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More Beautiful Than Ever, Ponds and PMAP Night

Posted by on Nov 30, 2012 in Beauty, Featured

More Beautiful Than Ever, Ponds and PMAP Night


It’s that time of the year when everyone hurls and swirls, panicking to buy some flattering dress and getting that shade of lipstick that would make them look younger.  It’s the time of reunions.  High school reunions, family reunions, company Christmas parties etc.

What do your peers remember of you? 

You know it!  You like it when they say you look as young as ever don’t you?  Trust me, from someone who doesn’t want to celebrate birthdays anymore (that’s me) because that scale of my life is going nowhere but up.

I used to be annoyed when people would think I’m still in high school.  Now that I’m counting towards the end of the calendar (my age that is), I’m actually kinda flattered!

Don’t you want to look better than you did back then?


It’s so surreal but some celebrities who have solid beauty regimen could actually pull it off!


PMAP Night

PMAP stands for Professional Models Association of the Philippines.  Recently, they just celebrated their 25th year and I was there to witness it!  How I wish I was a part of that association, but I was honored to be invited for that evening.

I can’t believe these models keep looking better and better and better!  

Have you ever seen Tweety de Leon now?  She looks more radiant than ever!



Also, I found her tweet about an Ad spread 25 years back!

Is there even a limit to their beauty?  I know that behind all that lovely face is a very discipled woman who work hard to be at her best.  Yes, if you always want to look good, you cannot be lazy.  I have been very vocal about not agreeing with that famous statement “Vanity is a sin.”  I do believe it is our duty to take care of our ownselves, of our own bodies and that what should be considered a “sin” is “laziness.”

Of course, behind all this discipline is a beauty routine made easier by Pond’s Age Miracle.  I heard that when we age, our cells in general, just don’t renew as fast.  Pond’s Age Miracle speeds that process up so we get younger skin.


Pond’s Age Miracle

Pond’s co-sponsored the PMAP night as they celebrated beauty through its members, looking their best EVER thoughout the years!

“Looking your best you… now.”

It’s time you try an anti-aging cream that’s proven to work.  How it helps is that it renews skin cells fast that you’ll look up to 10 years younger.  Their aim is to fight the aging process effectively.  Don’t we all want that?

During the night, Pond’s had a photo gallery installed within the event grounds showcasing how the Pond’s Endorsers (who also happen to be PMAP members) are looking better and better as years go by.  Quite a proof that Pond’s Age Miracle indeed works.  

It has been decided then… that I, will also take photos of myself and compare it over the years.  CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!


Pond’s Magic 6

With Pond’s partnership with PMAP, they formed the Magic 6 who are now their brand ambassadors: Marilen Faustino, Mika Lagdameo-Martinez, Apples Aberin, Rissa Trillo, Tweetie de Leon and Ornussa Cadness.




To know more about Ponds Age Miracle, visit the following links

Ponds Twitter: @PondsPH

Pond’s Philippines Facebook Page: facebook.com/pondsphilippines


A Treat This Christmas Season

‘Tis the season to be jolly! Give yourself the holiday cheer by grabbing your complimentary make up brush set from Pond’s! Comes with every Php500 worth of purchase from the Pond’s Age Miracle, Flawless White or Gold Radiance Collection. Available in leading department stores. Until supplies last.

Also, grab this Holiday Gift Set for only P699!  Buy 1 Pond’s Age Miracly Day Cream and Get a FREE Pond’s Age Miracle Facial Wash 100g worth P220.

Also, Pond’s will be releasing a new Facebook app called “Batch of Beauties” soon. Be the first ones to catch it by tuning into their Pond’s Age Miracle’s Facebook page!



To know more about Ponds Age Miracle, visit the following links

Ponds Twitter: @PondsPH

Pond’s Philippines Facebook Page: facebook.com/pondsphilippines


*Photos c/o VISIONS PR via Ponds PH Facebook

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Top International Movies to Watch on CinemaWorld This December

Posted by on Nov 29, 2012 in Entertainment and Lifestyle, Movies & TV

Top International Movies to Watch on CinemaWorld This December

I just love movies!  Lately, I’ve opened my horizon to watching international films that are worth watching.  It’s very interesting to see the differences in humor, love, art etc on different cultures and what better way to experience it than to watch the movies they present.

