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Meeting Under Armour Ambassadors – Power in Pink

Posted by on Nov 10, 2015 in Advocacy, Fitness, Health, Sports, Uncategorized

Meeting Under Armour Ambassadors – Power in Pink


Tea and Yoga party with Under Armour Ambassadors

Afternoon tea and yoga party with Under Armour Ambassadors

“If it doesn’t involve you stepping outside, touching other people, it is pointless.” says Under Armour’s ambassador Emmanuelle Adda, a French-Filipina performing artist and fitness enthusiast. She is referring to expanding her enthusiasm for fitness and spreading this passion to other people.

Under Armour Power in Pink celebrates those who use sports, fitness and an active lifestyle in the fight against breast cancer. Under Armour will donate a minimum of $500 to various breast cancer centers and charities through their Power in Pink program.


Inspiring change
I could relate quite well to Emmanuelle’s firm belief as stated above. Lately, I have been on a mission to become the best version of me. With the help of friends, fitness mentors, nutrition coach, doctors and the support of loved ones, I slowly am headed to becoming my best self in all aspects of my humanity. By slowly changing and transforming myself, I realized that my students, friends, readers and followers slowly notice the positive changes in me, and then I began to realize, I could in fact inspire change or make an impact in other people’s lives. I respond slowly to fitness questions via email, skin and beauty tips via social media and facebook messages and even as as far as giving advice to people who are emotionally distraught. I think one thing my readers know about me is that I am transparent in my struggles and they see the real deal. I blog about these things, but more importantly, I never fail to share that I am always trying to stand right back on my feet, dust off some negative juices and try again.

Blogging could surely take up a lot of my time. Traveling from one event to another, writing and documenting travels, hours of research and content writing too, and so on and so forth. I am not even blogging for the money, nor is this my main source of income. I blog continously so that I could send a message to everyone that they can achieve anything they want to as long as they put their heart to it.

Success is not as sweet, when you keep it to yourself. Success is best when shared. And I applaud Under Armour fo their campaign “Women of Will”, which engages women of different shapes, ages and bckground to immerse themselves more into active lifestyle and fitness.

Women of Will goes Urban

Under Armour has designed whole month-long fitness activities for women who want to empower themselves. These activities have already begun, starting with the breakfast group “Girls Run”, headed by Tessa Prieto and Under Armour athlete Doray Elis last October 28, as they tried Under Armour sports bra in their fitness yoga and run. These activities are now being conducted regularly for the month of November together with partner gyms and women groups.

TheWomen of Will campaign rallies to fight against breast cancer so be sure to check out these dates and GET ARMOURED!

  • Women of Will Wednesdays at Urban Ashram. All Wednesdays of November
  • Total Wellness and Fitness Saturdays at Edsa Shangri-La Health Club. All Saturdays of November!
  • Exclusive Tea Fitness Party at Raffles Hotel. ovember 0, 2015 at :0 pm.
  • Women’s Basketball Treat – PBA Basketball 3 on 3. November 28, 2015.
  • Ftness Day with Belle de Jour. November 29, 2015.

For Further information, please visit Under Armour’s official website at www.ua.com.ph and follow Under Armour Philippines on instagram (@underarmourph).


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Bayanihan Rescue Philippines Red Cross via Buyanihan

Posted by on Aug 16, 2012 in Advocacy

Bayanihan Rescue Philippines Red Cross via Buyanihan



Donate now starting at P100


The Philippine Red Cross is stepping up its rescue and relief operations for flood-stricken families and assisting in the evacuation of more than 8,000 individuals (numbers will rise in the coming days) with the help of Red Cross 143 volunteers. Persons rescued were from Valenzuela, Rizal, Caloocan, Manila and other affected areas.

The Quezon City Red Cross assisted in the search and rescue of the victims of the landslides in Commonwealth where three persons were given first aid and transported to nearby hospital.


Red Cross

The Red Cross as well is providing hot meals to more than 7,500 persons in various evacuation centers.

Earlier, the Red Cross has provided generator to Epifanio delos Santos Hospital and assisted as well in providing fuel for the generator of the UERM Hospital.


Red Cross

More relief operations and hygiene promotion will be conducted in some of the 174 evacuation centers where 11,591 families are still sheltered. The Red Cross is setting up welfare desks in the evacuation centers to provide psychosocial support and other welfare needs of the affected families.

Red Cross

The Red Cross will continue to work round the clock with more areas still under water.

