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Last Friday Night – 1 World Pre-Party in Manila

Posted by on Jul 8, 2013 in Beauty, Celebrities, Entertainment and Lifestyle, Events, Fashion, Manila, Movies & TV, Philippines, Singapore

Last Friday night… do it all again ^_^

This day I really worked hard, so I can play hard at night 😉

Makeup of the day testing Collection cosmetics

Big Fake Ultimate false lash effect mascara

Pink Shock lipstic

collection makeup

Also used MAC foundation, Clinique eyebrow powder, eyeliner and subtle eye shadow

and my favorite liquid blush Bene tint from Benefit ^_^

as for my hair… I just embraced the natural wave with the “no brushing of hair” look

at 7th High DJ Scotto and Nicole Chen of 1 World Festival Singapore

great mix from Nicole, can’t wait for more EDM love in Singapore for the 1 World Festival <3

Here are the many reasons why you should be there to party with us!!!


after 7th High, we moved to URBN just to end the night

Cheers to love, life and hapiness! 🙂

We ended the night eating at IHOP… didn’t take pictures coz I was tipsy dipsy *oops*

‘Til next Friday 😉

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Movie Nights: The Bling Ring Premiere

Posted by on Jul 3, 2013 in Entertainment and Lifestyle, Fashion, Movies & TV

Everyone wants the Good Life.  But, how do you define it?  If you think it’s all about having the lifestyle of the rich and famous, then you’ve got to earn a lot of bucks to be in it… or not!  Why not just rob the houses of celebrities and take their Chanels, Louboutins, their Rolexes and jewelry etc.?  Just get enough, enough that they won’t notice thier things are gone!  But what if you get carried away?

This is exactly what “The Bling Ring” is all about.  This movie is based on real life events.  I say “based” because it is not entirely accurate.  I’ve never heard of this “Bling Ring” gang before, but they do have the guts!  I had to do my research for this of course and looked into the real members of the Bling Ring gang.

*Spoiler Alert*

There isn’t much to spoil actually because the main gyst of the story is just all about robbing houses of high profile celebrities and that’s it.  If you want to know more about the real Bling Ring Members, you can check out a detailed story here.

What is pretty interesting here, is one of the members of the gang is actually currently filming for their own E! reality show “Pretty Wild.”   Actually, all of the members got famous after getting arrested.  Which goes to show that America (or the world) has a sick obsession about the “Bonnie and Clyde” syndrome.

If you want to know 41 little known facts about the real Bling Ring members, check this out.  Like Paris Hilton ‘cried’ while watching The Bling Ring.

The movie was pretty okay in general.  You have to watch it to catch Emma Watson portraying a more mature, more “wild” role.  I wasn’t used to her being a bit dumb and aloof in this movie.  Great American accent too, none of the smart british tone.  You also need to watch this movie if you love fashion.  They had so many pretty and shiny things!

The Bling Ring Fashion – drool for the things they stole!

Towards the end of the movie, Emma Watson would ask you to follow her blog NickiMooreForever.com – however, the real blog of Alexis (played by Emma Watson) is itsalexisneiers.com

The Bling Ring is now showing in SM Cinemas near you.


*Thank you SM Supermalls for the premiere movie tickets.

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One More Try Movie Lines

Posted by on Dec 31, 2012 in Entertainment and Lifestyle, Movies & TV, Personal

It’s the MMFF season and it warms my heart to see the cinemas packed!  That just means, we are supporting the local movies.  The second movie I watched had a the very controversial plot.  It was all about sacrificing a marriage and the one you love, just to save a child’s life.

One More Try Movie Quotable Quotes:

“Mahal kita, pero mas mahal ko ang anak ko.”
“Trinato mo ko na parang asong pinasahan mo ng buto matapos mong lawayan!”
“Kahit saglit, kahit isang gabi lang, pahiram ng asawa mo.”