If you don’t know about CinemaWorld yet, it is an international channel that offers mainstream programming that is fresh, unique and different.  Different from the usual movies we see locally, in the US and UK.  We get to see a whole lot more.  It provides movie lovers a variety of titles which they cannot find anywhere else.  All movies on CinemaWorld are shown in their original language with English subtitiles.

Did I mention that I’m currently studying French?

Well, it is great practice to watch a French movie in CinemaWorld, trust me!

For this December, it would be very exciting as they prepared remarkable movies highlighting stories of people from different walks of life, perfect to enjoy this holiday season.



Luisa, a mobile phone company executive feels invisible at the age of 44.  She lives alone, having been left by her husband, while her daughter studies away from home.  During an evening office party, her colleague Jorge, who is of the same age as her and whose partner for the evening is a young company phone salesgirl named Marina, ignores her.  Indignant, Luisa turns to an actress and to her table tennis coach to help her become “visible” and seduce Jorge.  

*I bet a lot of ladies can relate to this!  Even I sometimes feel invisible to my “crush” -eek!

Catch An Invisible Woman, as Maria Bouzas shows off how she won the Mestre Mateo Award for Best Actress as the titular character.



Robert Hansen and Sofie Lassen-Kahkle star in this Danish romantic comedy of not-quite-requited love. Three months after breaking up with her highschool boyfriend Viktor, Anja discovers that she loves him after all. The movie is a hilarious race against time as Anja tries to win Viktor back before he marries someone else. Produced by the famed Regner Grasten, it became so popular that it spawned two sequels, “Anja & Viktor – Flaming Love” (2007) and “Anja & Viktor – The Ups And Downs” (2008).



Behrouz, a 12-year old boy, who was raised in a poor family, dreams of having his own bike. He finds out that each player in the champion football team in a provincial tournament is awarded a bike, so he tries hard to secure a place in his school team. However, he knows nothing about football! Directed by Abbas Moranian, Iranian film director, Behrouz Hit Me, Mom! won Audience Award, Best Film, Best Child Actor and Best Director Diploma at the Hamedan Children Film Festival in 2010.



Piero, an openly homosexual gay rights activist, runs as the more progressive candidate in the mayoral election of Udine, Italy. At the other end stands the bigoted right-wing candidate, who builds physical walls around his community to keep foreigners and drug dealers confined to their various neighborhoods, and his candidate for vice-mayor, pro-family values champion, Adele. In an odd twist of events, Piero temporarily sets his political loyalties and gender preference aside and sleeps with the gorgeous Adele, betraying his male partner, Remo in the process. Actor Luca Argentero was nominated for Best Actor Award at the Ente David di Donatello (the Italian Academy Awards) playing Piero Bonutti in this 2010 Italian Comedy Different From Whom?.



With the war in Iraq intensifying, a prominent radio journalist and his technician pretend to report live from Baghdad, after losing their plane tickets and money in this Adventure Comedy, starring Gerard Lanvin and Gerard Jugnot. As the duo hide out in the Barbes area of Paris, in an attempt to pull off the ultimate scam, the listeners tune in awaiting the latest word from the front lines of the war. Special Correspondents was produced in France and directed by Frederic Auburtin of French Romantic Comedy Paris, Je T’aime.




The Best Things In The World is poignant portrait of teen life through the journey of 15-year-old Mano, whose world is turned upside down because his parents are divorcing and his love interest is infatuated with someone else. He and his sensitive older brother Pedro are deeply affected by the knowledge that their father, Horacio, is gay, and that he is leaving their mother, Camila, for Gustavo – and that is not even counting the love triangle where he, his love interest Carol, and his rival Artur figure in. Starring Caio Biat as Artur, whose role won him the 2012 Cinema Brazil Grand Prize for Best Supporting Actor, The Best Things In The World, a 2012 Brazilian movie that talks about family, is one move to watch out for.


Celebrate the holidays with award-winning movies from CinemaWorld on Cable Link and through the a la carte subscription or HD Movie Package of SkyCable.


Find out more about CinemaWorld at


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Posted by on Nov 27, 2012 in Life, Personal

Nosebleed. Again.

I’m sick. I think I have either the flu or cold. It gets worse because I have sinusitis, rhinitis .. You name it.

So my nose bled again. Probably from too much snorting.

Random thoughts crossed my mind like:
– ooh, that’s how red my blood is
– amazing!
– why is our blood red?
– why can’t it be pink? Or purple? Or white?
– Then again I recalled someone said that blood only becomes red when in contact with oxygen. Is that true?

