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Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Launch – A Noteworthy Affair

Posted by on Aug 16, 2016 in Featured, Tech Chic

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Launch – A Noteworthy Affair



Samsung Electronics Philippines (SEPCO) officially launched the latest flagship smartphone in the Philippines – the Samsung Galaxy Note7. I have witnessed the birth of this new phone that changed the mobile industry. Now, it is pegged as the smartphone that thinks big and I am lucky to be able to meet the Note7 first hand.

The event was hosted by Bianca Gonzales-Intal, a brand ambassador of Samsung Galaxyy Note7. She was also joined by Solenn Heussaff, Erwan Heussaff and Georgina Wilson.

SEPCO’s IT and Mobile Business Head, Rhinn Piczon, emphasized that the Note series has come a long way. Although critics first doubted the Galaxy Note for its large screen and S Pen, the Samsung Galaxy Note7 is proof that perseverance pays off as the tech giant continues to pave the way for innovation, especially in the phablet category.
“Bigger is indeed better when it comes to those who want to get the most out of a single mobile device on their hands, and that’s what we’ve taken into consideration when the Samsung Galaxy Note7 was created,” said Piczon.
“The Samsung Galaxy Note7 is truly the smartphone that thinks big. The phablet combines best of both work and play rolled into one gadget, which continues to provide the necessary tools that every change-maker needs,” added Chad Sotelo, Marketing Director of Samsung Philippines.

He continued, “With its enhanced functions, the most intelligent smartphone to date makes not just work, but life as whole, much easier and much more convenient. It enables consumers to create a noteworthy idea out of small inspirations and big thinking – and that’s what the Note7 is all about.”
Touted to be the most intelligent smartphone, the Galaxy Note 7 boasts of four compelling features not otherwise seen in any other device: the most intelligent S-Pen, the most intelligent entertainment, the most intelligent protection, and the most intelligent security.
Effortlessly combining intelligence and style, just like themselves, it’s no wonder that Samsung ambassadors Solenn Heussaff and Georgina Wilson have remained loyal to the brand. Both Solenn and Georgina agreed that life has been much easier since they made the switch to Samsung a few years back – attributing it to the innovative features that the Galaxy line provides with its products.
“Samsung’s Galaxy line has always been about going beyond limits, which is why I love their products. There’s a reason why Samsung has been a leader in mobile technology and we can clearly see that in the Galaxy Note7, with its enhanced S Pen, its iris scanner, its dust and water resistance and even its HDR video capabilities,” explained Solenn.
Georgina chimed in. “Samsung has always designed smartphones that allow me to do much, much more than I can, whether I’m working or relaxing during my “me” time. It lets me achieve a lot more, while also being able to express myself.”

Bathed in Samsung colors, the grand ballroom was designed to make a statement, using state-of-the-art technology to take the event to the next level. These pieces of technology were then used in a grand reveal of the Galaxy Note7, highlighting its most impressive features – the enhanced S Pen, the iris scanner for best security, & the IP68 water and dust resistance.
Truly a noteworthy affair, esteemed guests from different industries have come to witness how an exemplary piece of innovation the Galaxy Note7 is. The ballroom was packed with notable guests such as Samsung’s Philippine President Kevin Lee and Samsung ambassadors Solenn Huessaff, Georgina Wilson, Bianca Gonzales, and Erwan Heussaff.
The overall grand display all lends to the fact that Samsung is an innovation pioneer. With the Galaxy Note7 as the smartphone that thinks big, there is no doubt that this will once again set the bar even higher than any smartphone has ever done.


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ASUS ZenFone 2 ZE500KL Laser Lifestyle Review

Posted by on Nov 18, 2015 in Tech Chic

ASUS ZenFone 2 ZE500KL Laser Lifestyle Review

Alas! A phone created to satisfy the need for photo-savvies like me! It was really fun reviewing the ASUS ZenFone 2 Laser. First of all, just check out the full specs here and you will want your hands on one of these!

