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What’s in my Travel Bag?

Posted by on Jul 3, 2017 in ALL, Travel | 2 comments

When I do sponsored travels, I usually bring so many gadgets, makeup and clothes that suit the occasion. But when I’m traveling with family, I can just bring the bare minimum and pack light. I didn’t buy luggage but I’m allowed a 7kg carry on.

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  1. hi hannah,

    I also usually travel very light because I usually travel to take advantage of the sales. For instance, last time I went to seoul, I went there with an empty luggage ( ok ok i had my eletric toothbrush) and I bought everything there. So I can enjoy vacation by travelling and saving lots of money with the sales haha

    • haha! Good job! That could be a great challenge for a travel blog/vlog! Of course, with that in mind, it is given that you must bring lotsa cash instead XD But if you booked through a decent hotel, they’re supposed to have everything you need, except for clothes. yaye!

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