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Take your Business Online with Squarelet

Posted by on Jan 30, 2013 in Business & Finance

Take your Business Online with Squarelet

A good friend of mine in Malaysia developed a really good e-commerce platform for those who are interested in putting their businesses online.  I’m sharing with you how this works, and how this would benefit your businesses.  :)

Simply put, there’s a huge opportunity and a vast market for online businesses.  The Internet never sleeps. In the world of online business, as someone’s night becomes another’s day, the cycle continues and business transactions carry on. So why let your waking hours limit you when you can be earning while you sleep? It is time to wake up and smell the opportunity. It is time to sell online!

Squarelet is an e-commerce platform where you can open your very own online shop!  E-commerce has been growing fast in the Philippines.  I personally advocate the craft because you can find me always shopping online!  Sometimes, I sell things on e-bay, but if you have enough amount of inventory, why not put it in a secure and convenient online shop via Squarelet?

Once you open your eCommerce online shop, Squarelet.com come in to ensures your business is ever ready every second of the day. And night! A growing trend in Malaysia, shoppers are now browsing, searching and shopping online. You can now capture this untapped market and watch your revenue grows.

There are only 3 steps to start earning online through your e-commerce business:

  1.  Add products
  2.  Share on Facebook
  3. Profit!


Also, here are some advantages you get from Squarelet:

  • Successful merchants already earning 5 figures (in MYR) per month
  • Merchants already using Squarelet: [Forbidden instinct] [Beautiful Life2U]
  • Powerful eCommerce system focused on generating sales
  • Enjoy never ending upgrades & enhancement weekly
  • Save fixed cost with our Competitive Pricing
  • Modern and always up-to-date technologies
  • Extremely easy to use and user friendly

If previously you have always feared the complexity of technical requirements (and the high costs that comes with it), fret no more.

Squarelet supports you all the way, from hosting and renewals to payment getways to deep IT support. Hey, Squarelet even works with your existing website. You just focus on what really matters – YOUR business. And the best news of all? It all comes with a super simple pricing with unlimited upgrades.

Go to Squarelet.com now for a quick introduction. If you are looking for the easiest eCommerce solution, you are just one click away.

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Hong Kong Fashion Week for Fall and Winter 2013: A Mix of Mismatch

Posted by on Jan 18, 2013 in Art & Photography, Business & Finance, Entertainment and Lifestyle, Events, Fashion, Featured, Hong Kong, Style Flair, Travel

Hong Kong Fashion Week for Fall and Winter 2013: A Mix of Mismatch

I have always enjoyed crowd-watching in Hong Kong. When it’s spring or summer, you would see vibrant colors in their wardrobe from shoes to bags and accessories. Come winter time, you get to see the locals strut the city streets with hip boots and cover-ups! With this, I didn’t let the chance to cover Hong Kong Fashion Week just pass by.

I receive invites to different countries to cover some events. Malaysia, US, Singapore, HK and in some random way, Myanmar. These invites don’t come with plane tickets though (most of the time), meaning I have to take care of my own flights from the Philippines to the destination. Maybe they think I’m a local? This happens a lot when Malaysia companies invite me.

For Hong Kong fashion week, I splurged on the tickets and booked accommodations with a budget of P10,000. With my super powers in budgeting, I was able to fill everything in.

I was in Hong Kong for 2 full days only. That means, accommodations I booked were only overnight, but I was still able to go full day at the Hong Kong Ocean Park, walk around the parks of Tin Shui Wai, RnR time at my hotel’s spa and of course Hong Kong Fashion Week by the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center.

I have a gift in maximizing my resources. *Wink* *wink*

Themes of different designs were not just a mixture different colors, but of patters and textures as well.

Since autumn and winter clothes mean layers and layers of fabric, it’s a perfect opportunity to match the mismatch.  Yes, I saw a lot of stripes over polka dots and plaids over crazy prints!


Hong Kong Fashion Week

In Asia, Hong Kong is a thriving hub for design and branded labels. The Hong Kong Fashion Week and the HKTDC World Boutique is a remarkable evidence of such importance of the Fashion industry in Hong Kong.

But all this, is more than fashion itself. HK Fashion Week focuses more in the business side of fashion.

Mind I tell you, there were about 1,600 exhibitors that participated in this year’s HKTDC Hong Kong Fashion Week for Fall/Winter.

Everything was pretty much highly automated and their systems ran efficiently


Registration is actually free.  You can register at HKTDC’s official website.

Details about the Hong Kong Fashion Week can be found here.

Register for HK Fashion Week Spring / Summer 2013 here.

Yes. It was a BIG event! LITERALLY! I think I walked more than a kilometer inside the “realms” of HK Fashion Week today! I was going back and forth the different halls at different floors of the Exhibition Center! It was like it could never end!

One floor was quite huge enough for me, then I realized that the fair grounds cover 3 floors!

HK Fashion Week happens twice a year. The. Autumn / Fall event happens on January and the Spring / Summer edition happens in July. If you want to catch the Hong Kong Fashion Week for Spring / Summer, you might want to plot these dates in your calendar: July 8-11, 2013 and register here.

