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AirAsia Philippines opens new flights to Singapore at P999

Posted by on Sep 30, 2012 in Travel

AirAsia Philippines opens new flights to Singapore at P999
Philippines’ AirAsia offers all in promo fare of only P999 to celebrate new service from Clark International Airport to Singapore
Philippines’ AirAsia, the country’s newest low cost carrier, will begin its daily flights to Singapore on December 15. To celebrate the new route, the Filipino carrier offers an all-in, one way promo fare from only P999 from Clark International Airport to Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 1 starting today  (October 1) until 7 October 2012 via airasia.com. Guests who will avail of this promo will be able to travel from 15 December 2012 to 30 September 2013.
“It’s an exciting time to travel from Clark International Airport, as AirAsia has been launching more and more exciting destinations almost every month allowing our guests to connect and benefit from our extensive network covering 77 destinations across 18 countries in Asia and Australia.” AirAsia Inc. CEO Maan Hontiveros said.
Moreover, Hontiveros added that Clark International Airport has a world-class runway and is one of the safest in the country.
Clark International Airport Corporation (CIAC) President Victor Jose Luciano is also set to announce the reduction of passenger terminal fee from P600 to P450 for departing passengers on international flights, making air travel from Clark airport more affordable and reliable.
“Air transport connectivity between the Philippines and the rest of the region is expected to benefit from AirAsia’s extensive network. We are also here to provide our guests with safe, reliable flights at very affordable prices,” she said.
AirAsia will operate the new Clark – Singapore route with brand new Airbus A320 departing daily at 6:10 A.M. and arriving at 9:40 A.M.
“We will begin our daily flights to Singapore in December to cater to the growing demand for both business and leisure travel, and equally important, this new route will provide low cost, high value service to our OFWs in Singapore so they can come home and reunite with their families as often as possible,” Hontiveros added.
According to the latest data from the Philippine Embassy, there are 177,600 Filipinos in Singapore composed of 106,600 working as professionals, while the remaining 71,000 are domestic helpers.
More than 11 million tourists visited Singapore in 2011 based on the latest ASEAN Community Figures report with themed shopping centers, island resorts, sports and leisure adventure activities as its major tourist attractions.
“We continuously strive to promote air travel and tourism in the country by keeping our fares low while ensuring the best, quality service for our guests,” she said.
Aside from Singapore, AirAsia also flies daily to Hong Kong, Macau and Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia.
AirAsia’s all-in fare includes base fare, fuel surcharge, processing fee and aviation security fee. Never miss out on updates about upcoming bargain deals by following AirAsia via Facebook (facebook/airasiaphilippines) and Twitter (twitter.com/airasiaph).
Philippines’ AirAsia call center also accepts booking of regular fares via +632 588 9999 from Monday to
Sunday at 0800hrs to 2100hrs (GMT +8). Guests from Metro Manila may also purchase seats through AirAsia Travel & Service Centers (ATSC) located in SM North EDSA in Quezon City, in Mall of Asia in Pasay City and in Gaisano Mall in Davao City.
For information on transportation services and bus schedules from Manila to Clark airport and vice versa please visit: philtranco.com.ph and victoryliner.com.
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Simplism Leather Smart Shell for iPad

Posted by on Sep 30, 2012 in Tech Chic

Simplism Leather Smart Shell for iPad

The main reason why I don’t like putting covers on my gadgets is because it gets bulkier and heavier sometimes. I appreciate companies who develop products that would cater to that problem and thankfully Simplism is one of the iPad covers that pass.

It’s leather so it looks stylish and built to last but at the same time, the design is light with lots of pockets!


The good and the bad

Technically it’s faux leather and it’s up to you if you take it on a good or bad note.  For me, I have no problem with faux leather since it adds to lessening the total weight of the cover, but at the same time it looks very chic and stylish.  It comes with different colors so if you’re a guy and you don’t want to look like you’re holding a girl’s purse, don’t worry you have other colors to choose from.



It has six business card pockets that is convenient for guys also who usually don’t bring purse to carry around stuff.  You can leave your Coffee Bean Swirl cards here for convenience and other business cards.  It actually doesn’t just do that, it hits two birds with one stone because the pockets also serve as rests for the iPad 2 when you put it in landscape mode. 

Buttons on all ports are exposed so everything is convenient. 


Who it is for

Travelers and light packers who usually bring their iPads during trips instead of bringing their entire laptop.  If you’re like me who leaves my laptop at home so that I can enjoy my trip and take advantage of the time away, then yes, this case is for you.  Again, it’s not as heavy as the other iPad cases I have encountered.

It’s basically for anyone who has an iPad 2 who just wants a simple, yet light protection to their gear.



Leather Smart Shell for iPad 2 Features:

  • PU leather shell for iPad 2 with a stand
  • Protect the display with a flip cover
  • Magnet flip for easy fit
  • Magnet flip corresponds to sleep on/off like Smart Cover
  • 4 photo frame and 1 typing positions
  • 6 card pockets
  • Inner plastic plate for better protection
  • Thin but tough
  • Direct access to all controls

Get the flash player here: http://www.adobe.com/flashplayer

Resellers in the Philippines

  • Switch
  • Digital Hub
  • iStudio
  • Digital Walker
  • Beyond the Box
  • Power Mac Center
  • iCenter
  • E-Central
  • Power Hub
  • Sidrah
  • 8Telcom
  • Gui
  • The Inbox Store
  • Technoholics


Follow Digits Trading

Facebook: www.facebook.com/digitstrading

Twitter: @DigitsTrading

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iBattz Mojo Removable Power Card Wallet

Posted by on Sep 30, 2012 in Tech Chic

iBattz Mojo Removable Power Card Wallet

Back-up power supply is essential these days, especially for my job as a social media manager.  There’s no excuse of being not online I need to have back-up gadgets: load, data package and battery supply.

