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Make Your Own Havaianas 2016

Posted by on Apr 23, 2016 in Fashion, Shoes, Travel

Make Your Own Havaianas 2016

Make Your Own Havaianas 2016 is here! This is the 11th MYOH event and this year is inspired by one of my favorite counries to visit – Japan!

MYOH 2016 is happening at SM Mega Fashion Hall from April 22-24, 2016!

You can make your own havaianas ahead of time by visiting this website, myoh.havaianasphilippines.com.

I can’t wait to see your designs please post link on the comment below so I can see! Here’s me and my boyfriend’s design. This would look good on my beach dresses for my upcoming Maldives trip! <3



More Photos from the MYOH2016 event!

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Millymin Visits Flaircandy

Posted by on Aug 17, 2015 in Boracay, Fashion, Philippines, Travel

Millymin Visits Flaircandy

My dear friend Emily, otherwise known as Millymin in the blogosphere, visited the Philippines and we went to Boracay to have some girl time bonding :)

Post-surfing selfie 😘 @millymin #emilyvisits #emilysurfs #millyminvisits #flairtravels #batteriesnotincluded

A photo posted by Hannah Villasis (@flaircandy) on

There were so many things we wanted to do like Cliff Dive at Ariel’s point, zip line, surf, and of course take lots of photos. But the weather was not friendly. When we were there a week back, typhoon Hanna (yep!) was wrecking havoc to our vacation.

We had a few sunshiny moments and we took advantage of this by surfing, ziplining and taking bikini photos of each other. No boat dared to sail to Ariel’s point though, so that was a bummer. Even if there’s a storm in Boracay, it’s always summer in the Philippines. Our 3-day vacation was not ruined (not as much teehee) and we still had a great time.

We stayed at the Lazy Dog bed and breakfast hotel near the Bulabog beach (which is only 10 minutes walk to D-mall and a few cartwheels to the Bulabog beach. Will tell you guys more about the Lazy Dog hotel in the next few blog posts but it was quite a cozy place to stay! For now, check out the Lazy Dog at Agoda.com.

I have also noticed something… I need new bikini! I’ve been traveling quite a lot and you will see me wearing the same set. I have quite a lot in my closet, but my selection can’t keep up with the frequency of my vacation days.




Which of these do you think would best suit me?

ZALORA blogger project  

On to the next destination! <3

Thank you @flypal for being my constant travel partner this year! #flypal #flairtravels

A photo posted by Hannah Villasis (@flaircandy) on


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Last Friday Night – 1 World Pre-Party in Manila

Posted by on Jul 8, 2013 in Beauty, Celebrities, Entertainment and Lifestyle, Events, Fashion, Manila, Movies & TV, Philippines, Singapore

Last Friday Night – 1 World Pre-Party in Manila

Last Friday night… do it all again ^_^

This day I really worked hard, so I can play hard at night 😉

Makeup of the day testing Collection cosmetics

Big Fake Ultimate false lash effect mascara

Pink Shock lipstic

collection makeup

Also used MAC foundation, Clinique eyebrow powder, eyeliner and subtle eye shadow

and my favorite liquid blush Bene tint from Benefit ^_^

as for my hair… I just embraced the natural wave with the “no brushing of hair” look

at 7th High DJ Scotto and Nicole Chen of 1 World Festival Singapore

great mix from Nicole, can’t wait for more EDM love in Singapore for the 1 World Festival <3

Here are the many reasons why you should be there to party with us!!!


after 7th High, we moved to URBN just to end the night

Cheers to love, life and hapiness! :)

We ended the night eating at IHOP… didn’t take pictures coz I was tipsy dipsy *oops*

‘Til next Friday 😉

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Movie Nights: The Bling Ring Premiere

Posted by on Jul 3, 2013 in Entertainment and Lifestyle, Fashion, Movies & TV

Movie Nights: The Bling Ring Premiere

Everyone wants the Good Life.  But, how do you define it?  If you think it’s all about having the lifestyle of the rich and famous, then you’ve got to earn a lot of bucks to be in it… or not!  Why not just rob the houses of celebrities and take their Chanels, Louboutins, their Rolexes and jewelry etc.?  Just get enough, enough that they won’t notice thier things are gone!  But what if you get carried away?

This is exactly what “The Bling Ring” is all about.  This movie is based on real life events.  I say “based” because it is not entirely accurate.  I’ve never heard of this “Bling Ring” gang before, but they do have the guts!  I had to do my research for this of course and looked into the real members of the Bling Ring gang.

