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One More Try Movie Lines

Posted by on Dec 31, 2012 in Entertainment and Lifestyle, Movies & TV, Personal

It’s the MMFF season and it warms my heart to see the cinemas packed!  That just means, we are supporting the local movies.  The second movie I watched had a the very controversial plot.  It was all about sacrificing a marriage and the one you love, just to save a child’s life.

One More Try Movie Quotable Quotes:

“Mahal kita, pero mas mahal ko ang anak ko.”
“Trinato mo ko na parang asong pinasahan mo ng buto matapos mong lawayan!”
“Kahit saglit, kahit isang gabi lang, pahiram ng asawa mo.”

“I can be a sexy wife sa umaga and a dirty mistress sa gabi.”
“Hindi, hindi ka makakagulo kung ang kukunin mo lang naman ay ang kailangan mo”
“How can you even say no to a mother with a dying child?”
“Iba yung pumapayag sa nakikisama. Iba din ang nakikisama sa nagtitiis.”
“Ulit-ulit? Hindi ko naman kasi alam na nakasubscribe ka pala ng UNLIs*x sa asawa ko at gusto mo pang SULITin”
“Kung nilawayan ko man ang buto, akin yun. Asawa ko yun!”

“Kung alam ko kung hanggang kailan ako magtitiis, matatawag pa ba ‘tong pagmamahal?”
“Anak tandaan mo, No trespassing. Matuto kang kumatok bago pumasok. Huwag kang sugod nang sugod.”

I also should say Angel and DingDong should have the “Most Awkward Sex Scene Award.”

Main characters: Ding Dong Dantes, Angelica Panganiban, Zanjoe Marudo and Angel Locsin. One More Try Lines, One More Try Movie, One More Try Quotable Quotes.

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Night Markets in Taipei: Shilin Market

Posted by on Dec 31, 2012 in Featured, Food, Taiwan, Travel

Night Markets in Taipei: Shilin Market

A tour in Taiwan is never complete without experiencing the night markets. The Shilin Market was on top of my list because it probably is the biggest and the most popular night market in Taiwan! It pays to know locals around because they would tell you the truth – that there are better and more effective night markets other than Shilin. I really wouldn’t acknowledge it to be the truth, if I haven’t experienced the other night markets myself and this is one failed mission because we didn’t have enough time to go around. That just means one thing: Taiwan Part 2! I would love to go back again :)

They said it could get crowded in Shilin market. Even on a Monday night, I would say that to be true. My first impression of the Shilin market was, it is pretty clean for something I expected to be dirty! The only thing you wouldn’t avoid noticing is the combined smell of food – raw and cooked.

The food section of the Shilin market is underground. I LIKE IT! It’s like a secret or something and ” underground” just sounds so astig! The only thing is, all the fumes and the steam could get trapped downstairs and all the aroma combined might not be as pleasant at first but as you go around and stand right in front of the individual food stalls, your appetite would be engaged!

Taipei, Taiwan Trip


Oh, the trip to the night market went well with the schedule. After all the tours during the day and the walking, I was just starving! I was prepared to experience the awesomeness of Taiwan!

It was a chaotic heaven!

I was thankful for the night market vouchers we got from Taiwan tourism. They gave us NT$ 200 (Php 300) worth of vouchers. I used it well and my first meal was buttered Salmon and shrimp for NT$ 200. I added rice for NT$ 10 (Php 15).


And no, it wasn’t because I was just hungry, or maybe I was, but at that moment I just declared BEST Buttered salmon I’ve ever tasted in my entire life and I think this would be hard to beat!

One background on my taste buds: it prefers raw salmon over cooked one. But that all changed, that one fateful night in Taiwan!

One word to describe my experience with the buttered seafood: FRESH!  Yes, it was really delicious because it tasted really fresh – both the salmon and the shrimps.

One thing I look forward to when going to Taiwan is to taste the food.  Especially the fruits, vegetables and the seafood and it never disappointed me.  I can live here in Taiwan and have a pescarian diet and I’d be as sexy as I hope to be.  I’ve been wanting to change my diet to pescarian but it’s quite difficult to do that here in the Philippines.

The fruits in Taiwan taste different.  BETTER!  For some reason, the fruits are sweeter and they have a richer taste!  I was debating whether the grapes I ate were just very sweet or it might be a huge berry.  Upon closer look, it is grapes.  Maybe one of the reasons why their crops taste really good is that the soil is rich from the volcanic sands to the very nutritious water.


Authentic LARGE Taiwan Bubble Tea for only Php 45

Are these people crazy!!! NT$ 30 (Php 45) for one large bubble milk tea? #FAINTS!!!  It couldn’t get any more “authentic” than that!  Duh? We’re already in Taiwan!  It was the only night in my life where I wished I had a bigger tummy to fit all the food I’ve eaten!  I bought the Bubble Tea last and while I did enjoy the taste, it had nowhere to go anymore.  I just carried it along with me when I went around the street market.

Taipei, Taiwan Trip


Shopping in Shilin Market

Apart from the underground food experience, we also got to walk around the retail boutique stores around Shilin Market.  You can see all kinds of things with a great price!  From wigs, to makeup, clothes and shoes, to provocative ice cream the shape of a man’s manhood… yes you can find it there!  So if you’re looking for unique items and fun stuff, you would enjoy going around the market!