On another note. My nose bleeding just stopped while I’m typing this over my Blackberry. I’m lucky my blood clots fast and my wounds heal quick. But then again, could that mean I’m prone to aneurysm? Hello Hannah!?! I’m just being paranoid.

Anyway, don’t mind me and my randomness. I shall sleep now.


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Coloud Headphones Review

Posted by on Nov 27, 2012 in Tech Chic

Coloud Headphones Review

I’ve heard cool things about Coloud headphones! I’ve been geeing out on their Marvel-designed headphones! Their regular design for headphones can’t be ignored too because they are simple yet it has a flashy twist. (Check out the photos below, but read first!)

Design aside, I want to review different Coloud headphones based on their performance too.



The packaging is quite appealing at a triangular shaped plastic box.  This should give you what the headset in its totallity would look like.  You could choose from a plethora of colors: Green, Pink, Purple, Dark, Light and Bright colors.


Audio performance

For its price, it performs okay. I tested it on my iPod and my mobile phone. For someone who likes heavy bass to the point where it squeezes your heartbeat then this is not for you. But for those who want just the right amount of bass, this is okay.


Design and Comfort

Did I mention that their design is minimalist with an oomph? A simple gray tone color with a bright pink accent is a great fashion statement for me. Aside from that, both the Boom and the Knock headphones have pretty much a standard stance. I’m not much of a fan of over-the-head headphones so I’d still prefer the ear pieces.


Tangle-Free System

This is one feat I like.  They call this the Zound Lasso.   This is to get you to enjoy your music without being annoyed at the cords to puzzle the hell out of you.  It has a flat cord and I don’t know if it has an effect on the quality of the sound but like I said earlier about the audio performance, I’ve heard better… But then again, for the price, it’s decent.  On another thought, this flat cord can be wrapped aorund the Zound Lasso and secured firmly into place with the pliable angled plug.


Microphone and Remote

Each pair of the Coloud Headphones also comes equipped with a microphone and remote on the cord for picking up calls.  It works pretty smoothly when I tried it.

Since Christmas is coming, this would be a perfect gift to a techie or a music lover who also has a tack for good design.


Three Different Models

The Boom

The Boom is a rough and ready headphone designed to deliver your daily dose of music. Outside noise stays out thanks to the Boom’s closed construction, while minimal parts mean less weight on your head. The Boom’s sturdy frame is crafted to withstand the pressures of everyday listening and the Zound Lasso, together with the flat cable, protects against tangles during transport.



The Knock

With a robust and streamlined design, Knock is ergo- nomically designed to provide non-stop comfort. It’s an ultra lightweight headphone that’s strong enough to withstand the pressures of everyday listening. It delivers a sound that is clear and distinct and comes with the patent-pending Zound Lasso that holds the flat cable in place, so that your cord won’t get tangled during transport.


The Pop

The Pop is a highly durable headphone that’s perfect to bring with you wherever you go. With a direct sound and powerful bass, the Pop eliminates any audio pollution around you, allowing you to focus on your music. The angled ear buds are ergonomi- cally designed to give you a better in-ear fit, and comes with S, M and L replacement caps so that they always sit securely in your ears. Together with the Pop’s flat cord, the Zound Lasso is our solution for a tangle-free life.


Coloud Resellers:


Automatic Center


Beyond The Box



Digital Hub

Digital Walker 







Mobile 1

Power Hub 





Boom – 1850

Knock – 1450

Pop – 950

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Speck CandyShell Flip wins Speck iLounge iPhone 5 Case of the Year

Posted by on Nov 27, 2012 in Tech Chic

Speck CandyShell Flip wins Speck iLounge iPhone 5 Case of the Year

Speck’s CandyShell Flip for iPhone5 has been named iPhone 5 Case of the Year by iLounge!  That’s four years in a row that iLounge honored Speck products.

CandyShell Flip features a clever flip-back panel that lets you easily dock your iPhone 5 or use accessories like Apple’s Lightning to 30-pin adapter and DJ headphones without taking off the case.  It also combines a hard, impact-resistant outer shell with a soft, shock-absorbent interior in a single-piece, pop-in construction.

So the next time you buy a case for your new iPhone 5, try to consider award-winning brands by Speck.