*Spoiler Alert*

There isn’t much to spoil actually because the main gyst of the story is just all about robbing houses of high profile celebrities and that’s it.  If you want to know more about the real Bling Ring Members, you can check out a detailed story here.

What is pretty interesting here, is one of the members of the gang is actually currently filming for their own E! reality show “Pretty Wild.”   Actually, all of the members got famous after getting arrested.  Which goes to show that America (or the world) has a sick obsession about the “Bonnie and Clyde” syndrome.

If you want to know 41 little known facts about the real Bling Ring members, check this out.  Like Paris Hilton ‘cried’ while watching The Bling Ring.

The movie was pretty okay in general.  You have to watch it to catch Emma Watson portraying a more mature, more “wild” role.  I wasn’t used to her being a bit dumb and aloof in this movie.  Great American accent too, none of the smart british tone.  You also need to watch this movie if you love fashion.  They had so many pretty and shiny things!

The Bling Ring Fashion – drool for the things they stole!

Towards the end of the movie, Emma Watson would ask you to follow her blog NickiMooreForever.com – however, the real blog of Alexis (played by Emma Watson) is itsalexisneiers.com

The Bling Ring is now showing in SM Cinemas near you.


*Thank you SM Supermalls for the premiere movie tickets.

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Crocs Beach Line Collection: Boat Shoe Line

Posted by on May 16, 2013 in Fashion, Featured, Shoes

Crocs Beach Line Collection: Boat Shoe Line

When it comes to comfortable footwear, I always have my trust on Crocs.  I have traveled the world wearing Crocs for the very simple reason – I can walk a thousand miles with it!

These Crocs I got since 2008 – it already traveled to different cities.

Got posted in a few magazines and newspapers wearing this

I cannot let go of them, they are just LOVE!

Most of the time we need to choose between comfort and style, but with Crocs new Boat Shoe Line, we can have the best of both worlds!

Every year, Crocs gives us new designs to enjoy and since it’s summer, they just released their latest beach line collection.  Admit it, Crocs has to be the world’s go-to comfort footwear brand.  On their latest collection, Crocs announces their edgy takes on classic topsiders – they are not your typical boat shoes.  They are made of comfort, sturdy materials and a few colorful designs to choose from.

Crocs Beach Line Collection.

Here are my notes.  They are light and comfortable.  Walking is a breeze and you wouldn’t feel any drag.  The shoes are also designed with siped rubber sole for stronger grip and traction – works for me because I always slip involuntarily!

It’s really great to wear for a beach outing.  I know I just came from a loooong weekend of summer fun in Boracay, but I can’t wait to greet the sea breeze again with these Hurache flip-flops!

I paired it with my favorite Marley headphones and Wonder Woman top from DC Malaysia

Comfort is power when it comes to footwear!  And just to emphasize the importance of this, Crocs launches an online game called Run, Sailor, Run!  Collect coins as you run, dodge obstacles and collect bonuses.  The highest scorer wins an ll-expenses paid, 3-night trip to Singapore for two.  But wait, it doesn’t end there.  It will also send you to experience and board the Crocs yacht!  The more friends play along with you, the higher the score, the higher the chances of winning the grand prize.  Treats would also be given as consolation prizes!

Get the flash player here: http://www.adobe.com/flashplayer

Fashion bloggers Laureen Uy, David Guison and Camille Co are part of this new Crocs campaign.

Crocs Facebook page: facebook.com/crocsph

Crocs Run Sailor Run App: http://www.runsailorrun.com/app/ph/home.html

Crocs Twitter: @CrocsPH

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Vaseline Summer Skin Contest: Your Skin’s Best Friend this Summer

Posted by on Apr 20, 2013 in Fashion, Featured

Vaseline Summer Skin Contest: Your Skin’s Best Friend this Summer

Hello gorgeous!

Summer is officially here and it’s time to show off some skin!  In a tropical island like the Philippines, summer could get extended because we have great weather all year round (except for a few typhoon coming our way).

We cannot strut the streets fully covered because the heat would get you very uncomfortable.  That’s why, we need to take care of our skin, because after all, it has always been a part of our daily wardrobe.

Glammed up for summer!

Why not? :)  flaunt your summer skin with its best friend :)  After all, your skin is a part of your wardrobe!

Join the Vaseline Summer Lookbook promo!