The PRC welcomes donation for flood-affected families. Through your generosity, we can stand prepared for disasters. We appreciate your continuous and unwavering support. Thank you.

Red Cross

About Buyanihan Digital

Buyanihan Digital is the Philippines’ first digital link agency providing website development, e-commerce solutions, social media analysis, blog marketing, community building and management & IT services to SMEs and top brands and corporations.

Red Cross

About the Philippine National Red Cross

The story of the Philippine Red Cross is the story of men and women from all walks of life who have dedicated themselves to the service of humanity. It is the tale of hundreds of thousands of ordinary people who devoted their time and resources to help the poorest of the poor.


Red Cross

Professionally trained and truly compassionate, these men and women are ready to lend a helping hand to those in need – whoever, whenever and wherever they may be.


Red Cross

At present, the Philippine Red Cross provides six major services: Blood Services, Disaster Management Services, Safety Services, Community Health and Nursing Services, Social Services and the Volunteer Services.

All of them embody the fundamental principles of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement – humanity, impartiality, neutrality, independence, voluntary service, unity and universality.

These values guide and inspire all Red Cross staff and volunteers, to whom being a Red Crosser is more than just a philosophy but a way of life.



  • Proceeds will be remitted to the Philippine National Red Cross.
  • You can also donate relief goods (e.g. Canned goods, instant noodles, blankets, purified drinking water, medicine, clothes, etc.) to Buyanihan Headquarters at Unit 1010, Cityland Herrera Tower, Makati City or at the Philippine National Red Cross Office.
  • #RescuePH
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My Flair Life in Color, Rise When We Fall

Posted by on Aug 13, 2012 in Advocacy, Contests, Featured, Music, Promos

My Flair Life in Color, Rise When We Fall

I spent 2 days in different airports.  Went from one country to another, and I found out that the Philippines was crying because of the habagat.  It was a bit hard for me have fun in my trip when some of my friends were waist-deep in the flood.

I went home via Clark airport and I was so worried that Clark airport might be flooded as well, and my car would be flooded too.  Luckily it didn’t flood in Clark Airport and it is one safe place for my car, rather than I would have left it in my condo in Manila, my car would have been gone.

I got stranded in Clark area because NLEX was flooded and the rest of the roads I needed to cross to go home. 


With nothing to do, I was companied by music and color.  I brought my Urbanears with me.  I waited long hours in the airport, and more hours being stuck in Clark.




After the rains and the onslaught of the habagat, we rise again.  As always.




Brand new Urbanears Tanto for auction

Minimum bid at P500!


In lieu with this, I donated one of my Urbanears Tanto (unused, unopened, brand new) to our PHL360.com online auction.

Proceeds of the auction will benefit the victims of the recent habagat flooding via Philippine National Red Cross.


at php500

Click on the image to participate in the auction! 


This is worth P1950 but the bidding price starts at P500.


Check out other auctioned other items here.


PLUS!  There’s another colorful contest from Urbanears!


Urbanears concept store in the Philippines will launch it’s opening on August 14 at the Podium. Digits will also launch the new Fall/Winter collection on the same date!  They will be bringing in 3 new colors which they will announce there.

All you have to do to join is take at least one photo of yourself in instagram with the Urbanears or an outfit post or closeup shot with your Urbanears. Put the photo in the post.  You don’t have to own Urbanears to join.  Read the poster below for details.




Find out where you can buy your very own Urbanears here.

Get updated with more contests and announcements here on Digit’s FB page https://www.facebook.com/digitstrading

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PHL360 Full Circle, A Journey to Reality

Posted by on Jul 9, 2012 in Advocacy, Philippines, Travel

PHL360 Full Circle, A Journey to Reality

PHL360 is not your ordinary travel show.

We go beyond travel and blogging.  We experience and indulge in the spirit of every place we go Smile



A reality show is a reality show… We are usually unaware we were taped liked dizzz


And dizzz…. coz I try to catch as much sleep as I can T___T


This is me.. making a full 360 cartwheel


And my travel partner Chyng Reyes


They call us TEAM #HaChyng !


We passed by a surf-spot … it wasn’t part of PHL360’s itinerary,

but I had to experience it Smile

and I’m going to do some street pole when I can :)

Find out the whole story at PHL360.com


Watch Full Episodes every Thursdays 12nn at


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Beautiful Things: Get to Know the South Sea Pearl

Posted by on Mar 15, 2012 in Advocacy, Art & Photography, Education, Featured, Travel

Beautiful Things: Get to Know the South Sea Pearl

Jewelmer extends pearl education to everyone!