You can buy Speck’s CandyShell Flip at the following resellers:
Power Mac Center, Beyond the Box, Digital Hub, Digital Walker, iStudio, Switch, iStore, iCenter, Mobile 1, iGig, The A Shop, SencoLink

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Dying Eternally

Posted by on Nov 23, 2012 in Personal

While getting my hair “did” yesterday, I had a conversation with the hair stylist.  She said she loves her children, but she no longer could buy the things she want for herself. Made me think, “I am so not ready to have children.”  But it also made me think if I forever don’t want a child at all… then I thought, if I won’t have a child in the future, what did I live for. It’s like, I’m gonna die (duh, aren’t we all?) – but this time ETERNALLY. :( wala lang just random thoughts before I sleep.

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Pole Love to the Next Level

Posted by on Nov 21, 2012 in Featured, Fitness, Personal

Pole Love to the Next Level


This week has been a great expression of pole in my life.


Big Shift VIE & VAULT Amateur Night 2012

I haven’t been attending proper classes at the Polecats studio since I have been busy with work and travel.  I pole at home from time to time, when I can.

I had a crazy decision to join an amateur pole competition 3 days before the final deadline.  I AM CRAZY!  People have been telling me I’m crazy for my decisions, but they were all decisions that came from my heart (yes also with a lot of logic and thinking but my heart always wins).

Creating a choreo for pole from scratch was a very tasking job!  For the song choice, I just decided to use “Girl on Fire” by Alicia Keys the first time I heard it on the radio.  It’s a powerful song and I’d enjoy dancing to it.  After hearing the song over and over again to choreo for it, I GOT SICK of it! >.<  But, I finished the song (well, from 4 mins down to 3 because I got so dead tired).  So here goes…

My audition video for Vie & Vault Bigshift Danka Studios Amateur contest 2012

Hay nako!

My friends are so OA!  The views doesn’t count in the criteria, but they campaigned for me like crazy! Special thanks to Mica, Twitter followers, crazy plurk friends and Facebook friends who have been promoting it on their blogs and social media.  You guys are crazy but I love you all!  THANK YOU SO MUCH for encouraging me to do this.  Heck, I am one weak soul and you guys just gave me the courage to do this.  What have you gotten me into? **faints**

The good always comes with a bad.  My battle scars.  Happy scars!

and eek! I made it to the grand finals together with other Pole Kittens and Pole Tigers!

Xpert Pole Fitness Teacher Training with Marlo Fisken

*Assisted by Natasha Wang

Yeah… another last-minute decision I made was to take a Pole Teacher training program.

Teaching pole has been something that’s been lingering on my mind, especially when friends here and in Bacolod have been asking me to teach them.  They want to be my “first students.”  I will always just say “I’ll try.”

One, I can’t teach just like that.  I want to be a responsible teacher, one that knows how to manage a studio, legal requirements, first-aid knowledge, handling a class etc.

Again, thanks to friends who pushed and encouraged me to take this class.  I think it’s an investment worth spending for.  I just resigned from my recent job and I’ll be helping my family with our fam business.  My friend said, “What are you gonna do with pole?”  I guess I’m taking it to the next level.

I can never let go of dancing.  From performing at almost every functions in my elementary years, to joining folk dance competitions in high school and cheerleading in college – dancing, will never leave me.  And here I am.  A pole dancer.  And now, I am confident that I can teach pole.  I just need experience and well… capital to take pole to my hometown.  I need business partners baby! C’mon, email me if you believe in art, fitness and creativity.  Pole is the next big thing!

I just passed and received a certification that I completed the Xpert Pole Fitness Training!

Thanks to Polecats Manila for hosting this training!


I’m panicking! I need a song, a theme/concept, a choreo, a list of tricks and spins and A COSTUME!

and I need some energy booster thingamajigs.  WHEATGRASS and Berocca TIME!

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FLoW SurfYogaSamba Weekend Retreat this November!

Posted by on Nov 21, 2012 in Uncategorized

FLoW SurfYogaSamba Weekend Retreat this November!

FLOW SurfYogaSamba Weekend Retreat is turning terrific 3 this November! With this, they are going to celebrate our milestone with another awesome retreat with the usual Surf, Yoga Samba combination but this time in another known surf spot only 3 hours away from Manila…yep, they’re flowin’ to Zambales! Enjoy a long weekend getaway with like-minded people in dreamy destination -Casa San Miguel, Zambales.


Recharge in a relaxing Yin Yoga class by Monica Eleazar-Manzano, learn drumming and samba dancing with Escola de Samba de Manila, get healthy as the Flow team share their favorite recipes in the Green Smoothie Workshop and discover the world of raw veganism with Mona Lisa Neuboeck, a raw food chef who will be giving a talk on Raw Surf Trip – tried and tested tips & tricks on How to eat healthfully raw at any surf spot.