This is actually is the 44th edition of HK Fashion Week. This is my first time attending the event but I can say that it is just as vibrant as I expected it to be! Even if there’s a stereotype to Winter or Fall Fashion as dull and gray, that is not the case here in Hong Kong. It was a brilliant kaleidoscope of styles, colours, fabrics!

This was an open display and one of the sections to the many features of this year’s HK Fashion Week for Fall and Winter.

To respect the designers, photography of their designs is discouraged.  If ever I took some photos inside, it was just to see the entire venue, the crowd or just a wide view of the different items you can see inside.

I was walking around hoping to chance upon Filipino designers, but I failed to find any. I tried to cover every corner, every function of the event, but it was impossible to do so in 1 day and my time was sparse!

A total of about 1,600 exhibitors participated in Hong Kong Fashion Week for Fall/Winter

There was a diversified representation of different fashion tastes from different boutiques. Notable spots come from the exclusive designs of labels such as IKA BUTONI, Eutropic, Groupe Pronuptia and 3M to trendy value-for-money fashion from MUSE, Focus, Sub Zero, Gulliver and Orient.


There were also different sections that cover niched intrests like avante garde shoes and Lady Gaga-like shades! For the more highlighted sections: Denim Arcade, Handbags, Men in Style and Salon of Scarves and Shawls.

Of course, you get to see the more popular features like Intimate and Swim Wear, Bridal, Evening Wear, Accessories, Fabrics and Yarn, Sewing Supplies and many more.

They also had the Small Order Zone for groups of suppliers who can handle small volume orders. Like I said, it is more of the business side!

HK Fashion Week usually offers seminars for free on a first-come-first-serve basis.  Some are for invitation only

Same is true with the Fashion Show.  You can view almost any show you want but you need special invitation in some shows.

A day isn’t enough.  Next time, I’d spend at least 2 days.  The fair usually happens in 4 days.

And next time, I don’t want to miss the seminars and the fashion shows!



World Boutique

Specially featured for participants all over the globe, World Boutique showed high style of garments and accessories. Highlight of brands encompassing Che Che New York, MARCCAIN, Pashma, Adlib, Sumy Kujon, IKA BUTONI and Walter Ma.

Over 460 brands participated this year and there were over 15 runway shows this year.

They’re definitely good in mixing creatives and business!

This year, I did not only see a graceful crash of patterns and colors, I also saw the clash of different textures and materials. A plethora of mix and match of different elements. Who would have thought crazy ideas like this would stand out?

By this time, I was already very tired and must have walked at least 2 kilometers inside the convention.

‘Til the next Hong Kong fashion week then,

FlairCandy <3

More photos

Get the flash player here: http://www.adobe.com/flashplayer

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2012 Planners!

Posted by on Jan 4, 2012 in Business & Finance, Career, Life, Personal, Uncategorized

2012 Planners!

Are you the type who uses digital planners instead of the old fashioned Pen and Paper?

I tried to attempt using digital planners since I have my phone with me ALWAYS!  But I’m old fashioned and I stick with pen and paper.  How about you?  Let me know what you prefer and why…

If you haven’t decided which planner to use yet, here’s a list of the good ‘ol fashion Pen and Paper planners:


1. Entrep Planner 2012

  • It has business tips like how to register a business in the Philippines.
  • It includes a Tax calendar.
  • It also includes success stories and testimonials from renowned business people.

This planner is now on 30% off via Buyanihan.


2. Seatle’s Best 2012 Planner

  • The one I currently use
  • It includes coupons to free drinks.
  • It includes fun stickers!
  • 24 hours wi-fi mini coupon
  • It has a month-calendar view and a free space for notes
  • Note: no daily view, but it suits me well because I need notes more and the calendar view to go with it.




3.  Bo’s Coffee Planner 2012 “The Coffee Book”

  • Also has a month-calendar view
  • with free space for notes
  • simple yet compact




4.  Sun Life Financial Planner 2012

  • the planner aids you in achieving your goals
  • has a Financial tracker of your goals and expenses




5.  Belle de Jour 2012 Planner

Stay organized in school or at work.  This planner is a chic carry-on!



6.  Starbucks Planner 2012

I’ve been hearing good feedback about this year’s Starbucks Planner for 2012


I know there’s more, but I’ve only highlighted these ones that I have browsed through myself.

What do you have for this year? :)


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Life Lessons: A Flair for Financial Freedom

Posted by on Dec 2, 2011 in Business & Finance, Career, Featured, Life, Personal

Life Lessons: A Flair for Financial Freedom

Failing to plan is planning to fail.

I have always been a believer of being prepared when it comes to school, work, my daily activities, my own health and even with relationships.  I have prepared my mind to stay in a very conservative state of mind.  I believe that I don’t have the power to control events, other people’s actions and reactions and the opportunities or chances that come and go my way.   But one thing is for sure – I am capable of controlling my own self.

The only constant thing in life is Change.

