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Last Friday Night – 1 World Pre-Party in Manila

Posted by on Jul 8, 2013 in Beauty, Celebrities, Entertainment and Lifestyle, Events, Fashion, Manila, Movies & TV, Philippines, Singapore

Last Friday Night – 1 World Pre-Party in Manila

Last Friday night… do it all again ^_^

This day I really worked hard, so I can play hard at night 😉

Makeup of the day testing Collection cosmetics

Big Fake Ultimate false lash effect mascara

Pink Shock lipstic

collection makeup

Also used MAC foundation, Clinique eyebrow powder, eyeliner and subtle eye shadow

and my favorite liquid blush Bene tint from Benefit ^_^

as for my hair… I just embraced the natural wave with the “no brushing of hair” look

at 7th High DJ Scotto and Nicole Chen of 1 World Festival Singapore

great mix from Nicole, can’t wait for more EDM love in Singapore for the 1 World Festival <3

Here are the many reasons why you should be there to party with us!!!


after 7th High, we moved to URBN just to end the night

Cheers to love, life and hapiness! :)

We ended the night eating at IHOP… didn’t take pictures coz I was tipsy dipsy *oops*

‘Til next Friday 😉

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Nature and Art Meets Modern Living: Acqua Iguazu yoo Inspired by Starck

Posted by on Dec 6, 2012 in Featured, Manila

Nature and Art Meets Modern Living: Acqua Iguazu yoo Inspired by Starck

I’ve heard so much buzz about the riverside residence that’s about to rise in the Mandaluyong area (near Makati) – the Acqua Private Residences development under Century Properties. A great thing about living in Mandaluyong is that it’s pretty much at the center of everything and accessible from Makati, The Fort, Pasig, Manila and even QC.


I’m pretty excited as Century Properties has launched the 5th tower called “Acqua Iguazu.” Acqua Iguazu was named after the Iguazu Falls located in the area where Brazil and Argentina converge. When translated, Iguazu literally means “Big Water.” (deleted sentence here) When you come to think of it, Pasig River has become quite a pretty sight. I once lived in a townhouse right by the banks of this historic river near the Malacanang Palace. When I jog at night, it’s a pretty relaxing view. Yes, the Pasig Rriver may not be the cleanest in the world, but don’t take it for granted. Protect this natural body of water and you will be rewarded. So I was glad to hear the developers will also be actively involved in protecting the beauty of this body of water.



Another special thing about this new tower is that its interiors will be designed by the world’s greatest design mind. I was easily captivated by the penthouse’s stellar design. By stellar, I mean the SUN and the MOON. This is the Cielo skydeck designed by yoo.

A ball-shaped sphere shines like a sun by day and transforms into the moon at night, illuminating the Acqua Iguazu Tower


Lucky residents of Acqua Iguazu! They have a scenic view available to them to enjoy with a magnificent dining area which can be booked privately or used communally. The design is quite simple and minimal yet definitely sets the perfect ambiance.

Another thing I love about this project is the LIVING WALLS. A vertical landscaping that acts as a wall in several parts of the area. It has after all, adopted the theme “tropical rainforest in the city.” And above the dining room is a cut-out in the ceiling of one of Starck’s favourite quotes from “Le Petit Prince.”


Acqua Iguazu Location

Acqua Iguazu by yoo inspired by Starck is literally rising a bridge away from all the conveniences and attractions of the Makati Central Business District. It is just minutes away from top schools, the best shopping malls, five star hotels, corporate offices of the nation’s top companies, and Makati’s exclusive subdivisions.



Who are yoo?

yoo is a collaboration of ideas. That is, Philippe Starck matched with the vision of the international property developer John Hitchcox. I was lucky to meet John Hitchcox in person during the groundbreaking ceremony of Acqua Iguazu. Starck wasn’t there physically but spoke via a recorded video message to all attendees.

John Hitchcox.

Behind him, a live sample of a living wall.  A vertical landscape :)

These two leaders in their field have come together with a single ground-breaking concept: to harness the creative diversity of Starck, with the innovative buildings developed by Hitchcox.


Know more about yoo and take a peek at their designs by watching this video:






This is my favorite part: walking through the different room designs which made me want to move in right away!



The feel of the room is clean and calm. The room has a modern edge and incorporates different minerals of the earth altogether: glass, concrete and metal. The colors used are neutral to allow a calm environment for the resident. It’s like a blank canvass too for people who want to customize and incorporate art into their living.



