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I’m Back Pangasinan!

Posted by on Nov 21, 2011 in blogging, Events, Featured, Northern Luzon, Philippines, Travel

I’m Back Pangasinan!

So, I woke up to a new place! (we left at 1 am an arrived at 5:30) and the bus was so cold

Well, I’ve been here before to speak about blogging


I’m actually here for the Pangasinan Digital ICT Congress

Co-creating the Digital Future of Pangasinan

El Puerto Marina Lingayen Pangasinan

It’s 5 o’clock in the morning..

and it’s lovely waking up to this…

You wouldn’t see well in the picture but in the horizon – is a beach!

A beach with swell waves!!! I hope it lasts!

I saw surfboards by the lobby!


I will still be working (workaholic) and eating and I heard you can surf here! I saw surfboards!!!

I left my rash guard but I’ll make do with what I’ve brought with me,

I’m so excited!



sleepy time!

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Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Part 1 Sneak Peek of Renesmee Cullen

Posted by on Nov 18, 2011 in Announcements, Celebrities, Entertainment and Lifestyle, Movies & TV

Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Part 1 Sneak Peek of Renesmee Cullen

twilight saga breaking dawn

This is the short review for Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Part 1 that I shared on Rotten Tomatoes:

Just watched the advanced screening, thanks to Mellow 94.7!  I don’t know why it’s rotten in rotten tomatoes but overall, I enjoyed the movie.  Maybe because I wasn’t expecting too much – it still had that cute giddy moments… the only thing I don’t like is the dialogue – which was so cheesy (as like the book) but the story is great for me… a lot of chaos in the family… I think it’s a must-see, just so that you won’t be left out with the hype and know what everyone is talking about… oh, and the new character (spoilers alert) is pretty – I can’t wait to see more of her in part 2.


Sorry Twilight haters, I enjoyed the movie!  I am not a Twihard fan but I read 3 books and I read it at that time to cope up with a heartbreak – and everything in that book was so relatable to my experience before (LOL).  For me, Twilight is a great story but it really has cheesy dialogues that they also adapted in the movie.  Although, some dialogues are a bit witty and funny too.

Enough of the review and on to more stuff in store for the Twilight Saga Universe.

Anyway, I think one of the stars you need to look out for is 10-year old Mackenzie Foy.  She will be Bella and Edward’s daughter.  This girl is already a model at her age for big brands like Polo, Ralph Lauren and others.

I am not sure if Mackenzie Foy is also that girl who played Renesmee’s future flashforward towards the end – that girl was really pretty but she looked more mature than a 10 year old.  Will you find out for me please?  I looked at IMDB and so far, Mackenzie Foy was the one officially named there.


She actually reminds me of the young Lana Lang from Smallville.  She looks a lot like Kristine Kreuk too.


Anyway, I don’t want to give too much details and spoilers but I’m so excited to see part 2.  Breaking Dawn is the only book I haven’t read yet from the Twilight saga so I don’t know what’s going to happen next.  Until then, I will wait… Or probably get that book and read it.  We’ll see :)

Here are more photos of Mackenzie Foy / Renesmee Cullen

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Own It! Secure Delsey Travel Bags Up for Grabs!

Posted by on Nov 16, 2011 in Announcements, Bags, Contests, Travel

Own It! Secure Delsey Travel Bags Up for Grabs!

Remember this?

the Delsey Travel bag could be yours!  You’d get a new one of course!

Check out my previous post about Delsey bag and the perils of having an unsecured luggage here:



Now if you want one for yourself, all you have to do is share this video:

check this poster for more details!

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Travel Essentials: Yosi Samra Ballet Foldable Flats

Posted by on Nov 16, 2011 in Entertainment and Lifestyle, Fashion, Featured, Shoes

Travel Essentials: Yosi Samra Ballet Foldable Flats

When traveling, another essential tool on my list are closed shoes!  But bringing some of my closed shoes with heels could be troublesome, bulky and walking around in a foreign place with heels could be a disaster.

My most effective solution – Foldable Ballet Flats.

Yosi Samra Fold-Up Flats

Some destinations in tours would require closed shoes especially when you are going to museums and factories.

And since I’m only four feet eleven tall, I usually prefer wedges and heels to deceive people’s eyes that I’m taller.  But when I’m traveling, I have no choice.  I tried walking in 1-inch heels and 2 – it was hell for me walking around a foreign city.  I swore after that I would never do that again.  That’s why I’m so happy wearing my Uggs in Hong Kong because they’re very comfy, but it’s not always winter season.

Sometimes, my other alternative will be my Sanuks – they’re good for walking around!  I’ve tested them when I traveled Singapore and Malaysia on a Cruise ship – but they’re too  casual and I can’t use them when I need to look a little bit formal.

Yosi Samra

Well, I’m glad I have a new pair that I can use when I travel or work.

 Yosi Samra

I know, I don’t look as tall as when I’m wearing heels – but the trick when people are taking photos of me with this is just to tip-toe :) or point my feet so my legs look longer!

 Yosi Samra

It does the trick doesn’t it?


The shoes came in handy with this packaging – a portable shoe bag.