Here’s a video of my ASUS ZenFone 2 Laser Unboxing and Lifestyle Review

In a nutshell, for the price and the features that this phone has, it is definitely a must-buy! I have been playing with this for about 2 weeks and I’ve been really enjoying it. The blue light filter helped when I read eBooks and I love the low light mode. Plus, you can add up to 128gb of micro SD card :)

Here are more details about the different features of the ASUS ZenFone 2 Laser.

Overall Design
Thin, light and edgy. Round corners and the thinnest ege of the phones measures at just 3.9mm. Ergonomic design that fits comfortably in your palm. The rear keys make it easy to control volume or take selfie shots.

5.0 inch HD (720 x 1280 p) IPS display and Corning Gorilla Glass 4 offers vibrant colors, good brightness levels, wide viewing angles up to 178 degrees. It also has anti-fingerprints coating with glove touch support. It also gives sensitive and responsive touch experience. ZenFone 2 Laser is one of the quickest in the market with a response time of 60ms as compared to most Android phones that are around 80 to 100 ms. It is also very smart as it will know how to distinguish between water drops/grease and your finger enabling the screen to still responsively work well even when phone is a bit wet (during rainy season.

ASUS TruVivid Technology enables you to see more colors than you typically would on your mobile phone screens, reaching 72% of the NTSC gamut. This gives you the ability to see more colors just as precisely as your eyes enjoy the real world.

I also love ASUS Splendid that does many things like adjusting hue and saturation of your screen, but my favorite feature is that it can decrease bluelight by 30%. This just means you can read longer without straining your eyes as much.

Check out my test shots! Browse through the photos by clicking the left and right button. Read my captions underneath each photo and click on the photo to get more details (exif data).
Asus ZenFone 2 ZE500KL Laser Test Shots

More fun begins here! IT runs on PixelMaster 2.0 Camera with 8-megapixel on the back guided with laser auto-focus. Another feature I like is the dual-LED real tone flash that makes makes your skin tone look more natural, and a 5 mp camera in front.

It has f/2.0 aerture Toshiba lens that can be used well in low light conditions.

What is this Laser auto-focus you ask? The normal phones would usually take a few moments before it focuses on a subject. The rear camera of the ZenFone 2 Laser though has laser autofocus technology for the fastest clarity. Precision and quality would be my chosen keywords. The laser auto focus even works well with low light mode too, enabling the camera to find the subject and focus on eat easier on low light. It also has my favorite HDR photo which is perfect for travel buddies like me who like taking photos of landscape. Fear no light and shadow as HDR mode balances these two for a great photo finish. Another bonus, it has a wide angle panorama selfie!!! Perfect for group shots – give this phone to the Oscars so they can take a better selfie with more stars!

It also has real-time beautification mode, just try it so I don’t have to explain how awesome of a friend this feature is. To complement these camera features, the phone comes with built-in fun apps like ASUS Photo Collage and Photo Effects as well as the ASUS MiniMovie to document your life!

It also has a super resolution mode allowing you to merge 4 pictures into one resulting to a near 52MP photo. Built-in blow up photo machine :)

Video recording can be done with maximum resolution of FULL HD 1920 x 1080 with video stabilization.

Call and Connectivity
It’s not a great phone it cannot make great phone calls. To make the signal connection better, ZenFone 2 Laser comes with the ASUS Zentenna technology. I don’t want to write words that I cannot pronounce to explain what this is, in short it just means it receives and emits multidirectional ground currents giving better signal. The dual sim 4G is also great news!

As for the GPS, it supports 3 different satellite systems in the globe.
1. GPS (Global Positioning System)
2. Glonass (Russian Global Navigation Satellite System)
3. BDS (Beidou Navigation Satellite system)

It is equipped with a 3,000 mAH Li-Polymer giving over 36 hours usage on 3G signal and Wifi turned on during the period. Battery is replaceable too so you don’t have to worry about the battery getting drained if ever.

It comes with 5 layers of magnets in a large chamber so bass sound can be better. That’s all I need to know about that :)

Other features I find cool:
1. Theme store
2. Privacy Protection – SnapView
3. ZenMotion – swipe gestures to open apps
4. Kids Mode
5. Easy Mode

Get the ASUS ZenFone 2 Laser from Lazada or Amazon.

