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Flaircandy is going to Hong Kong Disneyland

Posted by on Feb 24, 2011 in Announcements, Featured, Hong Kong, Travel | 14 comments

I’m still a child at heart (and at height) and I’m so excited to go to Disneyland Hong Kong!  This time, I will be spending more time in Disney and actually booked in their Hollywood hotel.  I really need this break!  I want to be a princess even for just 3 days, to enjoy, have fun and just relax around the park 🙂

Iflaircandy goes to disneyland hong kong

I was very very excited that I made this flair Mickey Mouse logo on my iPad.  doodle doodle… 🙂

oh, and wheninmanila.com’s logo has also transformed 😛

wheninmanila disneyland logo mickey mouse

I’m so excited!

I heard there are new activities in the park.  Last time I went here was in the summer of 2009 and it was hot!  I’m so excited to go here on a cool time ^_^ and finally, I can still wear my boots with-a-fuuuurrr.

I am leaving tomorrow morning and will update you soonest, for now, time to pack my bags 🙂


  1. yay disney land. gusto ko ding pumunta diyan.

  2. Weeee! We just came home from HK and Disney was really great. There was no Disney yet in 2002, my first time in HK, so I was also feeling like a kid last Tuesday. Gaahhhdd.. it was like a fulfillment of a childhood dream. Haha.

    Enjoy your stay dear. Don’t forget the magazines. They have awesome freebies this month. Hihi.

  3. Take lots of pics 😀 Hoping soon makapunta na rin ako dyan. Sabi ako ng sabi pero di naman nagbo-book lol 😛 Have fun, Minnie Nahnah 😛

  4. WOW! Good Luck on your trip Hannah! 🙂

  5. Hannah! I’ll be going too this holy week. Perstaym ko po! Hahahahaha!

  6. Ito namiss ko sa HK eh, T_T kasi naman may kasama kaming senior citizen. Anyway, I’m going back there on June!

  7. yeah dude, I also suggest you go back mga winter time para malamig XD

  8. you’ll enjoy for sure! Have fun on your first trip to Hong Kong. and don’t forget to drop by Disneyland Hong Kong… you haven’t been to HK, if you haven’t visited the magical world of Disney 🙂

  9. Thanks ^_^ we did enjoy .. but GAAAH I didn’t ride Space Mountain this time because my meds made my nerves hyper active… baka ma heart attack ako or something haha. Vince enjoyed it though

  10. wwoot thanks mica dear… punta tayo lahat again!

  11. we are so salisi 🙁 anyway glad to know you enjoyed… I had a blast too! went around for 2 days XD dami na naman mags and freebies

  12. You should XD save for it, it’s really a great experience… I’ve been here twice and I feel the magic all the time ^_^

  13. I wanted to experience booking in Hollywood hotel din. Naging Mickey-inspired ang Wheninmanila =)

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