Know more about the pearls and how fabulous nature’s creations are.

I instantly fell in love when I heard about its story.

And now, I share it to you all Smile


Our Philippine National Gem: The South Sea Pearl

As the latest endeavor to mark the Philippines as a major design destination in Asia, Manila FAME invites Jewelmer to participate in the major sourcing event for lifestyle products, furniture, gifts, and fashion. The exposition will be held from March 14 to March 17, 2012 from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm at the SMX Convention center.

Jewelmer will give attendees an opportunity to purchase their lustrous golden gems set in fine jewellery. Collections such as Stella and Lautitia will be on display alongside the quintessential Jewelmer golden strands and some very special archive pieces.

The company is in a unique position for collaboration with Manila FAME 2012. In 1993, President Fidel V. Ramos declared the Philippine South Sea pearl as the country’s National Gem, which is the perfect complement to an event to showcase the best of the talent, quality, craftsmanship, and creativity that the Philippines has to offer.

Jewelmer’s representatives will be at Booth DX20, located on the ground floor of the SMX Convention center. Manila FAME 2012 will run between 9:00am to 6:00pm from March 14 to March 17, 2012.

For more information, please visit www.jewelmer.com.

Apart from this, Jewelmer now resumes exclusive Educational Pearl talks.  I went to the island itself to discover how beautiful pearls are.  Better than diamonds I say because the Pearl sprouts on a very nice and happy environment, unlike diamonds who needs to be in excessive pressure to be grown.


Jewelmer Resumes Exclusive Educational Pearl

Newly harvested golden pearls.  Yes, I was there to witness this! *cries for joy*

Nature is beautiful

Have you ever wondered how to tell real pearls from plastic? What is the difference between freshwater and saltwater pearls? How can you assess the true value and quality of a pearl?

The country’s authority on pearls brings back The Exclusive Jewelmer Pearl Talk in three educational events, which will take place at three separate locations. The host venues in March include The Peninsula Manila hotel, Eastwood Mall and Resorts World.

Beyond the basic Pearl 101, an interesting mix of clients, media representatives, and friends attend the talks to reacquaint themselves with the straightforward facts of the complex nature of pearls. It is an interactive experience with the specialists at Jewelmer who are eager to share their knowledge about the most lustrous pearls in the world.

Jewelmer’s Exclusive Pearl Talk dates are as follows:

The Peninsula Manila Hotel

4:00 pm on March 13, 2012

Eastwood Mall

4:00 pm on March 15, 2012

Resorts Worls, Newport Mall

4:00 pm on March 16, 2012

Limited slots are available. Interested parties are invited to inquire at any Jewelmer boutiques or contact Tess Catedral at 0917.327.1025. For more information on Jewelmer, please visit www.jewelmer.com.

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Dressing Up as Christina Aguilera

Posted by on Dec 25, 2011 in Advocacy, Fashion, Featured, Style Flair, Wardrobe

Dressing Up as Christina Aguilera

I love dressing up!  I bought a lot of wigs in Hong Kong and I never got to use them…

here’s me as Christina Aguilera.. it’s an impromptu look…

christina aguilera dress up hannah villasis

top: F21

leopard print pants – from Sungei Wang, Bukit Bintang Malaysia

wig – from Hong Kong

bracelets – assorted and combined

shoes: Dumond

and my nails “did” by Nailaholics 

dumond shoes flaircandy hannah villasis

I didn’t have any makeup available but I only had powder, iNuovi red lipstick and eye liner we bought from 7/11

I had to improvise and just used eye liner for my eyes.  My red lipstick from iNuovi should do the trick as Christina loves red!

I love to dress up, but I also love to give love this Christmas. I donated a few of my clothes to Sendong victims. Also, I donated a part of my first salary via Buyanihan.

I hope you too can spread the love :) For a minimum of P50 (half a cup of coffee), you can already help ^_^

Start sharing here.

Give up half a cup of coffee for Sendong victims <3

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My Body’s Like Whoah!

Posted by on Dec 20, 2011 in Advocacy, Beauty, Featured, Health

My Body’s Like Whoah!

Seeing this video made me think of my answer to the question “What do you love about your body?”

Why is it so hard?


If you asked me this question a year ago, I would have burst into tears. My self esteem was so low at that point that I saw no meaning in life. It was so hard to think of something good to say about my body when all I could think of is criticizing my own body flaws – how I hated my flabs, my oily skin and my not-so-generous height.