“I can be a sexy wife sa umaga and a dirty mistress sa gabi.”
“Hindi, hindi ka makakagulo kung ang kukunin mo lang naman ay ang kailangan mo”
“How can you even say no to a mother with a dying child?”
“Iba yung pumapayag sa nakikisama. Iba din ang nakikisama sa nagtitiis.”
“Ulit-ulit? Hindi ko naman kasi alam na nakasubscribe ka pala ng UNLIs*x sa asawa ko at gusto mo pang SULITin”
“Kung nilawayan ko man ang buto, akin yun. Asawa ko yun!”

“Kung alam ko kung hanggang kailan ako magtitiis, matatawag pa ba ‘tong pagmamahal?”
“Anak tandaan mo, No trespassing. Matuto kang kumatok bago pumasok. Huwag kang sugod nang sugod.”

I also should say Angel and DingDong should have the “Most Awkward Sex Scene Award.”

Main characters: Ding Dong Dantes, Angelica Panganiban, Zanjoe Marudo and Angel Locsin. One More Try Lines, One More Try Movie, One More Try Quotable Quotes.

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Sosy Problems Quotable Quotes from Rhian, Heart, Solenn and Bianca

Posted by on Dec 27, 2012 in Entertainment and Lifestyle, Movies & TV

Me and my friend Mica love going to the movies and watch local films. Well, I usually don’t expect a lot from our local flicks, especially if it’s a commercial one – but it’s entertaining nevertheless so don’t judge me! 😛

I was pretty happy seeing the cinemas packed yesterday night! I mean all the movies showing starting Christmas to New Year’s are all MMFF entries! I’m happy that all social class brackets were well-represented.

Speaking of social class, the movie we watched last night, “Sosy Problems,” was all about the “SUPER DUPER UPPER CLASS” and their “petty” problems fit for their status. #conyoproblems #firstworldproblems has trended in Twitter a few times. A new friend Kevin even has a viral video tutorial on how to speak “conyo”.

Verdict:  “Sosy Problems” is a great movie to watch with your girl friends or gay friends.  I’m not sure if your boyfriend would want to accompany you to this movie, they’ll be so kawawa naman if you like, make pilit them to watch it with you 😛   It’s just all for good fun!


Some Sosy Problems Lines and Quotable Quotes I got out of the movie are as follows:

Disclaimer: Some statements are not posted in verbatim and might not have been said word for word in the movie.  I just got mostly the essence of it because I found these statements amusing:



“Eew you used you yaya’s car?”

“I hope your horse becomes your new anak.”

“You’re turning the polo club into a yaya mall?”

“That’s so pangkariniwang tao!”

“Makibaka? I don’t even know what that means!”

“Protest? It’s so EDSA 1 like Cory Aquino days!”

“Sorry nalang kayo dahil nabili na ng yaya no to ang polo club na to!”

“Lola, whatevs!”

“What’s arinowla?”

“Hello, don’t panic! It’s organic!”

“Buti nalang I wore my high heels noh so my feet won’t get putik.”

“Mister farmer sir. Where is the pilapil?”

“Parang maliligo lng ng malamig akala month pinapatay na!”

“Ano ka ba, no one wants to be friends with the poor.”

“Sa diksyunaryo lang nauuna ang bestfriend sa boyfriend.”

“You better watch out, you better not cry, you better luck next time.”

“You’re wrong-er! You’re print on print”

“Yaya, thank you for making this pag-aaklas successful.”

Comment out if you think I missed a few lines or so 🙂

Casts starring Rhian Ramos, Bianca King, Solenn Heussaff, Heart Evangelista, Mylene Dizon, Agot Isidro, Cherie Gil, Mikael Daez <3, Aljur Abrenica, Tim Yap, Mikey Bustos.  Tags: Sosy Problems, Quotable Quotes, Sosy Problems Lines, Sosy Problems Quotable Quotes, Conyo Problems, Saucy Problems, #ConyoProblems


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Top International Movies to Watch on CinemaWorld This December

Posted by on Nov 29, 2012 in Entertainment and Lifestyle, Movies & TV

I just love movies!  Lately, I’ve opened my horizon to watching international films that are worth watching.  It’s very interesting to see the differences in humor, love, art etc on different cultures and what better way to experience it than to watch the movies they present.

