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Flights of Fantasy Parade at Hong Kong Disneyland

Posted by on Mar 31, 2011 in Art & Photography, Featured, Hong Kong, Travel

Flights of Fantasy Parade at Hong Kong Disneyland

Happy 5th anniversary Hong Kong Disneyland!

5 years ago, Disneyland officially opened in Hong Kong!  This meant a lot to us Filipinos because we don’t have to go all the way to the US to experience the magical world of Disneyland.  Hong Kong is just 2 hours away from the Philippines and this meant, more happy trips to kids and… well, adult kid like me 😛  It’s more affordable to for us of course and we don’t need to apply for VISA in Hong Kong (unless you stay for more than 30 days).   Almost everyone can go: kids, adults, family, couples and even persons with disabilities!  Hong Kong itself is a pretty friendly place for PWD, moreso Disneyland and its different attractions.  You will clearly see in the map that they took every consideration to also have PWD enjoy touring around Disney and experiencing its different attractions.

Flights of Fantasy Parade

For their 5th year, they included more special productions.  Check out their parade every 3:30 pm.  Parade time may change though so please check the timetable when you’re there. This parade is a new production and they call it “Flights of Fantasy Parade” which happens exclusively in Hong Kong Disneyland.  This means that you can see it only in Hong Kong and not anywhere.  This production will only be played on this year.

You don’t have to be a kid to enjoy the parade.  It was an awesome production and you shouldn’t miss this because you will get to see different Disney characters.

Are you into photography like me?  If you are, Disneyland is the perfect place for you to practice your landscape and portrait skills.  The sun shines bright and you can practice tinkering on your manual settings.  At night, there are fireworks so you would also get to practice your fireworks photography and low light snap shots because even at night Disneyland is very colorful.

I enjoyed taking photos on the Flights of Fantasy Parade more than anything else because it was so colorful and I practiced my portrait photography too with different characters.  I didn’t need a studio and a model to practice my portrait photography, here in Disneyland I already have models and efficient source of natural light :)

So, here we go… sharing the photos I enjoyed taking during the Flights of Fantasy Parade in Hong Kong Disneyland!

Hong Kong Disneyland Flights of Fantasy Parade

Before the parade, I took photos of myself first before I get overwhelmed taking photos of different characters.

Hong Kong Disneyland Flights of Fantasy Parade Hannah Villasis

Time check it’s 4:02 but the parade started at 3:30 The characters move around the streets of the Disneyland Resort.  Where we are is the last stop of the characters and check out the crowd – all excited to see the characters!

Also, check out the uniform of the Disneyland staff – they’re so cute and they are all in costumes too!

Hong Kong Disneyland Flights of Fantasy Parade Dumbo

Here you go, the Flights of Fantasy parade celebrating the 5th year of Hong Kong Disneyland.

Hong Kong Disneyland Flights of Fantasy Parade Chip and Dale Donald Duck Goofy

Good ol’ Disney characters Chip and Dale, Donald Duck and Goofy!

Hong Kong Disneyland Flights of Fantasy Parade Flying Bees Hunny.png

Bees flying around in front of me!  I want to try jumping around this thing.  What they’re doing looks so much fun!


Hong Kong Disneyland Flights of Fantasy Parade

Wee!  I love the composition of this photo.  It’s so colorful!  Disneyland is very photogenic indeed!

Hong Kong Disneyland Flights of Fantasy Parade

She’s so cute, she posed for me!  I want to go inside the pot because my nickname is also “Honey” or “Hunny”

Hong Kong Disneyland Flights of Fantasy Parade Disney Princesses Snow White, Cinderella, Belle Sleeping Beauty Aurora

The parade won’t be complete without the Disney Princesses: Snow White, Cinderella, Belle and Aurora.

They get into character all the time and really act like princesses – the way they smile, they move and they speak :)

Hong Kong Disneyland Disney Princesses Flights of Fantasy Parade Princess Aurora Sleeping Beauty

Princess Aurora a.k.a. Sleeping Beauty

Hong Kong Disneyland Flights of Fantasy Parade Tinkerbell

This is the lovely and cute Tinker Bell

Hong Kong Disneyland Flights of Fantasy Parade

Go a nice portrait of one of the flower characters :)


Hong Kong Disneyland Flights of Fantasy Parade

Fairies! They looked so cute riding a bike :)

Hong Kong Disneyland Flights of Fantasy Parade

Toy Story soldiers!  They are life sized though and they are not statues – they are real people in costume and they move! but they move like a toy which is so amazing!  That soldier just waved at me!  I must commend the costume and the makeup – good job!

Flights of Fantasy Parade Hong Kong Disneyland Buzz Lightyear Female Costume for ladies

Now I want to cosplay Buzz Lightyear!  These are really cute costumes and I want to make one for me to use :)


Hong Kong Disneyland Flights of Fantasy Parade Buzz Lightyear Toy Story

See Buzz LIghtyear, Ham and the Aliens!

and guess what, by 2012 – Hong Kong Disneyland is going to have a new attraction!

Toy Story Land!!!

Hong Kong Disneyland Flights of Fantasy Parade Lilo and Stitch

My favorite Disney character – Stitch!

Hong Kong Disneyland Flights of Fantasy Parade Lilo and Stitch

Aloha Hawaiian girls!

That’s about it for now.  It was really a great production and congratulations Disney for preparing this magical production for everyone!

Happy 5th Anniversary and more magical years to come!

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The Amazing Intel Chase – Yellow Team

Posted by on Mar 31, 2011 in Uncategorized

The Amazing Intel Chase – Yellow Team

I am hungry for action and I need speed!

Therefore, joining races is my thing!

I have joined a lot of races before. Won a few, lose a few but no matter what the outcome is, I just love the thrill of joining a race. I would do things I’d never thought I do like eat a pig’s brain. I also raced the circuit and went out of town in our own car.

This time, I was with techie geeky people, fellow bloggers, tech media people and computer shop retailers.

Thank you so much to Intel and to Strategic Edge for inviting me to be a part of this :)

We are team Yellow!


team yellow amazing intel chase hannah villasis
That’s me and my team left to right: Oliver, me and Albert

This race is all about speed and action. 3 cities, 5 teams, 3 members each – one goal – To win the Amazing Intel Chase!

We got eliminated first 😛 But no worries we definitely enjoyed the race and I got to spend the night at a luxurious hotel suite!

ascott hotel manila suite ascott hotel manila suite
Slept here alone since one of our team mates didn’t make it. She was replaced though :)
ascott hotel manila suite ascott hotel manila suite

hmm, if we stayed here longer, I would have been inspired to cook and do my own laundry!

I can’t afford booking a stay here myself so it was my first time to sleep in a suite :) Too bad though I kept feeling aftershocks of the mini earthquake that happened on that day. I got scared so I stayed in Earth and Calvin’s room! We invited Rochelle and her teammate to join us in the suite too!

We didn’t stay long to chat because all of us are getting competitive and we wanted to rest before the race the next morning 😛

On the race day, everyone woke up early! Including me @_@

Check out this video to get to see how the race went!

Holler at my friends at Indio Productions specifically Harold Soon who were chasing us around with their cameras! Yes, they were the ones who were filming us while we were running. They also did April Boy and JC Regino’s new video where I was an extra 😛

We will be featuring Intel soon on Tek Tok TV. Do watch us every Wednesday at 11am on Destiny Cable’s GNN at channel 8!

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PLDT Awesome Hunt Launch at Republiq

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PLDT Awesome Hunt Launch at Republiq

I have been to many PLDT events before and I say they know how to PARTY! First we rocked at Magnet and did some Rockeoke. Then at Encore with the PLDT Watchpad contestants. Last saturday, we partied at Republiq! Thanks to everyone at Saatchi and PLDT for giving us unlimited supply of jello shots and Vodka!