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Altec Lansing Mini H20 Bluetooth Speakers – Flair Review

Posted by on Nov 5, 2015 in Tech Chic

Altec Lansing Mini H20 Bluetooth Speakers – Flair Review

Altec Lansing Philippines announced its newest series of breakthrough outdoor speakers: the Life Jacket and Mini H2O. Altec Lansing has long been known for its superior expertise in sound quality, and this new line of outdoor speakers takes the brand to the next level. Quality meets unparalleled durability as these speakers are IP67 Waterproof/Dustproof/Shockproof rated, and even float on water. Dubbed “Everything Proof,” the Life Jacket and Mini H2O are surely built to last.

iMW455-LT BLU_Left Angle iMW255-GRAY_37 mini life jacket IMW477-DR-TA outpack1 355 Orbit BLK

Life Jacket 

The Life Jacket Bluetooth Wireless Speaker features great sound, voice confirmation, and an onboard microphone for clear, hands-free communication. It is packed with power features such as speaker phone with caller ID, voice confirmation and commands, easy Bluetooth pairing, and NFC compatibility. With 16 hours of battery life and power bank capability, you can remotely charge your smartphone anywhere and rock out all day long.

Mini H2O (Php 1,995)

The Mini H2O Bluetooth Wireless Speaker features an ultra compact design, voice confirmation, and an onboard microphone for clear, hands-free communication. With 6 hours of battery life, aux in, and an integrated carabineer, the Mini H2O lets you bring and enjoy music wherever you want to go.

The New Collection

Altec Lansing also unveiled a range of wireless Bluetooth speakers, each designed to perfectly suit your unique lifestyle:

The Mini Life Jacket features a rugged compact design, voice confirmation, and an onboard microphone for clear, hands-free communication. With 10 hours of battery life, aux in, and an integrated carabineer, the Mini Life Jacket can keep up with your action-packed adventures. It has a suggested retail price of P4,850.

The Jacket H2O features a sleek, compact design, and comes with voice confirmation and an onboard microphone for clear, hands-free communication. With 8 hours of battery life and an aux in port, the Jacket H2O is perfect for any outdoor fun, even for water activities. It has a suggested retail price of P3,995.

The Orbit is one of the most impressive power packed ultraportable Bluetooth speaker on the market today. This device delivers high quality sound rarely found in such a small, affordably priced speaker. Great audio performance plus an onboard microphone for clear hands free communication, voice confirmation, aux in jack and up to 6 hours of battery life. The Orbit is the compact music companion for travelers. It has a suggested retail price of P1,425.

Pricing and availability

• The Life Jacket comes at a suggested retail price of P7,250.
• The Mini H20 also comes in 5 color options: black, white, red, orange, and blue at a friendlier SRP of P1,995.
• All new Altec Lansing models will be available in selected branches of SM Appliance Centers, Astro Vision, Astro Plus, Anson’s, and other gadget retailers nationwide.


Like Altec Lansing on Facebook — facebook.com/alteclansingphilippines

About Altec Lansing 

For more than 80 years, Altec Lansing has been shaping the history of audio delivery by producing superior speakers for music-loving consumers and audiophiles alike. Throughout generations, Altec Lansing continues to be a first choice for people who seek quality audio without any compromise. In the Philippines, Altec Lansing is exclusively distributed by Banbros Commercial Inc.


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Samsung Galaxy J Series – Selfie Love

Posted by on Aug 18, 2015 in Tech Chic, Travel

Samsung Galaxy J Series – Selfie Love

Hello from Manila!

I’m back at home for a pitstop, before I go travel again to another country I’ve never been to before – Japan! I have been traveling non-stop since April, thanks to my super trusted travel partners Smart, Agoda and Philippine Airlines :)

Let’s see, so far Bali, Korea, Thailand, Boracay … I think one destination per month and how can I make these memories last forever if I don’t capture these moments? This is why I blog too. I started out blogging basically to put an online journal (just made a bit public) about all my adventures. That way, as I grow wiser (avoiding the word that starts with letter “O” and 3 letters), I have memories etched in cybersphere.