If you don’t know about CinemaWorld yet, it is an international channel that offers mainstream programming that is fresh, unique and different.  Different from the usual movies we see locally, in the US and UK.  We get to see a whole lot more.  It provides movie lovers a variety of titles which they cannot find anywhere else.  All movies on CinemaWorld are shown in their original language with English subtitiles.

Did I mention that I’m currently studying French?

Well, it is great practice to watch a French movie in CinemaWorld, trust me!

For this December, it would be very exciting as they prepared remarkable movies highlighting stories of people from different walks of life, perfect to enjoy this holiday season.



Luisa, a mobile phone company executive feels invisible at the age of 44.  She lives alone, having been left by her husband, while her daughter studies away from home.  During an evening office party, her colleague Jorge, who is of the same age as her and whose partner for the evening is a young company phone salesgirl named Marina, ignores her.  Indignant, Luisa turns to an actress and to her table tennis coach to help her become “visible” and seduce Jorge.  

*I bet a lot of ladies can relate to this!  Even I sometimes feel invisible to my “crush” -eek!

Catch An Invisible Woman, as Maria Bouzas shows off how she won the Mestre Mateo Award for Best Actress as the titular character.



Robert Hansen and Sofie Lassen-Kahkle star in this Danish romantic comedy of not-quite-requited love. Three months after breaking up with her highschool boyfriend Viktor, Anja discovers that she loves him after all. The movie is a hilarious race against time as Anja tries to win Viktor back before he marries someone else. Produced by the famed Regner Grasten, it became so popular that it spawned two sequels, “Anja & Viktor – Flaming Love” (2007) and “Anja & Viktor – The Ups And Downs” (2008).



Behrouz, a 12-year old boy, who was raised in a poor family, dreams of having his own bike. He finds out that each player in the champion football team in a provincial tournament is awarded a bike, so he tries hard to secure a place in his school team. However, he knows nothing about football! Directed by Abbas Moranian, Iranian film director, Behrouz Hit Me, Mom! won Audience Award, Best Film, Best Child Actor and Best Director Diploma at the Hamedan Children Film Festival in 2010.



Piero, an openly homosexual gay rights activist, runs as the more progressive candidate in the mayoral election of Udine, Italy. At the other end stands the bigoted right-wing candidate, who builds physical walls around his community to keep foreigners and drug dealers confined to their various neighborhoods, and his candidate for vice-mayor, pro-family values champion, Adele. In an odd twist of events, Piero temporarily sets his political loyalties and gender preference aside and sleeps with the gorgeous Adele, betraying his male partner, Remo in the process. Actor Luca Argentero was nominated for Best Actor Award at the Ente David di Donatello (the Italian Academy Awards) playing Piero Bonutti in this 2010 Italian Comedy Different From Whom?.



With the war in Iraq intensifying, a prominent radio journalist and his technician pretend to report live from Baghdad, after losing their plane tickets and money in this Adventure Comedy, starring Gerard Lanvin and Gerard Jugnot. As the duo hide out in the Barbes area of Paris, in an attempt to pull off the ultimate scam, the listeners tune in awaiting the latest word from the front lines of the war. Special Correspondents was produced in France and directed by Frederic Auburtin of French Romantic Comedy Paris, Je T’aime.




The Best Things In The World is poignant portrait of teen life through the journey of 15-year-old Mano, whose world is turned upside down because his parents are divorcing and his love interest is infatuated with someone else. He and his sensitive older brother Pedro are deeply affected by the knowledge that their father, Horacio, is gay, and that he is leaving their mother, Camila, for Gustavo – and that is not even counting the love triangle where he, his love interest Carol, and his rival Artur figure in. Starring Caio Biat as Artur, whose role won him the 2012 Cinema Brazil Grand Prize for Best Supporting Actor, The Best Things In The World, a 2012 Brazilian movie that talks about family, is one move to watch out for.


