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The Importance of Moisturizing

Posted by on Feb 8, 2012 in Beauty, Featured, Health | 4 comments

I was reading articles on dove.ph when I encountered an article about moisturization.  It reminded me of an instance where I was having my facial and my therapist asked my age.  I don’t lie about my age, I’m proud of speaking out loud the many years of experience I already had.  “26 ka na pala maam?  Akala ko 20 ka palang kasi walang may namumuong wrinkles sa face mo.” (You’re already 26?  I thought you’re only 20 ‘coz your skin has no traces of wrinkles forming).

I smiled.  Then again, I have my mom to be thankful for. 

I learned from her mistakes before of not being able to moisturize her skin well.  My mom is pretty and she still looks like she’s my sister and not my mother so I guess I’d have to thank her genes as well.  But as I was growing up, she always emphasized the importance of moisture. 


She wanted me to join beauty contests when I was a kid.  Her ultimate dream for me is to join the Miss Universe pageant.  Unfortunately for her, I only grew to a height of 4’11” tops.  Sometimes I round it of to 5’ Smile with tongue out  But still, she wanted me to be always presentable and pretty thus she pressured me on having a bathroom routine: wash, toner, moisturizer.  I was so lazy to take care of myself though.  I hated putting lotion because they’re sticky and grooming myself takes time.  Only when I’m growing up did I realize why she always push me to put moisturizers, sunblock and the many things to protect my skin.

Truly, our skin is our first protection against external factors, and it as also the first thing people get to notice when you meet them.

this is me at EPIC Boracay, without make up or Photoshop Smile

Photo credit to Kyle Cruz.

I like looking fresh and natural so I prefer keeping a dewy, hydrated complexion rather than Matte and super polish.  I like seeing my face dewy and not oily.  Just that young glow that subtracts a few years down my age.

If you want to know more about proper moisture, you can check out Dove.ph’s tips.  It’s pretty helpful and it’s never too late to start now! Smile

They also have a lot of beauty and health articles that are very interesting and can apply to everyone. 

Read more:


*This post is sponsored by Dove Philippines.


  1. hi ate hanna my mom is also the one who told me about moisturizing… And I guess mother truly knows best hahaha be happy always 🙂

  2. thanks for dropping by Mexii 🙂 true that! 😛


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