Inside are unique shoes that won’t get wrinkled even if you fold it!

and the best thing is that it can fit in my purse too!  This shall replace the slippers I bring to office.


bent shoes


I love this design coz it can work with almost any of my outfits.


Trying the shoes for the first time.  It’s quite comfortable. Though I haven’t tried wearing it for a long time which I will when I’m out to travel again soon

Yosi Samra

and this is me playing in the playground…

sometimes I do my lifts here to gain strength for my pole dance… sometimes I even climb these bars 😛 but no can do with a skirt 😛

Till the next travel essentials xoxo,


Yosi Samra shoes

More info here.

Yosi Samra is exclusively distributed by Green Tee Inc. at the following locations: GAS, Greenbelt 3 and Trinoma Mall.

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Manokan Country – Bacolod

Posted by on Nov 15, 2011 in Philippines, Travel

Manokan Country – Bacolod

Ah, the things you usually take for granted when it’s always near you.

Bacolod is my lovely hometown.  I grew up there and yes, I grew up with the best, most authentic Chicken Inasal there is in the world.  I have tried many chicken inasals here in Manila, but nothing beats the inasal from my hometown!

I was only left to explore Bacolod with my dear friend Mica for a day for the Bacolod Masskara Festival.  Fortunately, Bacolod is a tiny humble town and you can go around the city in a day!  All you need is a hungry tummy and decent cash to go with it :)


Manokan Country – the best in the World.

Bacolod Chicken Inasal

Me-ann and Cassey of AirPhil express Visayas were very hospitable and took us out for lunch.  They were supposed to take us to a more expensive grill restaurant but I suggested that we eat at Manokan Country, after all I have been craving for 3 years for this!

Thank you Me-ann and Cassey <3

Bacolod Chicken Inasal

together with other travel bloggers, Sinjin taking the photo, Mica, Eric, Cassey and Me-ann and  X

The place is not at all grand, they won’t even give you utensils.  Yes, you eat with your hands!  But that’s the good part!  You won’t be tempted to use your phone while eating and just concentrate on the food.  I tell you, inasal is best eaten with your bare hands so go wash your hands before you eat.

Bacolod Chicken Inasal

Mica using her hands :)

Bacolod Chicken Inasal

There are many kinds of inasal.  We have the regular chicken (which is what we had for lunch) and the “Bisaya na manok”  – native chicken.

Bacolod Chicken Inasal

Also, one of my favorites – OYSTERS! Or “Talaba” in our local tongue.  If you have a very sensitive stomach, just bring your meds – anyway hospitals are nearby too.  In my experience I haven’t gotten any food poising of some sort from this place.

Bacolod Chicken Inasal

I hate making food blog posts near midnight coz I get hungry gaaah.

Anyway, pair it with really cold soda and you will have the best inasal experience of your life.

Bacolod Chicken Inasal
Bacolod Chicken Inasal

I was surprised to find a man selling fresh honey!  Honey is supposedly very good for your health.  It doesn’t cost a lot – for that container, you can get it for I think P100 (USD 2)

Anyway, I could only tell you about the Manokan Country but you have to taste it for yourself!  Finding it is easy, taxi cabs know their way here just tell them “Manokan Country”  Going around Bacolod is also not very expensive, it’s a small city and you can go around easy.

Bacolod Chicken Inasal

Mica trying out Eric’s costume

till the next adventure – xoxo,

Flaircandy :)

photo credit to Mica :)

*AirPhil Express flies to Bacolod daily, check out their daily schecule at http://airphilexpress.com

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Delsey Travel Bags – Traveling with a Peace of Mind

Posted by on Nov 14, 2011 in Bags, Fashion, Featured, Travel

Delsey Travel Bags – Traveling with a Peace of Mind

Just when you thought your luggage is safe with your own locks, it is still not.  The easiest way to hack inside your luggage is actually through the zippers.  I have actually tried opening my own luggage using only a ball point ballpen.  Check out this video to see what I mean.  There wouldn’t be any trace of any damage because you just have to zip back the bag and it will return to its natural state.

In that case, you wouldn’t actually know if your bag is hacked in airports and anywhere else!

Especially when people travel because of business, we bring more valuables that could possibly be stolen – eek!

What’s worse than having a thief steal things from your bag is for syndicates to put illegal items without your knowledge.  I have heard real life horror stories about this one and it’s just scary to think that it could happen to me.


*off to Boracay

When I was in Boracay, I just took my time to really rest and call it a vacation.

I was there for 5 days and I just enjoyed our nice accommodation at our hotel and watched some Discovery Channel.  They have this show that features on tourists get locked up in a foreign country.  I learned that being locked up abroad could be the most disturbing thing that could ever happen to your life.

Anyway, I’m not scaring you away guys – I’m just making you aware.  When things like that eventually do happen to you, seek help at once, be aware of your surroundings when you are traveling and note suspicious activities.  If you are in a foreign country, find the nearest Philippine Embassy near you.

With that, how far would you go to protect your bag?

Delsey developed Zip Securi Tech to make travel both hassle-free and worry-free.


