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Diane Von Furstenberg for Roxy Surf Wear

Posted by on Mar 15, 2013 in Fashion, Featured, Sports, Style Flair, Surfing, Travel, Wardrobe

Summer is here!  In a tropical island like the Philippines, we have the luxury to just drive a few hours to our enjoy our beaches!  There are also quite a number of surf spots that we enjoy and the ladies have been getting more and more involved with surfing!  We have a lot surf spots in the Philippines!  We are situated around generous bodies of water – South China Sea, Celebes Sea and the Pacific Ocean, giving us a good ride!


The most wonderful part about surfing is you feel good every time you ride that wave.  You brave yourselves to either battle, or go with the waves to get a good ride.  And for every brave heart you give, you gain a whole lot of confidence that trickles down to your entire well-being.  We feel good, and we have to look good!  Why not?  Looking good and gearing up for the challenge gives you an armor of confidence!


Roxy just introduced their latest collection featuring the designs of Diane Von Furstenberg! Here’s a video of Diane Von Furstenberg, sharing her inspiration in designing this collection for Roxy surfer girls.


“Fear is not an option.”

“You should follow your heart like you ride a wave.”

“I design for women who want to be the woman they want to be, and a surfer girl wants to surf!”

The DVF Loves Roxy Collection

dvf loves roxy 12

Camo True Black

Free Fall Board Shorts

Beach Garden

Hopscotch Knotted Bandeau

Roxy Maze

Hex Dot

These are now in the Philippines!  I can’t wait to get my own DVF Loves Roxy surf wear!

Follow Roxy Philippines

Twitter: @roxyphl

Instagram: roxyph

Facebook: facebook.com/roxyphilippines


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Hong Kong Fashion Week for Fall and Winter 2013: A Mix of Mismatch

Posted by on Jan 18, 2013 in Art & Photography, Business & Finance, Entertainment and Lifestyle, Events, Fashion, Featured, Hong Kong, Style Flair, Travel

I have always enjoyed crowd-watching in Hong Kong. When it’s spring or summer, you would see vibrant colors in their wardrobe from shoes to bags and accessories. Come winter time, you get to see the locals strut the city streets with hip boots and cover-ups! With this, I didn’t let the chance to cover Hong Kong Fashion Week just pass by.

I receive invites to different countries to cover some events. Malaysia, US, Singapore, HK and in some random way, Myanmar. These invites don’t come with plane tickets though (most of the time), meaning I have to take care of my own flights from the Philippines to the destination. Maybe they think I’m a local? This happens a lot when Malaysia companies invite me.

For Hong Kong fashion week, I splurged on the tickets and booked accommodations with a budget of P10,000. With my super powers in budgeting, I was able to fill everything in.

I was in Hong Kong for 2 full days only. That means, accommodations I booked were only overnight, but I was still able to go full day at the Hong Kong Ocean Park, walk around the parks of Tin Shui Wai, RnR time at my hotel’s spa and of course Hong Kong Fashion Week by the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center.

I have a gift in maximizing my resources. *Wink* *wink*

Themes of different designs were not just a mixture different colors, but of patters and textures as well.

Since autumn and winter clothes mean layers and layers of fabric, it’s a perfect opportunity to match the mismatch.  Yes, I saw a lot of stripes over polka dots and plaids over crazy prints!


Hong Kong Fashion Week

In Asia, Hong Kong is a thriving hub for design and branded labels. The Hong Kong Fashion Week and the HKTDC World Boutique is a remarkable evidence of such importance of the Fashion industry in Hong Kong.

But all this, is more than fashion itself. HK Fashion Week focuses more in the business side of fashion.

Mind I tell you, there were about 1,600 exhibitors that participated in this year’s HKTDC Hong Kong Fashion Week for Fall/Winter.

Everything was pretty much highly automated and their systems ran efficiently


Registration is actually free.  You can register at HKTDC’s official website.

Details about the Hong Kong Fashion Week can be found here.

Register for HK Fashion Week Spring / Summer 2013 here.

Yes. It was a BIG event! LITERALLY! I think I walked more than a kilometer inside the “realms” of HK Fashion Week today! I was going back and forth the different halls at different floors of the Exhibition Center! It was like it could never end!

One floor was quite huge enough for me, then I realized that the fair grounds cover 3 floors!

HK Fashion Week happens twice a year. The. Autumn / Fall event happens on January and the Spring / Summer edition happens in July. If you want to catch the Hong Kong Fashion Week for Spring / Summer, you might want to plot these dates in your calendar: July 8-11, 2013 and register here.

This is actually is the 44th edition of HK Fashion Week. This is my first time attending the event but I can say that it is just as vibrant as I expected it to be! Even if there’s a stereotype to Winter or Fall Fashion as dull and gray, that is not the case here in Hong Kong. It was a brilliant kaleidoscope of styles, colours, fabrics!

This was an open display and one of the sections to the many features of this year’s HK Fashion Week for Fall and Winter.