Since I bring a lot of gadgets with me to begin with, they must be light!  My poor back can’t carry them the whole day!  Good thing this iBattz Mojo back-up battery supply is as tiny as my credit card.




iBattz Mojo Removable Power Card Wallet

SRP at P1,790.00

This remarkable tool at its size is called the Mojo Removable Power Card Wallet 1500mAh.  It acts as a very handy and portable back-up power for your mobile gadgets such as Android, Blackberry and other mobile devices.  The best thing about this power pack is that it comes in a credit size form factor, thus they called it a “wallet.”  Not that it can literally fit in my tiny wallet, but you get the point.

Inside is a lithium battery module and includes USB to Micro USB cable.  iBattz Mojo Removable Power Card wallet can charge any mobile devices that generally uses Micro  USB interface on the go anytime and anywhere. 


The design

Every fashionista would like to have this!  It’s simple and minimalist, yet it makes a statement “I am fashionable, yet I’m responsible.” Having a back-up power system makes you more prepared when you’re in need to cover more fashion events.


Who it is for

I recommend this to people who are always on the go, for travelers and for people whose jobs give importance to communication.  For me, it would be a great help for covering events for my day job at the TV5 Network!  I can’t have any excuse not to be online.  As a traveler, this would help me too in long drives and flights!


The good and the bad

It is the tiniest power plug I’ve ever seen that doesn’t just use batteries.  It is very portable and light and the design looks fashionable too.  However, it won’t fill up more advanced gadgets needs like the latest iPhone and iPad devices.  I suggest to just make this really as a “back-up”




KEY FEATURES and Technical details

Mojo Removable Power Wallet provides up to extra 80% battery to your iPhone, iPod or Android smartphone within 90 minutes.

With the included USB cable, the Mojo Removable Power Card Wallet can be easily recharged via a normal computer USB port, USB wall charger or USB car charger.

Besides this, it also ACTS AS A BATTERY CHARGER FOR STANDARD BP-4L 1500 mAh BATTERY MODULES that is used on the Mojo Removable Battery Case for iPhone 4/4S.

iBattz family of Mojo Removable Power solutions prides itself as eco friendly products where our lithium battery modules can be changed after its average lifespan of 500 charges.



Get the flash player here: http://www.adobe.com/flashplayer


Resellers in the Philippines

Here are the different resellers you can visit:

Beyond the Box

Electronics Boutique


Digital Hub


Digital Walker



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Facebook: www.facebook.com/digitstrading

Twitter: @DigitsTrading

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Akatsubaki Cosplay of Infinite Stratos by Sheila Navarro Cosplay Mania 2012

Posted by on Sep 30, 2012 in Cosplay

Akatsubaki Cosplay of Infinite Stratos by Sheila Navarro Cosplay Mania 2012

We interviewed Sheila a few years back for Tek Tok TV.  It was our cosplay episode.

We are so proud of how she’s grown BIGGER literally and figurativey speaking.  She’s been doing better and better over the years and we just want to CONGRATULATE her for a job well done and to encourage her keep on creating these costumes that will amaze us!

For Cosplay Mania 2012, cosplayer Sheila Navarro WOWed the crowed by wearing a Mecha suit she made all by herself of Akatsubaki (Infinite Stratos).

It is 8 feet tall and a total of 35 kilos.  It is made mainly of rubber sheets.

To understand better Sheila’s process of making this costume, I had a quick interview with her:

1.  How long did it take you to make the costume?

Sheila: It took me 5 months to construct the whole costume since I need to concentrate on the elevation of my legs and the accuracy of the whole costume itself.

2.  What’s the hardest part in making the costume?

 Sheila: For me, the hardest part is constructing the legs. I want it to be as accurate as possible just like in the anime so I made the elevation 24inches in height. When I finished the leg part, it has a total weight of 8 kilos each leg. It was impossible to walk with that kind of elevation and weight so I invented a mechanism that will lessen the weight of the legs. From 8 kilos, I just need to carry around 2 kilos in each leg that’s why I didn’t have a hard time walking around with those enormous leg armors.

FlairCandy: WOW AMAZING! You are indeed an inventor!  You didn’t only make a costume to appear as a costume, but something you can also walk around with!

3.  How did you transport your costume?

I constructed a large trolley box wherein I can place all of my costume inside. It is around 4ftx5ftx5ft in size. I asked my father to help me carry the box in his pick up and we use the rope for support to prevent the box from falling over the road.

4.  What’s next?

Since I finished cosplaying one of my dream cosplays, I’m planning on becoming a mecha cosplayer and construct more mecha costumes. One of my cosplay plan is the Psycho Gundam. And after my Akatsubaki and Psycho gundam, I’ll surprise you again with my another costume.

FlairCandy: Looking forward to more of your cosplays Sheila! You are one great talent indeed! Keep it up! and keep inspiring people to be creative and inventive!


Good job Sheila! We’re proud of you!