More often than not, I travel solo. One disadvantage of solo travel is the fact that no one else is there to take your photos! Hence, I selfie a lot! I have long been doing selfies – way back even with my DSLR – it’s a struggle! and the struggle is real!

Filipinos love taking selfies (or selvies/groupfies). Samsung saw this trend and introduces a selfie device which offers the best-in-class upgraded selfie experience.

The Philippines is in fact known as the selfie capital of the world! Selfies are personal and invites the world to see memories captured with your own personal touch. One struggle everyone’s been having though is that our best attempts to snap photos of ourselves could still fall short. It takes about around five failed selfie shots before a photo will be shared in social media. We ask ourselves “is this Instagram worthy” because we also don’t want to spam our friends with our faces, so we need to put up there our best selves. Am I right? or am I right dear friends?

It’s all about finding good lighting, decent background, right angle and post-editing filters before uploading that #forlikes.

Now the question is: how do you best capture selfie-worthy moments at an arm’s length?

Samsung now has a selfie-friendly smartphone! They call it the Galaxy J Series – Samsung’s best-in-class smartphones that upgrade your selfies to perfect J-Fies. With a 5MP front camera equipped with LED Flash, multiple J-Fie features and large super AMOLED screen, the 5.0” Galaxy J5 and 5.5” Galaxy J7 definitely set the bar high in the selfie arena.

Samsung J Series Samsung J Series 2

What I like about this new J-Fie series is that you can take photos in dark conditions with the LED Front Flash. I usually have this problem when I’m dancing at the club with friends and I want to capture the moment – all to fail because the club is a dark place to be.


Try out the new Samsung Galaxy J Series at a Samsung Experience Store near you. Get updates on products and launches through Samsung Mobile Philippines on Facebook, @samsungph on Twitter, or visit www.samsung.com.ph.



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Unboxing Asus ZenPower – Flair Reviews

Posted by on Jun 5, 2015 in Tech Chic

Unboxing Asus ZenPower – Flair Reviews

It’s pretty awesome to encounter a nice product priced generously! This is one of them.

The ASUS ZenPower is a recent product of ASUS to go with their line of ASUS ZenFones. Still, this mean machine can be used by other Android models, Apple or even other gadgets.

The main feature of this device is that it is as big as a credit card. Tinier compared to the closest 10k mAh powerpank Mii. It also has high capacity of 10,050 mAh and only weights 215g.

mAh stands for milliampere-hour. A unit for measuring electric power over time. mAh is commonly used to describe the total amount of energy a battery can store at one time.

Ths can charge a Zenfone 5 for up to 3x, a Zenfone 6 over 2x, a Zenfone 2 over 2x and a Nexus 1 over 1x.

The design has aluminium outer casing, orgonoc feel and could come in different colors: gold, silver, black, blue and pink.

Other features of ZenPower:
– Ultra fast charging
– 2.4 A output
– high-speed, high-efficiency charging
– longer lifespan 1.8x
– temperature protection
– 11 types of protection (see enumerated below)
– 6 international certification

Different types of protection available for the Asus ZenPower:
– Monitors temperature
– Smooths both input and output voltages
– Guards against short circuits
– Rest protection
– Input over voltage protection
– Output over voltage protection
– Input reverse direction protection
– Over charge/discharge protection
– Output over current protection
– Cell PTC protection
– Adapter protection
– JEITA protection (temperature protection)

Verdict upon unboxing and initial testing: Buy it! It’s only 790 pesos at gadget shops near you!

Asus ZenPower Unboxing – Flair Reviews


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Pokemon XY Mega Evolution

Posted by on Aug 10, 2013 in Tech Chic

Pokemon XY Mega Evolution


I’ve been following Pokemon XY news since they announced it and I am just so excited that there are more features and really cool graphics that’s about to go with it.

I’m a die-hard pokemon fan and here are some new news.


There is a special distribution event coming on October 12, 2013 when they will officially release the Pokemon XY worldwide. This special distribution event will give trainers an immediate start on the game with a Powerful Pokemon – Torchic. I have no idea yet how they are just going to give this Pokemon but they say as long as you connect to the nintendo WFC you will get it.

They will also be introducing “Mega Evolutions” that will happen only during battle and only when the Pokemon is holding a Mega Stone.