Zip Securi Tech is a patented zip closure system that will ease your mind of worries and that is forced-open resistant.


Delsey luggage technology maintains the lightweight yet durable materials and the addition of the revolutionary zipper does not add to the weight of a Delsey luggage. Though the Delsey zipper looks like the conventional kind, the Zip Securi Tech is consisted of two layers of zipper which is sturdier which deter would-be thieves. In contrast to normal zipper system that can be easily re-zipped up to conceal that it has been illegally opened.


an added security measure, zippers tucked-in in one place so that the thieves can’t manipulate it.

You have the option to leave it at this or add an additional lock in between zippers.


The Zip Securi Tech system is another innovation of Delsey. More than luggage security, it is the consumers’ peace of mind that Delsey value the most. It is the company’s contribution in seeing the world wonderful and worry-free.


Delsey Premium French Luggage is available at all The Travel Club Stores, Duty Free, selected SM Malls, Robinsons, Landmark nationwide. 

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Samba Party with BlueWater Day Spa 6th Year Anniversary

Posted by on Nov 11, 2011 in Beauty, Celebrities, Dance, Entertainment and Lifestyle, Events, Fitness, Health

Samba Party with BlueWater Day Spa 6th Year Anniversary

Congratulations BlueWater Day Spa for a successful celebration of their 6th Year Anniversary!

They introduced their new pool of Brand Advocates that include Go-getters, Movers, Visionaries and people who are beautiful inside and out.

Their new Brand Advocates include:

Illiac Diaz – Model Innovator / Founder – My Shelter Foundation

Angelo Ortiz – World Champion Pianist / Recording Artist

Conrad Perreras – CEO / SPAI

Reese Fernandez – Young Achiever / President Rags2Riches Foundation

Bianca Mercado – CFO Business World

Kiko Rustia – Host / Chef / Adventurer

Andy Leuterio – Fitness Coach / Sports Writer-Editor / Triathlete

Mikaela Lagdameo-Martinez – Career Mom / Model / Entrepreneur

They also launched new Massages for Infant and Pregnancy.

Check out more about their new services at their official website:


Blue Water Day Spa 6th Anniversary Samba party

Had to dance on the spot… they taught us how to samba!

Blue Water Day Spa 6th Anniversary Samba party

and of course, models from Brazil!

Blue Water Day Spa 6th Anniversary Samba party

Karylle with lovely long legs :)

Blue Water Day Spa 6th Anniversary Samba party

I had slight fever that night… glad I’m okay now :)

More Pictures:

Get the flash player here: http://www.adobe.com/flashplayer

‘Til the next party!


Flaircandy :)

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My Nuffnang Story

Posted by on Nov 11, 2011 in Announcements, Events, Featured

My Nuffnang Story

This is a story of me and Nuffnang, of how our friendship came to be.

I have written about our story a few times in my blog before, but I believe the blog post is too old for anyone to discover (unless you stalk me and you read all of my blog post). 😛

It all started when I wrote my first blog post back in May 2008.  I was frustrated that no one visited my site.  I cloaked my identity under an alias “FlairCandy” because I didn’t want to be known.  I wanted to have the freedom to write without revealing my identity.

After a month, it was just me and my blog – alone.  I was so obsessed with stats and I kept on checking Google Analytics to check if there are visitors coming to my blog.  I was surprised that slowly, I get page views already!  I discovered that every time I blog hop and comment on other blogs’ page, they appreciate my effort to comment and in turn, click the link to my site!

I wanted more.  I wanted to monitor the visitors in my blog.  I wanted to interact with every visitor that comes to my blog and I want to get their feedback, ask how they happened to drop by my blog etc.  I noticed some of the blogs I follow have this thing called Cbox or Shoutmix and I wanted one for myself

I was working for an international bank that time and they are strict with security.  I tried to install Cbox and Shoutmix on my blog’s sidebar, but it won’t show on our office because those sites (chat sites) are banned.  I didn’t have internet at home then so I couldn’t check my blog out of work.  Sometimes, I come to work early just to post a draft.

Then, I found this Chat Box that wasn’t banned in our office and I installed it successfully on my sidebar!  It is called ShoutOutLounge!  At that time, Facebook hasn’t made its name in the Philippines yet.  We were all getting tired of Friendster at that time and we were uploading our photos on Multiply.  Twitter wasn’t popular yet.

Shoutout Lounge was amazing.  First, it gave my blog more traffic.  I was able to chat real time with any bloggers who had this widget installed in their page as well as their readers.  I was able to make solid friends from outside the Philippines particularly in Malaysia where this widget was born.

This is how the website looks like.  but you can istall that widget in the middle in your sidebar too!  I got to get featured in the website too :)  By the way, this website was already taken down.  I think it was the era of Facebook, Twitter and Plurk that attributed to this.

Anyway, it was a fun adventure for me.  The people in the chatboard were amazing, funny (I caught myself laughing alone like an idiot a few times) and I get to discover cool stuff with them.

I was surprised that not a lot of them know about Manila and the Philippines, so I self-declared myself as the “Blog Ambassadress” to the Philippines because I felt like it was my duty and honor to talk about my country and share it with my friends abroad.

