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See you at the RISQ Grand Summer Fashion Show

Posted by on Feb 22, 2011 in Art & Photography, Entertainment and Lifestyle, Events, Fashion, Philippines

USummer is just around the corner and so is the RISQ Grand Summer Fashion Show! RISQ Grand Summer Fashion Show will gather together the country’s best young designers to present their summer creations. On March 4 at the World Trade Center, 10 young designers will reveal whether they can take their place among the country’s best fashion experts. It’s a reality show like no other and for...

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Thunderbird Resort Binangonan Rizal Event Center

Posted by on Feb 22, 2011 in Art & Photography, Business & Finance, Celebrities, Entertainment and Lifestyle, Events, Featured, Gaming, Manila, Philippines, Pilipinas

Last Friday, I got invited to the launch of Thunderbird Resort’s Event Center in Binangonan Rizal.  I had fun being on the bus to and fro the venue for 2 hours with other bloggers.  We had to travel about 2 hours to Thunderbird Resort Rizal (traffic) and 1 hour heading back to Manila (no traffic). I walked around the resort with other bloggers.  I love their infinity pool.  This shot...

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2011 Pyromusical Fireworks Videos Spain Finale at SM Mall of Asia

Posted by on Feb 18, 2011 in Art & Photography, Entertainment and Lifestyle, Events, Travel

I cried when Spain dazzled me with their finale.  It was so magical!  I never would have thought something this beautiful is possible.  You have to see it yourself to believe it.  I attached a video capturing Spain’s Finale of the Pyro musical Fireworks competition.  It looks lovely in videos, but having all of those beautiful colors right in front of you with the person that you love...

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Project 365 2011

Posted by on Jan 28, 2011 in Art & Photography, Featured, Personal

I have wanted many things, and started many things – but I don’t finish it.  This year, my resolution is to be more disciplined and finish what I started.  I think this whole project 365 will help me own the word “Discipline”. 2010 did great things for me.  I feared somehow that I won’t be able to live up to the hype I had in 2010 for the new year.  But, the...

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Clark Hot Air Balloon 2011 Schedule

Posted by on Jan 25, 2011 in Art & Photography, Featured, Philippines, Travel

It’s the 16th Annual Hot Air Balloon and it usually happens during Valentine’s Day season. It was an awesome experience for me last year.  I love road tripping and we drove all the way to Clark as early as 3:30 am just to avoid traffic and lines in the ticketing area.  Believe me, there will be a lot of people – it will be a feast and watching these balloons is one thing that you must...

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Christmas Giveaway

Posted by on Dec 25, 2010 in Announcements, Art & Photography, Contests

Merry Christmas to everyone!  To all my readers, friends, family, colleagues, online friends and Plurk friends Happy Holidays and I wish you all a very lovely day. Everyone is with families and loved ones now celebrating face to face or online to those who are away.  It’s time for Christmas cards, gifts, get-togethers and movie marathons To all who gave me gifts this Christmas, it warms my...

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How to Make a Sexy Pikachu Costume: Pikachu Ears

Posted by on Dec 24, 2010 in Art & Photography, Cosplay, Featured

Last Halloween, I decided to dress up as Pikachu and Vince as my Pokemon trainer – Ash Ketchum. So, How did I do it? First of all, the yellow bra and the yellow skirt were two things that I just bought in Divisoria.  I was scouting for either a skirt or shorts.  If you are not too comfortable wearing this, you can find alternatives like yellow t-shirts or a yellow jumpsuit and yellow pants....

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It’s time to ACT– Project Headshot Clinic for World AIDS Day 2010

Posted by on Dec 2, 2010 in Advocacy, Announcements, Art & Photography, blogging, Featured

Today is World AIDS day and I recognize the need for the Philippines to be informed about delicate topics that people are uneasy to talk about.  This mysterious disease is REAL and so are the danger it poses to us, our friends and family.  Please read through, be informed and share to everyone.  It is time to ACT. About the Project Headshot Clinic ACT photography by: Niccolo Cosme The Project...

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Ngong Ping 360 and Avenue of the Stars

Posted by on Nov 25, 2010 in Art & Photography, Entertainment and Lifestyle, Fashion, Featured, Hong Kong, Travel

It was my first time riding the cable car going to Ngong Ping 360 village and the price of $219 for the crystal cable car (glass bottom) with 2 themed attractions (monkey story and Buddha story) was all worth it.  You get to ride the cable car for 25 minutes and you will pass by the harbor bay, the mountains, have a great view of the big buddha and the Hong Kong International Airport. After...

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Victoria Peak Hong Kong

Posted by on Nov 24, 2010 in Art & Photography, Entertainment and Lifestyle, Fashion, Featured, Hong Kong, Travel, Wardrobe

Day 2 in Hong Kong and we woke up late 😛 we roamed around central, tried out some awesome restaurants in Wellington street, shopped at H&M and went to Victoria Peak via the Peak Tram.  I swear, I could never get used to the 45 degree slope upwards and downwards (that’s what she said).  I still get scared with the height:P Won’t go to details, will just update this post with...