Here is the a list of Pokemon that have been confirmed to have mega forms:
– Mewtwo
– Blaziken
– Ampharos
– Mawile
– Lucario
– Absol

The Pokemon they will distribute on October 12 is Torchic and its evolved from Blaziken. It will come with a Mega Stone and in time it wwill Mega Evolve. This distribution event will be the only way to get a Blazkenite.

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How to Make Tales of Xillia Game Add-on Work

Posted by on Aug 10, 2013 in Tech Chic

How to Make Tales of Xillia Game Add-on Work


I don’t know if your DLC freebie costume game add-on from Tales of Xillia is working or not. After 2 years of waiting, Tales of Xillia finally got released in the Philippines last August 6, to the frustration of many, they couldn’t use the Game add-on content immediately because fine print said they can donload from August 9th 2013 to August 2014.

Comes August 9th and the code won’t work still. This is for Region 3 games. Some say, you need to use a Singapore account.

Try it and let me know if it works or what other things you did to make it work.


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Franck Muller Crazy Hours Is Amazing

Posted by on Aug 8, 2013 in Tech Chic

Franck Muller Crazy Hours Is Amazing

I’ve been having my eye on watches lately.  Something about watches tells me I’d look professional but fashionable at the same time.  Here is a brand that suits my personality – Crazy!!! Crazy hours by Franck Muller.

Crazy Hours is a pinnacle of Frank Muller’s excellent watch-making technology and innovative designs. Each timepiece is so marvelous that it can satisfy modern people’s demands for classic styles and fine performance. It is true that the genius engineers can think out of the box. Maybe you have become accustomed to the regular Arabic numeral arrangement on the watch dials, but you will marvel at the Crazy Hours which breaks the routine. The unique designs of irregular digital order makes the series so impressive and appealing to those watch enthusiasts. Although the Franck Muller is a classic brand in the field of top watches, it is committed to combining the impeccable craftsmanship with infinite originality. The classic Tonneau case and exaggerate numeral dials are features and symbols of Franck Muller watches.


The Franck Muller is really worth your attention. The Tonneau case still displays 12 numbers, but they are not arranged in the clockwise direction. Despite of that, people can easily read the time. Definitely, you will be dazzled by the exquisite dials, and then break the rules to find the mysterious rules of these fabulous timepieces. We have to admit that there are few watches which can compare with the Franck Muller crazy hours. Of course, Crazy Hours has a prominent role in the development history of Franck Muller.

The Franck Muller is valuable and worth possessing for each watch connoisseur. However, when you are desirous of owning a limited version of Franck Muller Crazy Hours, then you consider choosing replica watches. Replica Franck Muller Crazy Hours is quite popular, because the reliable quality and competitive prices can perfectly satisfying the demands of most ordinary consumers. In a word, A Franck Muller Crazy Hours replica is your noble choice. Not only can it show your elegant taste and lavish style, but also provide you with confidence and pleasure!

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Pokemon XY in 3D on October 12 2013

Posted by on Jul 17, 2013 in Tech Chic

Pokemon XY in 3D on October 12 2013

Journey around the Kalos region, in 3D! I’v heard this news for quite a bit now, thanks for my poke-addict boyfriend who told me about this!

I am looking forward to the following things:

  • 3D graphics.  although I get dizzy when its 3D, I hope I can play without that option.
  • Cute starter pokemons!  Although I always get water, this time I might get fire…

Fire: Fennekin

Water: Froakie

Grass: Chespin

  • Legendary Pokemons

Legendary Pokemons Xerneas and Yveital

  • Did I say, I’m looking forward to the much enhanced graphics yet?

I should look for Lass Hannah or Beauty Hannah or Jr Trainer Hannah or something 😛

  • The characters look cute and well – they are not 2 dimensional 😛

I wish you could dress up the trainer…

  • That Pokemon that looks like MewTwo… or that Aliens movie

  • Launch date is on October 12th!!! It’s so near my birthday!