Get a chance to win big summer prizes! Join the Vaseline Summer Skin + Style Lookbook Promo today! Just Like the Vaseline page. Shoot a 3-photo collage with a Vaseline Healthy White SPF24 bottle. Caption it with “Beautiful skin + style this summer with @VaselinePH lotion”. Tag #VaselineSummer. And upload to Instagram or send it to [email protected]! Easy, yes? Start shooting!


Let’s do it! :)

During summer, I go to the beach a lot!  I love to get a subtle tan, the one that would emphasize my muscle cuts *wink*  But the thing is, we need to protect our skin under the sun too!  I always apply sunblock whenever I hit the beach or the pool.  What we often forget to do though is to apply some skin protection on a daily basis.

As a frequent traveler, I cannot explore the city or a new place without walking around under the sun.  Applying sunblock with high SPF – is just too thick and leaves white residue.  Also, it gets really sticky and that’s no good when you’re traveling in a very humid and hot country such as Cambodia.

The reason for this blog post is because I want to share with you just the perfect lotion and skin protection this summer!

I have been an advocate of this product since it was launched a few years back.  Yes, Vaseline Healthy White triple lighting lotion :)

I reviewed this product before.  Click here to ready my detailed review.  But if you’re lazy to do so, let me just give you a recap.

  • Love the fresh scent!
  • Gives you triple benefits: Sun protection against UVA (PA++) & UVB (SPF 24), and it also has B3 that helps in skin lightening!
  • Lotion blends well with the skin, (unlike sunblocks or any lotion with higher spf that gives “whitish” or thick residue
  • Light texture which is perfect for our hot and humid weather.  If it gets too sticky, it will be very uncomfortable

Overall, I would say Vaseline Healthy White lotion is your skin’s best friend this summer, and all year round!  You get to keep your gorgeous skin, protect it from harsh sun rays and maintain an evenly toned, and smooth skin :)

You can buy this at your local grocery stores :)

Like Vaseline on Facebook: facebook.com/vaseline

Follow Vaseline on Instagram: VaselinePH


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Diane Von Furstenberg for Roxy Surf Wear

Posted by on Mar 15, 2013 in Fashion, Featured, Sports, Style Flair, Surfing, Travel, Wardrobe

Diane Von Furstenberg for Roxy Surf Wear

Summer is here!  In a tropical island like the Philippines, we have the luxury to just drive a few hours to our enjoy our beaches!  There are also quite a number of surf spots that we enjoy and the ladies have been getting more and more involved with surfing!  We have a lot surf spots in the Philippines!  We are situated around generous bodies of water – South China Sea, Celebes Sea and the Pacific Ocean, giving us a good ride!


The most wonderful part about surfing is you feel good every time you ride that wave.  You brave yourselves to either battle, or go with the waves to get a good ride.  And for every brave heart you give, you gain a whole lot of confidence that trickles down to your entire well-being.  We feel good, and we have to look good!  Why not?  Looking good and gearing up for the challenge gives you an armor of confidence!


Roxy just introduced their latest collection featuring the designs of Diane Von Furstenberg! Here’s a video of Diane Von Furstenberg, sharing her inspiration in designing this collection for Roxy surfer girls.


“Fear is not an option.”

“You should follow your heart like you ride a wave.”

“I design for women who want to be the woman they want to be, and a surfer girl wants to surf!”

The DVF Loves Roxy Collection

dvf loves roxy 12

Camo True Black

Free Fall Board Shorts

Beach Garden

Hopscotch Knotted Bandeau

Roxy Maze

Hex Dot

These are now in the Philippines!  I can’t wait to get my own DVF Loves Roxy surf wear!

Follow Roxy Philippines

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Instagram: roxyph

Facebook: facebook.com/roxyphilippines


More Photos

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Crumpler House of Horror – Gadget Bag Backpack