Until now, we are still friends.  We get updated on Facebook and I’ve had a few trips with them here in Manila and there in Penang, KL and Melaka.  Check these posts:

10 Malaysian Bloggers Invade Norther Luzon Philippines

Road Trippin’ Malaysia

Bah Kut Teh

Destination: Melaka with Malaysian Bloggers

Penang Food Trip

 Until now we keep in touch.  But I would always visit their blogs especially if they have new posts.  I often wondered what those animated banners on their site are… sometimes they glow with ads and sometimes they conduct a poll.  It looks like this:

*screenshot of Angeline’s blog had a Nuffnang banner on the sidebar

I asked them how I could get that widget that would able me to earn money and they were like – sorry lah, it’s only available here for Malaysian bloggers. :(

Then I was very sad leh, how come I can’t have one…

After only a few months, I heard a buzz about Nuffnang coming in the Philippines.  I’m not sure how I knew about this but I got so excited and I blogged about it!  It caught the attention of the Nuffnang manager at that time Jing (we are now good friends).

*me with Jing former country manager of Nuffnang Philippines

She emailed me and thanked me for the post.  When we met, she told me that at the time I posted that, they were just finalizing and everything wasn’t written in stone yet.  Oh, but lucky that they pushed through!

Not a lot of bloggers new what Nuffnang is at that time and since I have been a fan of their fun community in Malaysia, I gladly helped spread the word!

Nuffnang finally launched in Manila.

And I made a blog post about why bloggers should become a member of Nuffnang. <– and some testimonials from bloggers

*Jehz and Winston

That’s when I also met new friends because of Nuffnang.  I met Jehz and Winston, who helped me with most of the technical stuff in blogging.

I attended my first WordCamp, got introduced to local bloggers in the Philippines and was surprised that there are lots of Filipino bloggers already!

That’s my Nuffnang story and the rest is history!

Blogging changed my life!  Nuffnang was a part of it :) How? Check this out:

Rockeoke nights with Nuffies

Rockeoke nights with Nuffies

Rockeoke night at Mag:net with Nuffnang founders Tim and Ming

Rockeoke night at Mag:net with Nuffnang founders Tim and Ming with the rest of the Nuffies

Cooking dash and dinner with Nuffies and Nuffnangers

Cooking dash and dinner with Nuffies and Nuffnangers

dinner with Nuffnangers photo credit to Jane Chua

dinner with Nuffnangers photo credit to Jane Chua

Jane’s blog: http://janedchua.com

First mainstream TVC with Pantene

Mainstream TVC with Pantene

 Pantene TVC here

Another project with Nuffnang with Jane, Saab and Hygienix!

Another Nuffnang project at Boracay with Jane, Saab and Hygienix!

Boracay Hygienix party here

Bloggers from Malaysia invade the Bangui Windmills

Bloggers from Malaysia invade the Bangui Windmills

 10 Malaysian Bloggers Invade Norther Luzon Philippines

Met fellow "Shouter" Jessica Tan at the Nuffnang Blog Awards in Singapore

Met fellow "Shouter" Jessica Tan (from Malaysia) at the Nuffnang Blog Awards in Singapore

Her blog: http://thejessicat.com/

Me and David Chong (Malaysia) getting a blind massage at Laoag airport

Me and David Chong (Malaysia) getting a blind massage at Laoag airport

With Malaysian Bloggers at Nuffnang Blog Awards 2009

With Malaysian Bloggers at Nuffnang Blog Awards 2009

With Wendy a.k.a. Xia Xue

With Wendy a.k.a. Xia Xue

The Nyok Group with Ashley and Alodia

The Nyok Group with Ashley and Alodia

Before boarding the Singapore Flyer

Before boarding the Singapore Flyer

with Nuffnang co-founder Timothy Tiah

with Nuffnang co-founder Timothy Tiah

With the famous Kenny Sia

With the famous Kenny Sia

with the pretty Princess Audrey

with the pretty Princess Audrey

'Till the next Nuffnang Blog Awards in December!

'Till the next Nuffnang Blog Awards in December!

Nuffnang Blog Awards 2009

It’s a fun world with Nuffnang.  It’s the people that makes the journey fun and the community that’s filled with dynamic energy and fun!  This year, they are holding another Regional Blog Awards!

Check out how to be a part of this year’s Nuffnang Blog Awards 2011!  Nominate your favorite blogs and find out how you can score an invite to the event in Malaysia!

All details can be found here http://www.nuffnang.com.ph/blog/2011/10/24/nuffnang-asia-pacific-blog-awards-2011/

Until the next adventure,



Come 16 December 2011, 500 bloggers from around the Asia-Pacific region will flock to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for the Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Blog Awards 2011 in Putrajaya Marriott. The Awards aims to not only honour the region’s best bloggers, but also to bring together blogger communities from across Asia-Pacific. The Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Blog Awards is brought to you by Volkswagen Malaysia and Putrajaya Marriott.