In this room, the inspirations are fresh air, the blue sky and the smell of the rising sun. This design is perfect for those who want a bright atmosphere. It is inspired by the widespread and deeply- rooted desire of city dweller to bring nature into their lives. Pale bleached wood and soft sun or pebble gray colors are incorporated in this theme.

If I were to choose, this design is perfect for me.



I think this theme is the most manly of the design inspirations, so it is perfect for a bachelor. This theme is quite special because it encapsulates yoo’s passion for appropriating the most beautiful and exquisitely produced objects and ideas from the past, and placing them alongside the most amazing designs of today.

One word to describe this theme: POWER.



I highly recommend that you check it out and see for yourself how you could be living. You can start by looking up their official website: www.acqua-iguazu.com and liking the Acqua Private Residences Facebook page: www.facebook.com/AcquaPrivateResidences


More Photos:

Get the flash player here: http://www.adobe.com/flashplayer

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American Contemporary Ballet Company in Manila and Iloilo

Posted by on May 4, 2012 in Dance, Manila, Philippines, Sports

American Contemporary Ballet Company in Manila and Iloilo

I’m so excited to witness this!


U.S. Embassy Manila and the Cultural Center of the Philippines just the visit of an American contemporary ballet company, Trey McIntyre Project, to the Philippines. The group will work collaboratively with the Ramon Obusan Folkloric Dance Group and conduct master classes in ballet, modern dance and technical direction in Manila and Iloilo City during a ten-day visit to the Philippines.

Trey McIntyre is one of the most sought-after choreographers working today. He has created a body of more than 90 works for companies such as American Ballet Theatre, Stuttgart Ballet, Hubbard Street Dance Chicago, New York City Ballet and Ballet Santiago (Chile). He formed his acclaimed Trey McIntyre Project in 2008, based in Boise, Idaho and has since focused on creating works that explore the human experience in transformative and captivating ways.

Trey McIntyre Project’s visit to the Philippines includes two showcase performances:

· May 10, at 5:30 p.m., Central Philippine University, Rose Memorial Auditorium,


· May 12, at 6:00 p.m., Market! Market! Mall Activity Center, Taguig City.

Both performances are open to the public and free of charge, presented through the support of Central Philippine University and Station Square East Commercial Corporation.

Trey McIntyre Project’s visit to the Philippines is part of DanceMotion USAsm , a program made possible by the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, and produced in partnership with Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM). The program is aimed at sharing the rich dance culture of the United States with international audiences. (www.dancemotionusa.org) In the Philippines, the DanceMotion USAsm program is being implemented held under the auspices of the US Embassy Manila and the Cultural Center of the Philippines.

More info here: http://manila.usembassy.gov/ballet.html

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Manila Traffic App: Metro Manila Traffic Navigator

Posted by on Aug 2, 2011 in Manila, Tech Chic, Travel

Manila Traffic App: Metro Manila Traffic Navigator

Finally, a tool that would help everyone navigate the daily chaotic traffic in Manila!  Technically, it’s not an app.  Well not yet, but still the website will render beautifuly with any medium – even your smart phones.

This has been introduced to everyone for beta testing and it has been helpful for a lot of people using it.  And now, it’s officially for you to use! There is no definite way of solving our traffic problems here in Manila, but I believe this tool is one way to plan your route and manage your time.

I invite you guys to have a look on it, it will take you 5 minutes at most to understand how to use it.  Click away and explore and I think everything on the site is self explanatory.


Bookmark this page on your laptops, netbooks, iPads, Androids and iPhones: 



It will still render beautifuly on even your Smart Phones but rememer this Public Advisory: Do not use your phones when you are driving.  Plan your route before you drive.  Or have someone look over this other than you.

Safety first guys, we want to be *smarter* than traffic and not cause accidents 😉


more info via Press Release:

TV5, MMDA provide motorists a better way to view traffic situation via Metro Manila Traffic Navigator

On August 1, TV5 and MMDA launch the easiest and most effective way to view the traffic situation in Metro Manila’s major thoroughfares—the Metro Manila Traffic Navigator. TV5’s five-month old online news portal, InterAksyon.com, powers up the site that can be accessed via www.interaksyon.com, or http://mmdatraffic.interaksyon.com/.

