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My Intimate Photoshoot with The Boudoir Dolls

Posted by on Jul 25, 2011 in Advocacy, Art & Photography, Beauty, Featured | 27 comments

The best way to gain self-confidence is to do what you are afraid to do.

I don’t think I will be where I am now if I didn’t stop to look fear in the face.  I used to have stage fright, but I really love dancing and performing and so I had to overcome it.  Performing on the stage in live audience and hosting a live TV show are two different things.  And so, I had to overcome the same fear twice!

I had fear of rejection, fear of people criticizing me – my writing, my work – my body!  I am sure everyone feels the same.  Isn’t it draining you from energy? and all of your confidence sucked out of you and replaced by self-doubt.


Before this photoshoot, I was worried that I didn’t lose enough weight to look really great in photos.


It hinders people to achieve their dreams and goals.

And only in facing it will you feel good and more confident.


And I decided to love my body 🙂  I decided to ignore any negative thoughts.


And so here I am, conquering yet another fear 🙂


The Boudoir Dolls

I am a big fan of the Boudoir Dolls‘ art. I am friends with DJ Shayla (one of the 3 talented photographers of Boudoir Dolls) and I knew way before that they are not fond of Photoshop or post-editing. Unless of course if need and if they need to put a watermark.  But I’ve seen their photos and I was just marvelled!!!  They really do a great job and you can check out their works on their official website or Facebook page.

The Boudoir Dolls is an all-women group of photographers catering specifically to women.  They have extensive experience in portrait photography and they bring a little bit of themselves in each of their shots.  They know the joys, the trials and the triumphs of being a woman.  Each shoot is the story of their subject, mixed with theirs.

Sexy yet classy!

We believe that there is beauty in everyone. We relentlessly find it in our clients and capture it. Bringing out the best in you is our job, and making you comfortable in the process is on the top of our list. We join you in celebrating your true beauty — by capturing it through our photos.

– The Boudoir Dolls

The Boudoir Dolls are Shayla, Arlene and Danielle.


Flair Candy with the Boudoir Dolls

The photoshoot happened in a breeze!  Thanks to Victoria Court (shoot location), Angela Nepomuceno (makeup artist), and the Boudoir dolls for making the photoshoot possible in such a short notice 🙂
Location: Venice room at Victoria Court 


You would think that we flew to Venice and rented a room there.  But no 🙂 We had our shoot at one of the fabulous Thematic rooms of Victoria Court!


Check out their official website, or the video below to view a few of their other thematic / party rooms!

I really don’t know how to pose “intimate” for the camera.  Good thing the Boudoir dolls made it very comfortable for me to pose.  I know that I wouldn’t have to worry about my flabs and thunder thighs, they took care of me like I’m a precious art!  I think it’s important for us girls to be comfortable and with the Boudoir dolls, that is not a problem at all.
I really enjoyed the shoot and I learned a lot from them as well.  I learned posing techniques, how to make my legs and neck look stronger by tip toing and extending it.  I learned quite a few make-up techniques from Angela as well!  Most importantly, I learned how to trust myself.  To let go of any worries and any inhibitions.  To let go and just have fun 🙂
And here it is 🙂 the result of combined talent and skills of everyone involved in the photoshoot.
Thank you!
Photography by: The Boudoir Dolls
Makeup artist: Angela Nepomuceno
Location: Victoria Court
Hannah Villasis
Hannah Villasis Flaircandy
hannah villasis flair candy flaircandy
hannah villasis



Get the flash player here: http://www.adobe.com/flashplayer



Want to liberate yourself and feel sexy and good?


Check out the Boudoir Dolls




Check out Victoria Court Thematic Rooms




Angela Nepomuceno for your Makeup needs

Bridal, debut, parties, photoshoots



  1. WOOT WOOT! Sexy Hannah Girl! Great poses, and they came out really good! Congrats to Angela too for the makeup and for the photographers for doing such a good job! I heard about them last year pa! Heard they are really good!

  2. Hannah! So sexy 😉 I actually wanted something like this pero I dunno where to go for prof help. Thanks for sharing, will check them out. 🙂

  3. Sexy! Now I want to somthing like that, too!

  4. I think every woman should! 😉 go!

  5. yes, matagal narin namin sched to pero postpone lang parati kse sched doesn’t meet haha… finally! hallrr.. ikaw next!

  6. Awww… suuuper thank you dear!!! 😀 The photos are soooo nice! And you’re so sexy!!! WOOT! 😀 Let’s shoot again soon! 😀

  7. it’s you already sis!!! love love!:)

  8. Angela galing ng make up! Hannah galing mag model woot!

  9. Hey Hannah!

    You have Solenn Heusaff Angles! Promise! 🙂 Thanks for the love-your-body good vibes! 🙂 Inspired!

  10. Thanks for this Hannah! You did such an awesome job as well 🙂 You are so beautiful inside and out 🙂

  11. had fun shooting an amazing woman like you! thank you for sharing this with everyone! 🙂

  12. I’M SOOOOO INGGIT!! I want one like this hehe very tasteful dear 🙂

  13. go!! schedule a shoot na with the Boudoir dolls! They’re awesome promise

  14. it’s you narin next!!! thanks dear! I was thinking nga halakrrr.. wala ako stylist!!! and angela and I thought of you

  15. go mica!! mag shoot ka narin with them! 😀

  16. I don’t know why people always say that *nuks* kulang ako definitely sa height haha… and yes, gotta love thy own body Thanks Geia!

  17. Thanks Shayla 🙂 naku ayan, andami ng girls gusto magpa shoot!

  18. Thank you too Arlene, I enjoyed the shoot so much keep in touch!

  19. You look good there Hannah. I know some friends who would want to test the high from an adventure like this but are scared to take the plunge.

  20. TQ James 🙂 encourage them to take this photoshoot 🙂 they can keep the photos private – to themselves or as a gift to their special someone 😛

  21. wow dude! Ala akong masabi! Ang init dito kahit naka full na ang aircon. O__O hahahahaha 😀

  22. di ka pwede Trixie, ur so payat eh 😛 hehehehe. ^____^ Peace! 😀

  23. Ngayon ko lang nakita to dear. So sexy talaga huh! I like your second photo. Btw, I wonder how Vince reacts on this. Hihi.


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