I surprised myself a year after when I found myself in a paradigm shift.

I wasn’t exactly sure what happened but one morning, I just felt good about myself.  I guess, I started to let go of any worries.

hannah villasis

I was dancing again and my teachers at Pole Class were teaching me more than just pole tricks.

hannah villasis pole

They may not be aware of this but they taught me how to love my body as it is. It’s not in their curriculum, but every time I ask my friends to try pole, they always end up being happy.

I for one, realized that no one is really perfect.

That by forcing myself to go on a diet just to get perfectly thin makes me feel depressed. That the more I stop myself from eating, the more I crave for it and finally indulge in food binging habits.

Right now, I just keep everything in moderation. I still see those imperfect flabs when I look in the mirror, but it doesn’t bother me anymore. I would like to share this anecdote from my creative writing teacher wo is also a relationship coach:



Many people will quickly say that they love their bodies & feel comfortable with the way they look… 

But why do many of them *look* like they really… don’t? 

The thing is, it’s not about being a certain size, or being a specific shape, or wearing certain clothes, or doing a special diet or exercise. 

The fact is, if your body *truly knows* it’s LOVED & APPRECIATED by you, 

Then it’s gonna show, and people will naturally know. 


Love your body — it’s the only one you’ve got. 

Aileen Santos




So… If you ask me NOW what I love about my body, here’s the answer:

I love my eyes. It is the window to my soul. It shows my real emotions.

hannah villasis eyes

I love my height which is 1 inch short of 5 feet (do the math). I love that I don’t bump those low ledges.

I love my oily skin. Though it really makes me look shiny, at least it makes me look like a budding lady in her teenage years. I’d rather have that than wrinkles. (for now)

I love my little flabs. That way I have an excuse to always go to pole class so that I can get rid of it!

Now enough of me coz I always feel shy and awkward talking things I like about myself *blush*   


Let me feature a friend and I will tell you what I like about her just like they did in the video. She doesn’t know I’m going to blog about her so it’s going to be surprise! ;P

Meet my friend Micaela Rodriguez

First of all, her name is meant to be famous!  

She has the most amazing legs – very long, slender and sexy.

She has the friendliest smile.

Notice her charming dimples :)

She has a very slender figure and she would look good on almost any wardrobe.

and she’s tall… she could be a model!

I’ve been telling her to go to London and start her modelling career :)

What say you Mica? GO FOR IT!!!


Just like the message of the video:

If we can see beauty in others, shouldn’t we be able to see it in ourselves?

It’s a great message :)

It’s about time :)


Some little activity for you guys, share in the comment section below at least 1 thing you like about yourself :)  

I would appreciate your responses! :)


*This post is sponsored by Dove.

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Let F1 Legend Mika Hakkinen Drive You Around Manila

Posted by on Oct 21, 2011 in Advocacy, Announcements, Events, Featured, Formula 1, Sports

Let F1 Legend Mika Hakkinen Drive You Around Manila

Yes, fuhrealz!

Johnnie Walker is inviting the F1 legend Mika Hakkinen over here in the Philippines!


Mika Hakkinen is Johnnie Walker’s responsible drinking ambassador.  I am a huge fan of F1 myself and I also love to race!!!  I take it to the race tracks though because I know the importance of being safe – not only for myself but for other people too!

I was first aware of Johnnie Walker’s campaign to responsible driving “Don’t drink and drive” when I went to Singapore to witness the first night race ever in 2008!

This is me outside Amber Lounge party. – September 2008

Tickets are at EUR 500 per person!

I highly appreciate this movement because I know how one mistake could happen in just a split second.

So there you go, if you want to race and fulfill your need for speed – step into the circuit ^_^

Check out Johnnie Walker Philippine’s official website for a chance to be driven by Mika Hakkinen and know what it is like to ride with an F1 driver!


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PAWS out at Nailaholics with Animal Prints

Posted by on Oct 14, 2011 in Advocacy, Beauty, Fashion

PAWS out at Nailaholics with Animal Prints

I love my earth and I love the seas, the forest and of course I love animals.

My heart cries when I hear animals being abused especially cats, dogs and bunnies.  We have animal shelters too but they need help.  I found a way to help these lovely animals and you too can help by being fashionable!