The City that Never Sleeps – More Night Markets around Taiwan
Our hotel is in a commercial area and therefore, the streets are dead at night. We tried to find the nearest Night Market in our area near FX Hotel. It is the Liaoning St. Night Market. We found it alright! But it was already 2am and we just saw the stores close. I was craving for buns!!! >.< good thing there was an abundant array of convenient stores offering preserved buns and creme brules. I was glad to take that and just chill by the bench outside our hotel at 12 degrees Celsius. Here's a list of more Night Markets you might want to explore when you're in Taiwan: *some markets are outside of Taipei 1. Shilin Night Market - most enticing 2. Ningxia Night Market - most recommended 3. Huaxi Street Night Market - most diversified 4. Keelung Miaokou Night Market - most friendly and most tasty 5. Fongjia Tourist Night Market - most tasty 6. Chiayi Wunhua Road Night Market - most recommended 7. Kaoshiung Liouhe Night Market - most popular, most enticing 8. Fongshan City Zhonghua Street Night Market - most recommended 9. Yilan County's Luodong Night Market - most friendly *source: Taipei Night Markets brochure
More info about Taiwan Night Markets here.


Cuteness Captured!

Along the streets of Shilin Market, I saw this cute dog who acted like a cat – chasing the laser pointer!

AirAsia flies to Taiwan four times a week, with fights departing Clark at 12:05 p.m. and arriving at Taoyuan airport at 2:00 p.m.

You can book your flights via AirAsia.com
Follow AirAsia on Twitter: @AirAsiaPH
Follow AirAsia on Facebook: facebook.com/AirAsiaPhilippines

For tours and hotel accommodations visit AirAsiaGo.com.
Follow AirAsiaGo on Twitter: @AirAsiaGoPH
Follow AirAsiaGo on Facebook: facebook.com/AirAsiaGo.ph


More Shilin Night Market Photos


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Sosy Problems Quotable Quotes from Rhian, Heart, Solenn and Bianca

Posted by on Dec 27, 2012 in Entertainment and Lifestyle, Movies & TV

Sosy Problems Quotable Quotes from Rhian, Heart, Solenn and Bianca

Me and my friend Mica love going to the movies and watch local films. Well, I usually don’t expect a lot from our local flicks, especially if it’s a commercial one – but it’s entertaining nevertheless so don’t judge me! 😛

I was pretty happy seeing the cinemas packed yesterday night! I mean all the movies showing starting Christmas to New Year’s are all MMFF entries! I’m happy that all social class brackets were well-represented.

Speaking of social class, the movie we watched last night, “Sosy Problems,” was all about the “SUPER DUPER UPPER CLASS” and their “petty” problems fit for their status. #conyoproblems #firstworldproblems has trended in Twitter a few times. A new friend Kevin even has a viral video tutorial on how to speak “conyo”.

Verdict:  “Sosy Problems” is a great movie to watch with your girl friends or gay friends.  I’m not sure if your boyfriend would want to accompany you to this movie, they’ll be so kawawa naman if you like, make pilit them to watch it with you 😛   It’s just all for good fun!


Some Sosy Problems Lines and Quotable Quotes I got out of the movie are as follows:

Disclaimer: Some statements are not posted in verbatim and might not have been said word for word in the movie.  I just got mostly the essence of it because I found these statements amusing:



“Eew you used you yaya’s car?”

“I hope your horse becomes your new anak.”

“You’re turning the polo club into a yaya mall?”

“That’s so pangkariniwang tao!”

“Makibaka? I don’t even know what that means!”

“Protest? It’s so EDSA 1 like Cory Aquino days!”

“Sorry nalang kayo dahil nabili na ng yaya no to ang polo club na to!”

“Lola, whatevs!”

“What’s arinowla?”

“Hello, don’t panic! It’s organic!”

“Buti nalang I wore my high heels noh so my feet won’t get putik.”

“Mister farmer sir. Where is the pilapil?”

“Parang maliligo lng ng malamig akala month pinapatay na!”

“Ano ka ba, no one wants to be friends with the poor.”

“Sa diksyunaryo lang nauuna ang bestfriend sa boyfriend.”

“You better watch out, you better not cry, you better luck next time.”

“You’re wrong-er! You’re print on print”

“Yaya, thank you for making this pag-aaklas successful.”

Comment out if you think I missed a few lines or so :)

Casts starring Rhian Ramos, Bianca King, Solenn Heussaff, Heart Evangelista, Mylene Dizon, Agot Isidro, Cherie Gil, Mikael Daez <3, Aljur Abrenica, Tim Yap, Mikey Bustos.  Tags: Sosy Problems, Quotable Quotes, Sosy Problems Lines, Sosy Problems Quotable Quotes, Conyo Problems, Saucy Problems, #ConyoProblems


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This Journal Will Actually Change Someone’s Life in 2013

Posted by on Dec 26, 2012 in Life, Personal

This Journal Will Actually Change Someone’s Life in 2013

– and will also change yours Smile

The year is about to end and it’s time to replace your 2012 planners with a brand new one for 2013.

There are a few options in the market but let me share with you another planner you might want to consider getting that will definitely CHANGE someoene’s life in 2013.