Posted by on Mar 12, 2013 in Bags, Fashion, Tech Chic, Travel

Crumpler House of Horror – Gadget Bag Backpack
There are a lot of fashionable bags in the market with great design and of different sizes and shapes.  But finding a stylish bag that’s comfortable to carry your brick-like laptop is quite difficult to find.
Most often than not, I get rashes from straps that aren’t designed to equalize the weight distribution properly, harming my skin, sometimes leaving a scar for a while.
For a person who also has scoliosis, doctors would normally suggest backpacks instead of totes or shoulderbags.  All these benefits and things I need for my back are in House of Horror.
Like most Crumpler bags, this bag is guaranteed for life.  That’s an investment you need to make to protect your gadgets especially my expensive MacBook and iPad.  You can’t match those gears with a cheap and gruntled design that’s easy to break!
The House of Horror has 5 pockets: Quick access front zippered pocket, concealed  top opening zippered stash pocket, zippered top opening main cargo space, interior padded sleeve with velcro closure for up to a 15-inch laptop and interior zipped side pocket.
Comfort is not an issue with the House of Horror.  It feels good on my back, despite the heavy load.  Manily because of the even weight distribution.  The pads are soft yet strong designed to hold the shape, while moulding naturally to the contours of your hand or shoulder.
The shoulder harness is also quick to adgust.  I didn’t struggle much from adjusting the straps and the buckles are just easy to adjust.
This bag is a bit pricey at P4950 SRP, but the one thing that makes House of Horror a good investment is the durable quality that’s guaranteed fo life (as I mentioned ealier).  Plus, the materials are made from water resistant structures, even the zippers as well!
SRP: P4950

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Crumpler Flock of Horror – Your Everyday Gadget Bag

Posted by on Mar 11, 2013 in Bags, Fashion, Tech Chic

Crumpler Flock of Horror – Your Everyday Gadget Bag

Crumpler has been really creative in their bag designs and their naming system. For the name “Flock of Horror” for a bag, you’d think it’s a scary, haunted, crazy bag – my imagination just runs wild but simply, it’s a house for your everyday gadgets!

I don’t know how many percent of the population in Manila comprises of office people but this bag is surely for them and for the daily commuters as well.



The design is unique with its flip top cover.  Secure enough to seal the zipper.  I think it will do a good job fooling thieves don’t you think?  Although, you’d think this bag is small – but it can actually fit a 15-inch laptop!

You can carry it like a tote, backpack-like or a sling bag.


Storage Zones

One thing I love about Crumpler bags is that they have a lot of pockets and separate room for your things, making them the most organized bags you’ll ever have.

It has five storage zones:

– Quick access front zippered pocket

– Concealed top opening zippered stash pocket

– Zippered top opening main cargo space

– Interior padded sleeve with velcro closure for up to a 15-inch laptop


Comfort in Carrying

Flock of Horrer has padded carry handles.  This is meant for carrying the bag comfortably despite the weight.  You know how our laptops could weigh like a ton of brick sometimes!

The padded carry handles are soft, but sturdy strong.  The bag’s foam padded twill weave carry handles are designed to hold their shape while mounting naturally to the contours of your hand.

What a relief!  I always get rashes from strap burns.  I’m not sure if most of you get this too.

The shoulder harness is also adjustable.  You know how petite I am and I need the strap to be a little tighter.  The shoulder harness features a 38mm soft webbing strap design with easy-to-adjust buckles.  This way, you can position it exactly where you need to ensure an even and ergonomic weight distribution.


Water Resistant

For a gadget bag, you’d want to invest on a water resistant portable storage.  Flock of Horror is one and it does the job of protecting your gadgets.

The Flock of Horror is designed from water resistant materials and water resistant zippers for maximum protection in wet weather.


Life Guaranty

When you invest in a Cumpler bag, you usually get a guaranty for life!  House of Horror is no exception.  They constructed this bag with ultra durable materials and reinforce the joining and / or stitching on all stress points – carrying Crumpler’s famous lifetime guarantee.


SRP P4,950


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Hong Kong Fashion Week for Fall and Winter 2013: A Mix of Mismatch

Posted by on Jan 18, 2013 in Art & Photography, Business & Finance, Entertainment and Lifestyle, Events, Fashion, Featured, Hong Kong, Style Flair, Travel

Hong Kong Fashion Week for Fall and Winter 2013: A Mix of Mismatch

I have always enjoyed crowd-watching in Hong Kong. When it’s spring or summer, you would see vibrant colors in their wardrobe from shoes to bags and accessories. Come winter time, you get to see the locals strut the city streets with hip boots and cover-ups! With this, I didn’t let the chance to cover Hong Kong Fashion Week just pass by.

I receive invites to different countries to cover some events. Malaysia, US, Singapore, HK and in some random way, Myanmar. These invites don’t come with plane tickets though (most of the time), meaning I have to take care of my own flights from the Philippines to the destination. Maybe they think I’m a local? This happens a lot when Malaysia companies invite me.