Republiq party pldt

I am notorious for going to clubs on my sneakers 😛 yeah that’s right… Heels can’t make me dance for the entire night! But, I don’t care, I love being comfortable 😀

That night, check out my bohemian attire >.<

hannah villasis pldt awesome hunt Republiq

Good thing, Republiq had a summer party going on too! So, I belong… with my oversized silk jeans 😛 I came from an acting workshop before this and didn’t have the time to change 😛 I wasn’t wearing makeup too so I took out my emergency makeup kit – just eyebrow powder and brush that I also used as my eyeliner. I wasn’t wearing a Red lipstick but a RED cherry beeswax lip balm – but it works!

All the stars of the Awesome Hunt was there including blogger friends Jane Chua who I’m going to be with in Boracay tomorrow woot! and Carlos Celdran and Mojo Javier. Jayvee was not there but I know he’s joining the hunt!

I was supposed to join the hut too but I would be going home to my hometown to have an audition. Clue – audition is on April 6! My hometown… I’m not saying 😛 you can browse through my blog if you want to know (just giving you a hard time haha!)

By the way vote for my friends here.


Republiq was packed – as always. Spotted China somewhere in the photo 😉

To know more about the Awesome Hunt read below :)


PLDT my DSL extends nationwide reach and celebrates with an awesome adventure!

It’s going to take no less than eight cities, 16 personalities, and one huge competition for PLDT myDSL to share its excitement about getting bigger and better. And with over 200,000 reasons to celebrate, PLDT myDSL partners with the Department of Tourism to ensure that it comes up with an exciting event you won’t soon forget.


With the groundwork set, all that’s left is to finally let the public in on what’s ahead. PLDT myDSL is proud to present the Awesome Hunt, a competition that pits teams of famous personalities against one another in their quest to come up with the most awesome online travel features that will ignite anyone’s passion for adventure. The locations for each team’s journey is set in eight chosen cities where some of 200,000 additional myDSL lines have been installed to get more households hooked on broadband Internet.


Just like any treasure hunt, clues will lead teams through four pre-determined venues in each city. And whether they are led to a restaurant, a novelty shop, an ukay-ukay, a landmark, or someone’s home, they are asked to complete specific tasks which they are required to creatively document and post on the PLDT myDSL Watchpad site before moving on to the next challenge. Expect to see each team pull out some major gimmicks to give you the best coverage of each city’s hidden gems.


The Awesome Hunt brings together a great cross-section of familiar faces with different passions. Fellow actors, Marco Alcaraz of My Lover, My Wife and Machete star Bela Padilla, will be tackling the historic city of Butuan while Myx VJ Ton Vergel de Dios and I Heart You, Pare! mainstay Ryza Cenon learn about the university town of Dumaguete. One of the Philippines’s most famous tech bloggers Jayvee Fernandez and Temptation of Wife actor Luis Alandy take on the challenges of covering Las Pinas, and mother-and-son showbiz personalities IC Mendoza and Dolly Anne Carvajal cover Laguna to get to the bottom of what makes it so special. Rediscover Quezon City with blogger and famed Manila tour guide Carlos Celdran and columnist/chef China Cojuangco, and check out Marikina through the eyes of some of the hottest new TV personalities, Starstruck alumnus Steven Silva and Eat Bulaga! host Daiana Menezes. Get familiar with Rizal as DJ Mojo Jojo of The Good Times fame and Between Bites blogger Jane Chua do the same, and race through Cavite with actor and heartthrob Mark Herras and champion car drifter Alex Perez. At stake? P50,000 per member of the winning team, a one-year free PLDT myDSL subscription, a free trip to a popular summer getaway, and a brand new laptop and digital camera.


The competition takes place on April 7 and everyone is invited to be a part of it. How? All you have to do is sign up for Watchpad, which is free with your PLDT myDSL subscription. Then visit www.pldtwatchpad.com/awesomehunt to follow each team’s progress and to vote for the team with the best online travelogue from April 8 to 24. The winning travelogue is decided by an esteemed panel of judges, and by popular votes from Watchpad users at the end of the voting period.


And, being the Awesome Hunt means there is even more at stake for PLDT myDSL subscribers. myDSL is giving away a laptop, a camera, and P50,000 in cash to the lucky voter who picks the winning team. So start flexing those judging muscles now and make sure to be counted as PLDT myDSL begins its celebrations in style.


Register for Watchpad free at www.pldtwatchpad.com and follow Watchpad on Facebook and Twitter.

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First Time in Palawan, Flower Island

Posted by on Mar 27, 2011 in Advocacy, Art & Photography, Career, Featured, Palawan, Philippines, Pilipinas, Travel

First Time in Palawan, Flower Island

I must say, I am so reluctant to admit that at my 25 years of being here in the Philippines, I haven’t been to one of the most beautiful places in my home country – Palawan. I have heard the many good things people say about this place but sadly, some sad events happened too that I shared with you here. Apart from that, cyanide and dynamite fishing were very rampant, killing our coral beds leaving a small percentage alive.

“The World Atlas of Coral Reefs, compiled by the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP), reported that 97 percent of reefs in the Philippines are under threat from destructive fishing techniques, including cyanide poisoning, over-fishing, or from deforestation and urbanization that result in harmful sediment spilling into the sea.” (source)

I was amazed by the beauty of Palawan and saddened at the same time that the Palawan seas are very vulnerable to many things. Our beaches here are absolutely amazing and I am very proud to be living in a country where there’s bounty of my favorite things – beach, sand, sea. I am just starting to discover its beauty, but then, it might be taken away from me? At the same time, I am touched at the people of Palawan who are now making a big effort to protect the Palawan seas through Save Palawan Seas Foundation.

On a lighter note, I really enjoyed my trip to Palawan. We went to the Flower Isand and we hiked a little, swam a little, sailed through rough seas with 3 meter waves (I’m exaggerating) but learned a lot.

We spent our first day traveling from Manila to Flower Island. We departed Manila via plane at 8am and reached Puerto Princessa airport an hour after.

We traveled 3.5 hrs from Puerto Princessa to Taytay.

Palawan puerto princessa jeep palawan zigzag road

We rode this overflowing jeepney on this long, winding, zig-zag road 😛

I KEED! haha 😛 I took this photo from our van and this is pretty common here in the Philippines especially in the provinces. It amazes me how the people above the jeepney’s roof could stay alive while passing through zig-zaggidy roads @_@ As for us, were in a comfortable van and I slept the entire time because I didn’t want to get car sick! Bonamin helped too!

Taytay Pier Palawan Hannah Villasis of Flaircandy and Mia

The look of relief on my face when the 3.5 hour ride was over… thinking that I can now stretch my sexy legs that are about to get a tan! 😀 😛

From there, we rode a boat. What a 1 hour ride from Taytay Pier to Flower Island became a 2 hour sail because of the rough seas. Waves where at 2-3 meters high and it was quite a ride.

Taytay Pier, Palawan Palawan rough sea boat

Gloomy weather. Manong kuya lowering down the plastic shield to protect us XD

serious waves ahead @_@

On a normal day though, the seas are usually calm and it would only take an hour or less to go to Flower Island from Taytay pier.  I kept on thinking the Tsunami in Japan somehow made the seas rougher everywhere.

At first I got really scared that the big waves would engulf us because I kept seeing huge waves ahead of us that made us tilt up and abruptly throw is down. But after feeling like I am riding a free roller-coaster ride, deep inside I was like “OMG that was so much FUN, let’s do it AGAIN!