The “CHANGE” 2013 Planner was made by FreeSpeech Publications and started way back 2008.  They are a publications company that goes beyond the ordinary.  Located in the sout of Manila, Philipines, their goal is to write and publish books that are visionary and life changing.  FreeSpeech believes that change is a need and a must in our daily lives.




Through the books that they publish, and with the partnership of their readers, they achieve their goals.  The actions of change will be spread across nations and borders.  If you are familiar with the journal back then that says “This Journal Will Actually Change Your Life,” then this 2013 “Change” planner is a predecessor to it.

I’ve already seen the features of the planner and like before, it is very helpful for personal growth and this edition is much better than it already was.

Planners could actually affect the lives of people.  With this in mind, they decided to publish an extraordinary journal that would further change people’s lives.  In the context of change, they partnered with Lifeline Foundation Support Team, Inc.- a non-government organization in the Philippines that responds to the call of help and need around the world.

Know more on their official website www.ineedalifeline.org.


Follow FreeSpeech Publications on:
Facebook: facebook.com/fspublications
Twitter: @fspublications
Instagram: @fspublications
Website: www.freespeechpublications.com

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Rolser Trolleys: Fashionable Eco-bag Strollers

Posted by on Dec 23, 2012 in Bags, Fashion, Featured

Rolser Trolleys: Fashionable Eco-bag Strollers

A few stores in the metro don’t allow any use of plastic bags anymore. It’s great cause it’s a worthy cause to save the environment. The downside is, it could be such a hassle to carry all your grocery items and other goods you shopped with a paper bag. This is where eco-bags come in handy.

I’m going to introduce you to a more comfortable solution: Rolser Trolleys

Rolser Trolleys are the ultimate shopping bags that are fashionable and comfortable to use!

Quite often stuff that dreams are made of appear from where you least expect it. Just like Rolser, a fashion-forward, eco-friendly line of trolleys made in Spain.

Whether you need an earth-friendly shopping bag (with wheels!) during one of your retail-therapy sessions; or need to lug around your laundry to the cleaners; or you’re at the grocery preparing for your dinner date at home, Rolser has a trolley to fit the mood you’re in.

I actually use Rolser Trolleys to move things around from one house to another (my mom gives me lots of stuff for my apartment).  It’s also very handy for laundry!  I can also use it to carry my portable pole.  Yes.  A chrome metal pole.

I have scoliosis and I shouldn’t carry really heavy stuff for a long time.  So Rolser does quite a good job in solving that problem.

The exclusive design of the eco-friendly bags together with the strong and durable frame with a capacity 20 Kgs / 44 lbs. Two wheel shopping trolley; High quality and solid; waterproof .Takes up minimum space when folded .Light and modern; minimalist design.


Rolser Trolleys come in the following zesty colors:

001 -JET LN MALVA                                   001-JET LN ROJO

001 – NEO LN NEGRO                                003-JET MF MARENGO

005 -JET SAVANNA BLANCO                 006-JET LIMA

007 -JET CHAMPAGNE                             008-JET  LOGOS ROJO

014 -JET LOLA MANDARINA                 017- JET CAPRI NEGRO


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We all know we have to reuse bags when we shop and do our bit for the planet – and now you can do it in style.

Rolser outlets:

Howards -Greenbelt, Shangrila, Ermita

Rustan’s – ALL Rustan’s

Make Room – Eastwood & Bonifacio High Street

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Getting from Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport to Taipei

Posted by on Dec 21, 2012 in Featured, Taiwan, Travel

Getting from Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport to Taipei

Taiwan’s transportation system is very organized.  I would be confident to go back here again even flying solo and go around Taipei on my own.  I felt really safe walking around the streets even at 2am.  Of course, your first concern the moment you arrive at the Taoyuan International Airport is to find means to go to your hotel.  The best and most convenient way is to order hotel transfer.  If you’re on a budget (like me), here are different means of getting from Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport to Taipei.


Airport Buses

Riding the Airport Bus

Where to board: The Terminal 1 bus platform is located on the southwest side of the first-floor arrival lobby. The Terminal 2 platform is located on the northeast side of the first-floor arrival lobby. Ticket counters are located in the arrival lobbies.

Ticket Prices: NT $100 – 140 per person (around Php 150 – 225)

Travel Time: 1 hour

Hours of operation: Approximately 05:00 – 24:00

Stops: Most buses stop at the Taipei Main Station and Songshan Airport, as well as near Metro stations and major hotels. However, the routes by the bus companies are not identical. Please double-check the map at the ticket counter.


Airport Taxis

Where to board: Taxis queue outside the north side of Terminal 1 and the south side of Terminal 2. Airport taxis charge a 15% surcharge to the figure on the meter, and highway tolls represent an additional charge.

Typical fare to Taipei: around NT$ 1,200.

Hours of operation: 24 hours

Telephone inquiries:
Terminal 1 Taxi Service Center: (03) 398-2832
Terminal 2 Taxi Service Center: (03) 398-3599


High-speed Rail

Unfortunately, I’ve never tried the train but I heard it is really convenient too.

Where to board: You can catch the 705 bus to the Taoyuan high-speed rail station from either Terminal 1 or 2.

Bus fare: NT$30

Time interval: 10 – 15 minutes during peak times

Hours of operation: 06:15 – 22:45

Inquiries: 0800-241-560


AirAsia flies to Taiwan four times a week, with fights departing Clark at 12:05 p.m. and arriving at Taoyuan airport at 2:00 p.m.