Celebrate the holidays with award-winning movies from CinemaWorld on Cable Link and through the a la carte subscription or HD Movie Package of SkyCable.


Find out more about CinemaWorld at


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CinemaWorld International Movie Channel Launch in the Philippines

Posted by on Oct 6, 2012 in Entertainment and Lifestyle, Events, Movies & TV

This is very exciting news for me because I love watching international films!



Movie lovers have something exciting to look forward to with the launch of the new CinemaWorld international movie channel in the Philippines.

Two years in development, CinemaWorld is the first and only pan-Asia international movie channel. Showcasing top box office hits and award winning films from around the world, CinemaWorld will be a cinematic treat for Philippine cable subscribers. Offering mainstream programming that is fresh, unique and differentiated, CinemaWorld provides movie lovers with exciting new movie options which they cannot find anywhere else.

CinemaWorld was founded and is managed by three experienced Media and Entertainment professionals who have a lengthy history in the Philippine market. Founders Quek Toi Mien and Suarina Chua, along with James Marturano, were long time colleagues at HBO Asia and manage the new channel. Each brings over (20) years of experience in the pay television industry to the project, as well as a passion for movies.

“We are excited to bring CinemaWorld to the Philippines,” notes James Marturano. “We believe the channel will offer cable subscribers an exciting new viewing option to what is currently available in the marketplace. It will tap into Filipinos’ love for movies, community, and even travel.”



Watching “Men in the City”

CinemaWorld spans the globe, with movies from Europe, Latin America, Australia, Asia, South Asia, North America and the Middle East. The channel truly has something for every movie aficionado. A whole new world of entertainment beyond Hollywood

All movies on CinemaWorld will be shown in their original language, with English subtitles and (most movies) have release dates from 2005 to present. CinemaWorld is commercial-free and available in High Definition. Movies are exclusive to CinemaWorld and will enjoy their Asian pay television premier on the channel.

Weekends will have a thematic focus. Thriller Fridays at 11 PM will showcase movies that will have you on the edge of your seat; Saturday Festival Picks at 9 PM will highlight the best selections from international film festivals; and Sunday See The World at 9 PM offers something unique from around the world.

October movie highlights include: “The Woman Of My Life,” a 2010 Italian Romantic Comedy starring Luca Argentero (Eat Pray Love), ever-rising star in Italian cinema; “The Matchmakers,” a 2010 Israeli Drama chosen as Best Picture at the Israeli Academy Awards; “Blackthorn,” a 2011 US/Spanish Action/Thriller winning 4 Goya Awards in Spain; and, “Men In The City,” a 2010 German blockbuster Comedy, starring German megastar Til Schweiger (Inglorious Bastards, This Means War).




CinemaWorld will be available in Metro Manila on October 1, 2012, Monday, on Cable Link, and later on, the HD Movie Package of SkyCable.

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A Secret Affair Lines and Quotes Anne Curtis Derek Ramsay Andi Eigenmann

Posted by on Sep 27, 2012 in Entertainment and Lifestyle, Movies & TV

Another local movie to watch out for this October by VIVA films!

I am not quite sure if it’s a sequel to the movie “No Other Woman,” but  they say this is somewhat a “continuation” to the first movie.  This time, Anne Curtis plays the role of the fiance and Andi plays the “kabit.”


*from Anne Curtis’ twitter

Anyway, here are Lines from A Secret Affair you need to watch out for:

"Kaya kabit ang tawag sa kanila kasi daig pa nila ang epoxy kung kumabit.  Kaya querida, kasi makire! Kaya mistress, kasi nakaka-stress!"

"Ano ba tingin mo sa mga lalake, bulate? May pa-early bird promo, the early bird catches the worm."