After that 2-hour boat ride, we finally arrived at our relaxing destination – Flower Island :)

Flower Island

Flower Island Palawan

It was just lovely being here. The long journey to reach this place was all worth it.

Flower Island, Palawan

This is where we stayed. The house was mostly made of bamboo. Of course, they plant more bamboos to replace the ones they used.

These are photos around the Flower Island.

Flower Island Palawan

Flower Island Palawan

Flower Island Palawan

The Peak

The peak is a tower / lighthouse that is situated literally at the Peak of Flower Island.

Flower Island Palawan
It would take you 15-20 minutes to hike all the way up. Don’t worry, there’s a cemented path.
Flower Island, PalawanFlower Island, Palawan
Going up the very steep path, you will be greeted with nature :) Ola ^_^
Flower Island Palawan
There are bugs, spiders, snakes and even wild monkeys sometimes. They don’t kill anything here. They just let nature be.


The Peak, Flower Island Palawan

After hiking for 20 minutes, you will see this <3 The Peak.

We went up the top-most portion of the tower and the sight was just beautiful

Flower Island, PalawanThe Peak, Flower Island

The scenery at the top actually reminded me of Greece, only better! Yes. And see that island.. it might be for sale. I want my own island too!

<The Peak Flower Island Palawan


If you’re afraid of heights, don’t worry about it, just go up the tower, you won’t regret it!

Catching the Sunset in Flower Island Palawan

I brought some of my gadgets with us and we were surprised that we didn’t feel the itch to open them. We just did nothing while waiting for the sun to go down.

When was the last time you did nothing at all?

Flower Island Palawan Sunset

Capturing the sunset with a self-portrait. An evidence that I’ve been here.Thanks by the way to the host of flower island for giving us the seashell necklace as a welcoming gift. :)

Meditation, Yoga and Qigong

I’m sure you might have heard of meditation and yoga, but you might not know what Qigong is.  Qigong is where you combine simple body movements, breathing and mental imagery that you can direct the flow of your body’s energy to prevent disease, build strength and advance spiritually.

I was so into the exercise that I didn’t bother taking photos like a good blogger should be. I have an excuse though, I think I really needed that session because I have been sick with cough for almost 2 months. After the exercise, I felt lighter on my chest and lungs. And when we went back in Manila, the cough is almost gone. I don’t know if it’s just mind over matter, or I just got hypnotized by the host’s directing voice… I don’t care. It worked for me 😛

The one who guided us throughout the exercise was the host of the island who was taught by an 83 year-old meditation / yoga guru. We weren’t able to meet her, but we are blessed to feel the extension of her teachings to the people in the island, who shared this with us. I feel graced to be able to calm my mind, be in the moment with nature, hearing the waves and the birds chirping… it brought peace in my mind. I also shared in our environmental debate after dinner that maybe, if all people meditate, we would have a more peaceful place. No one will get angry easily, people won’t get agitated by any irritants, and people might solve their problems better when they do this. It can even heal you mentally, emotionally and physically.

This shot was taken right before we did our meditation.

The dog’s name is Spigo (not sure of the spelling). On the background you will also see Estan – holler!

Photogenic Palawan

Since Palawan is very photogenic, me and Vince did a mini photoshoot. 😀

Flaircandy hannah villasis flower farm palawan

Flaircandy, Flower Farm Palawan hannah villasis

On Flower Island.

Photogenic Palawan Flower Island

Sunset Haze
Photogenic Palawan flower island

A Whirl of Clouds


shadow sunset flower island palawan

Shadow and Sunset

Cloud, Sunset and Sea - flower island palawan

Clouds, Sunset, Sky and Sea

No matter how hard I try to capture its beauty through my digital cameras, nothing beats seeing Palawan in person. If you think my photos are good (really? *blush*) you haven’t seen anything yet. Palawan is lovely. I am proud that it is a part of our country.

But you know what’s lovelier? – the story of the Golden Pearl. It’s like a fairy tale. And hearing this story moved me a lot. That will be on my next post on Palawan.

Do subscribe if you like this and share the love <3



flaircandy beach sand flower island palawan

P.S. I wrote this with my toes 😛

P.P.S Thank you to Jewelmer and Yehey for inviting me to this beautiful island. :)

Helpful Links:

Flower Island Official Website

More photos on my Flickr.

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Juggling Elephants

Posted by on Mar 24, 2011 in Life

Juggling Elephants

Earlier in one of my blog posts I mentioned how I miss reading again. Earlier this year, I also felt the quarter life crisis kicking in and I felt so depressed and confused but at the same time overwhelmed with the things that I need to do and the tasks that I needed to accomplish.

My concerned boyfriend though I should read books again and suggested this book to me:

Juggling Elephants.


This book is all about running your own circus instead of it running your life. This book teaches how you can do the most important things in the three rings of your life: work, relationships and self.

It teaches you to balance things within the different rings, to know which tasks you need to prioritize and of course to never forget to set time for yourself too.

This book was very enlightening and I read this book in 2 days. I read it in transit (on plane) to and from Palawan. It’s an easy and quick read and I know this will help you too.

You can buy it on Amazon books for your kindle or at any bookstore near you. I have a kindle for Android and iPad and I have been buying books from the kindle bookstore because bringing these books in digital form is so convenient. I can read from my phone or iPad. SWEET-ah! You can buy this book below :)

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Latest Earthquake Information in Manila Philippines

Posted by on Mar 21, 2011 in Announcements, Manila, Philippines

A quick post to guide everyone on the latest earthquake information in Manila especially that we experienced a 5.7 magnitude today, March 21, 2011 at 6:37 pm with Lubang Island near Mindoro as epicenter.  I was actually in a hotel having dinner when this happened.  Technically people here in Makati area still felt it.

Another 4.7 magnitude happened at around 9:27 with the epicenter at Pili, Camarines Sur.  It is milder but it can be felt by people in high skyscrapers like me who’s staying in the 18th floor of the hotel now.

As I type, I felt dizzy again and saw my chandeliers swaying slowly.  I’m waiting for the official word from DOST website to check if indeed it was another registered earthquake.

To get updated on the latest earthquake information in Manila and all over the Philippines, you may check out this site: http://earthquake.phivolcs.dost.gov.ph/update_SOEPD/EQLatest.html

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Wheatgrass CAN Give You a Boracay Vacation

Posted by on Mar 21, 2011 in Boracay, Health, Philippines, Travel

Wheatgrass CAN Give You a Boracay Vacation

School is over and summer is officially in!

Do you already have a summer destination in mind where you’ve always wanted to frolic on the beach and get that sun-kissed complexion that your friends will envy?

Easy Pha-max Philippines, the country’s leading distributor of Wheatgras-based health products has launched a summer getaway promo that you can’t ignore.
Called the Easy Pha-max Boracay Getaway, the summer promo offers you the chance to win a Boracay vacation for you and three of  your friends for three days and two nights, all expenses paid!  Topping this generous offer is a PhP5,000 pocket money for the lucky group.

How to join?  Just “LIKE” the Wheatgrass CAN Facebook page to qualify for the instant barkada summer vacation promo which ends on April 30. Only one raffle entry  per account is allowed. The electronic raffle will be held on May 2.

Visit http://www.facebook.com/#!/EPPIwheatgrass to know more about the promo.


That’s me in Boracay, staying in shape with healthy Wheatgrass now in CAN!  Stay healthy, live fully – enjoy summer everyone!