Watch Sheila’s interview on Tek Tok TV:


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Meeting Kaname Japanese Cosplayer at Cosplay Mania 2012

Posted by on Sep 29, 2012 in Cosplay, Featured

Meeting Kaname Japanese Cosplayer at Cosplay Mania 2012


I can’t help it! I can’t get over it! I just can’t believe I finally met this guy who I’ve only seen in photos! Cloud is one of my favorite characters and this guy just knows how to make that character real!


*don’t know where or who to credit this photo but it’s all over the internet

There are many great Cloud cosplayers but Kaname is my favorite!  


Perks of my job for TV5 is I get special access to events like this! Cosplay Mania 2012!

Where Kaname was just 5 feet away from me!

Kaname Cosplay Mania 2012 Cloud Japanese Cosplayer



and he photobombed us 😛

“nahiya naman kami sa kanya noh!”

Kaname Cosplay Mania 2012 photobomb

He sits as one of the judges for the Cosplay competition

and did I mention he smiled a few times at me? KALOKA! I’ve never had fangirl moments like this for a while now he just had the most enchanting eyes and I’m sure the audience earlier would agree!

BB Gandanghari was also there along with Derek Ramsay to promote TV5’s shows Enchanted Garden and KIDLAT!

Another highlight was when Kaname was asked that if ever he were to cosplay a girl, who would it be…

“If I were to cosplay a girl character, it will be BB Gandanghari” – Kaname (translated from Japanese)


hmm… why so serious?


Bagay ba kami? <3



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A Secret Affair Lines and Quotes Anne Curtis Derek Ramsay Andi Eigenmann

Posted by on Sep 27, 2012 in Entertainment and Lifestyle, Movies & TV

A Secret Affair Lines and Quotes Anne Curtis Derek Ramsay Andi Eigenmann

Another local movie to watch out for this October by VIVA films!

I am not quite sure if it’s a sequel to the movie “No Other Woman,” but  they say this is somewhat a “continuation” to the first movie.  This time, Anne Curtis plays the role of the fiance and Andi plays the “kabit.”


*from Anne Curtis’ twitter

Anyway, here are Lines from A Secret Affair you need to watch out for:

"Kaya kabit ang tawag sa kanila kasi daig pa nila ang epoxy kung kumabit.  Kaya querida, kasi makire! Kaya mistress, kasi nakaka-stress!"

"Ano ba tingin mo sa mga lalake, bulate? May pa-early bird promo, the early bird catches the worm."

"Hindi sya masasaktan kung ‘di nya alam. That’s why we’ll keep it a secret affair."

"Kahit paano mo tingnan, a secret affair can destroy any relationship."

"Bakit pa kasi may mga babaeng papatol sa lalaki kahit alam nilang hindi pwede?"

"Ano bang akala mo sa pamba-babae, flash floods? Na kapag tumila ang ulan ay huhupa ang baha? Lumikas ka na hanggang maaga bago mag critical level."

“I’m surprised you didn’t notice the different cup size.”

“Eh di ba minsan, kahit na alam natin na mali ang isang bagay, ginagawa parin natin kasi kailangan.”

“Think of us na parang ‘prize’ sa Amazing Race, yong sumusuko’t nahihirapan – talo. Matira matibay.”

“Masakit talaga masaksak sa likod na kahit aspili lang noh?” “Sinadya mo ba yon?” “Of course not! Kung sinadya ko yon, ice pick ko na ang gagamitin ko.”

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Cosmo Bachelor Bash Virgin

Posted by on Sep 21, 2012 in Events, Featured

Cosmo Bachelor Bash Virgin
Cosmo Bachelor Bash 2012 photosCosmo Bachelor Bash 2012 photosCosmo Bachelor Bash 2012 photosCosmo Bachelor Bash 2012 photosCosmo Bachelor Bash 2012 photosCosmo Bachelor Bash 2012 photos
Cosmo Bachelor Bash 2012 photosCosmo Bachelor Bash 2012 photosCosmo Bachelor Bash 2012 photosCosmo Bachelor Bash 2012 photosCosmo Bachelor Bash 2012 photosCosmo Bachelor Bash 2012 photos
Cosmo Bachelor Bash 2012 photosCosmo Bachelor Bash 2012 photosCosmo Bachelor Bash 2012 photosCosmo Bachelor Bash 2012 photosCosmo Bachelor Bash 2012 photosCosmo Bachelor Bash 2012 photos
Cosmo Bachelor Bash 2012 photosCosmo Bachelor Bash 2012 photosCosmo Bachelor Bash 2012 photosCosmo Bachelor Bash 2012 photosCosmo Bachelor Bash 2012 photosCosmo Bachelor Bash 2012 photos

Cosmo Bachelor Bash 2012, a set on Flickr.

Wednesday night, my eyes feasted on one steamy buffet! ‘Tis one night all the ladies were allowed to misbehave… and it was my first time and boy did I enjoy. Here are the photos I took during the event. Hope you enjoy them as much as I did!

Naughty me… I had to leave early coz I had a “flash” last minute trip to Singapore the following day for a business.