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Protect + For Your Apple Products

Posted by on Nov 10, 2011 in Tech Chic

Protect + For Your Apple Products

Some people say Apple products are more than just gadgets, they are investments.  It’s quite true for me because I bought my first MacBook Pro as an investment for my career.  I had to save a lot for this expensive tool but it was all worth it.

Now it’s time to protect your Apple Products with Protect +


What is Protect +?

Protect + is a new “gadget” that will fortify your Apple experience. It is a very practical tool that will enhance the protection of your Apple gadget specifically Macbook, Macbook Pro, Macbook Air, iMac, iMac Mini, iPad, iPod.

Protect + ensures that your gadgets are repaired or replaced conveniently without interrupting your activities. It is an extension to your AppleCare warranty that covers theft and accidental damages to your Apple gadget.

It offers you a FREE 30-day trial within 7 days from date of purchase. Apple Protect Plus has flexible terms when it comes to duration of coverage and payment of premiums. It is available to you within 14 days from date of purchase.

Sometimes, we just have no control over thieves who may break in to our private space and unexpected things could happen to our gadget, let someone else worry about it. PhilFire Protect + will be there to take the hassle.


All Apple units are included except iPhone. Protect+ is just an extension to AppleCare 1 or 3 years warranty not a replacement. 


Protect + Benefits

Philfire will indemnify the insured against the cost of Repair or the Replacement of the Equipment (with similar specifications, which may be by way of refurbished equipment).

Philfire Insurance shall only be liable to pay for a maximum of (2) Repairs during the period of Insurance.


Protect + Coverage

  • 12 Months Protection from Accidental Damage
    • Standard Repairs and Unit Replacement
    • 12 Months Protection from Theft

Protect + is indeed a lot more affordable as compared to the existing one. This means protecting your gadgets without spending excessively and flexible payment terms are available. 


How to Activate Protect+
Visit your nearest DigitalHub store to purchase your favorite apple gadget.

Ask for assistance from the sales representative to register for the 30-day free trial of the Protect Plus.

1.  Visit the PhilFire website at http://www.philfire.com.ph
2.  Click on the Products and choose “Protect+”
3.  Create your own account by supplying your personal information and details of your purchase. (Purchase should be within 7 Days of purchase)
4.  Successful Registration will be confirmed by means of an email verification of your purchase details.
5.  For 6 and 12 months coverage, your insurance policies will be delivered to your preferred addresses


For more inquiries, you can visit any DigitalHub stores.

Facebook : http://www.facebook.com/digitalhub.ph

Twitter: @DigitalHub_RP

For pricing concerns, please visit  http://www.facebook.com/digitalhub.ph & http://www.facebook.com/beyondthebox.ph

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New BPI Cards for your Digital Life

Posted by on Nov 10, 2011 in Business & Finance, Career, Featured, Personal, Tech Chic

New BPI Cards for your Digital Life

BPI Just recently launched their new BPI Cards site, along with new BPI cards that are adept to your digital lifestyle. With this, they also launched a shopping website exclusive for BPI Card holders.

Our life has transformed and most of us have a digital life.  We book tickets and hotels online, shop online, pay apps for our mobile phones and tablets etc. If you’re a conservative online shopper like me, you can’t help but be afraid that your credit cards or bank accounts may be compromised.

We all aim to protect our digital life from hackers, online and off-line thieves, but how do we do it?  BPI has come to a solution for this problem.  It’s like managing the risk of getting your cards compromised online, when you’re traveling or just on a daily basis.

Let me break it down for you as I am one of the Beta testers to these new products!

The new BPI Card site and profiler

This is the new website of BPI that holds the different cards suited for your digital life.

It is an interactive all-in-one site that hosts up-to-date information on BPI cards features, promotions, and other relevant information. What’s great about this site is that you can apply for a Credit Card or a Prepaid Card online.

If you want to know more details, you know what to do – go to BPI Cards official website:


This website also has the “Profiler” where you answer a series of questions that suits your personality and in the end, it will recommend you the card best suited for you.


BPI Dealmania.ph Shopping Site

BPI is the first bank to launch a shopping site.  Dealmania is a special deal-buying site featured at the BPI Cards home page that provide BPI card holders with exclusive access to great online deals.  I have tried buying on the website myself and using the new BPI Prepaid card (to discuss more below), it was a seamless transaction.

I got this deal from dealmania.ph :) I really think I need a good body scrub and massage and got it at a super discount of 63%

Buying was easy like that.  You can check out other deals that may interest you.  Shop online in a safe and secure e-commerce environment.


BPI My ePrepaid MasterCard

This is the first ePrepaid card that empowers people to transact online via straight purchase.

BPI My ePrepaid Mastercard is a reloadable prepaid card that empowers everyone to finally buy what they want from the widest selection of MasterCard affiliated shopping stores here and abroad, and even online.  What separates My ePrepaid MasterCard from other is its offer of 100% approval, no maintaining balance and no surprising card bills.

I think one of the benefits of this card is that you can also use it with your online transactions.

I have friends who don’t want to get credit cards and they often borrow my credit card to use it when they need to buy airline tickets online.  It can be frustrating sometimes when you there are great seat sales and you don’t have a card to use.  With My ePrepaid MasterCard, you can do this easy.  You just get one, no need of complicated application forms.  It’s like how we use Prepaid SIM Cards on our phones.  Reload it anytime and use it immediately!