"Hindi sya masasaktan kung ‘di nya alam. That’s why we’ll keep it a secret affair."

"Kahit paano mo tingnan, a secret affair can destroy any relationship."

"Bakit pa kasi may mga babaeng papatol sa lalaki kahit alam nilang hindi pwede?"

"Ano bang akala mo sa pamba-babae, flash floods? Na kapag tumila ang ulan ay huhupa ang baha? Lumikas ka na hanggang maaga bago mag critical level."

“I’m surprised you didn’t notice the different cup size.”

“Eh di ba minsan, kahit na alam natin na mali ang isang bagay, ginagawa parin natin kasi kailangan.”

“Think of us na parang ‘prize’ sa Amazing Race, yong sumusuko’t nahihirapan – talo. Matira matibay.”

“Masakit talaga masaksak sa likod na kahit aspili lang noh?” “Sinadya mo ba yon?” “Of course not! Kung sinadya ko yon, ice pick ko na ang gagamitin ko.”

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The Mistress Lines and Quotes John Lloyd and Bea Alonzo

Posted by on Sep 14, 2012 in Movies & TV

Yet another movie with John Lloyd and Bea Alonzo.  John Lloyd is hotter with his clothes on.  Bea looks amazing!



It’s quite a heavy story, but full of meaning.


The Mistress movie lines:

“As long as I am alive, you will never be promoted to wife.”

“Ang daming dahilan para hindi kita mahalin. Pero may isang dahilan para ‘di ko magawa yun. Mahal kita. Yun lang yun.”

“Anong karapatan mo, kabit ka lang!”

“Hindi ako Puta.”

“Walang may pinanganak na pinangarap maging kabet!”

“He keeps on doing that to you because you keep on forgiving him.”

Di dahil gusto mo, makukuha mo.”


“Alam mo kung ano ang kaya kong gawin na hindi kaya ng Mr. Thursday mo. Kaya kitang pakasalan. Sa akin, wala kang kahati.”

“Sa akin. Marami kang kahati.”


The Mistress Lines, the mistress john lloyd and bea lines, the mistress movie lines, the mistress movie quotes, the mistress movie lines, the mistress pickup lines, john lloyd, bea alonzo, the mistress

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Meeting the President of the Philippines

Posted by on Mar 4, 2012 in Featured, Movies & TV, Philippines, Pilipinas

It was my first time inside the Malacanang Palace 🙂

Thanks to our friends from Nat Geo, Agatep and the President of course for inviting us into the Palace!

photo by Erwin Nolido


Jeman, myself and Rod with Caster, the Food Taster.

photo by Erwin Nolido


Caster’s job is very interesting.  He is trained here and abroad of different toxins and poisons that can be found on food.  His weapon: the flashlight!

Know more about Caster and the different PSG persons highlighted on the documentary here.

The National Geographic special Inside Malacanang will be shown on Nat Geo on March 18, at 9pm.

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Inside Malacañang a National Geographic Channel Special

Posted by on Mar 1, 2012 in Celebrities, Entertainment and Lifestyle, Events, Featured, Movies & TV, Philippines, Pilipinas

One of the perks of being a blogger, is you get to have dinner (sort-of) with the President of the Philippines!  Nat Geo and our friends from Agatep invited us over at the Malacanang Palace for the first screening of Inside Malacañang.  It’s a National Geographic special that takes you to an exclusive guided tour inside the official residence of our country’s president.

The Malacañang Palace was open for the public in the time of Corazon Aquino, the country’s first lady President.  Due to heavy security concerns, we can’t stroll along the compounds freely anymore but this documentary will take you inside the Palace.  It’s very interesting because the public knows so little about what’s going on there.

This special won’t only be played on local Nat Geo, but it will air soon in Southeast Asia and the rest of the World.  Congratulations to National Geographic Channel and Marnie Manicad productions for a successful documentary!