For Hong Kong fashion week, I splurged on the tickets and booked accommodations with a budget of P10,000. With my super powers in budgeting, I was able to fill everything in.

I was in Hong Kong for 2 full days only. That means, accommodations I booked were only overnight, but I was still able to go full day at the Hong Kong Ocean Park, walk around the parks of Tin Shui Wai, RnR time at my hotel’s spa and of course Hong Kong Fashion Week by the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center.

I have a gift in maximizing my resources. *Wink* *wink*

Themes of different designs were not just a mixture different colors, but of patters and textures as well.

Since autumn and winter clothes mean layers and layers of fabric, it’s a perfect opportunity to match the mismatch.  Yes, I saw a lot of stripes over polka dots and plaids over crazy prints!


Hong Kong Fashion Week

In Asia, Hong Kong is a thriving hub for design and branded labels. The Hong Kong Fashion Week and the HKTDC World Boutique is a remarkable evidence of such importance of the Fashion industry in Hong Kong.

But all this, is more than fashion itself. HK Fashion Week focuses more in the business side of fashion.

Mind I tell you, there were about 1,600 exhibitors that participated in this year’s HKTDC Hong Kong Fashion Week for Fall/Winter.

Everything was pretty much highly automated and their systems ran efficiently


Registration is actually free.  You can register at HKTDC’s official website.

Details about the Hong Kong Fashion Week can be found here.

Register for HK Fashion Week Spring / Summer 2013 here.

Yes. It was a BIG event! LITERALLY! I think I walked more than a kilometer inside the “realms” of HK Fashion Week today! I was going back and forth the different halls at different floors of the Exhibition Center! It was like it could never end!

One floor was quite huge enough for me, then I realized that the fair grounds cover 3 floors!

HK Fashion Week happens twice a year. The. Autumn / Fall event happens on January and the Spring / Summer edition happens in July. If you want to catch the Hong Kong Fashion Week for Spring / Summer, you might want to plot these dates in your calendar: July 8-11, 2013 and register here.

This is actually is the 44th edition of HK Fashion Week. This is my first time attending the event but I can say that it is just as vibrant as I expected it to be! Even if there’s a stereotype to Winter or Fall Fashion as dull and gray, that is not the case here in Hong Kong. It was a brilliant kaleidoscope of styles, colours, fabrics!

This was an open display and one of the sections to the many features of this year’s HK Fashion Week for Fall and Winter.

To respect the designers, photography of their designs is discouraged.  If ever I took some photos inside, it was just to see the entire venue, the crowd or just a wide view of the different items you can see inside.

I was walking around hoping to chance upon Filipino designers, but I failed to find any. I tried to cover every corner, every function of the event, but it was impossible to do so in 1 day and my time was sparse!

A total of about 1,600 exhibitors participated in Hong Kong Fashion Week for Fall/Winter

There was a diversified representation of different fashion tastes from different boutiques. Notable spots come from the exclusive designs of labels such as IKA BUTONI, Eutropic, Groupe Pronuptia and 3M to trendy value-for-money fashion from MUSE, Focus, Sub Zero, Gulliver and Orient.


There were also different sections that cover niched intrests like avante garde shoes and Lady Gaga-like shades! For the more highlighted sections: Denim Arcade, Handbags, Men in Style and Salon of Scarves and Shawls.

Of course, you get to see the more popular features like Intimate and Swim Wear, Bridal, Evening Wear, Accessories, Fabrics and Yarn, Sewing Supplies and many more.

They also had the Small Order Zone for groups of suppliers who can handle small volume orders. Like I said, it is more of the business side!

HK Fashion Week usually offers seminars for free on a first-come-first-serve basis.  Some are for invitation only

Same is true with the Fashion Show.  You can view almost any show you want but you need special invitation in some shows.

A day isn’t enough.  Next time, I’d spend at least 2 days.  The fair usually happens in 4 days.

And next time, I don’t want to miss the seminars and the fashion shows!



World Boutique

Specially featured for participants all over the globe, World Boutique showed high style of garments and accessories. Highlight of brands encompassing Che Che New York, MARCCAIN, Pashma, Adlib, Sumy Kujon, IKA BUTONI and Walter Ma.

Over 460 brands participated this year and there were over 15 runway shows this year.

They’re definitely good in mixing creatives and business!

