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Akatsubaki Cosplay of Infinite Stratos by Sheila Navarro Cosplay Mania 2012

Posted by on Sep 30, 2012 in Cosplay

Akatsubaki Cosplay of Infinite Stratos by Sheila Navarro Cosplay Mania 2012

We interviewed Sheila a few years back for Tek Tok TV.  It was our cosplay episode.

We are so proud of how she’s grown BIGGER literally and figurativey speaking.  She’s been doing better and better over the years and we just want to CONGRATULATE her for a job well done and to encourage her keep on creating these costumes that will amaze us!

For Cosplay Mania 2012, cosplayer Sheila Navarro WOWed the crowed by wearing a Mecha suit she made all by herself of Akatsubaki (Infinite Stratos).

It is 8 feet tall and a total of 35 kilos.  It is made mainly of rubber sheets.

To understand better Sheila’s process of making this costume, I had a quick interview with her:

1.  How long did it take you to make the costume?

Sheila: It took me 5 months to construct the whole costume since I need to concentrate on the elevation of my legs and the accuracy of the whole costume itself.

2.  What’s the hardest part in making the costume?

 Sheila: For me, the hardest part is constructing the legs. I want it to be as accurate as possible just like in the anime so I made the elevation 24inches in height. When I finished the leg part, it has a total weight of 8 kilos each leg. It was impossible to walk with that kind of elevation and weight so I invented a mechanism that will lessen the weight of the legs. From 8 kilos, I just need to carry around 2 kilos in each leg that’s why I didn’t have a hard time walking around with those enormous leg armors.

FlairCandy: WOW AMAZING! You are indeed an inventor!  You didn’t only make a costume to appear as a costume, but something you can also walk around with!

3.  How did you transport your costume?

I constructed a large trolley box wherein I can place all of my costume inside. It is around 4ftx5ftx5ft in size. I asked my father to help me carry the box in his pick up and we use the rope for support to prevent the box from falling over the road.

4.  What’s next?

Since I finished cosplaying one of my dream cosplays, I’m planning on becoming a mecha cosplayer and construct more mecha costumes. One of my cosplay plan is the Psycho Gundam. And after my Akatsubaki and Psycho gundam, I’ll surprise you again with my another costume.

FlairCandy: Looking forward to more of your cosplays Sheila! You are one great talent indeed! Keep it up! and keep inspiring people to be creative and inventive!


Good job Sheila! We’re proud of you!

Watch Sheila’s interview on Tek Tok TV:


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Meeting Kaname Japanese Cosplayer at Cosplay Mania 2012

Posted by on Sep 29, 2012 in Cosplay, Featured

Meeting Kaname Japanese Cosplayer at Cosplay Mania 2012


I can’t help it! I can’t get over it! I just can’t believe I finally met this guy who I’ve only seen in photos! Cloud is one of my favorite characters and this guy just knows how to make that character real!


*don’t know where or who to credit this photo but it’s all over the internet

There are many great Cloud cosplayers but Kaname is my favorite!  


Perks of my job for TV5 is I get special access to events like this! Cosplay Mania 2012!

Where Kaname was just 5 feet away from me!

Kaname Cosplay Mania 2012 Cloud Japanese Cosplayer



and he photobombed us 😛

“nahiya naman kami sa kanya noh!”

Kaname Cosplay Mania 2012 photobomb

He sits as one of the judges for the Cosplay competition

and did I mention he smiled a few times at me? KALOKA! I’ve never had fangirl moments like this for a while now he just had the most enchanting eyes and I’m sure the audience earlier would agree!

BB Gandanghari was also there along with Derek Ramsay to promote TV5’s shows Enchanted Garden and KIDLAT!

Another highlight was when Kaname was asked that if ever he were to cosplay a girl, who would it be…

“If I were to cosplay a girl character, it will be BB Gandanghari” – Kaname (translated from Japanese)


hmm… why so serious?