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Confidence with Wacoal

Posted by on Oct 26, 2010 in Art & Photography, Fashion, Featured, Life, Personal

One of the biggest, most obvious physical change in my body when I was transitioning from being a teeny bopper to a lady is my chest.  It changed my life!  On fifth grade, I had my first sign of transition – menstruation!   I think I was the first among my classmates that had one and because of that, I had a bump on my chest earlier than the rest of them.  I thought it wasn’t normal and...

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Singapore F1 2010 Day 1 Photos

Posted by on Sep 25, 2010 in Art & Photography, Celebrities, Entertainment and Lifestyle, Events, Featured, Formula 1, Music, Singapore, Sports, Travel

First of all, I would like to say thanks to the friends who helped me win the Rev and Rave contest: Mica, Jehz, Ada, Kristel, Angela, Stephen and of course Vince You guys rock!!! Also thanking Singapore Airlines, Singapore Tourism Board and Stratworks and all the Rev and Rave partners for making this all possible I go to Singapore over and over again to cover the F1 race here and so far, I can...

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Flair Photography on Action and Fitness Magazine (Total Fitness)

Posted by on Sep 19, 2010 in Announcements, Art & Photography, Sports

This is another backlog But, I still want to blog about it anyway.  I kinda stopped pursuing my passion for photography.  I got discouraged because I don’t have enough moolah to buy enough gears for my photography.  But, what the heck.  Looking back, I realized I didn’t need those for now.  The camera that I currently have, and my passion and eye for photography are all that I got and I...

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Photo Shoot for the New Blog Layout!

Posted by on Sep 3, 2010 in Art & Photography, blogging, Featured

Check it out guys… I believe you have noticed the new layout of my blog FlairCandy.com  I have been planning this since January 2010!  But I didn’t have any really nice pictures to update the background.  So, first things first, I though of having a photo shoot!  Who says photo shoots are only for magazines and billboard ads?  If you want one, you can actually have one.  All you have...

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When It’s Traffic

Posted by on Sep 2, 2010 in Art & Photography, Featured, Personal

I do what I do best… Cam-whore! Warning: Do not cam-whore when driving! Only cam-whore on the car when 1. you’re on the passenger seat 2. the driver is not disturbed by your cam-whore activity 3. or when the car stops No Photoshop (coz I dunno how to ~_~), only make-up but not too...

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My Perfect Things

Posted by on Aug 5, 2010 in Art & Photography, Fashion, Featured, Fitness, Health, Personal, Wardrobe

My Dream Board We were tasked to cut out images from magazines and post them on our dream board.  It’s called the “I Believe” board.  It must have our perfect things, our dreams and anything that reminds us of ourselves and what we want to accomplish.  I can explain why Marc Nelson is there on the side later on 😛 I am so glad that we had this activity.  It’s been a while since I’ve...

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La Union Botanical Garden and Butterfly Photography

Posted by on Aug 1, 2010 in Art & Photography, Featured, La Union, Philippines, Travel

Right… Me, and butterfly photography! I know I’m not really a hardcore photographer but I have patience… If you would have seen me inside that butterfly garden, you would see sweat dripping down my back and everywhere… Now, that sounds disgusting!  But I am a very determined woman! I did not really have macro lenses or what not… so I just used my defective kit lens (18-55mm Nikkor)...

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The Pindangan Ruins in Barangay Parian (La Union Church Ruins)

Posted by on Jul 31, 2010 in Art & Photography, Featured, Pilipinas, Travel

Pindangan was derived from the Ilocano word “Pindang” which is a traditional method of drying fish in the locality.  Pindangan is also the name of the settlement between the two sitios San Vicente de Balanac and San Guillermo de Dalangdang.  Both sitios were desiring for mutual protection against their assailants, pirates and headhunters trhough Fr. Jose Torres in 1759. The church is...

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Discovering Thunderbird Resorts at Poro Point La Union

Posted by on Jul 29, 2010 in Art & Photography, Featured, Pilipinas, Travel

This has probably been one of the most relaxing vacations I have ever had.  It must be the scenic view, the clean facade, the ocean, the trees,the green grass and the many facilities that made my stay so pleasurable.  If you too are looking for a relaxing getaway and you want to get out of the city, then this place is just for you. It was really good for me to experience this kind of luxury...

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A Series of Adventures at Thunderbird Resorts at Poro Point San Fernando La Union

Posted by on Jul 28, 2010 in Art & Photography, Featured, Pilipinas, Travel

I was invited to Thunderbird Resorts to experience Luxury and Santorini right here in the Philippines!  As you all know, Santorini, Greece is one of the places I really want to go to.  Watching Mama Mia and The Traveling Pants just made me want to go there more. I’m lucky I live in the Philippines!  We have Santorini right in our own country… BETTER!  There are so many beautiful places...

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