This year, I did not only see a graceful crash of patterns and colors, I also saw the clash of different textures and materials. A plethora of mix and match of different elements. Who would have thought crazy ideas like this would stand out?

By this time, I was already very tired and must have walked at least 2 kilometers inside the convention.

‘Til the next Hong Kong fashion week then,

FlairCandy <3

More photos

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Crumpler Ultimate Exit Bag Review: For the Travel Savvy and Gym Bunny

Posted by on Jan 10, 2013 in Bags, Fashion, Featured, Sports

Crumpler Ultimate Exit Bag Review: For the Travel Savvy and Gym Bunny


I went back to my hometown in Bacolod and chanced upon passing by our owld Bowling center.  It was empty!  I felt sad because bowling is just so much fun!  It’s a social sport.  You bowl and hang out with your friends over a few food and drinks.  Best part is, it is healthy!

I miss those days.

Speaking of old-school bowling bags, my next bag for review is exactly just like that.  Crumpler’s Ultimate Exit bag looks very vintage athletic.  It’s a one-size-fits-all-needs and genre defying combo of schmick sporty chic and shopaholic strength capacity.

It comes in different colors but my ultimate favorite is the combination of gray and yellow.   Like the one I have here!


Ultimate Exit
P 3,750


It’s a perfect bag to travel for me.  When I travel, I can’t let go of my SLR, phones and iPad (which I use as map and tour guide).  These things won’t fit on an ordinary, low-strength straps build kinda bag.

The handles are comfortable to use because it is padded.  Plus, it has a detachable shoulder strap that gives you options on how to carry this chic bag.  The overall design ensures you come quickly to grip with loads of any shape or size.  A bonus, it has three internal stuff pockets that help sort order from the usual girly bag chaos.

“Strong is the new SEXY”


Storage Zones

The insides were designed to hold three internal stuff pockets, including one witha  velco closure.  This is all zippered in the 29 litre main compartment


Padded Carry Handles

The handles come cushioned with EVA foam which gives maximum comfort to the user.  The handles are quite ergonomic and moulds to the natural contours of your hand and fingers


Detachable Shoulder Strap

You can carry this bag in many ways.  One option is to use the detachable shoulder strap if you want to free your hands to hold other things.  Complete with velcro fasteners and tri-grlide buckle system, the 25mm wide shoulder strap helps distribute weight evenly and will go to almost any lengths to make you comfortable.  I appreciate designs like this.  The people behind this bag look out for a normal-day bag concern from the most of us.


Water Resistant

The bag’s exterior is made from water resistant materials.  Don’t just throw it in the pool though, that’s such a silly move!  It just means that this bag is protected from rain, harsh weather, dust and some other external factors.


Guaranteed for Life

The good thing about Crumpler bags is that they offer a life guarantee for most of their products.  They constructed the Ultimate Exit with durable materials and reinforce the joining and/or stitching on al stress points.

Get this bag at your nearest Crumpler Stores: Trinoma, Bonifacio High Street, SM Megamall, Robinsons Manila.

Read more: http://www.flaircandy.com/2013/01/crumpler-headaitch-review-your-everyday-bag/#ixzz2HXQ6sQso

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Crumpler Headaitch Review: Your Everyday Bag

Posted by on Jan 9, 2013 in Bags, Fashion, Featured, Style Flair, Uncategorized

Crumpler Headaitch Review: Your Everyday Bag

I don’t settle with just any bag.  To me, a bag must be a wonderful partner in my daily life.  A friend once told me that her mom would reprimand her if she doesn’t bring any bag with her because it’s so “un-girly.”

A girl carries a lot of things: makeup, power planners, gadgets, dogs?

Unlike guys, we don’t wear pants all the time and we don’t have access to pockets mostly.  Even if we do, we would look like stuffed lumpiang shanghai with all the things we are trying to carry!

On a normal day, I’m a pretty busy chic.  I carry the above mentioned things (except for dogs).  I prefer carrying an oversized bag sometimes because I would totally look more petite with it 😛 I’m kidding.  That just means I can stuff many things like umbrella, scarf and other items if I shop around.

So, I was looking for a perfect new partner and I found this bag from Crumpler to be quite a match for me.

Crumpler bag Headaitch

It’s not just for me.  It’s also for beach bums, gym junkettes, student chic and retail therap-ettes!  You have all the space you want with this carefree tote that can care most of it all!