Bagay ba kami? <3



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My Makeup and Costume for Pole Recital Photoshoot

Posted by on Apr 30, 2011 in Announcements, Art & Photography, Cosplay, Entertainment and Lifestyle, Featured, Music, Pole Dancing

My Makeup and Costume for Pole Recital Photoshoot

I can say I’m a late bloomer.  I mean, I could have done all these things earlier – dancing, makeup, fashion and sewing!  But instead, I took a route to the corporate world first.  Not that I regretted ever studying Accounting and working for a corporation… I think all of that was meant to be and I enjoyed the journey I took and the people I’ve met along the way (which also incidentally prompted me to start my blog).  At least, no one can say I’m a dumb bimbo now coz I have proof – I’m a licensed CPA baby! but meh, I discovered that I wanted to do more things other than corporate.  I have used the left side of my brain and used it well, it is time for me to use my right brain :)


I knew I had to finally do this since I need to do my own makeup for my TV show Tek Tok TV.   I took a one-day personal makeup training with Cielo Frontreras.  If you see me and how I do my makeup now from time to time and you like it – that’s thanks all to Cielo!  I also watched Michelle Phan’s tutorials on YouTube from time to time 😛


To be honest, I haven’t sewn in more than 10 years already.  I studied sewing in high school as a side subject.

I knew I also needed to buy one because I have been dying to “create” and sew my own dresses.  I often get frustrated at going around malls and not finding what I want!

One day, thanks to my Google Adsense earnings, I boldly bought a sewing machine!  I didn’t even know at that time if I can sew again.  But what the heck, I tried making my Akazukin Cha Cha costume and I was doing fine!  Not the best tailoring, but good enough to start with (on me making my own costumes).

I don’t know how to make patterns though! >.< Which is a very important factor in sewing!  I tried trying to find online video tutorials, but sadly, I find their explanations to complicated.  I NEED to go to a school soon.  But how did I survive sewing my costumes even without me having any knowledge on pattern making?  I will share that secret in a bit!


Fashion School

Fashion and sewing go together!  I love dressing up!  but I don’t only love styling myself, I also think I have many ideas that would only be materialized if I sew them myself.

Luckily, I met a new friend at my Pole Dance Classes that helped me find a Fashion School I’m going to attend soon!


Pole Dancing!

I have always been a dancer.  But I stopped when I was taking my Accountancy course in College.  Biggest regret in my life! I shouldn’t have stopped dancing!  But it’s never too late to dance again and I would like to thank the Polecats for inviting me once to try their class and ladies and gents… I am now hooked… hooked on a pole – I’m in love!

We will have a recital soon on June 4.  Can you believe it? I’m going to perform and dance again! This is awesome!  Dancing and performing is just one thing I would love to do for life!



I just got home from our Pole Class Recital Photo Shoot.  and yaye, I did my own makeup (proud of myself that I can do this on my own now THANK GOODNESS!) and I tailored my own shorts for this since I couldn’t find any glittery shorts in the mall.


Pole Dance Recital Photoshoot

my goal was to look like Dita Von Teese (at least the makeup part)

I can’t do my own hair that well yet, so I took my wig and voila!




While doing my pants… sewed these myself!



remember how I managed to sew without knowing how to make patterns…

well – I kind-of patterned it from one of the shorts I have at home 😛

I know, I know… I need to study pattern-making! >.<


Pole Dance Recital Photoshoot 1

This is me and my friend RJ. We will be dancing together! <3

Behind the set of our Photoshoot… it all happened quick! will post photos soon once they publish them!


Pole Dance Recital Photoshoot 2

had to cam-whore while I’m made-up… it took me like an hour to put on my makeup and stuff :)


So remember ladies (and gents if applicable), follow your dreams – NO EXCUSES!

If you don’t know how to do it – LEARN!  Be resourceful…

Trial and error you can make mistakes honeys, but remember to learn from it!

INVEST! and if you don’t have money yet – GOOGLE!


and if it won’t hurt much to try it and fail (relatively risk-free) just READY – FIRE – AIM! (contrary to Ready Aim Fire)

you don’t need to be prepared to reach your dreams or whatever it is you want in life… JUST DO IT! TRY! TRY! TRY!