In celebration of World Animal Month this October, Nailaholics Nail Salon & Spa pledged to give 10% of the proceeds of the Anailmalistic promo to the Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) to help shelter animals. A little goes a long way for every animal print nail art availed in any of the 28 branches of Nailaholics Nail Salon & Spa nationwide as proceeds will help PAWS perform its mandate of fighting for the welfare and human treatment of animals. The Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) is a volunteer-based non-government organization whose goal is to prevent animal cruelty through education, animal sheltering and advocacy. The organization runs entirely on donations from generous donors and volunteers.

photo credits: Blushing Ambers, Fashion Beauty Trend

*The above photos are just pegs, so I suggest you visit Nailaholics and get cute animal prin nails!  I have yet to visit a branch and get mine before I go home to Bacolod for our Masskara festival!

Creatively painted by skilled nail artists, Intricate designs such as zebra, leopard, tiger, giraffe, dog and cat paw prints on your nails can spice up any wardrobe and serve as an astounding accessory to any get-up. Make more than just a fashion statement with your fingertips through these wearable works of art!

So there you go! Stay chic while helping the animal community :)

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Social Media and Marketing Slides – Lyceum Northwestern University

Posted by on Sep 17, 2011 in Advocacy, Announcements, blogging, Education, Featured

Social Media and Marketing Slides – Lyceum Northwestern University

Today, I conducted a 30 min talk on Social Media and Marketing at the Lyceum Northwestern University in Dagupan.  The half-day activity is titled “2011 Conference on IT Concepts: A Slice of the Web Today“.


Blogging 101 – Micaela Rodriguez

Social Media and Marketing – Yours truly, Hannah Villasis

Understanding Search Engines – Fitz Villafuerte

Vigilant Net Surfing and Nettiquette – Mr. Gerald C. Bataoil, MIT


It was a great day of learning for everyone, including me.  Thank you for the hearty welcome and the energetic welcome!  The students were very attentive and eager to learn and this inspires all of us speakers to continue sharing what we know about the triple W!

Congratulations to the student organizers, volunteers and faculty members for drafting this successful event!

It was a pleasure speaking in front of everyone.  I hope you all learned a few important things that can change your life and challenge you to Ready.Fire.Aim!


My apologies for submitting the wrong set of slides.  It has been a busy week for me, but do know I took time to prepare this – I think it got me too excited I misorganized my files and sent the wrong version.

Let me make it up to you all and I post here the entire contents of my correct slides 😛 <— I use a lot of emoticons!
Social Media and Marketing – Hannah Villasis Slides
Please feel free to read through again, you can ask me any questions here or if you want to mail me privately, do so at [email protected]



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My Intimate Photoshoot with The Boudoir Dolls

Posted by on Jul 25, 2011 in Advocacy, Art & Photography, Beauty, Featured

My Intimate Photoshoot with The Boudoir Dolls

The best way to gain self-confidence is to do what you are afraid to do.

I don’t think I will be where I am now if I didn’t stop to look fear in the face.  I used to have stage fright, but I really love dancing and performing and so I had to overcome it.  Performing on the stage in live audience and hosting a live TV show are two different things.  And so, I had to overcome the same fear twice!

I had fear of rejection, fear of people criticizing me – my writing, my work – my body!  I am sure everyone feels the same.  Isn’t it draining you from energy? and all of your confidence sucked out of you and replaced by self-doubt.


Before this photoshoot, I was worried that I didn’t lose enough weight to look really great in photos.


It hinders people to achieve their dreams and goals.

And only in facing it will you feel good and more confident.


And I decided to love my body :)  I decided to ignore any negative thoughts.


And so here I am, conquering yet another fear :)


The Boudoir Dolls

I am a big fan of the Boudoir Dolls‘ art. I am friends with DJ Shayla (one of the 3 talented photographers of Boudoir Dolls) and I knew way before that they are not fond of Photoshop or post-editing. Unless of course if need and if they need to put a watermark.  But I’ve seen their photos and I was just marvelled!!!  They really do a great job and you can check out their works on their official website or Facebook page.

The Boudoir Dolls is an all-women group of photographers catering specifically to women.  They have extensive experience in portrait photography and they bring a little bit of themselves in each of their shots.  They know the joys, the trials and the triumphs of being a woman.  Each shoot is the story of their subject, mixed with theirs.

Sexy yet classy!

We believe that there is beauty in everyone. We relentlessly find it in our clients and capture it. Bringing out the best in you is our job, and making you comfortable in the process is on the top of our list. We join you in celebrating your true beauty — by capturing it through our photos.

– The Boudoir Dolls

The Boudoir Dolls are Shayla, Arlene and Danielle.