Flexibility and Accessibility

Don’t be fooled.  This bag is designed to sort order from chaos.  If you check out the compartments inside, you will se a combo of sealable internal pockets.  You can carry it off or on your shoulder with the essentials readily accessible.

Go shop in Divisoria and you won’t worry about getting snatched.  Everything remains covered up from inclement weather and light-fingered fiends!  Observe precautionary measures of course!  But trust me, thieves would get turned off if they see you carring this bag because it won’t be easy for them to dig in.


Wide Straps

The wide shoulder straps gets you more power when you carry more stuff.  The Headaitch’s dual 42mm 900D and 150D Rip-stop shoulder straps helps to distrubute the weight.  My doctor doesn’t recommend shoulder straps for me because I have scoliosis but sometimes I JUST have to wear one!  I can’t be wearing backpacks all the time!  This wide strap helps me on that angle for even just a bit :)

Waterproofing Measures and Anti-Abrasive Surfaces

One great thing aobut this bag is that it gets protected from rain, hail (haven’t really experienced one), sleet, snow, beer or mixed drinks.  The bag was designed to have a 900D outer, 1000D reinforced base and zippered 150D Rip-stop main compartment.  If that’s to technical for you, it just means it is designed to weather the storm and keep what’s in it dry.

It’s a perfect bag for surfers like me!

It’s a good investment to buy a bag that lasts.


Tough Build

Speaking of bags that last, you’ll get this as a prime bonus!  – A lifetime guarantee!  This bag is designed to outlist its lifetime guarantee with super strength materials I mentioned above plus an injection moulded velcro and bonded nylon thread with reinforced stitcing on all stress point.

 Price:  P2750

Get this bag at your nearest Crumpler Stores: Trinoma, Bonifacio High Street, SM Megamall, Robinsons Manila.

crumpler headaitch

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Facebook: facebook.com/CrumplerPhilipines

witter: twitter.com/crumplerPH


More Photos of Crumpler bag Headaitch

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Rolser Trolleys: Fashionable Eco-bag Strollers

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Rolser Trolleys: Fashionable Eco-bag Strollers

A few stores in the metro don’t allow any use of plastic bags anymore. It’s great cause it’s a worthy cause to save the environment. The downside is, it could be such a hassle to carry all your grocery items and other goods you shopped with a paper bag. This is where eco-bags come in handy.

I’m going to introduce you to a more comfortable solution: Rolser Trolleys

Rolser Trolleys are the ultimate shopping bags that are fashionable and comfortable to use!

Quite often stuff that dreams are made of appear from where you least expect it. Just like Rolser, a fashion-forward, eco-friendly line of trolleys made in Spain.

Whether you need an earth-friendly shopping bag (with wheels!) during one of your retail-therapy sessions; or need to lug around your laundry to the cleaners; or you’re at the grocery preparing for your dinner date at home, Rolser has a trolley to fit the mood you’re in.

I actually use Rolser Trolleys to move things around from one house to another (my mom gives me lots of stuff for my apartment).  It’s also very handy for laundry!  I can also use it to carry my portable pole.  Yes.  A chrome metal pole.

I have scoliosis and I shouldn’t carry really heavy stuff for a long time.  So Rolser does quite a good job in solving that problem.

The exclusive design of the eco-friendly bags together with the strong and durable frame with a capacity 20 Kgs / 44 lbs. Two wheel shopping trolley; High quality and solid; waterproof .Takes up minimum space when folded .Light and modern; minimalist design.


Rolser Trolleys come in the following zesty colors:

001 -JET LN MALVA                                   001-JET LN ROJO

001 – NEO LN NEGRO                                003-JET MF MARENGO

005 -JET SAVANNA BLANCO                 006-JET LIMA

007 -JET CHAMPAGNE                             008-JET  LOGOS ROJO

014 -JET LOLA MANDARINA                 017- JET CAPRI NEGRO


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We all know we have to reuse bags when we shop and do our bit for the planet – and now you can do it in style.

Rolser outlets:

Howards -Greenbelt, Shangrila, Ermita

Rustan’s – ALL Rustan’s

Make Room – Eastwood & Bonifacio High Street

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Freeway Celebrates the Works of Botong Francisco

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Freeway Celebrates the Works of Botong Francisco
Freeway introduces their latest collection incoporating artworks of our very own Carlos “Botong” V. Francisco.