A newbie on the waves? Learn how to surf with Surfasana School by Corey Wills. Corey Wills, a raw vegan, PETA advocate and yogi, will also be leading a fundamentals yoga class to mentally prepare the mind & the body for surfing.

The Flow:SurfYogaSamba Weekend Retreat is on November 30 – December 2, 2012 at Casa San Miguel, Zambales. To register, please log on to www.flowsurfyogasamba.com.

Check out my blog post of the last Flow: FarmYogaSamba retreat.
For more information, email [email protected]
Facebook: flowsurfyogasamba
Twitter: @surfyogasamba
Instagram: instagram.com/flowsurfyogasamba

Flow:SurfYogaSamba Weekend Retreat in Zambales is presented by Havaianas, Aura Athletica, Bobble. In partnership with Belo Essentials Sun Expert, Moringana, Lightwater, Vitaminboost, Beyond Yoga. Minor Sponsors: Aloha Boardsports, Billabong. Browhaus, Strip, Lagu, Human Heart Nature, Fitness Lab. Media Partner: Travel Magazine and My Life on Board.

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Posted by on Nov 11, 2012 in Personal

I just miss those days when I blog about nonsense things that happen to me during the day.

You see, those write-ups usually happen spontaneously and when I’m on the go or before I sleep.

I change phones too much and realize that I just miss using my BB qwerty phone! It’s all I need to put thoughts into writing.

My friends say, I need to install a camera that could follow me everywhere and wherever I go because apparently, spontaneous blurts from my mouth were very entertaining for my friends. Kinda like “sh*t my dad says” my close friends often quote my silly punch lines on twitter.

I’m a very happy person. Sometimes though, my energy is drained by harsh forces or environment. I miss being me, free and productive, doing what I love best – living the good life!

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Ramen Bar Instagram Contest Win 4th Gen iPod Touch

Posted by on Nov 10, 2012 in Contests, Food

Ramen Bar Instagram Contest Win 4th Gen iPod Touch



Dine, Share and Win with Ramen Bar!


Get to try Ramen Bar’s new dishes and get a chance to win weekly prizes and a 4th Gen iPod Touch only at #RamenBar


Here’s how:

  • Try the new Ramen dishes (Shoyu 2.0, Kakuni King, Bikkuri)
  • Take a photo, describe your dish and share it on Instagram
  • Use the hashtags #AwesomeNewRamen #RamenBar #RBcontest
  • Link it to your twitter and facebook accounts for more chances of winning
  • Contest will run from November 5, 2012 until January 14, 2013
  • Weekly winners will be announced on Ramen Bar’s Facebook Fan Page every Monday
  • Grand Prize winner will be announced on January 21, 2013


Ramen Bar Instagram:  @ramenbar_ph

Ramen Bar Facebook:  facebook.com/ramenbar

Ramen Bar Twitter: @RamenBar




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The Good Life, The Good Choice, Sun is Shining!

Posted by on Nov 6, 2012 in Featured, Personal, Tech Chic

The Good Life, The Good Choice, Sun is Shining!

When I feel good about my choices, I feel happy! I tune in to some good music that would keep me inspired to make more good choices!

Included in my playlist:

  • Sun is Shining by Bob Marley
  • Good Life by One Republic
  • Pas de Problemes by Kana (French)
  • Om Numah Shiva by Apache Indian (Hindu)
  • Fall In Love (Estelle)
  • Time of my Life – (Dirty Dancing OST)
  • Lovely Day by Bill Withers

I listen to feel-good songs to keep my euphoria up.  Whether I’m up or I’m on my lowest of lows, I know I need to move on no matter what! Smile


I’ve learned from my experiences that good choices come from the beat of my heart!



The Internet and Social Media

My decision to explore the world of internet and social media was one of the most fun choices in my life.  I went out of my comfort zone and embraced this new world.  Hence, my blog was born.  I got featured in different magazines and newspapers and hosted TV shows and events!  I’m not trying to brag, I just want the world to know how scary it was for me to make a huge career change, but eventually, I moved on to do greater things!

My heart beats for more exciting things and all I did  was to follow it!


My Permanent Ink’s Design

I explained the process of how I decided to select the design for my tattoo in my recent blog post here.  To make the long story short, I relied on my HEARTBEAT. 