I can only plan ahead, and I like to plan for the worst to happen.  I can only be flexible and adjust to the changes that happen in my life.  I believe that preparing for change (which always happens) is the best thing anyone could and should do.  I got this after reading “Who Moved My Cheese.”

who moved my cheese

I highly recommend everyone to read this – students, office people, moms, dads, everyone!


My first career as some of you might already know is Accountancy.  We studied the art of balancing for years!  Am I good at it?

yeah, you can say that I’m good at balancing 😛

On a serious note though, life needs a balance of everything.  You need to spend time for a little bit of work (for some, maybe a lot 😛 ), for your hobbies, for your loved ones, and for yourself.  You also need to balance your money. Simply put, you need to know how to balance what you’re earning and what you’re spending and of course, what you’re saving. And I know that’s not a simple task.

I think the biggest challenge anyone of my age has to face nowadays is the transition from being Daddy or Mommy’s little girl (or boy) to an independent woman (or man) and totally learning to live by your own means.  By the time we hit our 20s, it is imperative for us to learn the ropes on how to survive and manage our lives not just emotionally, mentally or psychologically but all the more, financially.

Case in point: myself. Talk about thinking where I’ll get the money to pay for my monthly bills! – lots of bills!  And on top of that, I have tons of expensive hobbies that will definitely exhaust my wallet if I don’t manage my expenses well.  I also happen to own a car (a gift from my mom) and I am grateful for such a luxurious gift – but I also have to pay for maintenance and everything else.   Most of you ask me – “How do you do it Hannah?”

All the credits go to my mom.

My mom is pretty :) but sorry guys she is already taken!

I studied college without any worries because my mom got me an educational plan when I was born.  I have been freelancing for two years now but she keeps on reminding me to pay for my SSS, Philhealth, and Pag-ibig to make sure I have some source of fund in case of the unexpected.  She also opened a bank account so that I can put aside a part of my allowance for my needs.

I learned to prepare for the future from my mom. She taught me the value of saving up for my needs at an early age – whether it be in a bank account, an educational plan, an investment account or an insurance plan. I know most people shy away from the word “insurance” right at the minute they hear it but I believe that insurance is a necessary expense.  Life insurance, in particular, secures your loved ones future in case something bad happens to you. Imagine, if you were the breadwinner of your family and an unexpected event happens. That will not only take a toll on the bereaved’s emotional and psychological health. It will definitely take a toll on their finances as well. A lot of families have to lower their standards of living just so they can make the ends meet.

But don’t think that insurance is only about death. In fact, there are a number of insurance plans you can purchase as a savings or an investment plan which can give you cash benefits while you’re still living. In fact, there is even a potential to gain higher returns with these than your typical bank savings account.

You can read more about the Three Most Often Ignored Necessary Expenses at my friend Fitz’s blog (i.e. Emergency Fund, Insurance, Retirement Plan).


I learned all about these from my mom, but my mom learned the hard way.  When I was 2 years old, tragedy struck – my dad was diagnosed with cancer and needless to say, we weren’t expecting it. Nor did we prepare for it. We were able to financially support the treatments and medications he needed then but it would have definitely helped if we had other liquid sources of funds that time.

Today, there are health and critical illness plans offered by insurance companies that cover for hospitalization expenses and pays out a lump sum upon diagnosis of a critical illness, such as cancer, heart disease and many others.

Take Connie Dizon, for example, a cancer survivor and a Philam Life policyholder.  She had everything going her way – she ran a successful business; she takes care of her mother; she was generally happy with her life – until the day she found she had Breast Cancer.

Buti na lang, she bought a plan from Philam Life that helped her with her hospitalization expenses. Today, she is in remission and is back to running their family business.

Like Connie, you can easily prepare and save up for these unexpected events with the right advice and the right plan from the right company. The cheapest health plan you can actually get is Philam Life’s Cancer Life Shield. This plan pays out a lump sum amount, say P1M, upon diagnosis of the illness. This money can definitely help you be on your road to immediate recovery.

Connie is just one of the many fortunate people who benefited from planning ahead.  Real people with real plans – stories of those who had the foresight to plan ahead for their and their family’s future. You can read more about them in the links below.

*click image to enlarge and read

I hope you are all enlightened in someway on the value of planning ahead and would soon start your journey towards Financial Freedom. You can take small steps at a time but once you get the hang of it, you can venture to get more out of your money! Remember, you can make your money work for you instead of you working for your money.

So here are a few guidelines on how to start planning for your future.  Most are based on my experience, but don’t forget to share your own tips on the comments below!

Be a Financial Flair

1. Be curious, Be aware, Know

This is your life and your future we are talking about.  Be curious.  Why are other people successful in managing their money?  What is their secret?

Be aware that you too can learn how to manage your finances and make your money grow.

Know.  Know how to do this, read about financial literacy and learn about money.