Currently, me and my boyfriend are nerding out working on our Pokemon Black and White to collect as many Pokemons as we can so we have a lot of them in our National Pokedex ^_^

Anyway, happy playing people~


Pokemon XY release date, Pokemon XY 3D, Pokemon 3D, Nintendo 3DS

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Smart Music is Here – Download Legally

Posted by on Jul 9, 2013 in Entertainment and Lifestyle, Events, Music, Tech Chic

Smart Music is Here – Download Legally

Music makes the people come together :)

Last Monday, Smart, together with MCA music and  friends celebrated the fusion of music and technology – Smart Music!


Smart Communications and MCA Music Partnership

And so we did last night at Hyve BGC where Smart and MCA Music launched a new service called Smart Music.  This deal between two companies will make the more than 3 million tracks in MCA Music’s global catalog excluseively available to over 70 million subscribers of Smart and other mobile brands under the PLDT group, Talk ‘N Text and Sun Cellular.



Smart Music

Smart Music is the new online music online portal that acts as a music digital store in the Philippines.  The rates are very affordable with downloads for as low as P15 per track (the lowest peso rate in digital music market today) and P20 for new releases on each track which is roughly half the comparable rates of other online music stores.

Screen shot 2013-07-11 at 2.54.14 PM Screen shot 2013-07-11 at 3.01.51 PM smart music

If you register, you get to have 2 free downloads :)

register now via smart.com.ph/music


Modes of Payment

Subscribers have different options to pay for their downloads.  The most convenient one is by charging against their prepaid or postpaid bill, eliminating the need to have a credit card which is a major barrier for many Filipinos who want to purchase legitimate music online.

Access Smart Music via smartphone, tablet or laptop through smart.com.ph/music.

Check out the site now to download the songs of your favorite artists – legitimately!

Greyson Chance :) special guest for the night

#SmartLiveAllOut Boracay room mates reunite

Alyssa, Shen and me

How we purchase music via Smart Music – smart.com.ph/music

The hosts for the night

Packed Hyve!!!

Sitti Navarro serenading the crowd :)

Lovers of music

I just downloaded FRANCO songs!!!

Check it out people :)



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Blackberry Q10 QWERTY is Back

Posted by on Jun 5, 2013 in Tech Chic

Blackberry Q10 QWERTY is Back

Blackberry just announced the new BlackBerry Q10!  It is the first BlackBerry 10 smartphone to feature the classic QWERTY keyboard which I miss!  I’m a QWERTY person, mainly because I type a lot!  On June 7, you can now grab your own Blackberry Q10 from authorized carriers and retailers!


Fast Features

Blackberry Q10 is available in two colors – Black and White.  People are already familiar with the latest Blackberry 10 platform and this unit will have just that.  The power of the os with the large, re-engineered physical keyboard and Amoled touchscreen display is the largest screen ever on a Blackberry QWERTY smartphone.

I had to test the unit once I had my hands on it and it works pretty fast and smooth!  It takes a little familiarization once again, but I encountered zero lag (so far) and a breezy experience.



Every detail of the latest Blackberry Q10’s design was well though of by the BlackBerry team.  The new and distinctive design of the ergonomic QWERY keyboard stands out as it featrues a wider layout and larger sculpted keys.  Hardware design is also quite promising as it allows you to have smoother communications and multimedia features.  I haven’t tested the battery life yet, but they said the Q10 is equipped with a good battery unit that can allow you to stay ahead and take action all day long.


Blackberry 10

I heard there’s a free update to this latest versuib!  The new OS was redesigned, re-engineered and re-invented.


For more information on the BlackBerry Q10 smartphone, please visit



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Unboxing iPad Mini Powered by Smart LTE

Posted by on May 26, 2013 in Featured, Tech Chic

Unboxing iPad Mini Powered by Smart LTE

Finally! The long wait is over!

My new iPad mini is here! It is powered by Smart LTE which is way better than just relying on wifi hotspots. I did a few speedtests regarding Smart LTE coverage and it is pretty impressive.

It was very hard which iPad I needed to get for me. I was choosing between the iPad mini or the iPad 4th gen with Retina. My end result obviously was I chose the iPad mini. Mainly because, with my line of work (work from home and social media), my travels and my blogging, I need a powerful device compact enough that I wouldn’t feel its weight inside my bad. Portability won over retina for me. iPad 4 hd way better specs though that’s why despite the fact that it is bigger, people still prefer it. In my opinion, iPad4 isn’t even that too heavy.