The Healthy Life

I could not enjoy all this if I’m not healthy enough to move around!  My food choices and dedication to exercise and join sports activities has been the greatest thing that happened to me.  Being healthy adds quality to your life!

The Passion to Travel

Traveling is pretty much a common activity for most people, but not everyone has the passion to go beyond traveling.  I explored a lot of new places, different cultures and experiences.  This taught me a great deal about life.  It opened my mind into greatness and my heart beats for more!


Good Choice of Keeping in Touch with Family and Loved Ones

My family, extended family and friends love me so much that they expect me to keep in touch with them all the time!  My mom is actually the one who made the good choice for me (because mothers know best).  She got me my first line with Sun Cellular!  We’ve been using it for years and it never compromised my relationship with my family and loved ones even when I’m away.

I am always away from my family either to study, to work or travel.  I NEED my family.  They’re my support, when I’m down troubled and confused. 

When they need me (and vice versa) getting in touch with them and catching up with our lives is easy thanks to Sun Cellular, the good choice! Smile


Traveling Abroad with Sun

Recently, Sun accommodated the woes of a jet-setter.  Not only is roaming helpful, they also offer travelers a P5 text to a number in the Philippines when I’m abroad!  It’s my recent favorite feature of Sun Cellular – Budget Roaming Service


My Blackberry powered by Sun

I have other phones and numbers that relate to my job but I just can’t live without my Blackberry powered by Sun!  They have great rates and choices for Blackberry users and I just can’t live without BBM.  Well, not just yet!

Sun Cellular also has expanded their coverage offering more reliable connection!


Check out this video

Sun Cellular Postpaid


Value for Money

The best part about the good choices I make is the value I get for the money I spend! I get a lot of perks and features at very affordable prices!  I got a good discount from the tattoo I got.  I travel on a sleek budget and take advantage of hotel deals and seat sales!  The more I save, the more I have fun! Having Sun Cellular with me equips me with a great tool to keep in touch with my online activities even when I travel.


How about you?  What good choices have you made and how to do you feel about them?



*This is a sponsored post for Sun Cellular.

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Pride of Negros: Nature’s Village Resort Makes Agoda.com’s top Eco-Friendly Hotels in 2012

Posted by on Nov 5, 2012 in Travel

Pride of Negros: Nature’s Village Resort Makes Agoda.com’s top Eco-Friendly Hotels in 2012

I can’t be more proud of my hometown, Negros!

I just went home to witness again another Masskara festival, and this time I brought friends with me!

And now, I just heard another good news from Agoda.com!

Agoda.com just selected their Top 10 eco-friendly hotels from its international network and the Philippines garnered one place and it is situated in my dear hometown! Negros’ pride Nature’s Village Resort makes the cut for Agoda.com’s top eco-friendly hotels in 2012!  Other hotels on the list also include different resorts from internationally prominent destination such as Shanghai, Sarawak, Melbourne, Melaka, Barcelona, New Delhi and Bangkok.


Full Press Release from Agoda.com

SINGAPORE (October 31, 2012) – Agoda.com, Asia’s leading hotel booking site and part of Nasdaq-listed Priceline Group (Nasdaq: PCLN), today released its annual shortlist of eco-friendly hotels.

Far from being a fad or passing trend, the environmental impact of a hotel is now something that almost every property takes into account during the planning stage, as well as something that many customers take note of. Most hotels do their best to limit any negative environmental effects but only a handful truly go the extra mile to make sure that as many business decisions as possible can be justified or supported from an ecological point of view. With increasingly cheaper technology and eco-materials and new ideas and strategies helping push eco-boundaries, it’s becoming easier for hotels to ensure that their properties provide a maximum level of comfort with a minimum level of environmental disruption.

This includes obvious touches like solar panels and low-flush toilets, but there is much more to building an eco-friendly resort than that. Practices such as using only renewable building materials, letting gravity do the work of water pumps, or complying with international environmental standards show that there is endless room for innovation when it comes to ecological responsibility.

“Hotels that once considered ‘eco-friendly’ to mean a small environmental footprint and conservation of resources are now taking things a step further, cleaning up trash, investing in best-practices, actually improving the sustainability of the communities that surround them,” said Robert Rosenstein, CEO of Agoda.com. “Whether in big cities or remote resort islands, our customers love these eco-friendly resorts.”

With that in mind, we present Agoda.com’s list of this year’s ten notable eco-friendly hotels that are doing their part to create a comfortable, beautiful balance with nature.


