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Travel Blogger Fashion – What to Wear During a Flight

Posted by on Aug 25, 2011 in Fashion, Singapore, Travel | 8 comments

Continuing my series of Fly and Sail Travel posts with Philippine Travel and Lifestyle bloggers…

Our flight via AirPhil Express was in the afternoon.  The travel from Manila to Singapore takes about 3.5 hours and by the time we arrive at Changi Airport, we were hungy.

AirPhil Express is one of the budget airline companies here in the Philippines giving us affordable flights to different destinations of our liking.  No food is served during the flight so you might want to bring a few snacks and some water during the flight if it would take you 3.5 hours 35,000 ft above!  We left Manila from NAIA Terminal 3 and there are a bunch of restaurants and small stores inside the airport.  I suggest that you buy your water after you passed immigration because they don’t allow bottled water or juices when you pass by the “check point”

I personally love the Beef Pares Noodles at that San Miguel shop.

Beef Pares

I also suggest that you wear shoes or sandals that are easy to take off and put back on.

Strappy sandals are sexy and fashionable, but it’s too much of a hassle 😛

I made this mistake once and we were in a rush, I had to strap my shoes back lol

Comfy sandals, comfy pants, a scarf in case I get cold and you can bring socks if you have chilly toes!

I’m also wearing the knitted black cardigan from Funky Plum enough to keep me warm during the flight, but not so hot for Singapore weather at night.

Singapore is a hot and humid country and it’s great if you wear light and comfy clothes going here.

During the flight, you will be seated all the time so comfy pants is a good idea.  I try to avoid denim pants during travel coz it squeezes my bladder and I’d need to go to the lavatory a lot.  I suggest comfy and flexible legging pants or this blow pants.  Leggings are flexible litterally and figuratively and should give you a safe look :) Also, leggings are light for your baggage, denims are heavy and occupies a lot of space.

But, whatever floats your banana boat – whatever is easy and comfortable for you go 🙂

For example, if you have a comfy pair of jeans like Roch and if you don’t want to pack your denims in your backage 🙂

Rochelle Sy Chua

Oh, and if you’re a guy .. I think it’s best to wear jeans, shorts or cargo pants instead of leggings 😛

like our guy bloggers:

ah yes, everyone looking comfy and ready to board the plane!

Winston Almendras Statement Shirt

Guess who?

It’s the Batang Yagit turned Richie Rich – Winston Almendras.

Wearing a comfy Tee “Do not delay, Travel Blogger on board”

What can I say, it serves its purpose 🙂 Good job Win!

Ferdz Decena Ironwulf.net

Ferdz Decena of IronWulf.net sleeping comfortably with his Tempur night patch

Rochelle Sy Chua Hearty's Heaven

Roch of Hearty’s Heaven wearing sequin-studded gray top that complements her smile

There you go, just a few travel and fashion tips for you guys.  If you can combine style and comfort – then that’s the best and ideal fashion philipophy in my opinion.  Why go fashion over comfort and suffer when you can be comfortable and fashionable at the same time 😉

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  1. So kay Batang Yagit pala yun t-shirt na yun. Haha. Gusto ko na din magpa-customize ng t-shirt. Yay! Ask ko nga how much sa Megamall.

  2. Kay Fitz nya ata nabili yon of fitzvillafuerte.com .. though I’m not so sure 😛 nice noh..

  3. interesting, fashion during a flight also got.. haha..
    i usually just put on the usual stuff 😛

  4. local flights are fine.. but when the flight takes a while, must be comfly loh 😛

  5. bsta ako shorts, tshirt, sandals..comfy na simple pa…hirap kpg nagshus tpos ichecheck sa scanner hehe..hubad suot

  6. true! haha. minsan nagdadala pa ako ng unan na maliit kung mejo mahaba ang biyahe haha.. bahala na si batman basta tulog ako 😛

  7. ang ganda ng blog mo 🙂 well defined… idol na kita 😀

  8. Aww thanks @Christeen 🙂


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