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Pole Dancing Practice

Posted by on Apr 20, 2011 in Dance, Pole Dancing, Sports | 8 comments


2nd Day.

Obviously, I need more practice! This is my second day of Pole Dancing classes and we are practicing for our recital. I needed to catch up with the other dancers 🙂 Anyway, I’m so not graceful yet like the pole doesn’t like me AT ALL… but I’d like to document my dance daily so that I can track my own progress 🙂

I’m so glad I can climb the pole now and stay on one position… although not graceful >.< will work my way there!

Btw, my thighs felt like they got their cherry popped – whaddup it was so hard for me to walk properly lol. At least I know my muscles are working!

To know more about Pole Dancing and the Polecats, read here 🙂

Hannah Villasis Pole Dancing Pole Cats


  1. ZOMG Banana!!! You were so good at that climbing!!!! 😀 Wonder how the hell am I gonna do that?!?!?!?! Hahahaha.

    I should’ve come!

  2. I regret not going with you today! Hehehe i will join next time. Must buy shorts now since i left most of mine in UK 😐

  3. you can do it dear, may mga techniques naman sila 🙂 but hallr, not the friction in the hita especially “sliding” down lol

  4. i bought sa greenhills lang short shorts na leggings

  5. hey hannah! are you coming tomorow? its me jhen 🙂 you should teach me how to swing 🙁

  6. swing? woot I swung? haha let me know what it is and yes will join later (Monday)

  7. too bad i miss the class yesterday 🙁 hope to see you later? 5pm?


  1. UrbanGlamGeek - Pole Dance Practice - Day 2 video http://bit.ly/hn0qkJ: http://bit.ly/efQue4

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