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Posted by on Sep 20, 2016 in Life, Personal

Sometimes, the less words you use, the more effective the message. The more you explain, the more you derail your point.

When I can’t sleep, it’s because my brain is on overdrive. It’s exhausting trust me. I’d rather sleep and rest and wake up anew. Did you know that sleeping filters your brain and puts non-useful information to the recycle bin?* This filtering / cleansing process is good. It’s the reason why you don’t remember everything, only those important to you.

I also love how feelings or emotiona get cleansed while you sleep and you wake up fresh.

Now, regarding the title. I am not sure why but there’s a lot of fear in my mind tonight. Uncertainty, perhaps, is getting into my head. Nothing is for certain but change. All I can do is always try to be my best self, no matter what situation. I try to chase happiness, or happiness chase me.

My cure for fear tonight is sleep. I shall not empower it nor let it grow.

How about you guys, how do you deal with fear? 😉



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Clarity at 30

Posted by on Apr 13, 2016 in Career, Life, Personal, Uncategorized

I was talking to my significant other before writing this. I’ve written about quarter-life crisis many years back. But you know, I just realized life is nothing but a constant journey. There are so many things I have achieved – dream, after dream, after dream

I am a multipotentialite. I have many interests and I learn fast. But you know, when you suddenly want to settle down on a field, it could get pretty tough. Companies will ask me why did I leave the Bank, went into Social Media, blogged full time and went back to work for a TV network, and then back to working for an E-commerce company?

Well, I think everything is related. Each of my different jobs were not a waste, they all added up to make my consequent jobs better. I go nowhere but up. I continuously learn and innovate and be creative in problem solving (which every job has a lot of).

So now, I sort of regretted making one career decision in my life. But again, at that time, I thought it was the best decision to do so. And now, I am eager to go back to making a difference to society again. Very eager and excited!

Whatever regrets I have, I must continue moving forward. Always keep going… never give up 🙂

When you’re 30, you have already been through a lot of things. At least, this already filters out what you like and don’t like – in love, relationships and career.

Right now, I am happy where I am. I know what I do not want. And I am very excited for my next endeavour.


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Hello, Are you there?

Posted by on Apr 6, 2016 in Life, Personal, Uncategorized

My dear friends, how have you been? It’s been a while since I’ve written a post, one that’s from the heart.

I would usually meet people from events and some new faces I see when they attend my class. To my surprise, some would say that they have seen me before, and they would remember me as the great “Flaircandy”. It made me smile and think that I did share a little piece of myself to my readers and inspired a few to go for their dreams as well. At least something good came out of this crazy dream for bloggerspace domination and world peace 😅

Hello? Are you still there?

Blogging may not be my ultimate priority now, but I’m still writing. It’s been 8 years, since I’ve first written my blog post. You can dig deep in my archive, but it was all about a cancer scare. Thinking that you may be ill can really change your perspective.

By the time I reached 20, my life changed dramatically. I passed my CPA board exams and I felt like I rule the world! My personal dreams have changed over the years. It all started when I dreamed of becomming a full time blogger. What a fun life that was 🙂 I have a demanding lifestyle that made me seek a more stable financial ground and so I went back to work. And then, I wanted to dance! And now, I am dancing and teaching for a living 🙂

Life is good. Not always the best, but it has always been my choice to make it good. We decide what happens to our lives. There are lots of opportunities all for us to grab. IMPOSSIBLE is now an obsolete word for me.

If you’re still reading, I hope for courage to keep you going. It would be nice if you share a little bit of something in the comment section.

Now on to the next journey!

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Posted by on Nov 15, 2015 in Career, Life, Personal

I thought about how balance is important to the world. How everything has an equation, where the left and right part of the equal sign, has to sum up the same. There’s a formula to everything I guess. Like LUCK = PREPARATION + OPPORTUNITY, SUCCESS = (variables may vary), And so many things. That’s why Math is very interesting to me! I am no genius but I love to see how everything in this world connects. Okay. Brain function still active and I need to sleep. 😅 good night world   

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Happy 7th Anniversary Flair Candy!