You can book your flights via AirAsia.com
Follow AirAsia on Twitter: @AirAsiaPH
Follow AirAsia on Facebook: facebook.com/AirAsiaPhilippines

For tours and hotel accommodations visit AirAsiaGo.com.
Follow AirAsiaGo on Twitter: @AirAsiaGoPH
Follow AirAsiaGo on Facebook: facebook.com/AirAsiaGo.ph

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Discovery Center of Taipei

Posted by on Dec 20, 2012 in Featured, Taiwan, Travel

Discovery Center of Taipei

Discovery Center of Taipei is one of our destinations in our 4 day trip to Taiwan. This center is sponsored by the government of Taiwan.

This is a go-to place for people who want to understand in a brief time, the history and culture of Taiwan.  It is located at the City Hall.

The center’s first-floor Taipei Impressions Hall displays the scenes of someo f the best spots in the city to begin a sight-seeing tour.  The second floor Special Exhibitions Hall arranges occasional exhibits on topics of interest.  The City Discovery Hall, located on the third floor, includes a variety of displays on Taipei’s culture and ecology.  Last but not the least, my favorite floor is on the fourth!  It includes the Dialogue with Time Hall, which outlines Taipei’s history and the Discovery Theater.

I learned a few things about how Taiwan came about. The Portuguese sailed here first calling the land “Formosa” and like us in the Philippines, Taiwan was under the Japanese regime.

Taipei is a lush city mixed with skyscrapers, ocean, rivers and mountains all together. It is said that the city of Taipei was designed in accordance to Feng Shui beliefs.

Taipei has a water reservoir up in the mountains and is said to have the cleanest water in the world.

The Discovery center of Taipei also has a scheduled film showing at the Discovery Theater which boasts a 360-degree screen. Ask the information desk about the timing of the film. It lasts for 17 minutes. It has a 360 degree view of different interesting things Taipei has to offer. The seats rotate around for maximum viewing pleasure.


ART: A Wall of Bottles

I’m not that short after all, I’m 1/2 as tall as Taipei 101 (yeah right!)

Strike a pose!

They had a fortune-telling machine!

It said “Happiness is already at your hand” ^_^

I also got another one and it said “It will be a great year for you!”

(I just didn’t know which year it was talking about – 2012 or 2013)

Check it out! A spiral bookshelf!

The Discovery Center 360 degrees theater.

Back in the day, Taipei was a walled city.

The walled city had 4 gates.

They made a miniature city! I’m stepping on a glass floor.

But it looks like I’m sort-of flying!

An ancient map of Taiwan that is made upside down.  Down is North. Top part is South.

AirAsia flies to Taiwan four times a week, with fights departing Clark at 12:05 p.m. and arriving at Taoyuan airport at 2:00 p.m.

You can book your flights via AirAsia.com
Follow AirAsia on Twitter: @AirAsiaPH
Follow AirAsia on Facebook: facebook.com/AirAsiaPhilippines

For tours and hotel accommodations visit AirAsiaGo.com.
Follow AirAsiaGo on Twitter: @AirAsiaGoPH
Follow AirAsiaGo on Facebook: facebook.com/AirAsiaGo.ph


Location of the Discovery Center of Taipei

No. 1, Shifu Rd., Xinyi Dist., Taipei City 11008, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
West Entrance of Taipei City Hall (facing Renai Rd.)
Tel: 1999 (other countries and cities 02-27208889)
Fax: 02-27232793
Website: www.discovery.taipei.gov.tw

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Touchdown Friendly Taiwan

Posted by on Dec 17, 2012 in Travel

Touchdown Friendly Taiwan

Woohoo! It’s my first time in Taiwan and landing in this beautiful country has been pretty relaxing!

We were greeted by the friendliest people of AirAsia Taiwan. All the passengers of the inaugural flight were givin a little present when we landed.

To celebrate the inaugural flight, Philippines’ AirAsia raffled off a trip for 2 to a local destination and another trip for 2 for an international flight!

One of the winner’s names is very close to my name and middle name which surprised me!

The trip from Clark to Taiwan takes about 2 hours. AirAsia offers meals onboard. When you order online, you will even save a lot for the meals! My favorite is the Chicken Rice.

Maan Hontiveros, AirAsia PH CEO, is very delighted to offer this new route from North Luzon. It is the first route from Clark to Taipei. There are also a lot of Filipinos in Taipei from the North.

What to do in Taiwan?

For only 3 days, We can only explore and enjoy the sites in the main city, Taipei. If I could stay longer, I’d travel east and south of Taiwan.

Our main itinerary would include Taipei 101, hot springs, National Palace Museum, Martyr’s shrine, Bao’an and Confucius temples, Shilin Market, Din Tai Fu restaurant and more. Xiao long bao and milk tea overload!

For more updates on AirAsia’s latest innovations, as well as promotions, activities and contests, connect with them via Twitter (@AirAsiaPH) or Facebook (facebook.com/AirAsiaPhilippines).