Suggested reads:

  • Fitz Villafuerte’s Blog “Ready to be Rich” – a good friend of mine to whom I often ask for financial and career advice.
  • Ano ang plano mo?  (What’s your plan?) – Philam Life’s Microwebsite about financial planning.  Read testimonials of plan-holders who benefited from their Philam Life Plans
  • BabyPips – Kindergarten approach on learning all about Forex, if you’re interested.  I know most online entrepreneurs are affected of forex so in case you need to understand more, it’s the website to read.


2. Make your pet pig fat!

In other words – SAVE!  This is the very important part of all – the first step to your financial freedom.  Supposedly, it’s just simple to do – but the temptation to spend is a challenge.  I cannot stress enough the importance of saving.  Think about this (based on my own experience):

  • If you lose your job, how long will you live with the money you saved?
  • If I get sick, how will I pay for my hospital bills?  Do I have a health card? If not, is my money enough?
  • If something breaks in my house, do I have money for repair?
  • If my car bugs down, is my money enough for repair?  It is very important that my car is safe for driving so having my car in great shape is very important – else I can die!

These are scary scenarios but they all happened to me at my young age.  Start early – if you are a student now, start saving even just one peso a day!  and never touch it – ever. Forget about that money you saved.  Budget your money and bring enough money you intend to spend for the day.


3.  The Need to Want Less

This is related to saving.  Separate wants and needs.  The more you focus on only the things you need, the more you can save.

When you cannot distinguish between wants versus needs, or if you can’t identify a want as a want, you set yourself up to live in a constant state of craving and disappointment – and you keep on wanting more!

  • live within your means
  • live the lifestyle you can afford, else you will be caught in a debt trap
  • simplify your life


4.  Make more baby money!

I took up a lot of investment courses, stock trading and many other financial instruments training all in the hopes of making my money grow.  Don’t we all want our money to make baby monies?

I figured with the many things I do, I better let the experts manage my portfolio.  If I trade myself, it will be a gamble – because I don’t know how to really do it.  I can learn how to, but I have other priorities as of the moment.  I know the basics though so I am aware how my money should be working even if I let a fund manager or an agency to handle it. That’s exactly where insurance companies or other asset management companies can come in. Scout for some and look at which ones have established background and a proven track record that you can trust with your hard-earned money.  :)

I gave up on time deposit and the interest I get from savings account.  Yes, it’s a temporary place to keep my money, but again (back to my point on #1) knowledge and awareness is key – that there are better places to put your money too.

Don’t underestimate the power of compounding interest!

How about you guys?  Anong plano mo? May plano ka na ba?

your move :)

*This post is sponsored by Philam Life.

Know more about financial planning on their official website http://www.philamlife.com

You can also visit www.anongplanomo.com.ph to share your “Sanas” (plans in life) or your “Buti na lang” stories (for Philam Life policyholders and beneficiaries) for a chance to win an iPad 2 and more!


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New BPI Cards for your Digital Life

Posted by on Nov 10, 2011 in Business & Finance, Career, Featured, Personal, Tech Chic

New BPI Cards for your Digital Life

BPI Just recently launched their new BPI Cards site, along with new BPI cards that are adept to your digital lifestyle. With this, they also launched a shopping website exclusive for BPI Card holders.

Our life has transformed and most of us have a digital life.  We book tickets and hotels online, shop online, pay apps for our mobile phones and tablets etc. If you’re a conservative online shopper like me, you can’t help but be afraid that your credit cards or bank accounts may be compromised.

We all aim to protect our digital life from hackers, online and off-line thieves, but how do we do it?  BPI has come to a solution for this problem.  It’s like managing the risk of getting your cards compromised online, when you’re traveling or just on a daily basis.

Let me break it down for you as I am one of the Beta testers to these new products!

The new BPI Card site and profiler

This is the new website of BPI that holds the different cards suited for your digital life.

It is an interactive all-in-one site that hosts up-to-date information on BPI cards features, promotions, and other relevant information. What’s great about this site is that you can apply for a Credit Card or a Prepaid Card online.

If you want to know more details, you know what to do – go to BPI Cards official website:


This website also has the “Profiler” where you answer a series of questions that suits your personality and in the end, it will recommend you the card best suited for you.


BPI Dealmania.ph Shopping Site

BPI is the first bank to launch a shopping site.  Dealmania is a special deal-buying site featured at the BPI Cards home page that provide BPI card holders with exclusive access to great online deals.  I have tried buying on the website myself and using the new BPI Prepaid card (to discuss more below), it was a seamless transaction.

I got this deal from dealmania.ph :) I really think I need a good body scrub and massage and got it at a super discount of 63%

Buying was easy like that.  You can check out other deals that may interest you.  Shop online in a safe and secure e-commerce environment.


BPI My ePrepaid MasterCard

This is the first ePrepaid card that empowers people to transact online via straight purchase.

BPI My ePrepaid Mastercard is a reloadable prepaid card that empowers everyone to finally buy what they want from the widest selection of MasterCard affiliated shopping stores here and abroad, and even online.  What separates My ePrepaid MasterCard from other is its offer of 100% approval, no maintaining balance and no surprising card bills.

I think one of the benefits of this card is that you can also use it with your online transactions.