Here are a few pictures and snippets of what you are about to see on the documentary.  These are only pictures, but the story behind is very interesting.  Catch the documentary at Nat Geo on March 18, 9pm.


ABR_0607 - Malacanang Palace

Inside the Malacanang Palace


JRR_6351 - Malacanang Palace

Malacanan Compound


JRR_2442 - Presidential Helicopter

The Presidential Helicopter


JRR_4702 - Quirino Grand Stand

Independence Day at Quirino Grandstand


ABR_2163 - PSG



[press release]

It was once dubbed as a “foremost home” by Spanish governor generals. The Americans made it a social hub for the country’s elite while the Japanese transformed it into a garrison.

Yet after all these changes, Malacañan Palace still stands proudly by the Pasig River today. One would wonder what is now inside the cordoned-off areas of the palace.

On March 18, at 9pm catch the premiere of the original documentary Inside Malacañang as National Geographic Channel (NGC) takes you to an exclusive guided tour inside the official residence of the country’s chief executive.

This exclusive feature, which took one and a half years to produce, delves into chambers of the palace that were previously off-limits to the media and the public.

Inside Malacañang also examines and breaks long-held myths and beliefs about the President’s entourage. Get to know the everyday routines of the Presidential Security

Group commander, the close-in security aide of President Benigno S. Aquino III, the presidential photographer, and even the presidential food tester.

“NGC has been aiming to feature more relevant programs to the Filipino audience. With Inside Malacañang we hope more Filipinos would appreciate the office of the President and the people who help run it everyday,” said Jude Turcuato, Fox International Channels vice president and territory head for Philippines.

“Through this documentary that was proudly made by a Filipino production team, Marnie Manicad Productions International, in the hallmark standards of the NGC, we also wanted to show the world-class talent of Filipinos in producing long-form documentaries.”

The Inside Malacañang production team is composed of director, producer and head writer Marnie Manicad, writer Cris Lim and narrator Joonee Gamboa.


Key People

ABR_0591 - Manolo Quezon III

Undersecretary Manolo Quezon III, a friend and a fellow blogger


ABR_1896 - Lito Africano

Lito Africano, the Personal Assistant


ABR_1979 - Jay Morales

Jay Morales, the Photographer


JRR_5887 - Jaime Caster Castro

Jaime Castro, the Food Taster

*we had a photo taken with him, I’d still have to wait for it to be posted Smile with tongue out


JRR_9669 - Colonel Ramon Dizon

Colonel Ramon Dizon, PSG Chief


ABR_4359 - General Bodet Honrado

General Bodet Honrado


and of course,


ABR_2646 - President Noy Noy Aquino

President Noy Noy Aquino

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Nandito Ako: David Archuleta, Jasmine Curtis-Smith and Eula Caballero Soon on TV5

Posted by on Feb 7, 2012 in Celebrities, Entertainment and Lifestyle, Movies & TV

In the tradition of producing high quality mini-seryes, TV5 brings another highly anticipated primetime program, Nandito Ako, starring international Kapatid star David Archuleta alongside the network’s home-grown princesses Jasmine Curtis Smith and Eula Caballero. Helmed by popular director Mac Alejandre, the series about young love will premiere this February 20 (Monday) on TV5 primetime.

After the critically-acclaimed Sa Ngalan ng Ina (topbilled by the one and only Superstar, Ms. Nora Aunor) paved the way for the mini-serye format in Philippine television, the Kapatid Network embarks on another series that will capture the interest of younger viewers and the whole family alike. Apart from the three lead stars, the series is also a collaboration of some of the biggest names in the industry, including Gelli de Belen, Aiko Melendez, and comeback actress, G Tongi. G Tongi admits that it was the offer to do Nandito Ako which prompted her to return to the Philippines after settling down in the United States a few years back.

As the American Idol Season 7 runner-up who became an international singing sensation, David Archuleta has earned an even stronger following both here and abroad when the TV5 released the teaser of his rendition of the Nandito Ako’s theme song of the same title, composed by Aaron Paul del Rosario and popularized by Ogie Alcasid and Lea Salonga.