I wasn’t really able to enjoy the photos I took until today 😛

“Til next time ^_^


*Backstage pass at the Cosmo Bachelor Bash
Cosmo Bachelor Bash 2012 photos

Via Flickr:

Cosmo Bachelor Bash video

Fabio Ide, Daniel Matsunaga, Luke Landrigan, Anton Del Rosario, John Spainhour, Aaron Villaflor, JC Tiuseco, Harry Morris, Kenneth, Aly Borromeo, John Hall, Baron Geisler, Anthony and David, John James Uy, Alizon Andres, Markki Stroem, Mikael Daez, Ian Batherson, Alden Richards,

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Free Seats AirAsia

Posted by on Sep 18, 2012 in Travel, Uncategorized

Free Seats AirAsia


Philippines’ AirAsia rolled out its Free Seats promo where guest can travel from Clark International Airport in Pampanga to Davao and Kalibo with an all-in fare of P275 pesos one way.

The P275 seat sale is actually a zero-fare promo where the seat is totally free and the guest is actually paying only P275 to cover the fuel surcharge, processing fee and government mandated fees such as aviation security fee and VAT,” AirAsia Inc. CEO Maan Hontiverosannounced at a press conference in Makati City.

The Free Seats promo will be available online at www.airasia.com from 18 – 23 September 2012, and guests will be able to travel from 1 April to 30 September 2013.


Follow AirAsia Philippines

on Facebook: facebook.com/AirAsiaPhilippines

on Twitter: twitter.com/AirAsiaPh.


Philippines’ AirAsia call center also accepts booking of regular fares via +632 588 9999 from Monday to Sunday at 0800hrs to 2100hrs (GMT +8). Guests from Metro Manila may also purchase seats through AirAsia Travel & Service Centers (ATSC) located in SM North EDSA in Quezon City, in Mall of Asia in Pasay City and in Gaisano Mall in Davao City.

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Learning Credits – A Great Benefit Of Oracle Certification

Posted by on Sep 18, 2012 in Uncategorized

Oracle training offers many benefits. This is one of many benefits of TestsLive. You can get this information at: http://www.testslive.com. If you decide to choose learning credits, not only are you a more valuable candidate for employment upon completion, we offer many other benefits to the student in assisting you to best plan for your personal educational needs.

You are assigned a Oracle training specialist that will in turn help you customize a training schedule to fit your requirements. These learning credits are an excellent way to allow you to plan for your Oracle training in advance. The benefit of doing this is twofold. You are able to schedule training that fits your lifestyle and manage a training budget that best fits your allocated funds for your education. If you are an employer, this is an excellent way to reduce the volume of training costs while scheduling training in a way that provides the end result you seek.

By planning and budgeting your own or your company’s Oracle training needs, you can easily manage and predict your overall costs which will save you money in the long-term. You are also eligible to receive volume discounts if you chose this method, increasing your spending power while still maintaining the most up to date training materials without the expense of starting a new order.

If you elect to benefit from learning credits, you will realize an opportunity to receive a significant discount on your personal Oracle training while purchasing credits at an increased volume. Purchasing more credits equals saving more money. You define your own training needs and will easily earn larger discounts.

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Marriott Cafe’s Teppanyaki Station

Posted by on Sep 16, 2012 in Featured, Food, Philippines

Marriott Cafe’s Teppanyaki Station
My heart (or rather my stomach) always has a soft spot for Japanese cuisine.  When I heard Marriott Cafe is opening up a new Teppanyaki Station, I was ecstatic!  Everytime I dine here, I always end up getting sushis and sashimis apart from the varried array of food Marriott Cafe offers.
Marriott Cafe launched their newest Teppanyaki station

I must say, this feat is a "BLOCKBUSTER!" The Teppanyaki station was so much in demand and I would like to congratulate our friends from Marriott for this! Flavor wise, it did not dissappoint! Just by editing these photos makes me want to rush to Marriott now for a buffet!

Marriott cafe added a teppanyaki station just recently, grilling fresh and meaty choices of seafood, fish, beef, pork and chicken.  Chef Meik Brammer is sure to set your mood right to make everything tastier and satisfying in all aspects from the grill to the plate.
Teppanyaki is one of my comfort food list I cannot resit but just indulge.  It is derived from the word "Teppan" or iron plate.  This side of the buffet is loaded with the following choices
  • Gyuniko – diced beef tenderloin with vegetable in teppanyaki sauce
  • Tori – diced chicken with vegetable in teppanyaki sauce
  • Shake Teppanyaki – Salmon fillet with vegetable in special sauce 
  • Kaisen – mixed seafood with vegetable in sweet and spicy garlic sauce


Price: P 1,650 from Sunday to Thursday P 1,850 on Friday and Saturday P 2,000 for Sunday lunch


Marbled dice US beef tenderloin is a must-try.  Soft, subtle yet intense flavor added with a special teppanyaki sauce.  You can ask the chef to have the meat cooked in your liking – medium rare, or well done.

Ask for a combo.  Kaisen will surely hit your taste buds with shrimps, tuna, salmon and squid especially if you are on a pescarian diet. 

It’s your choice!  Put vegetables such as beansprout, cabbage, carrot, green bell pepper, white onion, zucchini, red bell pepper or celery.  It will surely add to the taste of your liking!

We added rice to our beef Teppanyaki.  Convert it to a complete meal by adding rice whipped up with meat sauce and spices resulting to an aromatic golden brown dish!

Although there isn’t really a secret ingredient when it comes to teppanyaki, the meat, sauces, and a precise hand in seasoning will spike just about anything from the interest to experience. And executive chef Meik understands this, so he made sure that every mouthful leaves anyone happy by having a devoted and an expert teppan chef preparing the ingredients fresh, hot, and fast while keeping in mind the entertaining aspect of the station.