For tours and hotel accommodations visit AirAsiaGo.com.
Follow AirAsiaGo on Twitter: @AirAsiaGoPH
Follow AirAsiaGo on Facebook: facebook.com/AirAsiaGo.ph











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Philippinies’ AirAsia Flies to Taipei

Posted by on Dec 16, 2012 in Travel

Philippinies’ AirAsia Flies to Taipei

Taipei Inaugural Flight AirAsia

Taipei Inaugural Flight AirAsia

AirAsia Philippines just added a new location to their roster of flights and is officially flying to Taipei today!

Exciting thing is, I’m going to be on the first flight ever to Taipei.

Details of the new flight are as follows.

Philippines’ AirAsia, the country’s newest low cost carrier, today launched two new exciting services from Clark to Singapore and Clark to Taipei in December 15 and December 16 respectively. The new routes further strengthen AirAsia’s commitment to drive tourism and trade in the Philippines by providing low fare, high value travel experience. 
Maan Hontiveros, AirAsia Inc. CEO says, “AirAsia’s newest routes seek to better serve our overseas Filipinos while helping drive tourist traffic by providing more low-cost options for travel.”
According to the latest data from the Philippine Embassy, there are 177,600 Filipinos in Singapore working as professionals and domestic helpers while there are more than 100,000 Filipino workers in Taiwan. Moreover, Taiwan is the country’s fifth largest source of tourism with over 155,000 of them visiting the Philippines as of October this year alone.
“The excitement is building up in Clark with our newest routes, AirAsia guests will benefit from our extensive network spanning across 85 destinations in 24 countries in Asia and Australia. Now, they can have a winter Christmas in Taipei or treat the whole family to a New Year merrymaking in Singapore or host a barkada beach party in Boracay, we will take them there and beyond with our signature low fares, reliable and on-time service,” Hontiveros added.
AirAsia is the only carrier offering 4x/week services on Clark International Airport – Taipei route with flights departing at 12:05PM and arriving at Taoyuan International Airport at 2:00PM. Taipei is the low fare airline’s fifth and newest regional destination following Clark-Singapore with daily flights departing at 6:10AM and arriving Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 1 at 9:40AM.
To provide ultimate comfort for guests, Philippines’ AirAsia services the new routes using brand new Airbus A320, the youngest fleet at 11months age only. 
In addition to the new routes, AirAsia also increased flight frequency forClark to Hong Kong from daily to additional 3x/week evening flights every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday or for a total of 10x/week flights.
“Our newest routes and additional frequencies provide yet another opportunity for our Filipino workers from Central and Northern Luzon who are working in Hong Kong, Singapore and Taipei to have access to AirAsia’s low fare, high value travel experience,” Hontiveros said.
For more updates on AirAsia’s latest innovations, as well as promotions, activities and contests, connect with them via Twitter (@AirAsiaPH) or Facebook (facebook.com/AirAsiaPhilippines).

For tours and hotel accommodations visit AirAsiaGo.com.
Follow AirAsiaGo on Twitter: @AirAsiaGoPH
Follow AirAsiaGo on Facebook: facebook.com/AirAsiaGo.ph

All our bags are packed and we're ready to go!

All our bags are packed and we’re ready to go!

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Philippines’ AirAsia Flies to Singapore

Posted by on Dec 15, 2012 in Singapore, Travel

Philippines’ AirAsia Flies to Singapore

I love it when we have more options to fly! I better start booking for the next F1 season in Singapore and Tech fairs!

AirAsia’s Clark-Singapore daily flights begins today!

Philippines’ AirAsia, the country’s newest low cost carrier, launched its newest Clark to Singapore route Saturday, December 15. Flight PQ 7491, operated by an all Filipino flight and cabin crew, left Clark International Airport at 6:10AM and arrived at Terminal 1 of Singapore’s Changi Airport at 9:40AM carrying 180 passengers including celebrity singer and artist Jim Paredes, guests from Singapore Tourism Board, officials from trade and tourism industry and friends from the media.
Head of Commercial for AirAsia Inc. Freddy Herrera said: “Today’s celebration reaffirms our commitment to help drive tourism and trade in the country especially in Clark, Pampanga where we base our operations. With our newest routes and low fares, we are connecting more and more people from the Philippines to Singapore and to AirAsia’s extensive network covering 85 destinations in 24 countries.”
AirAsia’s Clark-Singapore inaugural flight took place Saturday (December 15) following a pre-launch celebration dubbed as “Sing your way to Singapore” at Widus Convention Center in Clark, Pampanga attended by officials from Clark International Airport Corporation (CIAC), Department of Tourism (DoT), Singapore Tourism Board and officials from travel and leisure industries. The festivities kicked off with the arrival of guests from Metro Manila on board a special jeepney that has a sing-along service.
“Singapore is an attractive destination for Filipinos and AirAsia will make it even more attractive for our guests with our super low promo fares, reliable and on time service,” Herrera said.
There are 177,600 Filipinos in Singapore with 106,600 of them working as professionals and the remaining 71,000 are domestic helpers according to the Philippine embassy in Singapore.
“AirAsia’s daily routes to Singapore cater to the growing demand for both business and leisure travel, and equally important, this new route will provide low cost, high value service for our OFWs in Singapore so they can come home and reunite with their families as often as possible,” Herrera added.
For more updates on AirAsia’s latest innovations, as well as promotions, activities and contests, connect with them via Twitter (twitter.com/AirAsiaPh) or Facebook (facebook.com/AirAsiaPhilippines).