Posted by on May 6, 2015 in Announcements, Career, Life, Personal

No script. Just love <3


No script. Just love. Thank you <3 Happy 7 Years Flair Candy! #BlogAnniversary

Posted by FlairCandy on Wednesday, May 6, 2015

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Happy 5th Anniversary to FlairCandy.com!

Posted by on May 1, 2013 in Announcements, Career, Featured, Life, Personal

It’s been a great year so far 🙂 Actually, every year keeps getting better and better compared to the previous ones.  I hope it continues to follow this pattern for the many years to come.

Quite frankly, I’ve been busy with online and offline things.  I’m transitioning to a new job, moving houses, blogging, tending to my heart (lol) and many other things.  Everyday, is a great day to fulfill a dream, and to follow my heart’s beat.

I’m writing this at the restaurant Balcony of my hotel in Boracay.  Don’t be envious, you don’t know how much hard work I put in to make my dreams possible.  Sometimes I don’t get to sleep enough, had to make crazy hard decisions, prioritize and sacrifice a few things to get the things that I want and need in my life.  Yesterday, I only had 1 hr sleep in 2 straight days.  yeah.  It’s because I’m at “work-from-gala” mode.

I’m just happy that today, May 1 Labor Day, is a holiday and i get to relax for real 🙂  And it’s my blog’s anniversary!


I just want to thank all my friends, loved ones, family and partners for making this a happy journey!

– My mom and my family (for all the support – financial and emotional)

– My Nyok friends (Mica, Jehz, Winston, Ada, Maki, Cai)

– Special mention to Jehz for still hosting my site for after 5 years

Mica and Jehz

– Special mention to Mica for being my partner in crime (figuratively speaking) for keeping my secrets and sharing with me yours

Mica and me in Singapore

– To the surfing jugettes (seriously we need to change our name) how about “Salty Sisters” (it’s a real surfer term) Angela and Kristel <3 you gaiz are love .. and the rest of the Boracay team Arthur, Brian, Dell, Mark, Joel, Julius, Ada, Krissca and to the one who didn’t go with us Tere.

– To my best friends in high school (Angh and Andrea) and college (Charm, Roxy and Irene)

– To the PHL 360 family for the unforgettable adventure!

– To NUFFNANG team for all the support with this blog, for giving me lots of opportunities, for the parties – to a great partnership!

– To Smart family – who has been my mobile broadband connection for years and years.  I cannot work from gala without you… and also to the people behind Smart for always inviting me to your cool events

– To the Easy Pha-max Wheatgrass team for keeping me healthy (otherwise, I’d be sickly with my daily activities)

– To doc Yanny of Aesthetic Science

– To Digits Trading, Mel and Jeff for giving me gadgets to review

– To Air Asia for inviting me to explore the world

with Tony Fernandez CEO of Air Asia

– To Agoda.com for letting me stay in places while exploring the world

– To Vivere Salon and Nailaholics for my beauty needs

– To the Viviamo girls for the Belle de Jour organizers and BDJ boxes

– To the Jewelmer family for sharing my passion with the seas and being beautiful inside and out.

– To the Vaseline company and people behind it.

– To Expedia family (Yoshke and Jas)

– To Sofitel, Spiral and Vietura family <3

– To TV5 family, I have learned a lot and will continue to help (Ram, Leng, Sheena, Carlo, Ms. Sheila and of course the rest – too many to mention guys you know who you are)

– To Roxy PH for the awesome swim and sportswear

– To the Polecats family, for giving me the best medecine for depression and quarter-life crisis

from zero flexibility and strength – to this!

– To my pole mates – stay sexy!

– To Big Shift studios for letting me experience how it is to join a Pole competition

– To all my blog’s partners

– Last but not the least, to all my READERS — seriously, what would I do without you guys…  Thank you for participating in my contests, for commenting, for reaching out via email, for asking advice from me in terms of gadgets, health & fitness, travel, photography, love and life.  Thank you for reaching out to me when you feel I am in my lowest of low… you keep this blog’s heart beating… *emotional happy tears*

and to everyone who has held my hand, for the good things and the bad things and the many random things!  For keeping this life interesting.  Crazy, fun, but responsible.