To respect the designers, photography of their designs is discouraged.  If ever I took some photos inside, it was just to see the entire venue, the crowd or just a wide view of the different items you can see inside.

I was walking around hoping to chance upon Filipino designers, but I failed to find any. I tried to cover every corner, every function of the event, but it was impossible to do so in 1 day and my time was sparse!

A total of about 1,600 exhibitors participated in Hong Kong Fashion Week for Fall/Winter

There was a diversified representation of different fashion tastes from different boutiques. Notable spots come from the exclusive designs of labels such as IKA BUTONI, Eutropic, Groupe Pronuptia and 3M to trendy value-for-money fashion from MUSE, Focus, Sub Zero, Gulliver and Orient.


There were also different sections that cover niched intrests like avante garde shoes and Lady Gaga-like shades! For the more highlighted sections: Denim Arcade, Handbags, Men in Style and Salon of Scarves and Shawls.

Of course, you get to see the more popular features like Intimate and Swim Wear, Bridal, Evening Wear, Accessories, Fabrics and Yarn, Sewing Supplies and many more.

They also had the Small Order Zone for groups of suppliers who can handle small volume orders. Like I said, it is more of the business side!

HK Fashion Week usually offers seminars for free on a first-come-first-serve basis.  Some are for invitation only

Same is true with the Fashion Show.  You can view almost any show you want but you need special invitation in some shows.

A day isn’t enough.  Next time, I’d spend at least 2 days.  The fair usually happens in 4 days.

And next time, I don’t want to miss the seminars and the fashion shows!



World Boutique

Specially featured for participants all over the globe, World Boutique showed high style of garments and accessories. Highlight of brands encompassing Che Che New York, MARCCAIN, Pashma, Adlib, Sumy Kujon, IKA BUTONI and Walter Ma.

Over 460 brands participated this year and there were over 15 runway shows this year.

They’re definitely good in mixing creatives and business!

This year, I did not only see a graceful crash of patterns and colors, I also saw the clash of different textures and materials. A plethora of mix and match of different elements. Who would have thought crazy ideas like this would stand out?

By this time, I was already very tired and must have walked at least 2 kilometers inside the convention.

‘Til the next Hong Kong fashion week then,

FlairCandy <3

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Crumpler Headaitch Review: Your Everyday Bag

Posted by on Jan 9, 2013 in Bags, Fashion, Featured, Style Flair, Uncategorized

I don’t settle with just any bag.  To me, a bag must be a wonderful partner in my daily life.  A friend once told me that her mom would reprimand her if she doesn’t bring any bag with her because it’s so “un-girly.”

A girl carries a lot of things: makeup, power planners, gadgets, dogs?

Unlike guys, we don’t wear pants all the time and we don’t have access to pockets mostly.  Even if we do, we would look like stuffed lumpiang shanghai with all the things we are trying to carry!

On a normal day, I’m a pretty busy chic.  I carry the above mentioned things (except for dogs).  I prefer carrying an oversized bag sometimes because I would totally look more petite with it 😛 I’m kidding.  That just means I can stuff many things like umbrella, scarf and other items if I shop around.

So, I was looking for a perfect new partner and I found this bag from Crumpler to be quite a match for me.

Crumpler bag Headaitch

It’s not just for me.  It’s also for beach bums, gym junkettes, student chic and retail therap-ettes!  You have all the space you want with this carefree tote that can care most of it all!


Flexibility and Accessibility

Don’t be fooled.  This bag is designed to sort order from chaos.  If you check out the compartments inside, you will se a combo of sealable internal pockets.  You can carry it off or on your shoulder with the essentials readily accessible.

Go shop in Divisoria and you won’t worry about getting snatched.  Everything remains covered up from inclement weather and light-fingered fiends!  Observe precautionary measures of course!  But trust me, thieves would get turned off if they see you carring this bag because it won’t be easy for them to dig in.


Wide Straps

The wide shoulder straps gets you more power when you carry more stuff.  The Headaitch’s dual 42mm 900D and 150D Rip-stop shoulder straps helps to distrubute the weight.  My doctor doesn’t recommend shoulder straps for me because I have scoliosis but sometimes I JUST have to wear one!  I can’t be wearing backpacks all the time!  This wide strap helps me on that angle for even just a bit 🙂

Waterproofing Measures and Anti-Abrasive Surfaces

One great thing aobut this bag is that it gets protected from rain, hail (haven’t really experienced one), sleet, snow, beer or mixed drinks.  The bag was designed to have a 900D outer, 1000D reinforced base and zippered 150D Rip-stop main compartment.  If that’s to technical for you, it just means it is designed to weather the storm and keep what’s in it dry.

It’s a perfect bag for surfers like me!

It’s a good investment to buy a bag that lasts.