And since this is accepted wherever there are MasterCard affiliated stores, you can also use this to swipe on real stores here in the Philippines and abroad.

Checking the balance of your ePrepaid MasterCard is also easy, you can do it via landline or Mobile phone.  Check out how at: http://bpicards.com

BPI Master eCredit Card.

It is the first virtual credit card.

BPI Master eCredit Card is the first ever virtual credit line exclusively designed for online shopping.  It now has a modern new look!  This companion card of the BPI Express Credit MasterCard enables everyone to shop securely on the internet as it uses different card number from one’s BPI Express Credit MasterCard, with its own sub-limit that can be adjusted as needed.

This is perfect if you don’t want to expose your real card number and details.

I know you have a lot of questions because interestingly enough, I know you also need these for your online purchases and at the same time, require the same security features so that you are protected.

Everything you need to know about these different cards can be found at BPI Cards’ official website.  Check it out!


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Johnnie Walker Ambassador Mika Hakkinen Driving in Manila

Posted by on Nov 6, 2011 in Celebrities, Entertainment and Lifestyle, Events, Featured, Formula 1, Sports

Johnnie Walker Ambassador Mika Hakkinen Driving in Manila

Hi guys! Last night I was at Prive where Mika Hakkinen graced us with his presence to promote their campaign “Don’t drink and drive”.

Mika Hakkinen is one of the greatest drivers in the world of Formula 1.  He is from Finland, same country where my other F1 favorite driver hails – Kimi Raikkonen.

Here are videos and photos of him celebrating at Prive club at Fort Strip.  He drove a lucky Johnnie Walker Gold Pass winner around Manila! LUCKY GUY!

Here’s a video of Mika Hakkinen exiting Prive club to a Mercedes Benz car! Inside, the F1 legend himself at the back of the wheel and the lucky winner in the passenger seat!

Other pictures of the event:

Get the flash player here: http://www.adobe.com/flashplayer

I will be attending a private press con today and will update you with everything!!! I have prepared interesting questions for the interview so do watch out for it :)




Johnnie Walker Ambassador Mika Hakkinen Driving in Manila

Johnnie Walker Ambassador Mika Hakkinen Driving in Manila

Johnnie Walker Ambassador Mika Hakkinen Driving in Manila

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Experience a Different Galaxy This Christmas Season

Posted by on Nov 6, 2011 in Announcements, Tech Chic

Experience a Different Galaxy This Christmas Season

More Christmas promos to influence your gift-buying ideas!

Experience a different Galaxy and fly away with FREE Urbanears Tanto headphones for every purchase of Samsung Galaxy Tablet or Smartphone :)

You have the option to avail it in 6 months installment.

Units applicable for the promo:

  • Galaxy Y Pro
  • Galaxy S Super Clear LCD 4GB
  • Galaxy Tab 16GB
  • Galaxy Tab 10.1 16GB
  • Galaxy Tab 10.1 32GB
  • Galaxy Tab 8.9 16GB
  • Galaxy Tab 8.9 32GB
  • Galaxy S Wifi 5.0
  • Galaxy S2
  • Galaxy W
Promo duration: November 5 – December 5 2011
Participating Branches:
  • Digital Walker Trinoma
  • Digital Walker Eastwood
  • Digital Walker Virra Mall

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For The Guys: Step Up! Traffic Shoes New Collection

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For The Guys: Step Up! Traffic Shoes New Collection

Ladies dig men who know how to dress up! Unconsciously, attractiveness pulls being well-dressed in its equation. I think it works for both sexes anyway.

And hey! It’s Christmas season and it’s time for big corporate parties and huge family reunions!

I often blog about many things girly that a whole lot of women can relate, but I’ve noticed that I have a relative number of men visiting my site as well ^_^ Thank you gentlemen!

So I was thinking of putting up a few posts for the guys from time to time.

For now, I’ll give you guys some ideas for that one accessory you might be taking for granted – shoes! I don’t know why, but I just happen to notice most of the guys I date drop by this place when we happen to be in the mall. I’m happy to go by their side as they choose for their shoes ‘coz hey, I’d love that they ask me for my opinion like I matter that much to their buying decision. *wink*

I’ll hook you up with more awesome stuff but for now, here are new cool stuff from Traffic’s new Collection.

I personally like the new Riley and Elk!  Drop by any of Traffic Footwear’s branches to check them out yourself!

The Philippine Azkals :)



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Samsung Galaxy Y: Smartphone for the Youth at P5,990

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Samsung Galaxy Y: Smartphone for the Youth at P5,990

“Smartphone for the Youth” – I speak in my title as if I’m not one with the “youth” anymore but hey —

Youth is not a number, it’s a state of mind!

*snap* *snap*


On a serious note, youngsters have many demands now.  I for one, cannot live without my phone!  I can go by a day without my laptop – but not my phone.  My phone can do everything – check emails, works as my clock, calculator, translator, emergency camera, voice and notes recorder, flashlight, map! tweet, Facebook, plan my day,  and many many more!