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Live Blog: Smart offers iPhone 5

Posted by on Dec 13, 2012 in Tech Chic

Live Blog: Smart offers iPhone 5
Smart iPhone 5 Launch at Resorts World Manila

Smart iPhone 5 Launch at Resorts World Manila

I am writing this while the launch of #SmartiPhone5 is currently ongoing at Resorts World Manila.

Everyone is waiting for the countdown ’til midnight as Smart announces the iPhone 5 in their latest offerings with plans for as low as P 999 that includes unli-data!

December 14, 2012 marks the day when Smart officially offers iPhone 5 plans to everyone. You can now order the iPhone 5 online via www.smart.com.ph/iPhone

Plans differ according to your needs and budget.

With an iPhone Plan 2499, iPhone 5 will be available at Php 0 for the 16GB model, Php 0 for the 35GB model and P 6,000 for the 64GB model in all Smart Stores nationwide.

In addition, iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 will also be available for P0 with an iPhone plan 2499 beginning Dec 14. Smart will allow iPhone 5 customers to connect to its fast HSPA+ network.

iPhone 5 is the thinnest and lightest phone yet by Apple. It is completely redesigned to feature a new 4-inch Retina display, an Apple-designed A6 chip for fast performance and ultrafast wireless technology – all while delivering even better battery life.

For more information, visit smart.com.ph/iphone

Smart iPhone 5 Plans

Smart iPhone 5 Plans

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Every Little Penny Counts–Financial Lessons from Mom

Posted by on Dec 9, 2012 in Personal

Every Little Penny Counts–Financial Lessons from Mom

Oh, being a grown-up in this crazy world can be such a headache sometimes!  After I graduated college, I slowly transitioned into the real world.  It was an amazing experience!  For the first time in my life, I got to earn my own money!  Not only that, I get to decide for myself now: what job I take, what food I eat, what time I go home… Being TOTALLY independent is amazing!

Slowly, reality bit me inch by inch.  Bills arrived monthly and I know if I don’t organize my expenses, I would be in a whole lot of trouble.  My mom would always say “Every little penny counts!”  “You cannot make whole a hundred peso without this 50 cent!” 



I am very thankful for my mom’s wise financial advices.  My mom is quite a smart spender!  When we go to grocery stores, she would get products that offer extra freebies!  She would also use her card instead of cash to pay for groceries because she gets rewards in return.  This was years ago and slowly I’m becoming like her.


I live alone and I am fully in-charge of my expenses. Like mom, I spend wisely! I also told her about this new card that could do more wonders than what she is using. It’s the EastWest EveryDay MasterCard and so far, it has one of the best features I’ve ever heard from a credit card! My mom loves spending for clothes, shoes, bags and make-up too. Spending for the things that make her happy in life could make her even happier! I told her to read my blog about EastWest EveryDay MasterCard and you should too! 

If you use EastWest EveryDay MasterCard like I do, every little purchase on my non-essential items count!  Non-essentials include make-up, clothes, shoes, travel tickets and hotel bookings.  If my non-essential spending add up to P10,000, in turn – I would get a 5% cash rebate on my essential expenses like supermarket, gas and drugstore purchases.

Every month, I get to spend at least P10,000 for my “flair” lifestyle.  My mom would approve of this card’s concept because when I need to gas up for up to P5,000 every month, I get to save P250 (5%) right back!  P250 can already buy me a 1 hour body massage at my favorite spa place.  A treat I well deserve for working hard to earn my money!


My mom hates wasting money and now I know how hard it is to earn a penny.  She picks up every little penny she sees in my car and says “5 pesos can buy you tissue from the vendo.”  So every time there is an opportunity for you to save, grab it!  You can save up 5% depending on your spending.  You can check out my other blog post for a sample breakdown on how this thing works.

Or, you can also simply go to EastWest’s official website to learn about how this works and to apply for your own EastWest Everyday MasterCard now!

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Gift Ideas: Delicious Christmas From BYS Cosmetics

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Gift Ideas: Delicious Christmas From BYS Cosmetics

It’s Christmas once again. That time of the year when everyone is abuzz with the shopping frenzy as early as August.

Here are a few Christmas gift ideas you can get for your friends or family :)  They are already packaged nicely so you don’t have to worry about making it look pretty.

Holiday gift-giving has a long tradition filled with noble intentions that sometimes leave shoppers more harassed than cheerful. Aside from worrying what to give who, whether the recipients will like the gift or not; people have to contend with their budgets while taking into account to pick gifts that show both love, affection and appreciation for the people that we care for.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. Be it family and close friends, colleagues and bosses, let you heart be the guide!
This 2012 BYS Cosmetics has the perfect gift suggestions for everyone whether following a shopping gift list or those last minute situations that often leave you hapless. A collection of the most colorful and scrumptious stocking stuffers that are too precious itt’s quite understandable to give in to the temptation of keeping them for yourserlves.

BYS Cosmetics Australia makes gift giving easy, simple and oh-soo delicious!

BYS Cosmetics is exclusively available at selected SM Department Stores and Watson outlets in Metro Manila and major cities of the country.

One last advise. It isn’t the size of the gift that matters, but the size of the heart that gives it.