I have friends who don’t want to get credit cards and they often borrow my credit card to use it when they need to buy airline tickets online.  It can be frustrating sometimes when you there are great seat sales and you don’t have a card to use.  With My ePrepaid MasterCard, you can do this easy.  You just get one, no need of complicated application forms.  It’s like how we use Prepaid SIM Cards on our phones.  Reload it anytime and use it immediately!

And since this is accepted wherever there are MasterCard affiliated stores, you can also use this to swipe on real stores here in the Philippines and abroad.

Checking the balance of your ePrepaid MasterCard is also easy, you can do it via landline or Mobile phone.  Check out how at: http://bpicards.com

BPI Master eCredit Card.

It is the first virtual credit card.

BPI Master eCredit Card is the first ever virtual credit line exclusively designed for online shopping.  It now has a modern new look!  This companion card of the BPI Express Credit MasterCard enables everyone to shop securely on the internet as it uses different card number from one’s BPI Express Credit MasterCard, with its own sub-limit that can be adjusted as needed.

This is perfect if you don’t want to expose your real card number and details.

I know you have a lot of questions because interestingly enough, I know you also need these for your online purchases and at the same time, require the same security features so that you are protected.

Everything you need to know about these different cards can be found at BPI Cards’ official website.  Check it out!


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Smart Spending and More Convenient Shopping with VISA Debit Cards

Posted by on Aug 4, 2011 in Business & Finance, Career, Featured, Travel

Smart Spending and More Convenient Shopping with VISA Debit Cards

Banks have been thinking of better, safer and smarter ways to accommodate the needs of your normal daily spending activities.  As a full-time blogger, I need to keep on satisfying my shopping, food tripping and travel needs 😛

Else, what am I going to blog about?

I’m pretty sure all of you are spenders as well but are you spending smart?

As a frequent traveler, I find it hard to trust my surroundings – especially when I’m in a foreign area.  I once traveled ALONE to Malaysia (yes all by myself!) to meet a few of my blogger friends there.  I took a budget flight and you know how late the flights leave in Manila and arrived at a very awkward time – 12 midnight!

I didn’t think through my transportation mode much when I planned my trip.  Trains were already closed.  I didn’t know how to ride a bus there. So imagine… I hired a cab with a sleazy driver who kept asking me if I’m married, why I’m in Malaysia and for how long (gosh he’ll know where I’m staying), where I’m from etc… I’m not sure if he’s just being friendly but it creeped me out!  I was holding on the the cash I have in my bag.

I am deeply reminded why I don’t like taking cabs here in the Philippines as well.  I’ve heard horror stories of my friends getting robbed or held-up with either a gun or knife… The best way to do to survive is to give what they want right… Give the bag. give the money..

DANGEROUS and Crazy world!


Edumacate Me!

My accounting and finance skills will be for nothing if I don’t give you some little bit of coaching on how to protect, keep track and use your hard-earned money the smart way :)

It’s time I introduce you to – VISA Debit Cards!

Quick round-up of what a Debit Card is:

  • looks like your ordinary ATM card or credit card but is an alternative payment method to cash and checks.
  • it is usually linked to your checking or savings account
  • upon use, funds are immediately withdrawn from your bank account
  • you can spend only what you have in your account

Benefits of Visa Debit Cards

  • It can be used anywhere, even around the world, that carry the Visa logo
  • There are no monthly payments or debt accrued **
  • Debit cards can be used in ATMs to withdraw cash just like an ATM card
  • Use it as a financial management tool. So I suggest these steps: Budget >> Spend >> Monitor!

**while this helps keep you out of debt, you need to monitor debit card purchases closely and stick to your budget so you don’t overdraw your account

visa debit card

yeah… so imagine at that time if I had a Visa debit card when I was traveling that would give me some peace of mind. I don’t like estimating how much money I bring when I travel because I either overspend (because I have to use up all the cash I exchanged) or overspend (coz I lack money and I withdraw money from my ATM).

Still, be responsible guys.  It is your own hard-earned money – not mine… You have to take care of your finances yeah? :)

Here are more tips when you use your debit card.

Practical Tips When Using Debit Card

  • Keep sales receipts as reference
  • Remember to account for any bank fees that may apply
  • Review statements carefully.  If you suspect a mistake, contact the bank that issued the card as soon as possible
  • Always follow up with a confirmation letter for the bank.  This would eliminate suspicions of identity theft

For more Visa’s financial literacy materials visit www.practicalmoneyskills.com

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MEGA Deals – Super Savings Contest!

Posted by on Jun 7, 2011 in Business & Finance, Featured, Gaming

MEGA Deals – Super Savings Contest!

Hey everyone!

The newest group buying website that gives you the first MEGA deal at 97% off is giving away some vouchers for my readers!