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Win Samsung Galaxy Tab with San Marino Make That Sandwich Contest

Posted by on Mar 21, 2011 in Contests, Food

Win Samsung Galaxy Tab with San Marino Make That Sandwich Contest


This season, San Marino will be giving away a Samsung Galaxy Tab to one creative individual who can come up with the best sandwich recipe using the San Marino Corned Tuna and the San Marino Chili Corned Tuna variants.

Philippine residents are invited to submit their sandwich recipes on the San Marino website. Participants can come up with and submit as many recipes as they can, but only one recipe per person will be qualified in the contest.

Six winning sandwich recipes will be chosen to be up for voting on Facebook. The top six sandwich recipes will be determined using the following criteria for judging: originality, uniqueness, creativity, and integration of San Marino Corned Tuna product. The sandwich recipe with the most number of ‘Likes’ by the end of the voting period wins.

The Make That Sandwich Recipe contest schedule and mechanics can be found on the Sandwich Recipe Promo Tab of the San Marino Facebook Page.

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The First Philippine Dive Seafari

Posted by on Mar 21, 2011 in Art & Photography, Philippines, Pilipinas, Travel

The First Philippine Dive Seafari

philippine reef dive seafari

*photo credits to dkeats under creative commons license.

The 7,107 islands of the Philippines sit on what some consider the “center of global marine biodiversity”, and more dive enthusiasts are catching on.

With its abundance of wildlife, the Philippines is a biodiversity hotspot in its entirety, one of only a few countries in the world with such distinction. It is also one of six whose waters comprise the Coral Triangle, the richest collection of marine life anywhere on the planet.

Here, the world’s most diverse array of corals and reef fish – three-fourths of all coral species and over 2,000 varieties of fish, to be exact – populate the sea. There’s even more upon closer inspection, as the array of wildlife includes everything from dolphins to crustaceans, sea slugs to eels. The variety of creatures is simply staggering.

While it shares some of this wealth with its neighbors, the Philippines is wonder on its own. In fact, biologists have been finding new creatures here consistently in recent years, both those thought to exist only elsewhere in the world and entirely new species altogether.

Among the more noteworthy marine ambassadors of the Philippines are five species of pawikan (sea turtle) and Sorsogon’s enormous butanding (whale shark). But among macro photographers, the small and often strange critters wandering the sea garner the most attention and intrigue.

With much of the world’s marine biodiversity housed in the Philippines and the Coral Triangle, collaborative conservation efforts among stakeholders have fittingly stepped up. Challenges posed by pollution, dangerous fishing practices and climate change, among others, remain.

The Department of Tourism (DOT) puts the Philippines’ marine marvels on show this summer as it hosts the 1st Philippine Dive Seafari. To headline familiarization tours at four of the country’s top dive spots – Anilao, Bohol, Samal Island and Coron – are top international underwater lensmen Bob Whorton, Robert Yin, Dave Allen and Alex Wu as well as our very own Gutsy Tuazon.

“With this event, we hope not only to establish the Philippines as a world-class marine macro photography destination, but to build appreciation for the beauty and fragility of marine life as well,” said Secretary Alberto A. Lim.

Sponsored in part by STI-Tanauan & Lipa, Acacia Resort in Anilao, Batangas, Davao Pearl Farm, Bohol Divers Lodge, Balicasag Dive Resort, Peacock Garden Resort in Baclayon, Bohol, Calamianes Expeditions, Davao Dive Guides Association Sonny Dizon of the Davao City Government, the 1st Philippine Dive Seafari will run from April 25 to May 5, 2011.

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My Favorite Hong Kong Disneyland Attractions

Posted by on Mar 16, 2011 in Entertainment and Lifestyle, Events, Featured, Hong Kong, Travel

My Favorite Hong Kong Disneyland Attractions

Vince and I love going to Hong Kong and we came back last February 25, 2011 to explore the magical world of Disneyland. We had a splendid vacation last November spending 5 days and 4 nights on the island we love. We brought work with us so pretty much we spent most of our time working and did not have enough time to roam around the city! I scheduled our trip on a very busy month, my bad. But, it’s one of the advantages of being a full-time blogger, a social media manager and a digital entrepreneur. Pretty much, Vince and I can bring our work anywhere!

Check out my previous posts about our November trip to Hong Kong here.

On our recent vacation to Hong Kong, we only stayed for 3 days and so we decided to spend most of our time on the happiest place on Earth – Disneyland! We stayed at Hong Kong Disneyland hotel too and boy-oh-boy, I tell you we had a splendid time! It was a relaxing and fun vacation where we didn’t rush through our itinerary. We even had time to swim, go to the spa and just totally bum out.

Anyway, check out this cool video I made featuring my favorite Hong Kong Disneyland attractions!


Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters

Help Buzz Lightyear save the universe from evil Emperor Zurg on this interactive adventure by shooting any Zs you see! You will be scored in this game and you will find out what level you are. Vince and I went to this attraction and played the game for 5 or 6 times 😛 Vince got Level 5 and I got only ’til Level 4 :(

Buzz Lightyear Hong Kong Disneyland

Buzz Lightyear Hong Kong Disneyland

Space Mountain

Take a thrilling high-speed journey to the far reaches of the universe an


d back on this interstellar roller coaster. Minimum height for this adventure is 102cm. They just stated minimum height, but what about maximum height? We had a friend who’s 6’7″ and he was worried he might bump something during the ride. This is something you shouldn’t miss as you go around, up and down in total darkness and some shining *stars* wee! And don’t forget to smile because they take a photo of you XD.

Stitch Encounter

I didn’t expect this attraction to be fun! I was lining up to check it out but I had no clue what it is about. Another attraction you shouldn’t miss because this amazed me. You get to interact with a 2D character Stitch on screen and it still amazes me how they do this.

Hong Kong Disneyland 2011 Day 2 154Hong Kong Disneyland 2011 Day 2 148


This is fun for kids who want to try to drive around without fear of getting into an accident or getting a driving license. Adults can help them step on the accelerator and the kids will enjoy maneuvering the car :)

Hong Kong Disneyland 2011 Day 2 177

Hong Kong Disneyland 2011 Day 2 074


Hong Kong Disneyland 2011 Day 2 097

Mickey’s Philharmagic

It’s not 2D, it’s not 3D, it’s 4D!!! It’s fun watching this all the time. check out the Guide Map brochure of Disneyland that you can get from the information center or City Hall to check out schedule for this.

Hong Kong Disneyland 2011 Day 2 128

It’s a Small World

Take a journey on “the happiest cruise that ever sailed” as children of the world sing and dance to the song “It’s a small world.” It’s a pleasant boat ride around different places on earth and even in space and fantasy land! Kids would absolutely love the colors and all the toys and dolls around. For adults, it’s nice to take a ride on this relaxing boat ride. Check it out and look for the Philippines!

Jack Prinya

spotted, Jack Prinya (a celebrity in Thailand! woot!) with one of his triplets :)


The Golden Mickeys

It’s a magical celebration of Disney’s films, and characters. This happens in Disney’s Storybook Theater. I want to perform as one of the characters in this theater musical 😛

Hidden Mickey at Philharmagic Hong Kong Disneyland

The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh

Technically it’s for kids… but I am a big kid at heart I highly enjoyed the ride joining Pooh and friends for a storybook journey through the Hundred Acre Wood.

Hong Kong Disneyland 2011 Day 2 131

Fantasy Gardens

Meet and take photos with Mickey Mouse, and your favorite Disney Friends! Lines can go long at times so it’s advice you guys to do this early in the morning 😛

Fantasy Gardens

Just right outside the gates of Fantasy Garden, A man wearing colorful clothes was doing cool tricks that amazed the crowd!