While Teppanyaki is the new star section of Marriott Café, the thoughtful daily menu in the buffet from appetizer to dessert can never be left behind in its execution—leaving the choices and great memories almost endless!


Get the flash player here: http://www.adobe.com/flashplayer

Marriott Café
For inquiries and reservations, call 988-9999
Follow Marriott Manila on Facebook for more updates.
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Fashion Journalism Notes from SOFA

Posted by on Sep 16, 2012 in blogging, Fashion

Fashion Journalism Notes from SOFA

I just attended another blogging seminar recently but it’s mainly all about Fashion Journalism conducted by the School of Fashion and the Arts (SOFA) and Fully Booked. ;Most of the things the lecturer spoke of, I already know by heart but since she works for print, I thought it would be nice to get a few pointers from the professionals. ;

True enough, her vision for us new breed of bloggers is to professionalize it. ;While this might be hard because the essence of blogging is all about freedom and being personal, I do get her point, and that is to make sure that we know that our blog is a form of “Service” to the public. ;You give information to online readers WORLDWIDE and with great power comes great responsibility.

I took a few notes but I don’t want to put everything here. ;I encourage you to attend this class and/or the Fashion ;Diploma or Certificate courses being offered by SOFA if you want to better your blogging/writing skills as a fashion blogger/editor.


Carla “Larca” Perlas, Fashion Journalism Teacher at SOFA


Notes on Fashion Journalism:

  • Grammar and Spell check

I am so guilty of this. ;I don’t check my grammar. ;There’s an auto spell check feature which is fine, but grammar check is a bit tricky. ;From now on, I will try to edit blog posts (at least once).

  • Be accountable and responsible for your blog posts

Sadly, this is one thing most bloggers tend to forget. ;You may rant all you want, but ranting gives your readers just a one-way view of things – your side. ;Ask all the journalists and they will say this is bad journalism. ;If you would want to rant, try to give two sides. ;Remember, a blogger is powerful enough to cause controversies, close a business down and condone someone of losing his/her job forever. ;Be responsible and know that your one move could cause irreversible consequences.

Those are the two main points I got out of the seminar, but there’s more to learn especially if you want to hone your skills as a writer. ;Separate yourself from other bloggers by becoming better in writing. ;

To add to this, content is key. ;You don’t want to write about someting you know nothing about like me for example writing about players rewards card. I would rather write about Formula 1 because I love the sport. ;Topics I would want write about are Travel, Sports, Lifestyle and lately I want to write more about Beauty and Fashion. ;That’s why I’m thinking of taking that certificate course from SOFA when it comes to Fashion Journalism so that I would know about the jargons being used in Fashion.

You can check out the programs and courses being offered by SOFA here.

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Philippines’ AirAsia New Year Sale and New Pre-booked Meals

Posted by on Sep 16, 2012 in Travel

Philippines’ AirAsia New Year Sale and New Pre-booked Meals

It’s the last day to book your flights with AirAsia’s promo from as low as P499 all-in fare to Kalibo and Puerto Princesa, from as low as P699 all-in fare to Davao, from as low as P799 all-in fare to Hong Kong and Macau, and from as low as P1,100 to Kuala Lumpur.

Guests can book online via www.airasia.com starting until 16 September with travel period from 3 January to 31 March 2013.

To complement this promo, AirAsia launched pre-booking for the two new hot meals online: Beef Caldereta and Chicken Yang Chow.  They can also pre-book pancakes between 4:00AM to 11:00AM on all PQ flights. Guests can avail as much as 7% discount by pre-ordering their meals via airasia.com. All meals come with a 100ml water cuplet.

Philippines’ AirAsia call center also accepts booking of regular fares via +632 588 9999 from Monday to Sunday at 0800hrs to 2100hrs (GMT +8). Guests from Metro Manila may also purchase seats through AirAsia Travel & Service Centers (ATSC) located in SM North EDSA in Quezon City, in Mall of Asia in Pasay City and in Gaisano Mall in Davao City.

Never miss out on updates about upcoming bargain deals by following AirAsia via Facebook (facebook/airasiaphilippines) and Twitter (twitter.com/airasiaph).


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Battalia Royale

Posted by on Sep 14, 2012 in Entertainment and Lifestyle, Events

Battalia Royale

Conclusion: Highly recommended unique street theatre experience!

Warning: Battalia Royale is R17


I am such a huge fan of Battalia Royale.  I have seen this back in March 2012, I just watched it again today on September 13 for their tech run.  Thanks for our friends from Sipat Lawin Ensemble, Pepe and the Polygons and WhenInManila I got to see this again!

It’s generally the same, but what changes is the venue.  I believe some of the characters also changed but most of the main characters remain like my favorite Cacai, Sebastian and Jessie.  This time, I think their fighting choreography improved more, and the “blood” substance that they use is thicker!


What is Battalia Royale?

It falls under underground street theater with different groups collaborating to make it happen.


For those who are not familiar about Battalia Royale, here’s a quick info about the popular underground street theater:


The surprise summer hit of 2012 plays out again, as edge theater group Sipat Lawin Ensemble restages the live-action game performance, Battalia Royale in September 2012 as a part of their Season Apocalypse 2012.