Would you believe that everything I mentioned above, you can have for only P5,999 ?

I’m just happy that younger people have better options that they can grab within their own means.


Youth level app!

Samsung Galaxy Y with SmartNet

With today’s fast-paced lifestyle, the need to keep up with ‘the latest’ puts quite a lot of pressure on today’s youth. This desire to be at the forefront of what is trendy and what is hip—from wearing the hottest fashions to owning the newest gadgets—has become a top priority for a lot of teenagers. For them, being ‘it’ helps them find their place in society along with their individual aspirations and potentials. For young men and women, however, these luxuries usually come at a heftier price tag than their allowances can afford.

Samsung Galaxy Y with SmartNet


Where technology is concerned, one of the trends that have become hardest to ignore is the smartphone. The emergence of these handsets has had the youth constantly tapping on their keypads—sending text messages, chatting on social networks, playing games and downloading applications. However, most of these don’t come cheap. No need to fret, though, because Samsung has created a dependable entry-level smartphone the youth can easily afford—the Samsung Galaxy Y, their first Android smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy Y with SmartNetSamsung Galaxy Y with SmartNet

Set to become every teenager’s smartphone dream come true with its intelligent features available at a reasonable market price. Whoever thought that the words ‘budget’ and ‘smartphone’ do not go together has just been proven wrong. And judging from the strong line of its Galaxy brothers, the Y is surely not to be underestimated!

Small wonder

Samsung Galaxy Y with SmartNetSamsung Galaxy Y with SmartNet

I happen to have my hands on one actually ^_^

Powered by an 832 MHz processor and HSDPA module of up to 7.2 Mbps, the Samsung Galaxy Y runs on an Android 2.3 Gingerbread operating system that lets teens browse through websites, check e-mails, and play various media smoothly and with less lag. More importantly, its users can also access over 150,000 apps available in the Android Market to bring together their favorites in social networking, gaming, music, and so much more. With applications that can do just about anything, the expandability of the Galaxy Y in each teen’s hands is boundless.


I have tried this myself and it is indeed fast and powerful!  It is very useful, and very responsive!


App-grade now!

The Android Market opens up the Samsung Galaxy Y to a world of possibilities. Unlike run-of-the-mill QWERTY and touchscreen mobile phones, the Android OS upgrades users with various applications. Now, they can start getting their own makeovers and realizing their aspirations and potentials with over 150,000 apps—all accessible at the tap of their finger.

Music junkies can play DJ anytime, anywhere; while aspiring photographers can create masterpieces at the touch of the Galaxy Y’s screen. Gaming gurus can flaunt their high scores to friends; while social butterflies can keep up with all of their contacts while on-the-go.

It really is up to them how to maximize this smartphone and ‘level app’ in their chosen fields. At a very affordable price, young men and women can go further and start exploring the many things that they are capable of without having to break the bank.


Easy on the eyes


Photos and videos that they take with the Samsung Galaxy Y’s 2-megapixel camera can also be viewed smoothly with its 3-inch LCD display and 240×320 pixel-QVGA resolution. (They can also share these easily to their friends via social networking apps easily available through the Android Market!)

Samsung Galaxy Y with SmartNet

Its TouchWiz user interface punctuates the experience further as users are allowed to customize their own menus to further express themselves as individuals. Plus, with its convenient size, this 98g wonder slips into those skinny jeans without the unsightly bulk!


It also is already embedded with the SmartNet widget!  With a Smart sim card, this will allow you to send tweets, facebook statuses, FB chat and YM for free as long as you have a P1 maintaining balance.

Samsung Galaxy Y with SmartNetSamsung Galaxy Y with SmartNet

Learn more about SmartNet here.

Learn more about the Netphone here.


Test Shots with the camera

Although the camera does not have built-in flash, it can still work in low-light conditions.  You can choose between the different settings it has (I’m surprised it has a lot of choices).  And you can set the camera to adjust to the low light condition.

Samsung Galaxy Y with SmartNetSamsung Galaxy Y with SmartNet

Although, you need to be patient of course.  But just like me who wanted to capture the beauty of Venice Piazza at Mckinley hill – but forgot to bring my camera – it’s still better to capture memories with this emergency camera – the Samsung Galaxy Y phone.

It also has geo-tagging for your photos and I can’t believe that you can get a phone with GPS at P5,999!

and here are my test shots – unedited except for the watermark

Samsung Galaxy Y with SmartNet

Samsung Galaxy Y with SmartNet

Samsung Galaxy Y with SmartNet

Samsung Galaxy Y with SmartNet

Samsung Galaxy Y with SmartNet


More photos here :)

Get the flash player here: http://www.adobe.com/flashplayer

The Samsung Galaxy Y is packed with all the smartphone essentials, raising the bar in mobile phones that come in the same price range. Now, teenagers can flaunt a full-featured smartphone without burning their—or their parents’—pockets! For only P5,990, teens suffering from a severe lack of edge in their mobile experience can now get an upgrade and a makeover at the same time!

Til the next gadget review!


FlairCandy ^_^


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I’d like to believe I’m at this level right now.

