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Dying Eternally

Posted by on Nov 23, 2012 in Personal | 1 comment

While getting my hair “did” yesterday, I had a conversation with the hair stylist.  She said she loves her children, but she no longer could buy the things she want for herself. Made me think, “I am so not ready to have children.”  But it also made me think if I forever don’t want a child at all… then I thought, if I won’t have a child in the future, what did I live for. It’s like, I’m gonna die (duh, aren’t we all?) – but this time ETERNALLY. 🙁 wala lang just random thoughts before I sleep.

1 Comment

  1. Actually what the hairdresser is saying is right. Many of us thought that it would be okay. But after going through this phase, we know that there would not be sufficient moola for own expenditure. Sad….

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