Did I miss anyone? This brain of mine is not perfect 😛  But  if I did forget, let me know if I do, I’ll make it up to you.


Life is all about giving and receiving 🙂 Give love, receive love.  Give happiness, receive happiness.  Give, what you want to receive.  Love is such a beautiful thing <3  Love gives meaning to life.  Thank you friends!




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Posted by on Feb 24, 2013 in Life, Personal

Your friends beg you not to go out with them because they are good for nothing! Jerks, douche, attthhhholezzz! Even Kanye begs you to run away as fast as you can!

But there’s something about players that I appreciate – romance and all that shindig!

They know how to make a woman feel good. They know how to please a woman. They’re dangerous but fun!

They have a lot of girls swooning over them, but he has his eye on you. You’re the apple of his eye, you will fill like this (for only a while at least).

You call them bolero. But admit it, you feel good when they try to compliment you and say nice things about you. Magaling sila!

They’re both good with words and action.

Best of all – playahs make you feel like a princess!

And a princess you will feel – like Cinderella who has a 12 mn curfew. When the clock strikes midnight, she is back to her little world. Like Cinderella, you have a time limit.

So be careful. You know you love it… But you’re gonna hate it. Sure, be a princess for a while if you want. Why not? Just don’t get stuck in the game. After all, they’re just playin’.

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PXC 35 Results and PXC 35 Outfit

Posted by on Feb 17, 2013 in Featured, Life, Personal, Sports

Pacific X-treme Combat or PXC is quite a new word on my blog.  But, I have learned to  LOVE this sport ever since it was assigned to me on my previous job with TV5.

First of all – it’s full of men with hunka-duba bodies!!! *faints*  ABS! ABS! ABS! Everywhere!  It drives me to stay SEXY so that I won’t look like a total frog beside them!

Second, it’s a serious sport but it’s full of fun!  True, it could be a little violent, but that’s the nature of the sport.  Like any other sport, I believe this stretches the capabilities and limits of a human body.


So, for my outfit that night, I just had to be a little “boyish” and “sporty” – which is a combo I LOVE because it is very comfortable! (as opposed to butt-high skirt and 5ft heels >.<


Red boyfie polo from — I forgot where! One of those bazaars!

Shoes by @iloveellesseph ^_^

bag by @freewayonline

shorts – I think from ukay

Anyway, I was in a rush because I was super late for the event so I only managed to take a photo head down (no full figure photo) boo! I know, bad fashion blogger I am >.<

I was supposed to ask my friends to take photos, but the VIP section was quite visible to everyone watching PXC so uhm… never mind!

Good view! This was where I was seated 🙂

Oh and look! My TV5 buddies Ram and Gael ^_^


Anyway, it has been decided, that apart from being a “Flair Candy” that I am, I’d also be a social rebel.  Meaning, I just don’t conform to what society dictates.  Society is evil sometimes, but you know, as human beings, we need to deal with it.  I hope it would inspire other women, (and maybe men) teens and even people older than me.  We never stop learning from everyone so I hope I could send a message that we can be who we want to be, follow your heart 🙂

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This Journal Will Actually Change Someone’s Life in 2013

Posted by on Dec 26, 2012 in Life, Personal

– and will also change yours Smile

The year is about to end and it’s time to replace your 2012 planners with a brand new one for 2013.

There are a few options in the market but let me share with you another planner you might want to consider getting that will definitely CHANGE someoene’s life in 2013.

The “CHANGE” 2013 Planner was made by FreeSpeech Publications and started way back 2008.  They are a publications company that goes beyond the ordinary.  Located in the sout of Manila, Philipines, their goal is to write and publish books that are visionary and life changing.  FreeSpeech believes that change is a need and a must in our daily lives.




Through the books that they publish, and with the partnership of their readers, they achieve their goals.  The actions of change will be spread across nations and borders.  If you are familiar with the journal back then that says “This Journal Will Actually Change Your Life,” then this 2013 “Change” planner is a predecessor to it.

I’ve already seen the features of the planner and like before, it is very helpful for personal growth and this edition is much better than it already was.