I love this feeling.  It’s close to freedom, or maybe this is the essence of freedom.

I am at a point where I don’t get affected by what people say about me, or how they perceive me to be anymore :)

I am just happy, simply because I believe I am.  My life is not perfect, and I accept that change is constant.  But this feeling gives me peace.  That whatever life throws at me, I know I will be alright :)

I’m just saying this now because I used to feel sensitive when people judge me.  People judge me with the things I do, put stigma on my titles, scrutinize my writings, that I eat like a guy, – heck even people scrutinize me for my friends and who I hang out with, and some even criticize the decisions I make.

I thought a lot about these people before.  I used to “care” a lot about what they have to say.

But then I realized – why should I?

That’s the reason why I’m not hanging out with these guys.

But I don’t hate them.  I know people talk a lot behind other people’s backs.  I am guilty of this sometimes, but I don’t strutt it in yow faces *snap* *snap* and I don’t share it to the world – oh how Social Media works sometimes, it’s crazy :)

You can just “make parinig” all the time (lol) – am I making parinig now? lol not really – I’m just making a general statement here to highlight the bad acts of human beings.  Yes, including me… but sometimes I just try keep my bad thoughts and observations to myself if it doesn’t help another human being.  What’s the point of spreading the hate?  Why is it even so entertaining?

*Adlib: are you updated with Lloydie – Shaina – Ruffa issue*  — why is their private life so entertaining?  Seriously, bakit kaya?

Hay nako buhay – parang life!


Everyone could be a victim of scrutiny.  But shrug it off your shoulder and just think – oh they think too much about me :)


As for now I’m happy doing the things I love, being with the people I love who love me back oh so dearly.  I am glad to be surrounded by great people.  To other people’s eyes, I may be a weakling – but most of you know that I never give up and I stand up every time I fall.  And you know why I fall? Those negative people passing my way.

Some even say, “You should be like her, you should be like this, like that.”  The more they say that to me, the more I’m repelled by the thought of copying other people… I have my own identity and I am who I am.

I know better now, you’ll have a hard time pulling me down.


I was a victim of bullying when I was in kindergarten.  My grandma had to fight for me because I don’t fight back.  (I love you Wawa!)  Since then, I got scared of making friends.  I think until now, I am just really careful.  I also struggled in school before.  I used to get high grades, I get to perform a lot, and I get the guys’ admiration whom most of the girls have been crushing on… (and I don’t even wear makeup or pluck my eyebrows)

And they take it against me..

oh the crab mentality.


Okay, this post is taking too long.  One moment popped upon another leading me to share my story.


As for everyone reading this.  Don’t let people pull you down.  Make it hard for them to make you fall into pieces, but if ever they succeed, it’s still okay.  It’s alright, everything is going to be fine.  Just rise up when you’ve gathered strength.  When you’re lacking strength, talk to me :) you know how to Contact me.

A few of my readers reached out to me before…  I don’t help them achieve whatever they want to achieve, I help them find strength.

Ah, this world is a mess, and everyone has their own share of distress.


Accept this, recognize your TRUE friends, acknowledge yourself – you’re good to go.  The world is not perfect, they are not perfect either no matter how they perceive to be.  I used to care a lot about my resume, my awards, achievements – etc… and I realized sometimes I’m just after the title.  Because that’s what everyone seems to be after — but I’m done chasing it… I thought it was my cheese – my goals that would make me happy.. but I discovered otherwise.

Find inner peace :)  As for me, Pole dancing helped 😛

You should try to discover and find yours.  It may be through music, art – a business … Explore :)


Everything will be alright :)


Be happy!




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Shop Early for Christmas Online

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Shop Early for Christmas Online

Still trying to think of Christmas Gift Ideas?

It’s the Christmas season and you can shop early and hassle-free online!


First of all, this is something that you can give to me as a gift 😛

Learn to play the bass guitar from the masters Save 53% on Bass Guitar Lessons at Yamaha School of Music! Only P290 for a 1-hr lesson

at P2,000 ++

You know what they say, the perfect gift is time!  But apart from time itself, you can give someone a precious gift that would help manage her time well

40% OFF on ESPRIT Donna Black Watch: For her, ideal for the stylish young professional dressing for the job they want!

40% OFF on Esprit Pure Black Glam Rock Houston Watch: For her, who rocks the trendy look.

50% OFF with this Jacque Martin: Outdoor Sports Swiss Watch for Men! Redeem at T-Time and Ariston branches

P 1937 And yet another sporty gift!  Perfect for those who want to try out football and other indoor sports!

Munich Sports Wear, My Way! 50% OFF Tournament Sports Shoes, high-end brand from Europe – Nationwide delivery with different sizes.

P 1,500

The gift of education.  Especially great tips to achieve financial wellness!  If you are having a very difficult time saving your hard-earned money and you have no idea how to invest it in something more productive then this is for you!

Pera Mo Palaguin Mo Workshop at 50% OFF! Now only at P1500! Create your own Financial Plan to be wealthy!


All of these things you can find at Buyanihan’s website.


Now you know what to get me for Christmas! *wink*

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