The Metro Manila Traffic Navigator is the country’s first ever digitized traffic information system that lets motorists and commuters view the traffic situation around the Metro in real-time over the Internet. Conceived in line with President Aquino’s call for Public-Private Partnership (PPP) projects, the traffic navigator empowers people with information and technology and gives them an instant control — not just over traffic, but over their hours and lives.

The Traffic Navigator provides the public an instant overview of the traffic situation in the metropolis. People at home, in the office or on the road can check out the traffic along six major roads: EDSA, C5, Quezon Avenue, Espana, Roxas Boulevard and South Luzon Expressway (SLEx) via system view, line view or on Google Maps. The MMDA Metro Base updates the situation for no less than 67 intersections every 5 to 15 minutes.

At the Traffic Navigator’s media launch, TV5 also announced the future release of InterAksyon.com’s iPad and iPhone app, which will come bundled with easy, instant access to the Traffic Navigator.

Following the release of its public beta version last June 29, at least 6,000 drivers and commuters have been using the TV5-MMDA Traffic Navigator everyday.

Executed by the all-Filipino cutting-edge web design team, Stray Interactive, the Traffic Navigator’s information design is easy to understand and gives users access to the macro and detailed views of the traffic situation. Online users can also share the traffic situation via Twitter or Facebook with just a click of an icon.

Regardless of the operating system, the Traffic Navigator will run and is optimized for any PC-based or mobile browser. It will run on Wintel computers, Macs, Linux machines, iPhones, iPads, Android phones, Windows Mobile, Opera, and any web browser already installed on mobile gadgets.

Presented in a graphically logical and pleasing format, the Traffic Navigator represents the major roads similar to how subway routes are presented in New York, London and Tokyo; and reports the traffic situation in fast and very simple manner.

Moving forward, the Metro Manila Traffic Navigator will soon cater to other motorists’ concerns and will cover more roads in its monitoring. Other tools and features relevant to every Filipino on the road are already in the works.

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The Lucky Girl

Posted by on Jul 22, 2011 in Career, Manila, Personal

The Lucky Girl

I’ve been taking creative writing class with Aileen Santos at the Modern Academy at Burgos Circle, The Fort :)

I always love writing – hence I started blogging.  And even I was a kid, I always kept a journal or a diary.  And I had a notebook full of made-up stories.  I don’t know where it is now because we often moved houses.

This class really helped me put structure to my writing.  I love free-writing but I believe that my readers would appreciate more if it has more flow 😀

Anyway, our first assignment was to make our own Fairy Tale story.  I will post that on my blog too soon… but for now, here’s a parable I wrote on my own. It’s our second assignment!

I can’t believe it! I’m writing stories now!


Lucky Girl
By Hannah Villasis

A girl always thought she has an amazing gift! That is, a gift of luck. She couldn’t complain, but often wondered why she’s always so lucky. In almost every situation, she gets what she desires. She got the lead role for the play, got elected as class president and was cheer captain of their squad. On top of that, she has many friends and has always lived a positive life.

At last, their final results for the exam are out. Failing the exam means one cannot take the course and must shift to another. As she approached the bulletin board, she saw some friends weeping.

She let the board clear before she searched for her name.

Of course – she passed! She’s lucky.

The teacher passed by and said “Congratulations.”

“I feel bad for my classmates who didn’t make it,” said the girl. “Why can’t they be as lucky as me?” she asked.

The teacher replied, “There is no such thing as luck my dear. I’ve seen your passion for everything that you love to do and the hard work you put through every role, every task. You make your own luck. It’s like making a wish – but you yourself made it happen.”

She paused and reflected on what the teacher said and it took her a moment to realize that the teacher was right.



In case you are interested in taking Aileen’s creative writing class, check out their banner below :)

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Circuit 360 Fitness Club Makati

Posted by on Jul 20, 2011 in Manila

Circuit 360 Fitness Club Makati
Here’s a quick summary of what I know about Circuit 360 and what I have experienced:
  • work out fast in 30 mins!
  • total body workout combining cardio and strengthening exercises (you need both to keep fit!)
  • Push your endurance (believe me on this one)
  • burn 500 calories in 30 mins (as compared to 30 mins in the treadmill and only burning 120 – 160 calories based on my experience)
  • group exercises: TRX, power yoga, zumba and my favorite Pole Dancing!

Plus, it’s always fun, challenging (you level up) and you get to meet a lot of people along the way.  Did I mention that the coaches are awesome?  They motivated me to push my limits when I was about to give up – definitely one thing that’s lacking in a normal gym.