Planners could actually affect the lives of people.  With this in mind, they decided to publish an extraordinary journal that would further change people’s lives.  In the context of change, they partnered with Lifeline Foundation Support Team, Inc.- a non-government organization in the Philippines that responds to the call of help and need around the world.

Know more on their official website www.ineedalifeline.org.


Follow FreeSpeech Publications on:
Facebook: facebook.com/fspublications
Twitter: @fspublications
Instagram: @fspublications
Website: www.freespeechpublications.com

Get the flash player here: http://www.adobe.com/flashplayer

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Living Smart, Living Comfortable, It’s Your Home

Posted by on Dec 4, 2012 in Life, Personal, Philippines, Pilipinas

Lately, I’ve been so frustrated at Manila traffic. I just went home to Bacolod a couple of months back to witness a very busy festival (Masskara), and yet driving there amidst the number of tourists and the lively festivities didn’t let me get caught in heavy traffic.

Coming back to Manila, I experienced the worst traffic situation ever. It’s already the holiday season and I’m expecting it to get worse.

I’ve been ranting on Twitter and Facebook saying I couldn’t take this traffic anymore. I go to work and it just hurts my eyes and I get constant headaches. It is very uncomfortable. We need a better solution. I came up with ideas about passing a bill to the Senate (if ever I get elected as a congresswoman which is unlikely) called “Work from home Fridays.” But then again, the traffic would just be diverted to Thursday. or “Tax break” from companies who implement “work-from-home” policies.

I think it is unhealthy both for our body and in our time, to spend 2-4 hours of our life in a day with traffic.

It’s just not the way to live.

But then again, I know our government and MMDA has been thinking of a lot of solutions already and though they might have though of my ideas, I know there’s a butterfly effect on a lot of things.  Tax breaks would affect other companies, even the mamang drivers would be deprived of their livelihood, and so on and so forth.


Moving out of Manila

My second solution is to move out of Manila. I thought of going back to Bacolod. BUT HEY!!! I CAN’T! I need access to a huge airport hub to take me to many places I want to and I want to go to cool events here in Manila too!

Next best bet is to go a bit farther not close enough that I could still drive an hour away to Manila.


Sizzlin’ Manila

Literally. It’s so hot here! I keep on wanting to go to Tagaytay just to get a cool breeze. I love natural cold breeze btw and not the one that comes out of an air conditioning unit – it makes my nose suffer from rhinitis.

Thank you Skyway and awesome highways!

I don’t mind paying extra just to avoid traffic.


Living in Batangas Perhaps?

Why not? It’s near the beach, that I love 🙂 Near The Farm, Mount Malarayat, Puerto Galera and many diving sites. I heard there’s also a surf spot in the area.

Lipa City comes in mind where it is among the most progressive cities in Batangas.

  • Lipa is only an hour away from Makati
  • Accessible via SLEX and Star Tollway
  • 24-hour bus transport system available from EDSA Cubao and Buendia


Bel-Air Residences

Oh yeah, I’m an adult, and soon I’m going to buy my own house. I am considering this area as one of the places I’ll stay. Apart from the amenities I listed down above, Bel-Air residences has more to offer:
– Walking distance to SM, Lipa
– At the center of Business and Social Activity
– Beside Fiesta Mall and across a school
– Weather is generally COOL (BIG PLUS!!!) because this area is elevated at 1025 ft above sea level (known to be the third highest place in the Philippines)


On top of that,
– I can save on travel cost.

  • I can find work or open a business in the area
  • Amenities available like basketball courts (the big boys need this), a jogging path for me, a playground for kids (in the future), barbecue area, multiple parks, a pool where I can do my card, a lanai, gazebo and Club House.

  • Near schools such as Stoneyhurst International School, Nazareth School, Mc Kinley International School, Kolehiyo ng Lungsod ng Liba and De Lasalle, Lipa.
  • It is also close to established hospitals like Lipa Medix medical Center and metro Lipa Medical Center
  • Walking distance from major malls: SM Lipa, Fiesta Mall, Robinsons mall, Big
    and more


Choices of House Units

Your choices of house units range from townhouses to two-storey units with floor areas as big as 55 to 165 sq. meters, all designed under the concept of “Modern Zen” architecture. Clubhouse and Entrance Gates are designed and conceptualized by renowned architect, Arch. Ed Ledesma.




