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Testing WordPress App for Android

Posted by on Aug 3, 2011 in Tech Chic | 4 comments


I am using HTC Chacha that runs on Android.  I downloaded WordPress app for Android.

I am testing this because I am trying to see if I need Blackberry Playbook for me to blog.  It has the best browser among all Tablets (so far) because it can render flash.

And I need flash to use wordpress.com

But, I’m testing if this Android app would suffice.

Insterted is a photo of the Blackberry Playbook that I won 🙂

Apparently, I can upload photos using WordPress app for android. But the problem is, I can’t seem to edit where I want it to appear. @[email protected]

Testing bold


  1. Palaki ng palaki ang napapanalunan ah! Woot! 😀

  2. Woot! Congrats Hannah! Pa-browse naman pag nagkita tayo hehe

  3. sure dear, was thinking if I would sell it or not.. coz I need a camera more.. but since it’s tiny and maganda ang browser, might keep it wah

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