3 years ago, I never imagined I would be doing all these…

oh, and if this helped you… spread the love! <3


Learn Pole Dancing with Polecats Manila!



FlairCandy <3

pole dance recital photoshoot 3

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How to Make a Sexy Pikachu Costume: Pikachu Ears

Posted by on Dec 24, 2010 in Art & Photography, Cosplay, Featured

How to Make a Sexy Pikachu Costume: Pikachu Ears

Last Halloween, I decided to dress up as Pikachu and Vince as my Pokemon trainer – Ash Ketchum.

Sexy Pikachu Costume - Cosplay Halloween-2010-Pokeman-Trainer-Ash-Pikachu-Big-Fish-Cream-Party 075_ppHalloween-2010-Pokeman-Trainer-Ash-Pikachu-Big-Fish-Cream-Party 073_pp

So, How did I do it?

First of all, the yellow bra and the yellow skirt were two things that I just bought in Divisoria.  I was scouting for either a skirt or shorts.  If you are not too comfortable wearing this, you can find alternatives like yellow t-shirts or a yellow jumpsuit and yellow pants.

It’s up to you.  the main highlight of the costume is the Pikachu tail and the Pikachu ears.

Here’s how I did it.

How to make Pikachu Ears

Things you need:

  • hard folder
  • non-silk, hard yellow cloth
  • scissors
  • scotch tape
  • black or yellow headband
  • needle and thread
  • black paint
  • paint brush

1.  I got a cardboard and cut it into two rectangles of exact shape.  You can recycle used folders like I did.

FHM-Premier-Vixen-LAX-Nightclub-Manila-Nightlife 043

2. Draw ears to shape the cardboard

FHM-Premier-Vixen-LAX-Nightclub-Manila-Nightlife 045

3. Cut the line where you drew the shape with and fold the lower half.  Just estimate how long the ears should be.  I never really used a ruler, I just estimated things through.  Get the yellow cloth and trace the ears.  Then, retrace the ears outside by 1 cm to make sure you have space for sewing cloth.

FHM-Premier-Vixen-LAX-Nightclub-Manila-Nightlife 062

4.  Get a black head band where you can attach these ears with.  I just used ordinary scotch tape to attach the ears on the headband.  Give a little support to the ears so that it stays standing by putting a triangle shaped carboard as you can see blow to keep the ears erect.  Just use ordinary tape to do this.

FHM-Premier-Vixen-LAX-Nightclub-Manila-Nightlife 065

FHM-Premier-Vixen-LAX-Nightclub-Manila-Nightlife 066FHM-Premier-Vixen-LAX-Nightclub-Manila-Nightlife 064

5.  Sew the yellow cloth for ears.  I totally forgot to take pictures while sewing it.  Remember when you traced it above on #3 that you need to give the allowance for sewing.

FHM-Premier-Vixen-LAX-Nightclub-Manila-Nightlife 067

6.  Put the cloth on top of the ears and I just taped it to the cardboard.  You may opt to use a glue gun if you want to.

FHM-Premier-Vixen-LAX-Nightclub-Manila-Nightlife 071

7.  Paint the black part of the ears.  It helps if you draw a line first and then just trace it with the paint and overlap.

FHM-Premier-Vixen-LAX-Nightclub-Manila-Nightlife 075

8.  Do it on both sides and that’s it – you’re done Smile

FHM-Premier-Vixen-LAX-Nightclub-Manila-Nightlife 083

The next tutorial that I will give is how to make Pikachu tail.  It is more challenging than making the ears…

I must say though, I am proud of the tail that I made.  The Cream Ball Halloween Party was very crowded and people kept bumping on my tail.  I was surprised that I made it so well that it stood up until now. I wasn’t using any string or what not to aid the tail to be upright. Smile with tongue out

FHM-Premier-Vixen-LAX-Nightclub-Manila-Nightlife 102

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