Flair Candy with the Boudoir Dolls

The photoshoot happened in a breeze!  Thanks to Victoria Court (shoot location), Angela Nepomuceno (makeup artist), and the Boudoir dolls for making the photoshoot possible in such a short notice :)
Location: Venice room at Victoria Court 


You would think that we flew to Venice and rented a room there.  But no :) We had our shoot at one of the fabulous Thematic rooms of Victoria Court!


Check out their official website, or the video below to view a few of their other thematic / party rooms!

I really don’t know how to pose “intimate” for the camera.  Good thing the Boudoir dolls made it very comfortable for me to pose.  I know that I wouldn’t have to worry about my flabs and thunder thighs, they took care of me like I’m a precious art!  I think it’s important for us girls to be comfortable and with the Boudoir dolls, that is not a problem at all.
I really enjoyed the shoot and I learned a lot from them as well.  I learned posing techniques, how to make my legs and neck look stronger by tip toing and extending it.  I learned quite a few make-up techniques from Angela as well!  Most importantly, I learned how to trust myself.  To let go of any worries and any inhibitions.  To let go and just have fun :)
And here it is :) the result of combined talent and skills of everyone involved in the photoshoot.
Thank you!
Photography by: The Boudoir Dolls
Makeup artist: Angela Nepomuceno
Location: Victoria Court
Hannah Villasis
Hannah Villasis Flaircandy
hannah villasis flair candy flaircandy
hannah villasis



Get the flash player here: http://www.adobe.com/flashplayer



Want to liberate yourself and feel sexy and good?


Check out the Boudoir Dolls




Check out Victoria Court Thematic Rooms




Angela Nepomuceno for your Makeup needs

Bridal, debut, parties, photoshoots


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Our Philippine National Gem: The South Sea Pearl

Posted by on Jun 15, 2011 in Advocacy, Featured, Palawan

Our Philippine National Gem: The South Sea Pearl

Do you know how lucky we are to be living in the Philippines?  I honestly can’t imagine myself growing up in some other place.  It has been my home for many years and I quite enjoy the bountiful natural gifts we have in our country :)  I am up for any adventure but I must say, I think I was a mermaid in my past life.

I am not really a diver (claustrophobic and ear problems), but I love being in the ocean.  I guess you can say free diving would be more of my thing.  Best thing about the ocean is – it’s free!  It’s just there, waiting to be enjoyed by everyone :)

And in the Philippines, we are quite lucky to have some of the world’s best diving spots and surf spots!  I envy some of my diver friends and how they can see the beautiful bed of corals underneath our seas.  I can only enjoy exploring shallow reefs when I snorkel, but I haven’t seen much of the world down there and I believe it’s beautiful <3

South Sea Pearl

Yes guys, we have a national gem – as declared by Pres. Fidel Ramos on Oct. 25, 1996.  It is a beautiful product of our seas – the South Sea Pearl <3

Ah… beautiful isn’t it?  there are different kinds of South Sea Pearls, different colors, shapes and characteristics but one of the rare ones are the Golden South Sea Pearls…


and yes, they come out of the Oyster in lustrous golden color – no coloring whatsoever.

You know what, after our Palawan trip… I feel like a pearl expert now… Everytime I see pearls I look at the luster, the size, the shape and I feel the texture.  I identify if it’s South Sea pearl or just fresh water pearls…

Diamonds are girl’s best friend they say, but honey, once I introduce you to Golden Pearl baby, you will fall in love <3

Unlike diamonds that are formed naturally in a harsh environment (at high pressure and high temperature), pearls are actually an indicator of our Ocean’s health!  Sadly, the world is changing and unfortunate damages in the environment like pollution, garbage and global calamities can affect the quality of the pearls.

It is really pretty <3 I fell in love with these golden pearls knowing they had to go through 323 steps to produce and 5 years in the making at least.  Apart from that, only 10% of the oysters would result in a natural golden pearl.


So you can just imagine how valuable they are and how important it is for us to protect our seas that in turn gives us these gifts :)


More than what you see…

I know that the Golden Pearl you see is pretty, but what’s more beautiful is the story behind it all.

It’s the story of the people who initiated a movement to protect especially Palawan seas.

We visited an island in Taytay Palawan they call “Baras.”

This is a community of people who are slowly changing their lifestyles into a greener approach.  If before people are so into dynamite and cyanide fishing, kaingin (burning of trees resulting to bald islands) and harmful practices to the environment, volunteers and some staff from the pearl farm reach out to these communities and educate them on the consequences of their actions.