Snow White Grotto

I made a wish on the well that I can’t share :) You can also take a nice angle of the Disney Castle from this area :)

Hong Kong Disneyland 2011 Day 2 143


Jungle River Cruise

Journey with your intrepid skipper along the mysterious Rivers of Adventure. You’d also get to see a nice view of Tarzan’s Treehouse.

Tarzan's Treehouse

Jungle River Cruise

Tarzan’s Treehouse

Climb to high adventure in the treetop home of Tarzan. Conduct experiments and play musical instruments in an interactive playhouse at the base of the tree. It’s nice to take photos here too! :)

Hong Kong Disneyland 2011 Day 2 166

Hong Kong Disneyland 2011 Day 2 168Hong Kong Disneyland 2011 Day 2 162

Festival of the Lion King

They say you shouldn’t miss this show and I agree! It’s an amazing production and you have to watch this! You can witness a colorful pageant of music and dance inspired by celebrating Disney’s animated classic “The Lion King”. You can watch this in Theater in the Wild.  I took a few photos only because it is best to just sit down and enjoy the show :)

Festival of the Lion King

Main Street, U.S.A.

Main street is usually where the shops are and that’s what people think this side of Disney has to offer. But let me tell you, two of my top favorite attractions are here! Did you know that you can learn how to draw Disney Characters here?

Hong Kong Disneyland Railroad

But first, take the Hong Kong Disneyland Railroad. This will take you around the entirety of Hong Kong Disneyland. It’s a relaxing ride and you will get to pin-point areas you want to go to. We noticed some areas under construction! Soon they will have Toy Story land and two other attractions!

Hong Kong Disneyland 2011 Day 2 070

If you get a bit tired of walking around, ride the chu-chu train and relax!

Hong Kong Disneyland Hannah Villasis Flaircandy

I really like my Minnie Mouse cap :)

Animation Academy

This is where I learned how to draw Daisy! I think they feature different characters from time to time. The class is in Mandarin though, but don’t worry, just watch the screen and follow what the lao shi (teacher) does.

Hong Kong Disneyland 2011 Day 2 198

Hong Kong Disneyland 2011 Day 2 212

Hong Kong Disneyland 2011 Day 2 209

Hong Kong Disneyland 2011 Day 2 220

Art of Animation

Man, I just saw the most amazing thing in animation here. Drop by and check out how they explain animation and how simple and basic the concept is, but with this they created tons of great animated movies! This building is a celebration of Disney and Disney-Pixar animation featuring the spinning Toy Story Zeotrope.

Hong Kong Disneyland 2011 Day 2 196

Hong Kong Disneyland 2011 Day 2 197

Hong Kong Disneyland 2011 Day 2 199

That’s it :)

These are my favorite Hong Kong Disneyland attractions!  Have you been to Hong Kong Disneyland yet?

If so, what are your own favorite attractions?

Up next is my post about the Flight of Fantasy Parade and how to capture fireworks in Hong Kong Disneyland!

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Disney in the Stars Fireworks and How to Capture It

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Flaircandy Visits the Magical World of Hong Kong Disneyland

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Flaircandy Visits the Magical World of Hong Kong Disneyland

It’s a small world after all!

Who would’ve thought I’d meet my favorite Disney characters in person!  I am such a Disney child.  I grew up watching almost all Disney movies and even as I grow up, I still watch Disney with my little sister and little brother.  My favorite shows were Lizzy Mcguire, Phil of the Future, Adventures of Zach and Cody, Lilo and Stich the series (watched every episode), Kim Possible (watched all episodes too!), Totally Spies and Martin Mystery.  Of course I love the movies of Disney too.

My mom bought me an Alice in Wonderland Betamax tape when I was 4 years old and I swear, I watched this film a thousand times along with Cinderella and Beauty and the Beast!  I was so happy that I finally would go to another vacation – a very happy and magical one!

Flaircandy invades Disneyland!

The main reason why we went back to Hong Kong is mainly to experience the magic of Disney!  Ever since I heard about the new Disneyland in Hong Kong 5 years ago, I was very eager to go since I haven’t been to any Disneyland before and Hong Kong is only 2 hours away from the Philippines!

Can you believe it? It has been 5 years!  This year, Hong Kong Disneyland is celebrating their 5th year anniversary and our timing was just perfect because they made everything more special.

Vince and I are such big kids that we lined up with the rest of the kids to have our pictures taken with the Disney Princesses 😛  I have so much to share with you guys including some helpful tips in maximizing your Hong Kong Disneyland vacation.  I will be telling you soon about my favorite attractions in Hong Kong Disneyland and share new things about Hong Kong Disneyland.  This time in Hong Kong, we were booked in Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel and it’s worth all the bucks that you pay to have a wonderful magical stay in the land of Disney and I will tell you soon why.

Hong Kong is just two hours flight away from the Philippines and I’m sure a lot of you folks will be heading off to Hong Kong Disneyland by summertime.  School is out and everyone’s is heading off to a lovely vacation.  If Hong Kong Disneyland is your choice, then it’s perfect timing especially if you go this year because they are celebrating their 5th year anniversary!

Anyway, here are a few snippets of our Hong Kong Disneyland trip.  This is just a teaser of more to come! Boy, oh boy… I have so much to share :)

“Would you like to become a Prince?” the Disney princesses asked Vince… and Vince’s smile was from ear to ear, I was like “If only Tarzan visited us here too”

Anyway, kidding aside, the princesses Cinderella and Aurora were really sweet and they act in character all the time from their movements, to the way they look, their gestures and the way they say things.

Here’s a Flair tip for you guys:

This is one advantage of staying at Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel, characters come from time to time and not a lot of people know about this!  They usually come at around 10-11am in the lobby.  Do check the hotel information for their schedule.

Hong Kong Disneyland 2011 Day 3 020

“My goodness that’s a very big bow, it’s bigger than mine!  You should show it to Minnie” – Alice said to me when I approached her for a photo op :)


We had breakfast at the Enchanted Garden (to tell you more about this soon).  And Mickey Mouse was there!

He saw my big bow and kissed my hand before this picture was taken <3 <3 <3

Enchanted Garden is actually a restaurant located at Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel and they serve buffets.  Disney friends visit during breakfast or dinnertime and they will go to every table so that you can have photo ops!

Hong Kong Disneyland 2011 Day 2 220

I drew Daisy!  Now, this is something not a lot of people know they can do in Disneyland and I will share more details about how to draw Disney Characters soon!

For now, know that you can go to the Animation Academy along Mainstreet, U.S.A. in Hong Kong Disneyland to learn how to draw Disney characters!

Hong Kong Disneyland 2011 Day 2 154

This was a cool attraction in Tomorrowland -the interactive Stitch encounter.  While lining up, I made goofy faces imitating different kinds of Alien Monsters!

Hong Kong Disneyland 2011 Day 2 146

Notice something different on the castle? It’s glittering with gold isn’t it?

For this season, the Castle was decorated with Tinkerbell’s pixie dust!  They put this special decoration here to celebrate the 5th Anniversary of Hong Kong Disneyland.

At 8pm, they usually light the castle and the sky with Fireworks that dance with the music.  The pixie dust adds more to the glitter and glamour!

Hong Kong Disneyland 2011 Day 1 176

And thanks to my uggs, walking around Disneyland was not so painful at all.  Reminding everyone to wear comfortable clothing and footwork if you want to fully enjoy Hong Kong Disneyland!

Hong Kong Disneyland 2011 Day 2 141

Aww… I feel pretty holding tinkerbell’s wand and wearing her garland.

There are shops everywhere and you can actually wear this around Hong Kong Disneyland while you’re touring around… and take lots of photos!  These things would look cute on camera!

Don’t forget to say DISNEY!!!

