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Greetings From Bacolod

Posted by on Apr 6, 2011 in Career, Fitness, Food, Health, Life, Personal, Travel | 12 comments

I haven’t been home for a while therefore we cut of our internet connection so I have no internet at home. 🙁

Sorry if I can’t update Flaircandy for this week, but I am doing some job here 😛 teehee

Anyway, just letting you guys know.

Will be back soon!

Hannah Villasis webcam

Taken at Bascon Cafe near my college school University of St. La Salle

This was my favorite hang-out place 3 years ago! I’m glad it’s still here and packed with students 🙂

I bought an oil-based angel pasta dish with tomatoes, olives and anchovies for only P130 and a yummy Coffee Machiatto for only P55

Ciao! till next time!


In the meantime, check out my poster on Easy-Phamax 🙂


  1. Cute tees. I want the one you are wearing. Hihi. Btw, have a good time in Bacolod. Hope you post more pics.

  2. Ah Bacolod I miss you! Calea, you keep haunting me in my dreams!!! Enjoy Hannah! My Dad is from Talisay:)

  3. Cute promo posters! Penge din ng shirt nyok 😀

    It feels good to be back home, right? 😀

  4. hey. are you from bacolod? hmmm.. working in easphamax

  5. are the shirts exclusively sold at bacolod?

  6. IKR 🙂 wala nga lang silang pink 😛 thanks and you should visit Bacolod again!

  7. ooh la la Calea and the line of inasal… you should visit Bacolod again!

  8. yes it is 🙂 but, I don’t think I can stay long na.. ok lang to go home once in a while.. ganon ka rin ba?

  9. @paddy yess I am 🙂 I work WITH Easy Pha-max

  10. oh no no no… shirts are available soon here in Manila at Easy Pha-max!

  11. Kumota na ko last year, three times ako umuwi haha. Ipon muna ulit! Enjoy Hannah! 😀

  12. so you blog for a living now?:)

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