As evidenced by the rave reception on the series’ characters both online (frequently landing on Twitter Philippines trending topics) and offline (high crowd attendance in mall shows), Nandito Ako is poised to be another top-rating show of TV5.

Nandito Ako will tell the story of young love, its joys and pains, among Josh (David Archuleta), Holly (Eula Caballero) and Anya (Jasmine Curtis Smith). Josh is an international singer who holds his final leg of concerts in the Philippines. This venture is also a quest to find his real identity, a thing that has been hidden from for a long time. He will meet Holly through one of the promotional activities of his concert. The innocent hearts will brew romance and will soon learn the ways of love. But love has its twists and turns and they’ll soon uncover realities that will change their hearts and minds. Anya, a boyish and carefree lass, is Holly’s bestfriend. With a twist of fate, will Josh fall for Anya instead?

Completing the cast of Nandito Ako are Alwyn Uytingco, Ana Capri, Mon Confiado, Ana Feleo, Joseph Bitangcol, RS Francisco, David Bianco, Byron Ortile, and Ms. Perla Bautista.

Don’t miss the premiere episode of Nandito Ako starring David Archuleta, Jasmine Curstis-Smith and Eula Caballero starting Monday (February 20) after Wil Time Bigtime on TV5.

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Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Part 1 Sneak Peek of Renesmee Cullen

Posted by on Nov 18, 2011 in Announcements, Celebrities, Entertainment and Lifestyle, Movies & TV

twilight saga breaking dawn

This is the short review for Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Part 1 that I shared on Rotten Tomatoes:

Just watched the advanced screening, thanks to Mellow 94.7!  I don’t know why it’s rotten in rotten tomatoes but overall, I enjoyed the movie.  Maybe because I wasn’t expecting too much – it still had that cute giddy moments… the only thing I don’t like is the dialogue – which was so cheesy (as like the book) but the story is great for me… a lot of chaos in the family… I think it’s a must-see, just so that you won’t be left out with the hype and know what everyone is talking about… oh, and the new character (spoilers alert) is pretty – I can’t wait to see more of her in part 2.


Sorry Twilight haters, I enjoyed the movie!  I am not a Twihard fan but I read 3 books and I read it at that time to cope up with a heartbreak – and everything in that book was so relatable to my experience before (LOL).  For me, Twilight is a great story but it really has cheesy dialogues that they also adapted in the movie.  Although, some dialogues are a bit witty and funny too.

Enough of the review and on to more stuff in store for the Twilight Saga Universe.

Anyway, I think one of the stars you need to look out for is 10-year old Mackenzie Foy.  She will be Bella and Edward’s daughter.  This girl is already a model at her age for big brands like Polo, Ralph Lauren and others.

I am not sure if Mackenzie Foy is also that girl who played Renesmee’s future flashforward towards the end – that girl was really pretty but she looked more mature than a 10 year old.  Will you find out for me please?  I looked at IMDB and so far, Mackenzie Foy was the one officially named there.


She actually reminds me of the young Lana Lang from Smallville.  She looks a lot like Kristine Kreuk too.


Anyway, I don’t want to give too much details and spoilers but I’m so excited to see part 2.  Breaking Dawn is the only book I haven’t read yet from the Twilight saga so I don’t know what’s going to happen next.  Until then, I will wait… Or probably get that book and read it.  We’ll see 🙂

Here are more photos of Mackenzie Foy / Renesmee Cullen

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No Other Woman

Posted by on Sep 29, 2011 in Celebrities, Entertainment and Lifestyle, Movies & TV

Two beautiful ladies, one hunky!

Derek Ramsay, Christine Reyes and Anne Curtis

When it comes to local Pinoy movies, I try not to watch the trailer at all.  Because most of the time they kinda give out everything.  I’m glad I didn’t watch the trailer because I had no clue at all what’s going to happen.