I am giving away:

  • 5 vouchers for KFC, and
  • 3 vouchers for XOXO and
  • 1 voucher for YSA

Contest Guidelines:

*Contest is for Metro Manila only

1.  Like the Megadeals official Facebook page!


2. Like the FlairCandy official Facebook page and spread the love :)


3.  Answer the folowing “What is your biggest challenge on budgeting your money?”

4.  Pick a prize and put it on the comment section below “If I win, I want a _________voucher

5. Answer on the comment section below, but make sure to leave your email address on the form like I did on this sample entry:

6. I will pick one winner with the best answer and grant the item he/she wants. Then the rest of the winners I will randomly pick!

7.  I will announce the winner at 9 am tomorrow (June 8, 2011)

Follow me on twitter too for more updates. I will have another contest soon!


GOOD LUCK and spread the love to friends!


If you can’t wait to win some of these vouchers, you can head on directly to MEGADEALS and buy the vouchers yourself!  They are very affordable but really gread MEGA deals!


Get the so good discount pass at P100 and enjoy daily discounts worth up to P 3,000 for 90 days.

Get an XOXO discount pass for only P79!

Enjoy 70% off on ladies’ flip flops.  Be Chic and trendy with XOXO

Youthful radiant skin with intense diamond peel for only P499 instead of P1000!


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Marche Morato Bazaar Opportunities and Shopping

Posted by on May 9, 2011 in Announcements, Business & Finance

Marche Morato Bazaar Opportunities and Shopping

Hi Guys!  A friend of mine is organizing a weekend bazaar that’s happening on June 3 -4, 2011.

Calling out all entrepreneurs! Be part of the Marche Morato bazaar!  It’s a 2-day grand bazaar at 55 Events Place, Tomas Morato, Quezon City.

Join the bazaar to find new partners, find new innovations, make sales contacts, reach decision makers, see what the competition is doing and most of all, enjoy on-site sales!



Event Title: Marche Morato (A weekend bazaar)

Date and Time : June 3 to 4, 2011 / from 12:00Noon to 12:00Midnight

Venue: 55 Events Place, Scout Rallos St. Tomas Morato, Quezon City

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Thunderbird Resort Binangonan Rizal Event Center

Posted by on Feb 22, 2011 in Art & Photography, Business & Finance, Celebrities, Entertainment and Lifestyle, Events, Featured, Gaming, Manila, Philippines, Pilipinas

Thunderbird Resort Binangonan Rizal Event Center

Last Friday, I got invited to the launch of Thunderbird Resort’s Event Center in Binangonan Rizal.  I had fun being on the bus to and fro the venue for 2 hours with other bloggers.  We had to travel about 2 hours to Thunderbird Resort Rizal (traffic) and 1 hour heading back to Manila (no traffic).

Thunderbird Resort Binangonan, Rizal, Philippines 50

I walked around the resort with other bloggers.  I love their infinity pool.  This shot is a little bit blurry, auto-focusing fail.  I just set timer for this 😛

Thunderbird Resort Binangonan, Rizal, Philippines 48

Isn’t it lovely here?  My settings are on *Auto* mode using my Nikon D40.  Yes, once again using my DSLR as a point-and-shoot.  That’s when I get lazy to think about tinkering manual settings 😛

Thunderbird Resort Binangonan, Rizal, Philippines 44

These are their rooms.  It was very peaceful and cozy here.  Me and the other bloggers wouldn’t mind staying overnight 😛

Thunderbird Resort Binangonan, Rizal, Philippines 41

lovely Red flower contrasting the background at night

Thunderbird Resort Binangonan, Rizal, Philippines 36

If you want to play and win for some cash 😛

Thunderbird Resort Binangonan, Rizal, Philippines 33

They had surprise fireworks display :)  Again, like I said, my camera’s on Auto mode.  Click on the image and view it on Flickr to check exif settings

Thunderbird Resort Binangonan, Rizal, Philippines 30

I was scared for the people lighting the fireworks up.  They were so close to it @_@

Thunderbird Resort Binangonan, Rizal, Philippines 24

Beauty Queens got serenaded by Jed Madela

Thunderbird Resort Binangonan, Rizal, Philippines 09

The event was hosted by the lovely Nikki Gil.  I love her new hair! It looks fab on her :)  I also love her shoes! ^_^

Thunderbird Resort Binangonan, Rizal, Philippines 07

Cher, Aerin and Alex at the new Events Center of Thunderbird Resorts

Thunderbird Resort Binangonan, Rizal, Philippines 04

They had drum beaters welcoming us at the entrance :)  they also had fire dancers who breathe fire out – or something like that 😛

Thunderbird Resort Binangonan, Rizal, Philippines 01

Oh yeah, so next time you need a classy events center for your meetings, seminars, parties and other purposes, check out the chic and posh events center of Thunderbird Resorts.  It’s just 1-2 hours away from Manila and would help your guests focus out of the city for a bit :)

For more information on Thunderbird Resorts Binangonan Rizal, check out their official website:


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Breakfast at Olives

Thunderbird Resort Binangonan Rizal Philippines 57

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Bounce Laundry Shop in The Fort

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Bounce Laundry Shop in The Fort