Hong Kong Disneyland 2011 Day 2 122

It’s Tinkerbell!   Sadly, we weren’t able to take photos with her because the line was so long 😛

Tinkerbell is one of my favorite Disney characters because she reminds me so much of myself.  The only difference is I love pink and she loves green 😛  This Pixie Hollow photo booth with Tinkerbell is only available in the 5th Anniversary Celebration of Hong Kong Disneyland.

Hong Kong Disneyland 2011 Day 2 096

Munching on my favorite snack – Caramel Popcorn!

If you get hungry, munch on something.  They sell ice creams, waffles and popcorn everywhere!

Don’t forget to take lots of photos!

Oh, buy souvenirs too! Like I bought this hat for HKD100 I’m not sure about the exact amount but wear something cute like this throughout your Disneyland experience!  It will look good on your photos!  Don’t I look 100x cuter?  I told Vince to buy one too so that he’ll be 1000x cuter, but he passed on this one 😛

Hong Kong Disneyland 2011 Day 2 058

Pictures are not complete without a jump shot!  Although, I blocked the sign that says “Welcome to Hong Kong Disneyland Resort” PHAIL

Hong Kong Disneyland 2011 Day 2 050

Walking on the hallways of Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel.  I admire the whole building!  Every detail, every corner and every little design has been well thought of.  I am sure to book here again if i go back!

Hong Kong Disneyland 2011 Day 1 202

I brought a tripod with me the whole day because I know it will be worth carrying when I want to take photos of the fireworks at night :)  I love capturing fireworks and catching them with the castle was a bit hard.. but patience is a virtue and I am very happy with my shots!

Hong Kong Disneyland 2011 Day 1 201

I cried while I was taking this photo… They start out with the song “Tale as old as time… (ten ne ne ne nen), true as it can be…”

and the fireworks were flying here and there with much grace, like it has a mind of its own.

and the fireworks and the harmonious Disney songs on the background gave me goosebumps and made me cry.  I was overwhelmed with joy that I exploded with both tears and laughter.

Vince and I maximized our trip and roamed around Hong Kong Disneyland resort for 2 days.  We tried every attraction there was, even the ones meant for kids.  I thought I would be bored and stuff, but hey – I was simply amazed.  Every ride brought out the child in me :)

Hong Kong Disneyland 2011 Day 1 051

Since Disney is turning 5…

Happy 5th Birthday Hong Kong Disneyland!!!

They made their parade more special and they call it “Flights of Fantasy

You shouldn’t miss this parade because this is your chance to see different Disney characters and this parade is exclusive only in Hong Kong Disneyland and you can’t see this in other Disneyland resorts.  This will be only available this year for their 5th year anniversary.

Congratulations Hong Kong Disneyland!  It was indeed a great production!

Hong Kong Disneyland 2011 Day 1 026

I think that’s it for now. :)  Follow me on my other posts, yah?  ^_^

Hong Kong Disneyland 2011 Day 1 008

By the way, I was very happy to meet Qiuting (known as Bongqiuqiu in the blogosphere).  She is one of the top bloggers in Singapore and was happy to meet her there! She’s so tall and pretty and very nice in person.  She gave me shopping tips and where to go in Hong Kong.

Find out more about her at BongQiuQiu.blogspot.com

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Danao Adventure Park Bohol Suislide Zipline and Plunge

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Danao Adventure Park Bohol Suislide Zipline and Plunge

Hi guys, I’ve been very busy lately going on trips and stuff :)  I say life is love… but also, I’m getting broke from all these trips 😛  oh well, I just say… work harder (and smarter) so that I can go and travel more :)

Oh well I was really worried that I won’t enjoy the Bohol trip because the day before our flight, I was fever-ish and I was still coughing.  Fortunately I felt better the next day and man that trip was so awesome!


Danao Adventure Park

Danao adventure park boholDSC 0029Danao adventure park bohol

Danao Adventure Park offers a lot of fun, daring and challenging outdoor activities!  By challenging, I mean plunging down 200 meters and swinging back and forth with only a harness attached… Sliding from one mountaint to another, exploring caves and many more!

Choose among the many attractions they offer like:

* Ziplet

* Sky Ride

* Plunge (swing bungee)

* Suislide (Zipline)

* River Trekking

* River Tubing

* River Kayaking

* Wall Climbing

* Village Tour

* Organic Farm Visitation

* Camping

* Rappelling

* Root Climbing

* Caving

I was still sick-ish at that time and so I did not try the plunge.  You will understand why if you see the photos below.  Free-falling 70 meters while being suspended 200 meters high would make my nerves and blood go haywire and my immune system might be compromised.  I need a stable immune system to fight the virus on my lungs @_@  I took the Suislide though :) (it’s their zipline)


Suislide (zipline)

To me, the zip-line is scarier than the plunge… I have no way of comparing, but it was definitely FUN!

Suislide is basically a zip-line consisting of a pulley suspended on a cable mounted on an incline cliff. The Suislide has two lines, going forth and back. Its starting point is parallel to the Sky Ride and Plunge’s height.

Suislide is the local version for zipline, a sky ride or a slide for life. Sui-slide is coined from the word, “Suis“ (the sound of the cable ride once you get to slide) and “slide”. It could also mean for some who is so much petrified with heights to be a suicidal slide. It traverses around half a kilometer from one mountain to another, taking you to less than a minute exhilarating ride…

Working load is 5 tons. It can slide a maximum of 200 pax in a day.

Rate: Php 350

I must say the the P350 fee is very reasonable because technically, you get to zipline twice (going to another mountain, and back).  This is actually the tallest zipline (not sure if this is in the world, maybe just the Philippines) anyway, correct me guys if I’m wrong on the comment section below.



I didn’t do this ride :( But I want to so bad… but I don’t want to get sicker :( I want to go back and do this though.  Anyway, if you plunged, you get a certificate :)

According to their official website, the free fall plunge was 45 meters before, but now it’s longer – 70 meters! WHOAH!  Anyway, the plunge is a canyon swing adventure attraction mounted over a 200 meter high and 300 meter wide gorge. A person would have to do a 70 meters free fall before being launched on a pendulum swing measuring to a hundred meter diameter. Cable has a maximum working load of 5 tons.


DSC 0055plunge-danao-adventure-park-boholDSC 0065plunge-danao-adventure-park-bohol

*Special thanks to Miguel and family for fostering our stay in Bohol!  We really had fun and thanks for your hospitality!

Nature Love

Since I was jealous of everyone plunging and I couldn’t because I was sick, I took creative shots instead and enjoyed nature :)

danao adventure parkdanao adventure park

A different angle, a different hue.

danao adventure park

Dew drops

danao adventure park

Dew drops and a fly

danao adventure park

eeky millepede or caterpillar? whatever… I don’t know how to distinguish.. but man.. zoom in 😛

danao adventure park

spider caught some fly or something, it would have been nice to see the spider himself here


danao adventure park

What I like about Bohol is that I saw flowers everywhere.  Reminds me of my hometown Bacolod and it reminds me of my mom who adores flowers.

For more information, visit Danao Adventure Site’s official website here.  You can check out bookings, transportation services, how to get to Danao Adventure park and location map on their website :)



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Summer Deals You Can’t Miss

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Summer Deals You Can’t Miss

Whaddup guys?

I got soooo overwhelmed with what I saw on the Buyanihan site Today!

I must say, I am proud to endorse Buyanihan to you guys :)  Really, we work hard to give you the best deals

and for this year, we want you to have a splendid summer!


They don’t only have 1 deal for the summer, they have 13!!!

Buyanihan Summer deals 2011





Can you imagine?