And now, they teach them to make their own natural fertilizers, cultivate their own lands to produce root crops, vegetables and many more.  They are also into fashion!  The picture above is of the locals making necklaces and other decorative items :)

Beautiful flowers :)

They even have a bee farm to help polenate the plants <3


At the end of our trip… I felt good about the beautiful things that I have seen and I got more inspired to take part in saving it.

I care for the world I live in and I love capturing it in photos, I love walking on it, enjoying it and sharing this wonderful world with the people I love <3



and with that, I am honored to be one of Jewelmer’s Pearl ambassadors along with top online personalities like Vince Golangco of Wheninmanila.com, Noemi Dado of AboutMyRecovery.com, Estan of EstanCabigas.com, Anna Oposa of AnnaOposa.ph, Jayvee Fernandez of ABuggedLife.com,  Kankan Ramos of Yehey.com and myself :)


now joining Piolo Pascual as Pearl Ambassador!


There are things that you can do to save our seas :)  I will share with you how you can do this soon!

Not all superheros you read in comic books have super powers like superman.  We have Batman, Green Archer and many others.  We Filipinos are also proud to have Anna Oposa who is included in Yahoo!’s seven inspiring Filipinos – modern day heros!  She may not have gills like Aquaman, but she has the passion to protect our Philippine seas :)

Know more about the Golden pearls here.

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Human Nature: 100% Made in the Philippines

Posted by on Jun 7, 2011 in Advocacy, Beauty

Human Nature: 100% Made in the Philippines

Sometime in May, I got invited by Human Nature to have a hearty dinner with other beauty bloggers.

human nature

For those of you who don’t know what Human Nature is, it’s a local brand that’s 100% made in the Philippines.  By 100% I mean 100% labor and 100% materials are locally made!

human nature beauty products

Human Nature is actually in close partnership with Gawad Kalinga and Ganda Kalinga.

They focus on 3 factors that affect the company as a whole and the products that they produce, namely:

1. Pro-Philippines

To provide jobs for people in the Philippines and to purchase all supplies from Filipino farmers and suppliers.  They envision 100% local sourcing of all their ingredients.  In doing so, they provide hard-working Filipinos, especially the poor, opportunities that will allow them to flourish and enjoy a better life.

2. Pro-poor

Through their close partnership with Gawad Kalinga and Ganda Kalinga, they will provide farming communities with the resources to convert low-value, basic crops that will forever keep them poor to high -value, organic crops that will greatly improve their quality of life.

3.  Pro-environment.

All their products are natural & organic – 100% free from harmful chemicals that may seep back to our soil and water.

Also, by making products affordable and competitive in the market, it becomes easy for all of us to use chemical-free productrs that wil not harm our environment.

I actually tried some of their products and I would like to highlight their deodorant.

Human Nature Women’s Deodorant

with Rosemary and Sunflower oil – 100% natural, non-darkening deodorant that contains only the good and none of the bad.  Chitosan, a natural anti-bacterial agent, together with organic oils & extracts helps neutralize body odor.

I’ve tried this and I actually love it!  It keeps my underarms soft, smooth and lighter looking.  My underarms usually are dry when I use antiperspirants and my problem is, it always feels harsh.  So I’m very thankful to have found this deodorant that keeps my underarms moisturized while keeping body odor away.  It is free from aluminum, parabens, phthalates, triclosan and harmful chemicals.

Also, did you know that most anti-perspirants contain aluminum compounds that close pores and stope the sweat and odor from escaping the body?  This has also been closely linked to breast cancer.  Is it worth the risk? It’s up to you to decide.  Also note, that this deodorant is not an antiperspirant but it neutralizes odor and will not give you cancer


Human Nature: 100% Made in the Philippines

Gandang Kalikasan, Inc. (GKI), through its Human Nature brand, is a fast-growing, trail-blazing natural & organic consumer goods company operating as a social enterprise and driven by the core philosophy of PRO-PHILIPPINES, PRO-POOR and PRO-ENVIRONMENT. Founded in November 2008 by Anna Meloto-Wilk and Camille Meloto, daughters of Gawad Kalinga founder Tony Meloto, Human Nature’s products are 100% made in the Philippines and 100% free from harmful chemicals.

Today it announces:

· A call to buy products that are Made in the Philippines

· What fellow Filipinos (here and abroad) can do to support local Filipino farming communities

· How Human Nature is doing its part to help uplift this nation from poverty

91.98 million –that’s the total population for this beautiful group of islands; the Philippines. This July 12, as we celebrate the independence of our wonderful nation, let’s all make a stand and be proud by honoring Philippine-made products and buying what is proudly our own.

