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Fine Dine at Casa Ysabel РCaff̩ Ysabel

Posted by on Feb 28, 2013 in Food | 2 comments

Guest post by: Celeste Mendoza

It was seven in the evening when we went to Casa Ysabel. It is located at the heart of Lipa City, Batangas and is just meters away from our home. Just when you see the vintage façade, you’ll be mesmerized by its beautifully structured interiors inspired by the Spanish era, giving you a feel of the walls of Intramuros.

Amenities are tremendous from the antique bench, to the huge and picturesque chandelier and to the restaurant called “Caffé Ysabel Coffee & Deli” where we have dined. A feel-good ambiance enwrapped us as we eat in the said restaurant/café. The songs in their playlist fit the calmness of the milieu. The attendants were very accommodating, serving us the food conveniently. Comfort and affordable food were offered as seen on their/the menu.

Aiming to fill our empty stomach, we have ordered the following:

Sizzling Sisig with egg (P139)

Chicken Pesto Pasta (P200)

Classic Caesar Salad (P130)

Hot Cappuccino (P65)


Thing is, pizza, cakes and pastries were not available at that time since they are almost about to close their café when we arrived.

After making our tummies happy, we stroll around the beautiful place. We asked the caretaker/watchman if we can take a look at the activity hall found at the second floor. We have witnessed an exquisite panorama. He even shared us a brief history about the place that it was in 1982 when it was built/put up. Yesteryears, it was called “Kamalig sa Lipa” owned by an old maiden originated from Bicol. And now, this is owned by the famous furniture, lights and décor shop SylPaulJoyce. Sylvia, Paul and Joyce are siblings and Ysabel as well where the name Casa Ysabel was derived.

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  1. The food… the food. I am hungry right now, it’s lunch time.
    Here’s a tip for you Flaircandy, change the temperature setting of the orange into a blue one and you’ll see an appealing food.

    Hungry over here!! Haha

  2. hahaha! yeah, will tell my guest blogger on how she can improve 🙂 white balance 😉

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