If you think this is for you, you can book a free session with them to try it out first.  Check out the banner below for contact details.

360 Fitness Club
GOOD NEWS for people working or living near Makat!
They are opening a new branch in Makati!  It will be on 7th floor Dolmar Gold Tower, C. Palangca St., Legaspi Village, Makati.
They are going to launch their new branch on July 28 so you can start working out by August :)

360 Fitness Club: Total Fitness Redefined

by Cecile Golez

Did you know that 25% of people who sign up for the gym start dropping out within their first 6 to 8 weeks? To top it all off, this number goes up to 52% after 6 months. Only around 35% of people who begin to exercise at the gym really stay for 9 months or more. So why do so many people leave? Well, most of these dropouts attribute their loss of interest to exercise to several reasons (some of which you may have heard or experienced on more than one occasion).

First, there’s boredom. The decision to start exercising and get fit almost always starts off on the right foot. There’s the willingness to try out new things and the determination to push the body further. However, daily long runs on the treadmill and lifting of various weights within the 4 walls of your gym can become tiresome and routinary. What’s more, if you’re doing it alone, the difficulty increases as the mind convincingly tells the body it’s too lazy to get moving. Motivation falls short and before you know it, you’ve completely forgotten to exercise.

Second, people’s busy schedules make it difficult to find time to hit the gyms. 10 minutes to warm up. 30 minutes on the treadmill. 30 minutes doing weights. 15 minutes on the bike. 15 minutes to stretch and cool down. Let’s face it, spending time at the gym does exactly that—eat up your time. People can barely squeeze in a proper meal during their lunch breaks so how much more finding additional time for a simple work out?

And finally, the impatience to achieve results within a short time (and not succeeding) leave some people discouraged and frustrated. Eventually, they just stop altogether, often wishing that there was some other quick fix they could avail of.

Well, what if there was a particular fitness center that was diverse enough to keep you constantly engaged, challenged and inspired, all the while requiring only 30 minutes a day still guaranteeing results? As the country’s first co-ed express fitness facility, 360 Fitness Club proves to be more than just your traditional gym. Their exercise philosophy revolves on providing people with fitness opportunities that are non-traditional, efficient and most importantly, effective. With the use of free weights, kettle bells, cables, exercise balls and many other exercise accessories, the club developed the 360 Circuit, which consists of 20 exercise stations that combine cardiovascular and strengthening exercises – a total body workout that will make members, tone, shape up and burn an average of 500 calories in a total of just 30 minutes each day.

“We understand how difficult it can be for some to exercise regularly so we’ve developed various ways to keep our customers engaged to be fit”, shares 360 Fitness Club Head Coach and fitness expert Christopher Callanta. “For as quick as only half an hour, we provide you a total body workout that’s practically equivalent to an hour’s exercise in a traditional gym setting.”

Members of 360 Fitness who complete the circuit claim to have improved balance and performance in their daily activities. And thanks to the club’s other programs like the Jungle Gym Suspension Training classes, participants find their strength and flexibility improving dramatically after just a few classes. “We offer numerous exercises in a Jungle Gym Suspension Training class, where one simply has to adjust their body position to adjust the resistance and intensity of the exercise”, shares Christopher, “It can be a bit of a challenge at first but the results and the feeling you get after attending a class are amazing!”

“Traditional gym workouts take longer because they usually use machines and work out only one muscle group at a time while our suspension training classes, just like our circuit, work out the entire body in one session,” Managing Director Joana Piñon adds. To keep their members constantly motivated, 360 Fitness Club also offers a wide range of group exercise classes. “We believe that variety keeps people from getting bored so we’ve introduced several classes that you won’t normally see in other gyms and fitness centers.” And true enough, where else would you find pole dancing classes taught by The Polecats, the country’s premier pole dancing group? Zumba, the only Latin-inspired dance fitness program that is now being offered in over 125 countries, is also available. 360 Fitness Club also offers yoga, suspension training, kickboxing and running classes, with many more new classes to be introduced.

Whereas in most fitness centers, the members are left to do their exercises alone, 360 Fitness guarantees guided workouts aimed to also motivate and inspire rather than just mere demonstration of the exercises. Coaches are there to act as mentors, constantly challenging their members to push themselves. Other value-added programs to help clients reach their fitness goals are also in the works. “We’re working on developing a fitness diary for members to keep track of their calorie intake and expenditure, as well as providing special podcasts for them to learn about tips and how-to’s on exercise and nutrition,” shares Joana excitedly. “We’re really here as fitness partners of our members to help them get in the best shape possible. And that means providing different means of support all the way,” adds Christopher.