Six Senses Ninh Van Bay, Vietnam, 5*
Perched up against limestone cliffs and dramatic scenery in this bay on Vietnam’s southeast coast, it offers lush jungle, white beaches and secluded five star luxury in one great package. Even better, it’s all done with an eye toward environmental sustainability. Built with renewable and recycled materials and designed in a way that allows for refreshing sea breezes to cool the premises, the hotel also recycles wastewater for its gardens, collects rainwater for use throughout the hotel, and allows guests to take part in environmental reclamation projects such as planting trees. In addition, the restaurant prepares some amazing meals with locally-caught fish and vegetables from the hotel’s garden, and the spa uses 100% natural products in its full-service treatments.

URBN Hotel, Shanghai, China, 5*
Housed in a converted factory in Shanghai’s French concession area, the minimalist URBN hotel Shanghai is China’s first carbon-neutral hotel, a fact which is easy to believe as you enter the lobby and step into your room, elegantly designed with various greenery and richly colored wood that was sourced from recycled local materials. Sustainability is key to operations at URBN, who employ energy-efficient approaches to lighting and achieve full carbon neutrality by participating in the Million Tree Project, a program that offsets carbon emissions with the purchase of trees planted in Mongolia’s Kulun Desert.

Alto Hotel on Bourke, Melbourne, Australia, 4*
Melbourne’s multi-award winning eco-friendly boutique hotel is notable for its near-obsessive dedication to being eco-friendly. Indeed, the hotel boasts some of the lowest energy, waste & water usage per guest in the whole country when measured against EarthCheck, an industry standard environmental certification program. Renewable sources provide 100% of the hotel’s energy, which is a nice touch when you’re recharging your electric car downstairs. And if you feel like sweetening your complimentary coffee with honey, you can relax knowing that the coffee is Organic & Fair Trade from the Penachi region of Peru, which helps lift poverty-stricken communities out of harm, and the honey is harvested from the hotel’s rooftop beehives. Even the guestroom key cards are made of corn starch instead of plastic!

Borneo Highlands Resort, Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia 3*
Borneo is known the world over for its incredibly varied ecosystem, which includes ancient rainforest, extensive cave systems and thousands of varieties of wildlife, much of it endangered or rare. It stands to reason that any hotel should do its best to blend in, and the Borneo Highlands Resort manages to do this very nicely. Located 1,000 meters above sea level where the air is cool and moist, the hotel uses organic farms for its meals and even provides a trained horticulturist to educate guests on just what it is they’re eating. The number of guests is strictly limited to 60 per day to reduce overall impact on the surrounding area, which includes walking trails, waterfalls, bird watching and, of course, clean mountain air.

Philea Resort and Spa, Ayer Keroh, Melaka, Malaysia 5*
If you’re going to go eco, you might as well go all the way, and Malaysia’s Philea Resort and Spa does a great job in making old new again. Designed to resemble an alpine village and built with locally sourced pine logs and marble from the famed quarry in the nearby province of Perak, it goes the extra mile in proving that materials bought brand new don’t have the market cornered on comfort. Indeed, the hotel proudly offers stately furniture and decorations built from materials recovered from shipwrecks and old railway cars, all of it located on property sheltered from the elements by 3,000 trees that have been specially added to the lush landscape.

Bangkok Tree House, Bangkok, Thailand, 3*
Bangkok isn’t a city that conjures up images of eco-friendliness, but the Bangkok Tree House is a notable exception. Located in the ‘Green Lung’, a jungle-covered peninsula on the edge of the city, great pains have been taken to ensure that it’s not only eco-friendly, but eco-positive – for instance, for every booking made 1kg of trash is removed from the Chao Phraya River. In addition, discarded containers and driftwood are used to make the planters and trellises that support the growth of organic vegetables, which serve to provide shade and supply the kitchen. Clothes are laundered using biodegradable detergents and hung in the fresh air to dry, and 100% of the outdoor lighting is supplied by wind and solar power. And let’s not forget the quiet jungle evenings with a river breeze and zero light pollution from the city.