Furthering Sipat Lawin Ensemble’s philosophy of theater beyond the fourth wall, Battalia Royale is the biggest edge, or collaborative performance in the country. A close to a hundred member cast and crew includes graduates from theater groups Mapua Tekno Teatro of Mapua Institute of Technology and Dulaang Perpetual of University of Perpetual Help Delta, as well as three writers from Australia, in addition to company members of Sipat Lawin Ensemble. The performance serves an experiment in alternative theater space, as well as training ground for budding theatrical talent.

The story follows a batch of high school students from the fictional Our Lady of Guadalupe High School Manila, who embark on a class trip only to be hijacked and forced in a kill-or-be-killed game. Only one survives the game, and each night presents a different winner of the game.

An ongoing prequel can also be followed at Our Lady of Guadalupe High School’s facebook page http://www.facebook.com/OLGHSManila, and wordpress, http://battaliaroyale.wordpress.com.

For this staging of Battalia Royale, dubbed version 3.0, director JK Anicoche envisions it to have a more dangerous feel for players and audience alike. No cellphones or cameras allowed this time around, to give it a more underground feel.

Leave all comfort at the gate, as this is one performance that you will have to run, walk, maybe even battle to see.

Battalia Royale runs throughout the weekends of September, 2012. Their premiere performances are on September 14, 15, and 16 at Museo Pambata, at 7pm. Access passes to the performances are available at http://www.facebook.com/sle.tickeroyale

Battalia Royale is Battalia Royale is based on the Koushun Takami novel, Battle Royale, and the movie of the same name. Battalia Royale has not been granted an official license by either the author (Koushun Takami) or the film company (Toei Company, LTD).

For more information on the show and company, visit Sipat Lawin Ensemble’s facebook page at http://facebook.com/sipatlawinensemble and the Battalia Royale wordpress at http://battaliaroyale.wordpress.com.


clip_image002IMG_4045 (Colored)


Tips in watching Battalia Royale

1.  Follow the rules carefully.

2.  Wear comfortable shoes.  You will be running around to fight for a good view.

3.  Bring flashlight, to better see your way or some of the scenes.  You can also buy the Battalia Royale survival kit on the venue.  It includes flashlight and other essentials.

4.  Don’t bother with your cameras.  It’s not allowed, just enjoy the show.

5.  It’s going to be hot, but wear jeans or jeggings / leggings.  There are times when you need to sit down the floor.  Wearing shorts would get your skin dirty.

6.  Wear comfortable clothes.  It is going to be hot.

7.  Shower.  You are going to be around a huge crowd.  Be considerate with your odor.  Shower.

8.  Eat before the show.  You need the energy to run and scream.

9.  Wear clothes that you’re okay to be stained with (fake blood)


Battalia Royale photos

“blood” Battle Scars while watching Battalia Royale


With the writers of Battalia Royale

September 14, 15, 16, 21, 22, and 23, 2012.

Venue: Museo Pambata 7pm

B3 Access Badge / Tickets: P450

For Battalia Royale Schedue, Date and Tickets visit the following:

Website: http://battaliaroyale.wordpress.com

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The Mistress Lines and Quotes John Lloyd and Bea Alonzo

Posted by on Sep 14, 2012 in Movies & TV

The Mistress Lines and Quotes John Lloyd and Bea Alonzo

Yet another movie with John Lloyd and Bea Alonzo.  John Lloyd is hotter with his clothes on.  Bea looks amazing!



It’s quite a heavy story, but full of meaning.


The Mistress movie lines:

“As long as I am alive, you will never be promoted to wife.”

“Ang daming dahilan para hindi kita mahalin. Pero may isang dahilan para ‘di ko magawa yun. Mahal kita. Yun lang yun.”

“Anong karapatan mo, kabit ka lang!”

“Hindi ako Puta.”

“Walang may pinanganak na pinangarap maging kabet!”

“He keeps on doing that to you because you keep on forgiving him.”

Di dahil gusto mo, makukuha mo.”


“Alam mo kung ano ang kaya kong gawin na hindi kaya ng Mr. Thursday mo. Kaya kitang pakasalan. Sa akin, wala kang kahati.”

“Sa akin. Marami kang kahati.”


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Flow Farm Yoga Samba

Posted by on Sep 13, 2012 in Entertainment and Lifestyle, Events, Travel

Flow Farm Yoga Samba

I’m so excited to embark on a unique journey of self-enlightenment.  Lately, I’ve been surrounding myself with positive energy and to maintain that I join travel groups like this!



FLOW Farm Yoga Samba Retreat

It’s not too late to join, you can still register:

contact 0917-8386261

or check out at www.flowsurfyogasamba.com

Facebook: flowsurfyogasamba

Twitter: @surfyogasamba


Take a break from the daily grind and repetitive patterns of your mind.  Join the Flow: Farm Yoga Samba Weekend Retreat at the Gawad Kalinga Organic Enchanted Farm in Bulacan on  September 22-23.  Rise and shine! 

  • Treat your soul for a sunrise Vinyasa Yoga class at the Bamboo Grass Place
  • Interact with farm animals and get to know your herbs & veggies in the GK Organic Farm Walk Tour
  • Learn how to make Theo & Philo artisan chocolates
  • Shake it with the Escola de Samba de Manila
  • Eat nutritious sustainably-grown organic food fresh from the GK Enchanted Farm and drink green smoothies too!