But if you insist, here’s the trailer.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you 😛

My Review of No Other Woman

I was shocked that the seats were full on a Wednesday afternoon.  Take note, there were still offices at that time… and so we had to buy tickets for the evening instead which was almost full too.

It’s a movie about temptation.

In an adult world, this mostly happens now.  And I know a lot of people can relate making this movie quite popular.  Aside from an all-star cast people enjoyed the remarkable lines throughout the movie.

I say don’t criticize this movie too much, just enjoy and watch.  I found myself laughing too even though this movie is a drama.


Notable lessons in life:

– When you cheat, it’s a stress fest!

– If you want drama – then cheat!

– Temptation lurks and rises when you are vulnerable.

– But these things are always fun only in the beginning.

– Someone’s always gonna be hurt, including you.  So you have to choose.

– Don’t play with emotions – this world now has a lot of crazy people you never know what they’re gonna do

– Some say it’s not cheating unless you get caught – but hey hey, most of the time the other party senses your naughty deeds

– If you marry a man who cheats on his wife, you’ll be married to a man who cheats on his wife

– If you’re dating a guy who cheated on his girlfriend, you’ll be dating a guy who cheats on his girlfriend


Are you enlightened? or are you scared now lol.. I’m just kidding!  Do you have any more quotable quotes regarding infidelity?  Share in the comment section below and let’s have fun!

My favorite one: “Ang mundo ay isang malaking Quiapo, maraming snatcher! Maaagawan ka!

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Leaked Avengers Movie Trailer Excites Everyone

Posted by on Jul 22, 2011 in Movies & TV

We all know already… well at least most of us geeks that the official trailer of The Avengers movie based on Marvel comics would be released at the end of Captain America movie.

But some sneaky people recorded it.

Ayway, you won’t pretty much see anything because the capture is so dark… but I love the reaction of the audience!!!

Avengers Movie Trailer


Oh my gosh!

I will still wait for this and watch it by the movie credits – it’s just too awesome to miss!

I’ll be watching the premiere of Captain America next week and I’m so excited. 😀


On another note, I hope there will be a Justice League live action movie as well.  I am such a fan of DC comics too and I just marathoned the entire animated series of Justice League!

Also, Smallville ended already so pleasssse make a movie… 😀

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Watching Green Lantern with Special Krispy Kreme Doughnuts

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Just got back from watching Green Lantern 🙂

hannah villasis krispy kreme green lantern

Geek mode.. and yes, recently after my eye infection thingy, my vision got blurry and had to put on glasses all the time.  🙁

I have been catching up on the comic world lately and I actually just saw the Green Lantern animated movie and I was so excited to watch the live-action film with Ryan Reynolds and my favorite Gossip Girl Blake Lively <3 they’re both so hot!

I had to miss Pole practice for this, but I also couldn’t miss watching it with Krispy Kreme and other blogger friends!  They have a new flavor that’s out only for this season of Green Lantern 🙂 I remembered they also had a special flavor before with Green Hornet.  Check it out coz it will only be available ’til July 10.  I love that it doesn’t taste too sweet.  It’s just the right amount of Dark Chocolate and that alien-looking gooey jelly substance… 😛


Krispy Kreme Introduces The Green Lantern Kreme Doughnut

Krispy Kreme Green Lantern

In the brightest day, in the blackest night…you can now enjoy a new Krispy Kreme delight.

There’s a new blockbuster hit about to hit the silver screen and Krispy Kreme is making sure that you can enjoy it with the perfect movie snack.

Check out The Green Lantern Kreme Doughnut, Krispy Kreme’s version of the comic book classic made of rich chocolate dough, smothered with Hershey’s milk chocolate icing, doused with confectioner’s sugar and topped with a dollop of green jelly.

Get in on The Green Lantern craze and pick up a dozen in time to catch the biggest summer blockbuster. This limited edition doughnut is available only from June 3 to July 10.


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