Flower Lip Gloss (P549)
4 different shades (Raspberry, Strawberry, Candy, Watermelon)


Cupcake Lip Gloss (P549)
4 different shades (Strawberry, Grape, Apple, Watermelon)


Gloss (P899)
6 different shades in kissable lip-shaped containers


Lucky Lips (P399)
Lip Gloss stacker, Butterfly shaped lip gloss, Heart-shaped lip gloss


Candy Kisses (P599)
Lolly shaped lip gloss, Candy stick lip gloss, Circle lip gloss

Pucker up with these sugar-sweet candy lip gloss


Mixed Box of Treats (P949)
These blisful dessert shaped Lip Gloss are the cutest treat for your lips. Thse lip glosses will look pretty inside you bag or purse; and positively yummy on your lips. Now you’ll have more reason to lick your lips with these delicious dessert treats. The set is composed of 1 ice cream on a stick, (pink lip gloss w/ applicator), 1 donut (clear gloss), 1 ice cream cone (gradient of glosses), 1 sundae (clear gloss)


Mixed Box of Sweets (P799)
Cupcake and candy lip glosses are scruptious delicacy your lips will love. A choice of plain or glitter gloss for lip-smacking kissable lips.
Made up of 2 chocolates, 1 lolly, 1 candy stick


Sweet Treats (P1099). 9 chocolate shaped Lip Gloss


Eye Shimmer Mini Set (P649). 12 pcs / colors of eye shimmer


Be Yourself Pack (P649). 4 pack nail polis with 1 nail buffer


Glam & Glitter Nail Polish (P999)
10 bottles

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Nature and Art Meets Modern Living: Acqua Iguazu yoo Inspired by Starck

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Nature and Art Meets Modern Living: Acqua Iguazu yoo Inspired by Starck

I’ve heard so much buzz about the riverside residence that’s about to rise in the Mandaluyong area (near Makati) – the Acqua Private Residences development under Century Properties. A great thing about living in Mandaluyong is that it’s pretty much at the center of everything and accessible from Makati, The Fort, Pasig, Manila and even QC.


I’m pretty excited as Century Properties has launched the 5th tower called “Acqua Iguazu.” Acqua Iguazu was named after the Iguazu Falls located in the area where Brazil and Argentina converge. When translated, Iguazu literally means “Big Water.” (deleted sentence here) When you come to think of it, Pasig River has become quite a pretty sight. I once lived in a townhouse right by the banks of this historic river near the Malacanang Palace. When I jog at night, it’s a pretty relaxing view. Yes, the Pasig Rriver may not be the cleanest in the world, but don’t take it for granted. Protect this natural body of water and you will be rewarded. So I was glad to hear the developers will also be actively involved in protecting the beauty of this body of water.



Another special thing about this new tower is that its interiors will be designed by the world’s greatest design mind. I was easily captivated by the penthouse’s stellar design. By stellar, I mean the SUN and the MOON. This is the Cielo skydeck designed by yoo.

A ball-shaped sphere shines like a sun by day and transforms into the moon at night, illuminating the Acqua Iguazu Tower


Lucky residents of Acqua Iguazu! They have a scenic view available to them to enjoy with a magnificent dining area which can be booked privately or used communally. The design is quite simple and minimal yet definitely sets the perfect ambiance.

Another thing I love about this project is the LIVING WALLS. A vertical landscaping that acts as a wall in several parts of the area. It has after all, adopted the theme “tropical rainforest in the city.” And above the dining room is a cut-out in the ceiling of one of Starck’s favourite quotes from “Le Petit Prince.”


Acqua Iguazu Location

Acqua Iguazu by yoo inspired by Starck is literally rising a bridge away from all the conveniences and attractions of the Makati Central Business District. It is just minutes away from top schools, the best shopping malls, five star hotels, corporate offices of the nation’s top companies, and Makati’s exclusive subdivisions.



Who are yoo?

yoo is a collaboration of ideas. That is, Philippe Starck matched with the vision of the international property developer John Hitchcox. I was lucky to meet John Hitchcox in person during the groundbreaking ceremony of Acqua Iguazu. Starck wasn’t there physically but spoke via a recorded video message to all attendees.

John Hitchcox.

Behind him, a live sample of a living wall.  A vertical landscape :)

These two leaders in their field have come together with a single ground-breaking concept: to harness the creative diversity of Starck, with the innovative buildings developed by Hitchcox.


Know more about yoo and take a peek at their designs by watching this video:






This is my favorite part: walking through the different room designs which made me want to move in right away!



The feel of the room is clean and calm. The room has a modern edge and incorporates different minerals of the earth altogether: glass, concrete and metal. The colors used are neutral to allow a calm environment for the resident. It’s like a blank canvass too for people who want to customize and incorporate art into their living.



In this room, the inspirations are fresh air, the blue sky and the smell of the rising sun. This design is perfect for those who want a bright atmosphere. It is inspired by the widespread and deeply- rooted desire of city dweller to bring nature into their lives. Pale bleached wood and soft sun or pebble gray colors are incorporated in this theme.

If I were to choose, this design is perfect for me.



I think this theme is the most manly of the design inspirations, so it is perfect for a bachelor. This theme is quite special because it encapsulates yoo’s passion for appropriating the most beautiful and exquisitely produced objects and ideas from the past, and placing them alongside the most amazing designs of today.