Package rate per person is P5,500 which includes the following:

•Organic Farm Walk Tour
•1 Sunrise Vinyasa Yoga class
•1 Sunset Yin Yoga session
•1 Samba session with Escola de Samba de Manila
•Green Smoothie Workshop
•Theo & Philo Chocolate Workshop
•2D/1N stay at the GK Enchanted Farm
•Meals & Snacks
•Flow Bag with freebies
•Flow Shirt

Event Itinerary

Sept 22, Saturday

8-930am Arrival of guests at the GK Enchanted Farm
9:30am: Icebreakers
10-11am: Farm Tour
12nn: Lunch
2-3:30pm: Theo + Philo chocolate workshop
4:30pm: Yin Yoga
7pm: Dinner
8:30pm: Samba Bonfire

Sept 23, Sunday

6:30am -7:30am: Sunrise Yoga
8am: Green Smoothie workshop & Breakfast
10am-11am: Harvest time at Farm or other farm activities
12nn: Lunch
2-3pm: Back to Manila


For more info on our retreats and events, contact 0917-8386261 or check
out at www.flowsurfyogasamba.com. Facebook: flowsurfyogasamba and Twitter: @surfyogasamba
Flow:FarmYogaSamba is sponsored by Moringana, Lightwater, Vitaminboost, Human Heart Nature, Beyond Yoga, Bikram Yoga Manila,
Strip, Browhaus, Sweet Ecstasy, Green Living TV and When In Manila.

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AEE Magicam

Posted by on Sep 10, 2012 in Art & Photography, Featured, La Union, Northern Luzon, Philippines, Travel

AEE Magicam


CONCLUSION: Great function at reasonable price!


AEE Magicam Underwater and Sports Camera

I got a chance to review the new AEE Magicam underwater and sports camera.  It’s less known to the public than GoPro here in Manila, but after using it, I conclude that it’s a pretty good contender.

Pricing is not yet set here in the Philippines since it is new but it will soon be available in Pixel Pro.  It should cost lesser than the GoPro and unlike GoPro which doesn’t include the LCD attachment in the initial purchase, this AEE does.  It also comes with more accessories included in the box such as the remote control, lcd monitor and extra battery pack.  For GoPro, you would have to buy these separately.


Mounting and Installation on a Surfboard

I installed everything myself! You need to buy an extra accessory for surf board mount.  GoPro uses suction tube, whereas AEE uses 3M adhesive.  Mind you, this adhesive is pretty strong.  It’s pretty safe especially if it’s new.  It comes with two parts so that in case one gets detached, you still have another one clinging to your camera.  Be sure to have that safety thread hold on :)

Installation was very easy.  Just make sure the board’s surface is dry, wax-free, dirt free.  Clean it well first before sticking the 3M mount.

Comes in 2 pieces, in case one part gets ripped. Unlike the suction where although secure, when it’s gone – it’s gone.

*thank you so much to Kristel for the photos above :)


AEE Magciam sports camera put to test (Surfing Video)



AEE Magicam SD21 Specs

  • With LCD glass screen: real-time display various status
  • External TFT display screen, real-time display video content or play recorded content
  • With IP68 standard waterproof case, and the waterproof depth is 60 meters, two kinds of housing design
  • Support setting, replay, delete ect. operations with connecting to 1.5″ TFT display screen
  • With built-in dismountable high-capacity lithium battery, it can be re-charged
  • HD video recording/photo snapping function with various models
  • Self-time function with front indicator and timing recording
  • Laser indicator function make record and snapshot easlier. 
  • 1/3 inch CMOS sensor 8.0 Mega Pixels
  • Recording MOV videos, to be directly played by PC or uploaded onto video websites
  • Auto exposure, auto white balance, easy to operate;
  • F/3.0 aperture, and support nightshot
  • 10x Digital zoom
  • 170°extra-large wide-angle lens
  • Auto recording when acceleration occurring (function as the black box of the car) *optional
  • Auto stand-by for power saving
  • Supporting fast forward and fast rewind, and skipping of contents in the next segment (when connecting with TFT screen player)
  • Supporting time setting (RTC function) and time superposition function;
  • Supporting USB2.0;
  • Built-in microphone, forming high-quality stereo voice recording effect
  • HDMI output, AV-OUT function
  • Support TF card (max. 64G)
  • Build-in buzzer for sound indicator
  • Photo 180 degree reversal function
  • Low battery alert
  • Memory capacity alert
  • Wireless remoter (record, stop, photo snap, laser indicator)
  • Various sport accessories, truly realizing the video recording of sports;
  • Good seismic resistance;
  • Support system: Windows 98SE/2000/Me/XP/Vista/Mac OS


Parameter List

  • Pixel: 8.0M CMOS SENSOR(3200*2400)
  • View Angle:170°
  • Snap mode:3M(2048*1536)/5M(2560*1920)/8M(3200*2400) 
  • Record mode:1080P 720P WVGA QVGA
  • Frame rate:1080P/30fps 720P/30fps WVGA/60fps QVGA/30fps
  • Record format: MOV(H.264 video compression)
  • Snap format:JPEG
  • Memory medium: Micro SD/MMC(Max 64GB SDHC)
  • Store Consumption:(2GB SD card)  Snapshot3M(1900pcs) 5M(1160pcs) 8M(770pcs); Record:720P/60min, WVGA/135min
  •  Display: LCD screen
  • laser power:1MW
  • digital zoom : 4x
  • AV OUT :support NTSC/PAL VGA and HDMI 
  • USB Jack:  USB2.0
  • Microphone: Support Built in 2 Microphones
  • Power consumption :[email protected](MAX) 
  • Lithium battery :1000mAh
  • Record time: 2.5h/ battery
  • Operation system:  Windows XP SP2/Vista or Above/Mac OS. CPU:Pentium4  1.5GHZ above, RAM:1GB above 
  • RTC function :support
  • Store temperature : -20℃–60℃
  • Operation temperature :  -10℃—50℃
  • Operation humidity :  15~85%RH 