Since I’m a lover of free-writing, this iPad mini is quite a tool for me! I am currently writing this bog post using WordPress app for iOS. I can write blog posts on the go! take photos and post it instantly! I am SOoooo happy!

Anyway, here are a few unboxing photos. Details, specs and Smart LTE plans can be found here.

If you want to get your hands on the new iPad 4 or mini with Smart LTE, check out this poster.

Also visit this website:



Christmas got early!

Even the entire box can fit in my purse!

Smart LTE sim card welcome kit! 7 days unlimited LTE for free! I am currently enjoying very fast broadband speed!

The unit from Smart came pre-installed with games and apps including iPhoto, Garage bamd and iMovie for free! But if you don’t like, just reset. 😉

I was already able to use my new iPad mini powered by Smart LTE to cover an event at Resorts World Manila! My job got easier!!!

*This blog post is powered by Smart LTE using iPad mini and WordPress.

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Smart LTE iPad Speed Test

Posted by on May 23, 2013 in Featured, Tech Chic

Smart LTE iPad Speed Test

Smart iPad is here!

It is now available in 52 Smart Stores nationwide with competitive LTE packages you definitely can take advantage on.  If you have a cool gadget, you might as well maximize its capacity to WOW you!  With that said, download games, stream Youtube videos, upload albums with ultra fast internet without lag, buffering or delay!

Experience LTE today on an iPad Mini or an iPad 4th Gen. 

It’s worth the investment especially if you don’t want to waste your time waiting for webpages to load, or your instagram photo to be uploaded!  Live more by letting the LTE do its job.  Once you experience LTE, you will be spoiled!  and you deserve it because you deserve to spend your time on the things you love – not on waiting 😛

I had my hands on an iPad 4 to test!  Check out my speed test video below on 2 different locations.


Testing area: TOSH (The Old Spaghetti House), Valero, Makati

Download speed at a whopping 19.65 mbps!

Upload speed could have done better at 0.94 mbps… but for me, it’s still fast enough to upload albums / videos


Testing area: Picasso Boutique Hotel, Makati

Download speed in this area is only 3.37 mbps – but still!!! streaming youtube videos would be no problem for this speed

Upload speed got better at around 2 mbps


Check out more video tests by Chef Tonio here.


iPad LTE Plans with Smart


Plan 999

Unlimited Smart LTE/3G Internet for 24 months

iPad Mini and 4G at P8,000 discount (an iPad wifi+cellular at the price of a wifi only unit) 

Installment schemes available with major credit cards


Plan 499

65 hours of Smart LTE/3G Internet, protected by anti-billshock feature

iPad Mini and 4G at P1,000 discount and zero-interest for 24 mos, even without a credit card

Choose lowest monthly plan option and get it at 0% interest for 24 months.

Pay only P1,374 a month, all-in. No credit card or cash-out necessary. Available on Plan 499


iPad Freebies

FREE reversible neoprene sleeve

Best priced insurance against theft or accidental loss and damage for as low as P1,371/year.

Discount vouchers up to 20% on accessories

Complimentary tickets for two to Digital Lifestyle Sessions at Jump


If you want to get your hands on the new iPad 4 or mini with Smart LTE, check out this poster.

Also visit this website:


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Braven BRV-1 Water Resistant and Weather Proof Speakers

Posted by on Apr 15, 2013 in Entertainment and Lifestyle, Featured, Music, Tech Chic

Braven BRV-1 Water Resistant and Weather Proof Speakers

Hello beach bums!  What is summer and the beach without an awesome soundtrack to your tropical vacation?  It’s the season to bask under the sun, enjoy parties by the beach – and you need a great speaker to seal the deal.

When I first heard about the features of this speaker, I asked “Water WHAT speakers?”

Let me just clarify, this is not water proof – you cannot submerge it underwater!!! Why would you want underwater speakers anyway?  It’s useless!  What it is is a water resistant, splash proof and weather proof.  This is the Braven BRV-1!