National Artist Collectors’ Series Holiday 2012

This year’s holiday collection celebrates Philippine’s greatest muralist of all time,   Carlos “Botong” V. Francisco , who comes from  the artist town of  Angono, Rizal.  Freeway’s Holiday 2012 Collection of National Artist Collectors’ Series pays tribute to his life and amazing murals. This most anticipated collaboration collection also marks the 100th Grand Anniversary of Botong’s life who was born in 1912.

Botong was the second Filipino to receive the title of National Artist in Painting, after Fernando C. Amorsolo.  He was one of the first Filipino modernists who revolutionized art and deviated from Fernando Amorsolo’s romanticism of Philippines scenes.  His great works include Blood Compact, First Mass at Limasawa, The Martyrdom of Rizal, Bayanihan, Magpupukot, Fiesta, Bayanihan sa Bukid, Sandugo, Portrait of Purita, The Invasion of Limahong, Serenade, and Muslim Betrothaland the famed “Nose Flute” which set auction record of P27.8 million and is now owned by a private Indonesian collector. 

From canvass to fabric, Freeway immortalizes Botong Francisco’s paintings in to a wearable art.  Freeway’s Holiday Collection honoring Botong Francisco consists of beautiful tailored dresses in woven poplins and soft materials like chiffon,   a range of silhouettes of casual and corporate tops, plus fave gift items like accessories, watch, tote bags and more. The 25 piece collection comes in vibrant holiday colors, befitting the color palette of Botong Francisco’s paintings. Like always, an attractive packaging and a biography tag accompanies each item.  The collection hits the stores this October.

Freeway officially launches the 100th year Anniversary of Botong Francisco this October.   There will be series of events and celebrations throughout the year staged by each of the institution of the Botong consortium.  The Carlos “Botong” V. Francisco Centennial Consortium is composed of Angono Artists Association, Ayala Museum, Blanco Family Museum, Botong Francisco Family, Cultural Center of the Philippines, Far Eastern University, Freeway: National Artist Collectors Series, Lopez Museum, Municipality of Angono, Museo ng BSP,   Museum Foundation of the Philippines , Philippine Art Awards, SM Malls,  University of Santo Tomas,  UP Vargas Museum  and Yuchengco Museum.  

More photos 

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Fashion Journalism Notes from SOFA

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Fashion Journalism Notes from SOFA

I just attended another blogging seminar recently but it’s mainly all about Fashion Journalism conducted by the School of Fashion and the Arts (SOFA) and Fully Booked. ;Most of the things the lecturer spoke of, I already know by heart but since she works for print, I thought it would be nice to get a few pointers from the professionals. ;

True enough, her vision for us new breed of bloggers is to professionalize it. ;While this might be hard because the essence of blogging is all about freedom and being personal, I do get her point, and that is to make sure that we know that our blog is a form of “Service” to the public. ;You give information to online readers WORLDWIDE and with great power comes great responsibility.

I took a few notes but I don’t want to put everything here. ;I encourage you to attend this class and/or the Fashion ;Diploma or Certificate courses being offered by SOFA if you want to better your blogging/writing skills as a fashion blogger/editor.


Carla “Larca” Perlas, Fashion Journalism Teacher at SOFA


Notes on Fashion Journalism:

  • Grammar and Spell check

I am so guilty of this. ;I don’t check my grammar. ;There’s an auto spell check feature which is fine, but grammar check is a bit tricky. ;From now on, I will try to edit blog posts (at least once).

  • Be accountable and responsible for your blog posts

Sadly, this is one thing most bloggers tend to forget. ;You may rant all you want, but ranting gives your readers just a one-way view of things – your side. ;Ask all the journalists and they will say this is bad journalism. ;If you would want to rant, try to give two sides. ;Remember, a blogger is powerful enough to cause controversies, close a business down and condone someone of losing his/her job forever. ;Be responsible and know that your one move could cause irreversible consequences.

Those are the two main points I got out of the seminar, but there’s more to learn especially if you want to hone your skills as a writer. ;Separate yourself from other bloggers by becoming better in writing. ;

To add to this, content is key. ;You don’t want to write about someting you know nothing about like me for example writing about players rewards card. I would rather write about Formula 1 because I love the sport. ;Topics I would want write about are Travel, Sports, Lifestyle and lately I want to write more about Beauty and Fashion. ;That’s why I’m thinking of taking that certificate course from SOFA when it comes to Fashion Journalism so that I would know about the jargons being used in Fashion.

You can check out the programs and courses being offered by SOFA here.

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