One word to describe this theme: POWER.



I highly recommend that you check it out and see for yourself how you could be living. You can start by looking up their official website: www.acqua-iguazu.com and liking the Acqua Private Residences Facebook page: www.facebook.com/AcquaPrivateResidences


More Photos:

Get the flash player here: http://www.adobe.com/flashplayer

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Living Smart, Living Comfortable, It’s Your Home

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Living Smart, Living Comfortable, It’s Your Home

Lately, I’ve been so frustrated at Manila traffic. I just went home to Bacolod a couple of months back to witness a very busy festival (Masskara), and yet driving there amidst the number of tourists and the lively festivities didn’t let me get caught in heavy traffic.

Coming back to Manila, I experienced the worst traffic situation ever. It’s already the holiday season and I’m expecting it to get worse.

I’ve been ranting on Twitter and Facebook saying I couldn’t take this traffic anymore. I go to work and it just hurts my eyes and I get constant headaches. It is very uncomfortable. We need a better solution. I came up with ideas about passing a bill to the Senate (if ever I get elected as a congresswoman which is unlikely) called “Work from home Fridays.” But then again, the traffic would just be diverted to Thursday. or “Tax break” from companies who implement “work-from-home” policies.

I think it is unhealthy both for our body and in our time, to spend 2-4 hours of our life in a day with traffic.

It’s just not the way to live.

But then again, I know our government and MMDA has been thinking of a lot of solutions already and though they might have though of my ideas, I know there’s a butterfly effect on a lot of things.  Tax breaks would affect other companies, even the mamang drivers would be deprived of their livelihood, and so on and so forth.


Moving out of Manila

My second solution is to move out of Manila. I thought of going back to Bacolod. BUT HEY!!! I CAN’T! I need access to a huge airport hub to take me to many places I want to and I want to go to cool events here in Manila too!

Next best bet is to go a bit farther not close enough that I could still drive an hour away to Manila.


Sizzlin’ Manila

Literally. It’s so hot here! I keep on wanting to go to Tagaytay just to get a cool breeze. I love natural cold breeze btw and not the one that comes out of an air conditioning unit – it makes my nose suffer from rhinitis.

Thank you Skyway and awesome highways!

I don’t mind paying extra just to avoid traffic.


Living in Batangas Perhaps?

Why not? It’s near the beach, that I love :) Near The Farm, Mount Malarayat, Puerto Galera and many diving sites. I heard there’s also a surf spot in the area.

Lipa City comes in mind where it is among the most progressive cities in Batangas.

  • Lipa is only an hour away from Makati
  • Accessible via SLEX and Star Tollway
  • 24-hour bus transport system available from EDSA Cubao and Buendia


Bel-Air Residences

Oh yeah, I’m an adult, and soon I’m going to buy my own house. I am considering this area as one of the places I’ll stay. Apart from the amenities I listed down above, Bel-Air residences has more to offer:
– Walking distance to SM, Lipa
– At the center of Business and Social Activity
– Beside Fiesta Mall and across a school
– Weather is generally COOL (BIG PLUS!!!) because this area is elevated at 1025 ft above sea level (known to be the third highest place in the Philippines)


On top of that,
– I can save on travel cost.

  • I can find work or open a business in the area
  • Amenities available like basketball courts (the big boys need this), a jogging path for me, a playground for kids (in the future), barbecue area, multiple parks, a pool where I can do my card, a lanai, gazebo and Club House.

  • Near schools such as Stoneyhurst International School, Nazareth School, Mc Kinley International School, Kolehiyo ng Lungsod ng Liba and De Lasalle, Lipa.
  • It is also close to established hospitals like Lipa Medix medical Center and metro Lipa Medical Center
  • Walking distance from major malls: SM Lipa, Fiesta Mall, Robinsons mall, Big
    and more


Choices of House Units

Your choices of house units range from townhouses to two-storey units with floor areas as big as 55 to 165 sq. meters, all designed under the concept of “Modern Zen” architecture. Clubhouse and Entrance Gates are designed and conceptualized by renowned architect, Arch. Ed Ledesma.




2-Storey Houses

House and lot with a garden area for my bunnies to hop into :)


Celebrity Homes

Lipa is also a fast becoming choice of celebrities as in the case of Aga Muhlach and Charlene Gonzales, Boy Abunda and Vilma Santos.

Bel-Air Residences in Lipa is developed by Convergence Realty and Development Corporation.


Bel-Air Residences Brings You To Bohol and Boracay!

 Bel-Air Residences Lipa, Batangas and Nuffnang invite you to join “At Home in the Philippines” contest and win a chance to a vacation in Bohol or Boracay! The contest is open to all member bloggers of the Nuffnang Network with at least one (1) valid ad unit. Contest period is from November 16 to December 16, 2012.

Check out this link for more details:

Contact Bel-Air Residences at 0922-8733060; [email protected]; (043)7574210; www.belairresidenceslipa.com

*This is a sponsored post for Bel-Air Residences

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Secret Blog

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I used to have a secret blog. It was taken down because the website hosting it shut down. I write there whenever I need to tell a secret. People can read it, but my identity is cloaked. No one will know it’s me.

Now that it’s gone. I just don’t know what to do!

Maybe I’ll create another secret blog.

How about you? Do you have a secret? A secret blog?

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