So, this is a video record of the braven playing music… it isn’t on full blast yet but the music is clear, and quality is good for my standards. In playing this video, you have to factor in of course that this is also recorded using my Nikon D3100.


Braven BRV-1 Product Packaging


Braven BRV-1 Features

Rugged and water resistant.  Built for the great outdoors.  The BRV-1 will keep up with you in even the most extreme environment

IXP5 Water Resistant

The BRV-1 is protected from rainfall, water jets, and water splashing.  It is not intended to be submersed completely in water.  (Besides, why would you? You won’t be able to hear clear music underwater anyway, would you?)

6W Speaker Output

Enjoy 3 Watts of audio output per channel.  Now this sounds technical – this just means better sound quality!


It has a built-in noise-cancelling mic to make and take calls wirelessly on your own or in a group.

What it can do:

– Endure

– Rock

– Talk

– Charge

– Control


In a different angle

Unboxing the Braven BRV-1 Wireless HD Speaker

Remember, it’s water resistant, not water proof – read instructions carefully!

What’s cool about this is you can charge your phone with it as well!!! Crazy convenient!

Testing the speakers by playing my iPhone (using the 3.5mm jack)

Sound quality didn’t disappoint.  And since this is an outdoor speaker, it needs to be quite louder than the average.

One weekend while surfing

Took the Braven BRV-1 Speakers to the beach!  It totally complete’s my surfing experience!

Tuned in to this baby while I rest.

You’ll never be afraid of getting this baby splashed by some little water.

It’s a gadget you can use everywhere.  It’s my favorite piece of my daily life.  I work with music, shower with music and pretty much do anything with music around me!   It just spices up my day and this durable thing can keep up with my daily activities!  Yes to this awesome baby!



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Unlimited Browsing for P15 with Smart and Opera Mini

Posted by on Apr 15, 2013 in Tech Chic

Unlimited Browsing for P15 with Smart and Opera Mini

How was your weekend guys?  Were you able to connect with friends, family and loved ones?

I had a blast this weekend!  In fact, I consider this week to be one of the most productive weeks in my year without having to sacrifice fun!!!  See I currently work for a US company and we are launching new products online.  Our website is called lightingsale.com :)  Anyway, my boss based on the US (she’s Bulgarian) came over here to train us and learning more things about the internet (ecommerce side), apart from social media stuff, it is quite a breathe of fresh air!

Fun didn’t get in the way of work because we went out on a Friday night to party at Hyve!  That was SUPER FUN!  I got to share my photos in an instant!

The problem with smatphones is that the battery gets drained quite easily :(  I know you guys can relate.  After a full day of use, my iPhone just died.

But I’m still hyper and while waiting for my early morning snack at 4am, I still got to browse the webosphere with my old school Nokia e63!  I was still able to browse my twitter and facebook timeline, and got to post a few Twitter brain farts along the way!  Heck, I even got to reply to emails that are work-related and urgent!  So I don’t have to miss any deadlines for my work, even when I’m partying!!!


My old school Nokia e63

This phone has been with me for almost 5 years already!  The reason why I love it so much is because I can carry it with me for 5 days without draining battery yet!  And this serves as my back-up phone for anything – texting, calling and even mobile surfing!


Opera Mini with Smart for P15

So, Smart recently launched a new mobile internet offer for SMART Prepaid users.

My Nokia e63, and so as other phones Symbian, Android, iPhone, Windows – whatever, they are data capable.  As long as your phone is data capable (can WAP, GPRS, 3G), you can avail of this affordable unlimited browsing rate.  The fear of unexpected cost holds people back from living more on the go.  Now, you guys can live more with Smart and Opera Mini.

For only P15, you get the lowest unlimited surfing experience across unlimited websites!


Know more about Smart and Opera Mini.

Very very low pricing for unlimited surfing: P15/day or P60/week.

It is also worry free because of the following notifications: when you leave free sites to paid sites, when you stream videos and when you download more than 15mb of content. All they need to do is download the browser at m.opera.com

To subscripe for Smart Opera Mini unlimited browsing, text Opera 15 to 211.


Download Opera Mini Now!

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