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How Important is the Wedding Ring?

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The wedding ring is a symbol of love and a long lasting relationship. The engagement ring does not have a clear historical path. The path winds and crosses with the inclusion of religion, cultures and countries and their views of marriage. In some cultures the ring was there to begin a marriage contract, a legal one that bound the families in business and land acquisition. Other rings were placed on the fingers in honor of truly being in love.

The ancient Egyptians began placing the ring on the left hand, the same finger we use today, because they believed that finger had a special vein connected to the heart. Love was certainly in the air in the Egyptian culture. This ring was made of leather or reeds. Egyptians saw the ring as powerful with no end. Today, we continue this view as the ring represents love and life.

Diamonds in the ring became popular in the 1940’s with the “Diamond is Forever” marketing campaign by De Beers. Diamonds became a girl’s best friend and an adornment of the engagement ring. Diamonds are fashioned in  many styles and are a common choice over other stones. These styles can be unique from vintage and rough to their own unique and custom choice. There is also the option to be more eco-friendly and have lab-grown diamonds or the use of recycled diamonds. The choices are many.

The wedding ring is important, but so is the engagement ring. Choosing the perfect ring for your future mate is important. Your mate’s tastes are something you already know, so now is the time for you to express your love in a way that your forever love will appreciate. You will know you were a success when your fiance’s face is alight with happiness.

Let’s review a checklist for making certain you rock it:

Tastes and style – you were paying attention to what type of ring your fiance may like. During the time you have been dating and seeing each other you will have paid attention to their styles and manners of expressing themselves in fashion.

Snooping is good when you pay attention to your fiance’s Pinterest boards. Keep an eye out on their social media outlets. Facebook may give some clues too.

More snooping into the jewelry box may help too. What type of styles are consistent in the jewelry box? Which styles hardly make their way out of the jewelry box? Pay attention to what she is reading in magazines and in books. Clues are all around and you need only to pay attention. She may have said she liked certain types in passing or was overt in hinting towards what she wanted. Listening matters.

Size matters – you know your fiance’s tastes. If the ring is a real diamond or a recycled diamond, knowing what your fiance desires is a factor to giving and presenting the ring. The size of the ring depends on a few things:

Again, knowing what your fiance likes is key. If there have been hints or even a nod of approval towards pictures, then you are hot on the path to making the right decision.

The more activities and active your fiance is, the more practical the ring should be. Buying a large stone may not be wise to do for the active on-the-go woman. Also think about if she will wear the ring all the time or only on certain occasions.

Three months’ pay of salary used to be the rule for deciding how much should be spent on the ring. Naturally, you will want to look at what you can really afford. No need of going into debt over the ring. You will need to remember your future obligations of living together. Will there a mortgage? Join health insurance? There are other priorities for your money. There are a few options: you can finance the ring. You could also
buy a starter ring with the promise to buy a more expensive ring as you progress in your career and relationship. Do some window shopping and stick to your budget.

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