The Filipino people are filled with so much creativity, ingenuity, skills and hardworking traits that it’s saddening to think that we’re all still going gaga over international brand names when in fact, we can produce the same if not better products as our competitors abroad.

Human Nature is the perfect example of this –a local brand that’s making it big in the global playing field. Not only is Human Nature providing us Filipinos with a healthier, more natural alternative when it comes to our personal care product choices, it is also keeping in mind the impact each ingredient has on the Filipino farming community. Each raw material used in Human Nature products is carefully considered to make sure it has the potential to grow here in the Philippines and can eventually be sourced here too. The raw material for its top-selling product in fact, the citronella bug spray, is sourced from a local Citronella farming community in Labo, Camarines Norte, Bicol and its lemongrass raw material needs on the other hand, are met by the Lemongrass farming community in Negros. Its latest venture with a Filipino farming community is a partnership with the Passion Fruit farming community in GK Catigan, Davao where their passion fruit seed oil will eventually be sourced for Human Nature’s Hydrating Mineral Lipstick and all-new Passion Fruit Hydrating Lotion.

More popular products that contain Philippine-grown ingredients are the Balancing Facial Wash and Toners that contain the now-trending Manila Elemi Oil, or “pili” as we Filipinos call it, a sought after raw material to fight skin-ageing and used for perfumes by big names such as Chanel, Dior, Donna Karan, Ralph Lauren and Marc Jacobs. Other products like the Intensive Hair Mask contain our lola’s ever-famous gugo bark for thick, healthy hair and the new Natural Moisturizing Shampoo with CREAMFoam Technology contains a new star ingredient, the Philippine Coco Nectar that’s enriched with 24 amino acids, 17 vitamins and 14 minerals.

Human Nature is definitely paving the way for other local brands to make it big. Having several branches and dealers in the US and in Singapore, it won’t be long now until this 100% Philippine-made brand will take the world by storm. Do your part as a proud Filipino and buy products that are proudly… Made in the Philippines!

To learn more about Human Nature products and advocacy or to learn how to be a dealer, please visit www.humanheartnature.com or your nearest Human Nature Branch or call (02) 931-5787. You may also visit Rustans Supermarket & Shopwise for a select line of Human Nature products.

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Where to get Bunny or Rabbit Food in Manila

Posted by on Apr 25, 2011 in Advocacy, Announcements

Where to get Bunny or Rabbit Food in Manila

Dog food is everywhere!  You can find it in grocery stores and the most basic of pet shops.

Sadly, there are not a lot of bunny stores in Manila.  Here are the pet shops that carry bunny food, well, the ones that I’ve been visiting so far.


1. Bio-Research

They used to have a branch in Robinson’s Manila, but it closed down.  :(

You can go to Greenhills branch (that’s in V-Mall, in front of the car park building )

Or, you can also go to Robinson’s Galleria.  I forgot which floor though so just ask the information desk, but they have more choices of bunny food there.


2. Petty Pets

Their only store (so far) is in SM Megamall A ground floor.  In front of either Shakeys or Pizza Hut (I forgot) It’s near the Entrance/Exit door.

GEDC0004 GEDC0003

They only focus on bunnies, birds, gerbils and hamsters.

I found the cutest little things!


I die of cuteness!!!

They were cuddling each other, it was the cutest thing!

I wanted to adopt all of them and build a bunny zoo where they can freely hop around a garden full of carrots and sunflower seeds!

That’s all of the pet shops I know so far that sells bunny food.

Do you know more? Please help me compile a database of bunny pet shops that will help bunny owners here in Manila :)

Just comment below if you know anywhere else!

Thanks you so much!

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Help Fulfill Dreams

Posted by on Apr 16, 2011 in Advocacy

Help Fulfill Dreams

I remembered the time I donated my CPA review scholarship to someone who can’t afford it – a year after, he fulfilled his dream of becoming a CPA :) helping someone to fulfill a dream is priceless!

A friend is celebrating his blog’s 5th year anniversary. You know him online as Batang Yagit. But he’s richer than most of us. He has a rich heart! He will celebrate by raising funds to Zamboanga Funds for Little Kids.

I helped by chipping in a little something via Paypal hoping these kids will have more tools for their education. They are the future and I believe that helping them get the proper education will change the world.

If you too want to help, just visit this link to read more details.


Click Me and spread the Love!

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