Hey guys, I know there are not a lot of Laundromats in The Fort.  My friend just opened one and do check it out and have your laundry done here if you live in The Fort.  Or, for those who work in the Fort, you can have your laundry done here too Smile

bounce laundry

Bounce Laundry is a Full Service Laundromat located at Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City. They provide professional laundry and dry-cleaning services to their our customers and offer a convenient and hassle free domestic services enjoyed by even the most stressed executives in Manila so that you can have …A PEACE OF MIND…

Mondays to Fridays – 7AM to 9PM
Saturdays to Sundays – 9AM to 7PM

Dry Cleaning
Pressing Service
Stuffed Toy Cleaning

ADDRESS: Unit 2M Kensington Place 29th Street corner 1st Avenue, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City.
CONTACT #: 0917-8822269 or 5867989

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Cost Management: Meralco Appliance Calculator, Fashion and Beauty

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Cost Management: Meralco Appliance Calculator, Fashion and Beauty

Ever since I passed my CPA Board exams, I struggled to become independent and live with my own means.  I bet all of us can relate or at least pay our own bills these days.  If you want to know which of your appliances give your wallet much burden then you should head on to Meralco’s website!

They put up this online web application called M.A.C. or Meralco Appliance Calculator a long time ago (like 2003) but I don’t think a lot of people know about it (did you? I didn’t!!!), so they launched it this time last Friday Smile To get started and check out what this cool application does, you can check it out right now on this link:


If you want to be edumacated first on how it works then you can read on:


The Meralco Appliance Calculator (M.A.C.) has been a consumer’s electricity budget buddy since 2003. The M.A.C. is designed to be an electricity bill management tool of Meralco residential customers to help them: a) better manage their electric consumption and their electric bill; b) make wiser decisions in buying home appliances, and; c) get home energy efficiency tips that are customized to their home electricity consumption.


Although the M.A.C. has been around for many years now, new features and enhancements are constantly being introduced to enable it to cater to the  growing demands of electricity users. With the new Meralco Appliance Calculator (M.A.C), users can now have the option of using either “My Appliance Calculator” or “My Bill Manager”.

My Appliance Calculator” allows the user to calculate the estimated consumption cost of appliances – one at a time.

My Bill Manager”, on the other hand, allows the user to calculate the estimated consumption cost of appliances in a table format. It allows the user to get an estimate of the household’s total electric consumption cost and see which appliances consume more electricity.

Other features of the “My Bill Manager” menu include: consumption manager, energy efficiency adviser and target bill amount estimator. Consumption manager allows the user to see the corresponding electric consumption pie chart and some text description of the chart based on the information provided by the user. The energy efficiency adviser, meanwhile, allows user to see some energy efficiency tips based on the information provided by the user. The target bill amount estimator, on the other hand, allows the user to see an estimate of his “monthly target kWh consumption” and “estimated price per kWh” by just inputting the “target electric bill amount”.

Other new features of the M.A.C include: a) e-mailing of the M.A.C web link to friends through the “email” button; b) sharing the M.A.C web link to Facebook and Twitter accounts through the “share” button; c) sending feedback to Meralco regarding the new M.A.C through the “feedback” button; d) printing the computation results of “My Bill Manager” through the “print” button (for easy access and future reference of the computations), and; e) viewing the basis for computing the estimated electricity consumption of home appliances for the M.A.C application through the “formula” button (so that users can validate the results of the computations).

Some shockers:

1.  Air Conditioner really significantly contributes to higher monthly bill.  For example, using aircon 8 hours everyday in one month would equal to Php 2,067.


2.  Use of microwave oven is not that expensive!

For example, let’s say we use microwave oven for 15 mins every day for the whole month (which is an overstated amount).  It would only cost us P100 pesos that month.


You can Check out for yourselves how your appliances perform and how you can use it more efficiently. The M.A.C. is truly a user-friendly, interactive and valuable tool for cost conscious electricity consumers. Go give it a try!

Sisters in Style

With the MAC, our plan is to manage our household electricity costs within our budget.  Since the topic is a little bit on the practical side, they also invited Beauty and Fashion speakers to talk about Fashion tips that helps fashion conscious people style themselves economically.

Marie and Michi Calica graced the Meralco theatre with beauty and fashion tips that taught us how to get smarter with style.

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The Power of the Internet – Business Edition

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The Power of the Internet – Business Edition


The Power of the Internet

BUSINESS EDITION (Facebook, Twitter, Blogs and how they can help your business)

This class is designed for traditional brick and mortar entrepreneurs who have yet to understand or harness the power of the internet. A beginners class for internet marketing.

From free marketing online to handling customer complaints, we tackle everything a business needs to know about the internet like: Blogs, Facebook Fan Pages, Twitter, Online Branding, Internet Marketing, Google tools, SEO and more!

Some question whether or not they can afford to send people to this class, but with the mass media power and broadcasting of the internet able to send out negative ideals about your product / service / brand / company, the real question is “Can you afford NOT to take this class?”