Tough Build

Speaking of bags that last, you’ll get this as a prime bonus!  – A lifetime guarantee!  This bag is designed to outlist its lifetime guarantee with super strength materials I mentioned above plus an injection moulded velcro and bonded nylon thread with reinforced stitcing on all stress point.

 Price:  P2750

Get this bag at your nearest Crumpler Stores: Trinoma, Bonifacio High Street, SM Megamall, Robinsons Manila.

crumpler headaitch

Follow Crumpler Philippines:

Facebook: facebook.com/CrumplerPhilipines

witter: twitter.com/crumplerPH


More Photos of Crumpler bag Headaitch

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Ellesse Italia: Bring Back the Sporty Flair

Posted by on May 1, 2012 in Fashion, Featured, Sports, Style Flair

I’ve got a flair for sports 🙂 I believe it’s a fun way of keeping fit.  Who says sporty can’t be fashionable?

Check out this video 🙂

The 1970s was well-known for numerous signature looks such as bell-bottoms, psychedelic prints, etc.  However, what most apparel-historian-enthusiasts fail to mention is that there was one iconic brand that was preferred by most celebrities, royalty and sports personalities, Ellesse.   This iconic brand used to be patronized by the likes of former 007 Roger Moore, boxing legend Muhammad Ali, tennis greats, Boris Becker and Chris Evert.  Even the late Princess Diana wore Ellesse when she skied down the European alpine slopes.  No wonder this brand is no stranger to most who are now in the late 30s to 50s.  

Fast-forward 2012.  

I went to their branch at Bratpack Greenbelt 5 🙂

Primer Group of Companies, the same company that exclusively distributes popular international brands like Fitflop, Bauhaus, Sledgers and The North Face in the country, is bringing Ellesse back.  It’s re-inventing the iconic brand for the new generation by merging simplicity and intricacy in its designs while taking influence from its strong Italian heritage with a modern twist.  
It has 2 distinct product lines, Sportchic and Heritage line.

The Sportchic line
ranges from your basic tee, polo shirts up to fashionable tops.  

Heritage line
features iconic products from the archives of Ellesse where they are reinvented and reinterpreted for the 21st century using modern fabrics and details.

For its first Southeast Asian collection, the brand introduces the “backpack jacket”.  

These jackets are fitted with a strap inside that allows the wearer to “backpack” it when not wearing it, leaving both hands free to do whatever.  No more unfashionable “tying the jacket on the waist” situations.  

For its footwear line up, the brand incorporates memory foam into its new casual Italia line, giving comfort as it conforms to the wearer’s unique insole.  

To see the full line of Ellesse apparel and footwear, visit in the Ellesse Store in the 2nd floor of the New Wing of Alabang Town Center and in Abreeza Mall, Davao City.  The apparel line is available in Bratpack Greenbelt 5, Bratpack Robinsons Place Manila, Bratpack Gateway Mall, Bratpack Eastwood City, Bratpack Marquee, Bauhaus Trinoma, and The Travel Club Express Mactan Cebu.  It’s footwear line is available in all Res|Toe|Run branches and in Bratpack GB5.

It’s also set to open a free standing store at Bonifacio High Street at the Fort this May 2012.  It will also be available in Bratpack Camp John Hay Baguio City and Chimes Department Store in Davao this March 2012.

To get updates on their latest collections, promos and events, Follow Ellesse:

More photos:


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Tretorn Nylite and Panagbenga Baguio Flower Festival

Posted by on Feb 25, 2012 in Philippines, Pilipinas, Style Flair


Ohai from Baguio City! I packed for a 20 degree weather. But it plunged down to 14 degrees! I am so not prepared for the cold.

This is a working trip and I’ll be covering Panagbena, Baguio’s flower festival, for my network 🙂 I’m so excited, but it means there will

be a lot of walking around the hilly parts of Baguio so I brought my Tretorn Nylites. Comfortable closed shoes.


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Dressing Up as Christina Aguilera

Posted by on Dec 25, 2011 in Advocacy, Fashion, Featured, Style Flair, Wardrobe

I love dressing up!  I bought a lot of wigs in Hong Kong and I never got to use them…

here’s me as Christina Aguilera.. it’s an impromptu look…

christina aguilera dress up hannah villasis

top: F21

leopard print pants – from Sungei Wang, Bukit Bintang Malaysia

wig – from Hong Kong

bracelets – assorted and combined

shoes: Dumond

and my nails “did” by Nailaholics 

dumond shoes flaircandy hannah villasis

I didn’t have any makeup available but I only had powder, iNuovi red lipstick and eye liner we bought from 7/11

I had to improvise and just used eye liner for my eyes.  My red lipstick from iNuovi should do the trick as Christina loves red!

I love to dress up, but I also love to give love this Christmas. I donated a few of my clothes to Sendong victims. Also, I donated a part of my first salary via Buyanihan.

I hope you too can spread the love 🙂 For a minimum of P50 (half a cup of coffee), you can already help ^_^

Start sharing here.

Give up half a cup of coffee for Sendong victims <3

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