A year after the success of the first branch in Ortigas, 360 Fitness Club will launch their second branch in Makati this July. The pioneer club is already enjoying a growing number of clientele who have all bought into the philosophy of fitness that is indeed proving to be non-traditional, efficient and effective. More and more members are attesting to visible results both physically and mentally even in a period of just 4 to 6 weeks. Some have experienced weight loss even without an accompanying diet, others are proclaiming better productivity in their daily activities thanks to an increase in focus, strength and stamina.

Whatever your fitness goals are, 360 Fitness Club recognizes that it’s never easily achieved when done alone. As partners and experts in fitness, the club’s objective is to ensure that their members are constantly motivated, inspired and guided in order to reach these goals. Going beyond the physical exertion and making the entire experience a mental challenge and a way of life, 360 Fitness Club redefines what total fitness is all about and gives people that much-needed push to just keep on going.



360 Fitness Club Makati
7/f Dolmar Gold Tower, C. Palanca St., Legaspi Village, Makati City
0917-5600360; 5777807

360 Fitness Club Ortigas
13th floor, Strata 100, F. Ortigas Jr. Ave, Ortigas Center, Pasig City
0917-8600360; 9409575

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The Music of Andrew Lloyd Webber in Manila

Posted by on Jul 2, 2011 in Events, Manila, Music

The Music of Andrew Lloyd Webber in Manila
I wasn’t really exposed to a lot of plays when I was a kid, but Andrew Lloyd Webber’s songs from his play are really famous.  Since I have been interested with theatre lately, I decided to catch up on what I missed and watched his show here in Manila.
It’s a summary of all his songs from the different plays / musicals he has composed.  
I cried to a couple of songs that moved me.  But I particularly cried when they performed “Don’t Cry for me Argentina” from Evita.  Ahhh… the emotions it provoked me.  I think I’m an empath, I am easily affected by other people’s feelings and I really felt the song :)

Performances from June 24, 2011 to July 3 (13 shows only)

Venue: Tanghalang Nicanor Abelardo, CCP
(CCP Main Theater)

Price of the ticket ranges from P 700 – P 6,000
You can check out and buy tickets here.
Ingrid Nieto, Hannah Villasis, flaircandy, andrew lloyd webber manila
Me with DJ Pink Ingrid of Mellow 94.7!  I am also wearing my pink glasses coz after I got well from my eye infection, my vision somewhat blurred some more… Might need to have them checked again soon!
flaircandy hannah villasis andrew lloyd webber manila
I think I like my hair color and might maintain this.  I’m dying to cut my hair super short… but I kinda need it for a project soon so maybe will chop it off after 6 months. 😛
Anyway, you only have ’till tomorrow to watch this!  
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10 Blackberry apps for Navigating Traffic in Manila

Posted by on Jun 24, 2011 in Manila, Philippines, Tech Chic

10 Blackberry apps for Navigating Traffic in Manila

Hi guys, it’s traffic and it’s flooded everywhere!  Here are apps you can download and use with your Blackberry to get you through the streets of Manila :)

Motoring App Alert – Navigating through traffic with your BlackBerry

In this edition of AppAlert, we have compiled a list road safety and useful applications with relations to your car.

1. DriveSafe.ly – Free / Text’nDrive – Free

Drivesafe.ly and Text’nDrive are two ingenious applications that eliminate the temptation of reading your emails or SMS while driving; both the applications will read aloud your emails and SMS in real time while you focus on driving.

The best feature about the apps is that it enables you to reply by voice. The only difference between these two apps is the interface, so it boils down to a matter of your preference.


Download the app via the link below or use the QR code:



Download the app via the link below or use the QR code:


2. Vlingo – Virtual Assistant – Free

Vlingo will be an app you will come to love, it literally turns your words into action. Simply press and hold on to the assigned button and speak to your BlackBerry, the app will then execute your search or command.

Another cool feature to note about this app is SafeReader, which reads your incoming emails or text messages aloud.

Download the app via the link below or use the QR code:


3. Honda Safety Driving – Free

This useful application automatically rejects incoming calls and sends an auto reply SMS to the caller or directs the caller to your voice mail. It is easy to set up, and you can activate or deactivate it with a few simple clicks.