The class will be taught by Vince Golangco, a web enthusiast who hosts the show “Tek Tok TV” (Tech Talk TV) on the Global News Network (GNN). Vince is also the editor and creative director of WhenInManila.com, the blog that won the #1 Emerging Influential Blog Award for 2010. Vince’s experience with online marketing has made him a sought after consultant and media powerhouse.

SIGN UP NOW TO GET THE EARLY BIRD RATES (valid until Oct 31 only). Limited seating.

Call “The One School” to save your seat:

Phone Number 817-4396

Class Dates: November 13 & 20 (Saturdays)  9am – 6pm The One School CHED and TESDA accredited 55 Paseo de Roxas Avenue, Makati City Phone: 817-4391 http://www.theoneschool.org/

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Thoughts While I’m Sick

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As you may know, I got sick a couple of days ago.  I couldn’t stay long in front of the computer.  Even browsing through my phone made me dizzy.  I diagnosed myself with ADD because I can’t stand not doing anything.  But I didn’t have a choice but to rest in bed whole day.  With this, I couldn’t help but think of many things.  This included memories of my corporate days.  I know, it’s totally random.  But here I am now, writing this blog post.

One thought occurred to me.  I remembered sitting on my office table and suddenly I get a random unsolicited phone call from an insurance agent.  I would always be like “No, I’m not interested.”  I know a lot of you can relate.  I would then doubt if the HR department keeps our files and office phone number confidential or they are selling these information…

The horror!

But recently, I think it’s just us Filipinos who have this mentality.

Most Filipinos take for granted the benefits that insurance can give.  I was researching about health insurance in the Philippines and I stumbled upon Fitz Villafuerte’s blog explaining that insurance is one of the most often ignored necessary expenses. Working in the corporate world before gave me the benefit of having a Medical Card.  Now that I am out of the corporate compound and I just do freelance work, I say it’s about time I find a nice Medical card that would support me in any health emergencies.  You never know.

There are different kinds of insurance and almost every day, they think of something new to insure.  Remember the rumor that J-Lo (Jennifer Lopez) insured her buns for a million dollars?  Yeah, right now, you can have almost anything insured.  I also heard this cellphone insurance before where in case your cellphone is stolen, you would have extra protection and they will give you another phone.  I don’t think that went well though as cellphones are getting cheaper now. There are also many other insurance on the side that banks and other credit companies offer.  If you watched the movie “Inception” you would also hear that their targeted person was insured for kidnapping.  A lot of people lost their properties when the Typhoon Ondoy happened here in the Philippines.  People lost their homes, cars and even their livelihood or business.  After that, people started to see the importance of insurance.  Entrepreneurs who want to protect their physical businesses now seek business insurance policies.  I have friends and family in California who are also very keen on business insurance in CA.  There are also a lot of unexpected things happening in CA like mostly earthquakes and stuff.  Anyway, if you’re on the area, check out official website for California Department of Insurance.  For the Philippines, we can visit the Philippine’s Insurance Commission website.

Anyway, how is your week?

I hope you are not as sickly as me…

More blog posts of awesomeness soon!



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PIFAAP Convention 2010 at Sofitel – Conquering Greater Heights

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PIFAAP Convention 2010 at Sofitel – Conquering Greater Heights

Jomar Hilario is one of my mentors in blogging and internet marketing.  I always like hanging out with him because I often learn a lot (not only online and blogging stuff but real life lessons as well). 😀

Jomar was invited to speak at the Philippine Insurance and Financial Advisors Association of the Philippines (PIFAAP).  Vince and I volunteered ourselves to assist him in his talk 😀

The convention’s theme was all about “Conquering Greater Heights.”

Here are the pictures of the event :)

PIFAAP Convention

Me at the PIFAAP with a dress from Thailand and shoes from Michael Antonio.

PIFAAP Convention

Me with the Internet Marketing Guru – Jomar Hilario 😀

PIFAAP Convention

Vince and Jomar

PIFAAP Convention

Jomar talks about Internet Marketing

PIFAAP Convention

PIFAAP Convention

More Pictures

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TEDx Fort Bonifacio

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TEDx Fort Bonifacio

Last 15th of February 2010, I officially won an invite to the TEDx Fort Bonifacio event.  I was so excited as I have watched a lot of TED talks.

What is TED anyway?

TED is a small nonprofit devoted to Ideas Worth Spreading. It started out (in 1984) as a conference bringing together people from three worlds: Technology, Entertainment, Design. Since then its scope has become ever broader.

– TED.com

What is TEDx?

TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience. Our event is call TEDxFortBonifacio, where x=independently organized TED event. At our TEDxFortBonifacio event, TEDTalks video and live speakers will combine to spark deep discussion and connection in a small group.

– TEDxFortBonifacio.com

With TED talks, you get to hear the best speakers speak about their ideas.  It is a great experience to those who have witnessed it and I was lucky I won an invite.

It was a truly inspiring event indeed as we hear people from our community share significant insights that we listeners can take home.  I am not sure of how many TEDx events have happened here in the Philippines already but I hope there would be more TEDx conventions.

Here are pictures I have about the event.

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