do you want to be a proud owner of this Gold Serpent Ring with Diamond Eyes by Panopio Jewelry?  Here’s what you can do to own it!

1. Post the most stylish portrait of yourself on Panopio Jewelry’s Facebook Wall


2. Get your friends to like it.

3. Portrait with the most likes wins.

Contest runs until February 25, 2011

It’s that simple to join.  Don’t forget to follow Panopio Jewelry on Twitter for updates on their latest designs.

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More photos of the ring here Smile

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