2-Storey Houses

House and lot with a garden area for my bunnies to hop into 🙂


Celebrity Homes

Lipa is also a fast becoming choice of celebrities as in the case of Aga Muhlach and Charlene Gonzales, Boy Abunda and Vilma Santos.

Bel-Air Residences in Lipa is developed by Convergence Realty and Development Corporation.


Bel-Air Residences Brings You To Bohol and Boracay!

 Bel-Air Residences Lipa, Batangas and Nuffnang invite you to join “At Home in the Philippines” contest and win a chance to a vacation in Bohol or Boracay! The contest is open to all member bloggers of the Nuffnang Network with at least one (1) valid ad unit. Contest period is from November 16 to December 16, 2012.

Check out this link for more details:

Contact Bel-Air Residences at 0922-8733060; marketing@condev.com.ph; (043)7574210; www.belairresidenceslipa.com

*This is a sponsored post for Bel-Air Residences

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Posted by on Nov 27, 2012 in Life, Personal

Nosebleed. Again.

I’m sick. I think I have either the flu or cold. It gets worse because I have sinusitis, rhinitis .. You name it.

So my nose bled again. Probably from too much snorting.

Random thoughts crossed my mind like:
– ooh, that’s how red my blood is
– amazing!
– why is our blood red?
– why can’t it be pink? Or purple? Or white?
– Then again I recalled someone said that blood only becomes red when in contact with oxygen. Is that true?

On another note. My nose bleeding just stopped while I’m typing this over my Blackberry. I’m lucky my blood clots fast and my wounds heal quick. But then again, could that mean I’m prone to aneurysm? Hello Hannah!?! I’m just being paranoid.

Anyway, don’t mind me and my randomness. I shall sleep now.


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Flair Tips on Managing your Credit Card

Posted by on Jul 20, 2012 in Career, Life, Personal

FLAIR TIPS on Managing your Credit Card:

  • Manage your spending.   Have a budget, don’t buy what you can’t afford
  • Don’t spend in excess of what you earn.  Live within your means.
  • Stay within your credit limits.
  • Pay bills on time. Be wary of your payment deadlines!
  • Pay your bills on time every month! Avoid additional fees and debt, pay on or before your due date and again, don’t spend in excess of what you earn
  • Be on the lookout for new offers from credit card companies.  New cards are being offered in the market  with features that allow you to earn as you spend


My New Best Friend – the New EastWest Everyday MasterCard

It’s  your All-in-One Cash Rebate Card

I have been living on my own for a while now and being independent has a lot of pros and cons.  One thing is definitely for sure, you take care of your own self.  I don’t have help so I clean my own house, take my clothes to the laundry, do my dishes and pay the bills.

On top of that, I have to do my grocery shopping on my own and take care of my own gas and car maintenance expenses!

I have to be careful with my cash flow.

My expenses could really go out of hand if I don’t manage my cash flow well! 


I stumbled upon ways I can earn while spending for my groceries, gasoline, meds and even shopping and travel! 


Oh, it’s part of being a lifestyle blogger, you spend for the good life you deserve!



Wouldn’t it be great to get something back from your daily purchases?  Well then, EastWest has the perfect credit card for us!  It’s the new EastWest Bank’s Everyday MasterCard!

I can get up to 5% cash rebate on my supermarket, gas and drugstore purchases.   Unlike other credit cards that offer cash rebates, I am not limited to earning rebates only for gas, or only for groceries, or only for a specific drugstore.  This cool credit card is an all-in-one cash rebate card.  That means, I can say goodbye to my other credit cards!  No more multiple annual fees (more clothing budget for me!) No more juggling with several statements of account (more me time for…me!)

Not only that, the cash rebates are automatically credited to your card once you reach an accumulated rebate of P200.00 monthly for hassle-free crediting!  I don’t need to redeem! How great is that?!