Gosh! plan your summer trip no guys I’m telling you, go bet these deals before they run out… Actually, I’m buying some!!! That Malapascua deal sounds good and the Boracay goodness… Oh, I haven’t been to Palawan yet… I WANT!!!

Friends! LET’S GO!!!

you check it out for yourselves guys :)



I <3 Buyanihan :)

Add us up on Twitter and Facebook to get the latest updates on the coolest deals in the Metro!

and of course, keep it here on FlairCandy.com


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Posted by on Mar 10, 2011 in Food, Philippines, Pilipinas


So I was strolling around Robinson’s Ermita when I passed by a food stall selling Green Mango with Bagoong!

Where have you been all my life!  I always buy unripe mango and bagoong on side street vendors but it always worries me of how clean they were >.<

I’m just so glad I found one Mango-Ong food stall in the mall :) I am not sure how many branches they have yet, but to those who love mango and bagoong like me, keep your eyes open and your mouth ready for Mango-Ong :)




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Shokuji Traditional Japanese Cuisine

Posted by on Mar 8, 2011 in Food, Manila, Promos

Shokuji Traditional Japanese Cuisine

Who loves Japanese food raise your hand!!!

Anyway, there are thousands of Japanese restaurants here in Manila and I actually haven’t featured a lot of Jap restos on my blog yet!  Anyway, that will change today because I’m sharing a new discovery!  I recently went out to lunch at Shokuji and tried their different kinds of Japanese dishes.  Truly they offer Traditional Japanese Cuisine.

shokuji traditional japanese restaurant

Are you hungry yet from staring at the photo above? Because I am!

The pains of being a food blogger, you drool over your own blog post 😛

Only P250 to Enjoy Succulent Sashimi, Crunchy Maki & More Healthy Japanese Treats at Shokuji Restaurant! (Original Price: P500)

There’s a lot of history in this place and it has been standing here in Makati for almost 2 decades I believe :)

I always try to appear tall in photos and this time you see me tip-toe-ing 😛


This is their Teriyaki Chicken barbecue.  They explained that their Teriyaki sauce is quite unique and they make it in a special way.

Taste it to believe it guys :)

Shokuji is known for their Sizzling Tofu Steak.  This picture right above was really yummy tasty and healthy!  You should order this and try it out if you happen to drop by :)

Other than this, they are also known for their Crunchy Maki, Philadelphia Roll, Spicy Tuna Maki, Tempura, Yakiniku Beef, Chicken Teriyaki, Tonkatsu and Sukiyaki :)

Philadelphia Roll is my favorite! and this one didn’t disappoint! :)

This is their Spicy Tuna Salad

What’s special about their Ebi Tempura is that they use BIGGER prawns.  After the first bite, I can attest to the fluffiness of the meat :)

And of course, as always,  Flaicrandy.com and WhenInManila.com always tries out the best deals in Buyanihan.com first hand and we are happy to say that you can try out Shokuji’s best dishes at 50% off!

Just check out more details on the link below :)


Get your tummy ready and have fun!

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Hong Kong Wetlands

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Hong Kong Wetlands

This is a place usually unknown to tourists.  People don’t usually go here a lot.  We found ourselves as lone foreign tourists in the place, accompanied by students on a field trip, some artists sketching and local Hong Kong tourists who brought their zoom lenses to take photographs of birds.

Hong Kong Wetlands – A Place for Photographers and Nature Lovers

We went here last November and indeed it is a place for photographers to practice their wild-life photography.  If you want to work for National Geographic or Discovery channel, this is the best place for you to practice :)

Unfortunately, I didn’t bring my 70-300mm zoom lens, so I wasn’t able to take photos of unique birds all around.

The Hong Kong Wetlands is a world-class ecotourism facility and home to a stunning array of wildlife including birds, dragonflies, amphibians, mammals, reptiles, butterflies and fish.

How to get to Hong Kong Wetlands

It took us about 30 – 45 minutes to arrive to the Wetlands from our hotel, Island Pacific.

HK Wetland Park is situated Northeast of Tin Shui Wai, New Territories, Hong Kong. It has an exhibition hall of 10,000 square meters (107,642 sq ft) and the wetland reserve area comprises 60 hectares (148 acres).

Take the MRT and make your way to Tin Shui Wai MTR Rail station. Get on any MTR Light Rail (705 or 706) and then get off at Wetland Park Station. The Park is right ahead (only a 5 minute walk).

Hong Kong Wetlands entrance fee, opening and closing hours

Open hours are between 10 am – 5pm

Closed on Tuesdays (except for Public Holidays).

It is also closed for the first and 2nd day of the Chinese New Year.

Tickets: Adults (HK$30), Child (3 to below 18) / Students / Senior (HK$15) and Free entry for children below three.

Hong Kong Wetlands, Ladies Market (39)

This area is already near mainland China.

Hong Kong Wetlands, Ladies Market (77)

These are our tickets for the light rail.  Technically, it’s honesty policy.  They didn’t seem to collect or check our tickets.  But, I believed that some officers randomly check tickets.  Or something like that.

On our way home to our hotel from the Hong Kong Wetlands, we ran out of change.  We asked for 20 bucks to be changed from an old woman who was also waiting for the train.  She was just kind enough to donate HKD 4 to us for our fare 😛

Hong Kong Wetlands, Ladies Market (76)

School girl in the suburb.  They have cute uniforms :) Of course, at that time, it was super cold so they need sweaters, long socks and stuff. :)

Hong Kong Wetlands, Ladies Market (75)

They have bike lanes which I want the Philippines to adapt with.  This encourages a greener future for everyone.  It’s just nice :)

Hong Kong Wetlands, Ladies Market (73)

This is inside the Hong Kong Wetland park.  You should wear long sleeve clothes and pants or leggings.  You should be fully covered because there are lots of mosquitos here.  You can also buy a mosquito patch that you stick to your clothes.  If you zoom in on me, you will see tiny colorful squares.  Those are mosquito repellants 😛

Hong Kong Wetlands, Ladies Market (71)

I believe it’s autumn when we went here last time.

Hong Kong Wetlands, Ladies Market (69)

Don’t be fooled.  This Wetland Park is stretched around and you will walk around A LOT!  There are many observation decks where you can rest and take photos of birds in the swamp or even sketch and paint.  I saw one artist painting the swamp life :) It was nice.  I wanted to take a photo of him, but he seemed so into his work that I felt it would be rude to interrupt.

Hong Kong Wetlands, Ladies Market (68)

Swamp vs buildings

Like I said, it’s a long walk…

You need to wear comfy shoes.  The sign says “Mind Deep Water” … but it looks like it’s low tide or something?  The water doesn’t seem too deep.

Hong Kong Wetlands, Ladies Market (60)

Crabs were everywhere in the swamp… they live under the roots of the mangroves :)

I feel so smart now 😛

I can’t imagine how it would be if you go here on summer.  It would be humid and hot, yet you need to protect yourself from mosquito and other insects.  You would be walking a lot under the sun and it would make you feel sticky.  So, I suggest you walk around the swamp during winter / autumn time.

If you happen to pass by here on summer, they have an enclosed / air-conditioned building that serves both as museum and a science discovery center.

You will still get to see more live and well reptiles and amphibians with their huge aquariums and stuff

Hong Kong Wetlands, Ladies Market (48)

I love the green grass, the blue sky and my top contrasting the background 😛

Hong Kong Wetlands, Ladies Market (36)

My feet got tired leh… but, I got reprimanded because you can’t put your feet up @_@… if you need to, do it when no one is watching 😛

and oh, wear either thick stockings or leggings coz if you only wear thin stockings, the mosquitos still bite grr

Hong Kong Wetlands, Ladies Market (35)

yaye! I PASSED!