AEE Magicam vs GoPro Hero

I have also tried GoPro Hero  and by comparison,

  • AEE seems sharper than GoPro.  Some experts say, it’s GoPro’s case design that ruins its sharpness and color.
  • GoPro is wider than AEE. Some experts say, too wide – too distorted and they’d rather have AEE.

for video testing side-by-side between the two cameras, check this out:


As for AEE Magicam, it gives sports and film enthusiasts an an option with great function, quality at a very reasonable price :) 

AEE Magicam will soon be sold at Pixel Pro branches in Manila.

Follow them on Facebook for updates: https://www.facebook.com/pixelproinc



Comparison Chart between AEE and GoPro Cameras

*click to enlarge chart

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Philippine Holidays 2013 and Long Weekends

Posted by on Sep 5, 2012 in Philippines, Pilipinas, Travel

Philippine Holidays 2013 and Long Weekends


It’s about time to plan your vacation early once again!  Book you flights and accommodations!

IMG_4910 (2)


Regular Holidays

January 1     New Year’s Day
March 28     Maundy Thursday
March 29     Good Friday
April 9      Araw ng Kagitingan (Day of Valor)
May 1         Labor Day
June 12        Independence Day
August 26     National Heroes’ Day
November 30     Bonifacio Day
December 25    Christmas
December 30     Rizal Day

Special Non-Working Days

March 30    Black Saturday
August 21    Ninoy Aquino Day
November 1    All Saint’s Day
November 2    Government Declared
December 24    Government Declared
December 31     Last Day of 2013


Additional Dates (estimate / unofficial, to wait final declaration)

February 10 Chinese New Year

February 25 People Power Day

August 9 Eidul Fitr

August 21 Ninoy Aquino Day

October 15 Eidul Adha


Philippine Long Weekends for 2013

February 23-25 (3 days)

March 28-31 (4 days)

August 24 – 26 (3 days)

November 1-3 (3 days)

December 28, 2013 – January 1, 2014 (5 days)


calendar from portalseven

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Falling in Love with the Phantom of the Opera

Posted by on Sep 3, 2012 in Celebrities, Entertainment and Lifestyle, Events, Music

Falling in Love with the Phantom of the Opera

This was the night I surrendered to the music of the night Smile

I’m not a big theatre fan, but ever since I’ve seen good productions when I moved here in Manila, I started to be amazed with this industry!  Like “Where have you been all my life!?”  When I heard Phantom of the Opera is going to show in the Philippines I was ecstatic!


The Venue

Can I just say, I’ve fallen for the characters.  And when you’re watching it, it just affects you in every way possible.  It’s all about passion and unrequited love which I’m sure a lot of people can relate to. 

"You alone can make my song take flight, It’s over now the music of the night"

I haven’t seen any plays or movies of the Phantom of the Opera yet so I had the advantage of discovering the story on a very nice setting at the comforts of my city – in CCP. 

@startel @lush_angel @flaircandy


The Actors

Yes, I’m a theatre noob and hearing about it, hearing about the songs and watching in live with the great actors was really something! 

That last line was hard for me not to be emotionally involved.  The build-up of the characters were timely as expected but in general, you’d find yourself transported into their world.  At least that was how it felt for me.


Stranger than you dreamt it, can you even bear to look, or dare to think of me?

Jonathan Roxmouth as the Phantom of the Opera


L-R: Guy Simpson – Musical Supervisor, Dondi Ong as “Piangi,” Claire Lyon as “Christine,” Anthony Downing as “Raoul,” and Jonathan Roxmouth as “The Phantom of the Opera”


The Orchestra and the Music of Andrew Lloyd Webber

I was also able to go to the Music of Andrew Lloyd Webber.  It was great, and a good snap of the Phantom of the Opera through the songs, but seeing it in the actual set was amazing, with my favorite lines…

Close your eyes for your eyes will only tell the truth
And the truth isn’t what you want to see
In the dark it is easy to pretend
That the truth is what it ought to be


I’m here, nothing can harm you
My words will warm and calm you


Costumes, Set and Transition

Great costumes, great set.  No fancy LCD screens shimmering to different backdrops.  It was old school push and pull sets.  I was impressed at the seemingly floating alley / bridge. 


Romantic Scenes

Complete with the Gondola scene, the music, and the acting – it was perfect.  Romantic!  I thought it would be overly corny, I was very fond of the Chemistry between the actors.  Even if we weren’t seated right at front you could feel it.

And when they did the scene with them 3, and with this song:

Say you’ll share with me one love, one lifetime. Lead me, save me from my solitude. Say you’ll want me with you here beside you. Anywhere you go, lt me go too. Christine, that’s all I ask of…

Sigh… it was very hard for me to write this post without being emotionally involved all over again! I suggest you watch it yourself.  It’s been selling quite good that they decided to extend it twice now until October 14 2012!  I heard tickets are selling fast!


Buy your tickets at Ticketworld

Phantom of the Opera Manila Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/POTOmanila


Student Discounts

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