So lemme see what I can get for my purchases this month…

3 new tops


A pair of shoes (with to-die-for heels)


The bag I’ve been drooling over for weeks


New eye make up (a set of colors for each of my 3 new tops)


Total purchases to make me feel fab



A month’s worth of unleaded gasoline (save Mother Earth!)


Several trips to the supermarket to fill my faithful ref and bottomless candy cabinet


Vitamins to keep me healthy (can’t rely only on the doctor!)


Total monthly purchases for my essential stuff



Cash rebates earned



Php 500! I get Php 500 back?! That’s another top! Hmmm… that means I need to get a new set of makeup, perhaps another bag to match my eyes… then of course I need to gas up to go to gimmicks so I can show off my new stuff.

That’s what I call smart spending!




Know more about EastWest EveryDay MasterCard here:


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Flexibility to Your Advantage

Posted by on Jul 19, 2012 in Featured, Fitness, Health, Life, Personal, Tech Chic




I worked hard for this because it has a lot of health benefits for me. Less injuries, stronger joints, and more mobility for me 🙂


and speaking of mobility…


One network is also working hard to be FLEXI for everyone!


Smart Broadband just introduced their Flexi Surf Plans

FlexiSurf Plans help you choose the right gadget and internet connection that’s perfect for your budget and online habits. 

It’s not easy to find the perfect combination in life, but when it comes to tech needs you know you can count on Smart.  Good thing Smart Bro FlexiSurf could help you choose the right gadget for your budget and provide you with the internet connection suited for your online habits!

Owning a gadget with Smart Bro internet connection could be as low as P18 a day!


Own your cool gadget now by visiting this link: http://flexisurf.smart.com.ph


Check out these cool gadgets you can have by alloting no more than P50 a day


ASUS Slider as low as P48 a day!


Samsung Galaxy Tab as low as P40 a day!


Cherry Superion Tablet as low as P18 a day!


Own your cool gadget now by visiting this link: http://flexisurf.smart.com.ph



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Free Yoga Class at Urban Ashram Manila at Bonifacio High Street

Posted by on Jul 17, 2012 in Entertainment and Lifestyle, Events, Featured, Fitness, Health, Life, Personal

I just tried yoga again yesterday and I’m taking 5 classes  FOR FREE!!!

urban ashram


Urban Ashram Manila Open House

Urban Ashram Manila celebrates their newest location at the Bonifacio High Street.  It is very accessible to where I work so it’s perfect!  With their soft opening, they also invite and encourage yoga enthusiasts and those who want to try it by joining their Open House from July 14 – 24, 2012.

Over 40 FREE Yoga Classes for you to sign up for from 14 to 24 July 2012. PRE-REGISTRATION REQUIRED TO JOIN ANY OF THE OPEN HOUSES CLASSES.

You can sign-up for to a maximum of five (5) classes during the Open House period. Regular class schedules will follow starting July 25 and you can check out the class schedules for the rest of July and August by clicking here.

I took the 6:30am class yesterday and the class said “FNR” or Flexibility Not Required.  But we worked most of our core out and right now, my abdomen is in blissful pain.  The pain you should be proud of because you know your yoga session worked well to tone your body.

*Come at least 20 minutes before class time and bring a valid photo ID along with towel and water bottle for the class.  No cellphones, bags or personal belongings will be allowed inside the studios. Lockers will be provided on a first-come, first-served basis. Shower facilities MAY NOT be available during the Open House period (because they are still fixing some facilities).


Check their open house class schedule and reserve your slot here: http://www.urbanashrammanila.com/openhouse


What I appreciate

I give much importance to doing my workouts the right way.  I appreciate my pole teachers, Polecats Manila, on how they value proper form and body alignment.  Doing things the right way not only avoids causing injuries to your joints and muscles, but most importantly, your work-out would be more efficient and effective.

Urban Ashram as the same value.  Although I think the class I took was for beginners, I felt my core like no other!

Their technique is not to get overwhelmed with poses but to make sure your body is aligned the right way when you are doing poses.

It was a great challenge for me, but I think it would help me much with my pole dancing.

Check their open house class schedule and reserve your slot here: http://www.urbanashrammanila.com/openhouse


See you there!

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