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Solo Trip Hong Kong CNY

Posted by on Jan 23, 2012 in Events, Fashion, Featured, Hong Kong, Travel | 22 comments

I’ve flown solo before but I think it’s my first time alone in Hong Kong.

I just made sure that I don’t go home too late when I went to Avenue of the Stars because Nathan Road was full of potentially dangerous people.

Anyhoo… I brought clothes for an 18 deg C weather cause that’s what it said when I checked. I didn’t know that at night it plunges down to 8 deg C. My goodness! I should have brought thicker pants!

I started out wearing shorts because it’s day time and I would be walking a lot. I went down the hotel and I instantly froze lol. So I went back up to change.

Hong Kong CNY 2012 Day 2
Hong Kong CNY 2012 Day 2

My itinerary was just to go around and shop a little and eat a lot 😛 World Wide center gives you the best FOREX rates btw. I bought 1 HKD for P 5.4 🙂 cheap!!! than in the airport that was at around P 6.3! Or if you use your credit or debit card at P6.1 which is actually better to use rather than exchange your money at the airport.

BTW, I road tested BPI My ePrepaid Card (Mastercard) and Unionbank VISA debit here. Both are okay to use abroad and I encountered no problems at all! I don’t like bringing a lot of cash unless I’m buying gadgets 😛 so I exchanged a little cash and just brought cards with me. I also used BPI e-Credit card to book my flight via Cathay Pacific. It’s a mock credit card of your original one. The e-Credit card has a different card number and you control the credit limit to minimum in case it gets compromised. I had a limit of 10k for that mock card which can be used only online.

I’m staying at The Emperor Hotel in Happy Valley. It’s nice here. It’s very accessible to a tram station, has 7/11 and mini grocery store. 10 mins to Causeway bay shopping area and with mini restaurant shops you can eat with.

Hong Kong CNY 2012 Day 2

What’s nice is that they gave me treats for the Chinese New Year for good luck! Round fruits – mandarin orange, gold chocolate coins, circular orange and sticky candies and inside the ampao envelope are some seeds.

Hong Kong CNY 2012 Day 2
Hong Kong CNY 2012 Day 2

Nice huh? I really feel good already with all the love this hotel has given me 🙂 I got it at a good price via Agoda.com where I always book my hotels. I feel lucky now! Cheers to the Year of the Dragon!

Check out the photos of this hotel below.

Click here if you can’t view photos properly.

Get the flash player here: http://www.adobe.com/flashplayer

BTW, I got to use my Canon S100 very well! It takes lovely night shots!!! And forgive the *cam-whore* angle… I’m alone and no one takes my photos but me. Thanks to the 24mm wide angle lens of this camera! MWAH!

BTW, thank you to Whooga Uggs UK for sending over these lovely comfy boots!

Hong Kong CNY 2012 Day 2

and these funky cool leggings from F*Art 🙂

Hong Kong CNY 2012 Day 2


  1. i love the camera your using! what is it ?? your so pretty 🙂

  2. wow inggit ako dude! sarap mag travel ulit alone.. hahahaha 😀 kainggit >_<

  3. Wow! Sarap naman to travel alone. Not too scary huh?
    Sana magka-time rin ako for that soon hehe. 😀
    Gong Xi Fa Cai to you! 😀

  4. ohai! *blush* maganda lang ang camera, it’s a Canon S100 ^_^

  5. mag book ka ng ticket pag may sale ^_^

  6. When I travel alone, dapat 2 days max. coz it gets lonely if you’re really alone. but yeah, Hong Kong and Singapore are 2 countries I’m comfortable being by myself. Malaysia okay rin coz I have friends there. Happy New Year! 🙂

  7. whoa! mga nasa magkano yung na book mong ticket last year? hehe

  8. hehehe.. dude you’re so pretty! 😛

  9. Waahhh kainggit. I want to travel solo din, but I guess I have to do it somewhere in the PH first hehehe. What a fun “me” time this was. 🙂

    Love the boots on you! 🙂

  10. Dude, bilib talaga ako sayo! Ang lakas ng loob mo mag-solo! makapg-solo trip nga din ulit next time..

  11. DUUUUDE!!! Tara punta tayo Langkawi Malaysia hahaha

  12. haha yeah.. you have to know the place though before traveling there alone para safe! Good luck wee!

  13. Ang cute namn po ng shoes mo ate 😀 hehe
    Dropping here pO! sana makapasyal din sa hongkong one time 😀

  14. Hanchi.. 🙂 What’s the difference sng S100 sa DSLR? hehe.. wanting to buy an upgraded cam pra maka capture more moment. hihi.. 😉 Nice boots. Tugnaw sa HK ai.. Halong ka always and miss ya! mwaaah!

  15. yeah, cool HK. i want to travel solo again. nice pics and your hair colour. nagpakulay ka ulit..nice

  16. gorgeous hannah! love the oufit and the cam. s100 <3

  17. ang ganda na kuha grbe. ganito rin ba kuha ng s95? im into point and shoot kasi..

  18. hi where did you bought your leggings?

  19. Save for it 🙂 kaya yan if you save for it specifically in one year 🙂

  20. Hi Sharyn, I got it from F*ART


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