Hong Kong Wetlands, Ladies Market (32)

Inside their discovery center is a very educational and interactive game 😛

If only we had the time to really go through it all. but, I was just amazed :)

Hong Kong Wetlands, Ladies Market (11)

Oh yeah, this is how the light rail train’s rail looks like.  It doesn’t look like Hong Kong anymore and it looks more of China suburbs

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Posted by on Mar 8, 2011 in Personal

I just broke down into tears again. I don’t even know why I was crying. Someone once told me that if you have a problem and you want to take the burden off your shoulders, you tell your story to as much people as possible. Then at a certain time, you will just realize that you just don’t care about this problem of yours.

It reminded me of the movie “The Ring” and how the ghost of Sadako kept keeeeling other people. She has so much hatred that the only way to stop her from keeeeling more people is to make a video copy of the “haunted video” and let someone else watch it within 7 days.

Of course, we are not keeeeeeling people here.

I’m just saying, this is where you will find friends and family to be really helpful in unloading the burden off your shoulders.

I am more calm now as I write this than I was an hour ago. My boyfriend was just at my side stroking my back to calm me down while I was gasping loud cries.

“I feel fat”
“I promised to go to the gym, yet I’m not even doing it now… I fail”
“I wanted to try Cosplay so I bought a sewing machine and some fabric. I haven’t even started sewing a single costume yet” – I suck at life
“I don’t know how to prioritize and manage my time anymore”
“I feel like I don’t find any purpose in what I’m doing”
“I am not even playing games anymore or wasting my time watching TV series, yet I feel like I’m doing a lot of things in a day… I don’t know where my day went.”
“I’m broke”
“I don’t have a job”
“My Blog is doing good, but I’m not advancing to the next level”
“I’m so sick I’ve been coughing for a month now. and yes, I had it checked with doc already… I got sicker after he nebulized me and after I took all those meds.”
“Did I already tell you that I feel fat? It doesn’t matter what people say. They say I’m not fat, I’m just the right weight, but NO! I FEEL FAT.”
“Am I getting bulimic? Why am I constantly vomiting especially when I’m coughing?”
“I am not getting any jobs booked from the dozens of VTRs and casting calls I went.”
I feel ugly
“I wasn’t like this before.  I was an achiever.  I achieved a lot of things.. why am I sulking like a pumpkin?”
“I used to be so smooth with my game… but now I feel rusty”

All this negativity… I broke down. My boyfriend didn’t know what to do with me. I can’t blame him. I was blaming myself for everything. I just felt so weak. So fragile… like the world is just pulling me down.

I know you will say “Cheer up, don’t think about negativity… think positive”
“What are you talking about Hannah, you have endorsements here and there… you appeared in music videos, commercials. Soon, you will have your own billboard for your blog!”
“Are you kidding Hannah? People want to be where you are right now?”
“Don’t say that Hannah, you’ve gone a long way and you are there now because you are a hard worker”

If I do though, I mean, if I think positively… I’ll just get comfortable with my life again, pat my back and say… well done?

NO! I don’t like where I am now because I know I could be somewhere better.

and I would like to quote what my boyfriend said “If you’re on an RPG game, you are stuck in a level… You are not moving on… I am helping you move on to the next level.”

I think he is right.

but for today… just for today… I NEED to break down.

I NEEDed to breakdown today. I need this reality check. It makes me focus more, focus again on what I want to be. I know I don’t feel like I’m achieving anything or doing something that would make me grow. This is a problem for me. Upon hours of crying, I finally filtered what I want in life.

It is kind of personal, but it has something to do with blogging too. Money is of course going to be difficult in the first few years you are trying to pursue your passion, but if I focus, I will get there. I better be! Obviously, money is a little bit difficult for me now but I am applying for and handling some freelance and part time jobs right now.

I have this one priority and I’m sticking to fulfilling it right now.

And no, I won’t tell you what I have figured out… I will show you.

If there are people I need to thank though that will be my awesome friends who have been really concerned about me.  This includes friends in the blogosphere, previous co-workers, high school and college classmates, my best friends, the Nyoks, the people in my Plurk, Twitter and Facebook, my dear awesome readers, my family and of course my very supportive boyfriend.

Thank you… You know I will do the same for you and help as much as I can.  Thank you for hearing me out and for reading this.  I feel like I need to recognize that I have a problem, unload (in my blog), and give closure for myself so that I can move on to the next level.

*Thank you for holding my hand as I go through this.

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Jet Spa Oxygen Facial

Posted by on Mar 5, 2011 in Beauty, Promos

I’m sharing something new to you guys.  I just had a brand new experience with this thing called Oxygen facial.  Some of you may have heard of this but to those who don’t have any idea what this is, here’s a video of me getting one 😛

50% OFF on State-of-the-Art Skin Renewal and Anti-Aging at SkinStation. Jet Spa with Oxygen Facial and Hyal-C Infusion for only P750 (Original Price: P1,500)

It was absolutely relaxing and perfect for some areas of my skin on my face that is dry.  It is actually hydrating and moisturizing your face.  it kinda felt like they were doing a carwash on my face @_@ seriously 😛  But hydrating and moisturizing your skin is one sure way to have a younger look.  It is also a deep cleanser and unlike diamond peel that can’t be used on an acne heavy face, Oxygen facials can be used for any skin types.

You can try this out now at a discounted price with Buyanihan :)

You can check out more details about the deal and what’s included with it on the link below :)



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Where I Get My Inspiration

Posted by on Mar 1, 2011 in Advocacy, Announcements, Beauty, blogging, Life, Personal

Where I Get My Inspiration

Today is a very wonderful day!  A very touching incident just made my day and it reminded me of why I continue to share my experiences on this blog :)

I get emails here and there from readers asking further questions about my blog posts on my travels, food blogs, fashion and beauty thing-a-majigs and many other things.  Sometimes I get feedbacks or comments from readers around the world thanking me for sharing some blog posts I have.  But that’s about it, sometimes they say thanks, sometimes not :(  all good… 😛 but anyway, today… I have never been so touched with what I read earlier.

Today, Garnier Philippines just launched their “Bright Eyes” music video featuring different ladies, mostly Garnier fans on facebook, who live different lives and different careers.  Other than us being fans of Garnier on Facebook, we have one thing in common – we are REAL ladies, and we work hard for what we want.  You can see the determination even with the making of the music video.  In my experience, shoots usually take long and often extend on late hours.  Most of us stayed late for the shoot and I know shooting videos could be tiring for everyone including the directors, the talents and the technical staff, but the result is all worth it seeing the final music video and knowing that this could help inspire some *girl power* vibe to everyone.

Watch the video here. :)

Today, Garnier officially shared the video to their fans on Facebook.  I visited the page and saw Hazel and Jonha’s sweet comments.  It’s such a big deal to me and I feel great that someway, somehow, I can make a difference.

garnier screenshot

And with this, ladies and gentlemen, I am inspired.  This is where I get my inspiration from.

I hope that with the many happy things I share, I also inspire many girls to follow their dreams because once upon a time, I am a dreamer, but then… I woke up and live it!  Just work hard to be who you want to be because there are no shortcuts in life.  Every successful people I know, actresses, businessman, athletes – they work hard to keep their dream real.  They don’t just sleep like a monkey 😛

And so, dance if you want to… work on your voice if you want to be a singer, take guitar lessons, learn how to fly a plane.  If you don’t have money to do this, work hard, save for it or apply for scholarships.  And when you finally live your dream, maintain :)

And now, I share this inspiring quote.  It’s my boyfriend’s favorite quote by Steve Jobs.

“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma – which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of other’s opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.”

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