The Tongsai Bay, Ko Samui, Thailand, 5*
Any island can only offer a limited amount of resources, so it’s especially important that care is taken when building on one. From the first day of construction The Tongsai Bay has done its part to make sure the natural island environment of Ko Samui has flourished. Care was taken when building to avoid cutting down trees, and a customized ‘Green Project’ ensures that water and soil is recycled, plastic use is minimized in favor of cloth bags and ceramic bottles, and that heat generated by air conditioners is used to heat water. The hotel also recycles garbage to fertilize the gardens that provide the hotel with organic produce, advises local school children on low-carbon lifestyles, and funds activities to plant trees, clean up litter, and rescue wildlife. With these practices firmly in place, the integrity of The Tongsai Bay’s private beach and surrounding ecosystem should be healthy for a very long time.


Nature’s Village Resort, Negros Occidental, Philippines, 4*
With the dramatic peak of Mt. Marapara as a backdrop, Nature’s Village Resort has a lot to live up to. Thankfully, it does just that with its focus on the promotion of sustainable practices and efforts to educate guests on green tourism and their impact on the environment – a practice that resulted in the hotel’s nomination for an ASEAN Green Hotel Recognition Award in 2010. Organic vegetables from the garden are used in cooking, and the interior of the hotel is decorated with reclaimed supplies from around the region – everything from glass beads from scrapped ocean buoys to grain and food preparation materials used in traditional Philippine kitchens.

Casa Camper, Barcelona, Spain, 4*
Minimalism can be beautiful, and Casa Camper sets out to prove this while at the same time leading the way with several important eco-initiatives. Starting with the layout of each room, which all have a bathroom facing the 18m tall hanging garden, the same message is extended throughout the hotel – unclutter. Carpets are avoided to cut down on dust, solar heated water fills your shower, and linens and the bed frame itself are both washed every day. To make sure that nothing is left to chance, a sophisticated biomechanical water treatment system cleans wastewater for use in secondary places like toilets, and bicycles are provided to guests for easy, emissions-free transport around the city.

The Park New Delhi Hotel, New Delhi, India, 5*
It’s usually the smaller hotels that specialize in eco-friendly practices, but the Park New Delhi is a big player with a big impact, and does its utmost to ensure that the environmental effects of its operations are as minor as possible. Located next to Connaught Place, one of the largest financial and commercial districts in New Delhi, the emphasis on luxury is never at the expense of its eco-aims. Not only are low-energy LED lights installed throughout, but its menu is focused on organic food and a unique engineering system has been installed to control water pressure and reduce water wastage – a practice that continues outdoors as well, as rainwater is collected and used in hotel landscaping. The Park New Delhi even takes care with its garbage, as all of the trash bags it uses are biodegradable.

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Color Your Life! A Guide to Eating Healthy

Posted by on Nov 5, 2012 in Health

Color Your Life! A Guide to Eating Healthy

Red, Yellow, Orange, White, Green, Blue and Purple.

Do you even notice the color of the food  you eat?  I’m talking about the natural colors of fruits and vegetables and not the artificial coloring you get from certain foods.

Do you believe in the saying “You are what you eat?” Well, I do!  


I just discovered this really cool guide to eating right!

Nutrilite made a chart on the different vegetable and fruit groups according to color and discussed the benefits of each group here.

Are you living in full color? Take the quiz now!

As much as we want to fulfill the chart every day so that we get all the nutrients our body needs, sometimes we just couldn’t fill in all the boxes.  “Oooh, I haven’t eaten ‘white’ yet, where can I get garlic?”  I’m just saying, it is important to eat different kinds of vegetables and fruits but it could be hard monitoring every single color group you are eating.  Good luck to me when I’m at work where my food choices are very limited.

This is where supplements come in.  Their role is to bridge the missing gap to your daily nutrition.  This is actually the secret of Enchong Dee! He takes Nutrilite supplements that are rich in phytonutrients or plant nutrients!  These supplements can help bridge the gap between the servings of fruits and vegetables your body needs and the servings per day you actually consume.

In fact, Enchong Dee is one person the young folks look up to.  I’m older than him but I still look up to him.  Kudos to a very talented young man who does sports, creative lifestyle in acting and living his life in full color!

Check out this new video of him and you will see how vibrant his life is, living a colorful life!

Enchong Dee singing Bluer than Blue

Enchong Dee Knocks You Out


For more information about Nutrilite supplements, check out the following:

Nutrilite Official Websitecolorurlife.com.ph

Nutrilite’s Fun Facebook Communityfacebook.com/NutriliteCOLORurLIFE/info

Hashtag: Use #ColurUrLife when you tweet about eating healthy and Nutrilite



*This post is sponsored by Nutrilite, COLORurLIFE.

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