Download the app via the link below or use the QR code:


4. Not While Driving – Free

Are you constantly getting distracted with you mobile phone while driving? Not While Driving puts your phone into sleep mode while your car is in motion using your cell phone’s built in GPS. As soon as your car stops, your phone automatically returns to normal operating mode.

Download the app via the link below or use the QR code:


5. Speaker On Car Kit – USD 4.99

This app uses your phone’s GPS technology to determine your driving status, and activates the loudspeaker automatically when you receive incoming calls.

Using this app is as simple as putting your BlackBerry in the car cradle and starting the ignition. Think of it as using a hands free set without the accessories.

Download the app via the link below or use the QR code:


6. CRASH – Car Report Accident Search Help – Free

In the event of an accident, CRASH, provides your insurance details, as well as the other driver’s, quickly and efficiently on to your BlackBerry device. You can also record information about accidents, which can come in handy when dealing with insurance companies, body shops and garages etc.

Download the app via the link below or use the QR code:


7. Where is my car? – SGD$2.75

This easy-to-use application registers your current location when activated. Integrating the Maps application on your BlackBerry, it automatically traces a route back to your last location, whilst displaying the orientation and distance as well.

Download the app via the link below or use the QR code:


8. Car Finder – Free

Using your BlackBerry’s built-in GPS, this free application remembers the exact location where you parked your vehicle, and displays a compass to help direct you when returning to your car.

Download the app via the link below or use the QR code:


9. Parking Tracker – USD 1.99

With this app, you can save your location and backtrack with ease. The location of your car is displayed on a map along with your current location.

The interface is easy to navigate, and the added features allow you to take notes and parking lot numbers. There is a nifty alarm as well that reminds you of expiring parking time, potentially avoiding fines.

Download the app via the link below or use the QR code:


10. Fuel Dashboard – Free

Fuel Dashboard provides ways to record gas fill-ups and show history and statistics about your car mileage. The dashboard serves as a unique information center with important statistics at a glance.

The basic version comes with following functionality: recording of new fill-ups, shows history of past fill-ups, shows basic statistics and provides information in a variety of metric units.

Download the app via the link below or use the QR code:


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In Focus: Kristin Schrot DJ Miss Nine

Posted by on Jun 10, 2011 in Entertainment and Lifestyle, Events, Manila, Music

In Focus: Kristin Schrot DJ Miss Nine

Girl Power at its best!


In the heavily male dominated DJ market, it is rare to find a female DJ who can create a huge impact on the scene in a short amount of time. Miss Nine has not only been able to outshine and make her presence known in such a world, but she has done so all within five years of picking up a record. With her eclectic taste in music, ranging from energetic grooves with plenty of vocals to a deeper, progressive sound, Miss Nine is sure to turn heads and move feet any where she performs.

dj miss nine kristin schrot amber ultra lounge

Kristin Schrot began her career, not as a DJ, but as a model. At 16, she made it to the finals of one of the largest modeling pageants in Germany, and soon after secured a worldwide contract with Elite Model Management. Longing for more, her passion for music led Kristin to move to Amsterdam where she dubbed herself Miss Nine and began pursuing a career in the electronic industry.


Only a few months after touching the decks for the first time, she became a resident DJ at the locally legendary Motion parties where she evolved as an artist and DJ while playing alongside masters such as John Digweed, Dave Seaman, Nick Warren, and James Zabiela. In 2003 she began touring abroad and even made an appearance as the youngest artist at the 10th edition of Dance Valley.


At the end of 2005, Miss Nine was asked by Grammy Award winning DJ duo Deep Dish to join Bullitt Bookings, the reputable agency of A-list DJs such as Deep Dish, Nic Fanciulli, and Danny Howells. This merger has allowed Miss Nine to explode onto the forefront of the DJ scene. Miss Nine performs around the world, spinning at clubs such as Pacha in Ibiza, Space in Miami, Avalon in LA, Mansion in New York, Warung in Brazil, and Ministry of Sound in London, with her fan base multiplying by the minute..

Want to meet DJ Miss Nine?


She’ll be coming over in Manila this June 17, 2011, 10pm at Amber Ultra Lounge!

I will be there so see you guys!

Miss Nine is the first female to mix a compilation for Washington-based Yoshitoshi Recordings, the world- renowned leader in progressive and big-room house music. The highly anticipated Yoshitoshi Ibiza mixed by Miss Nine (YRCDLP15) was released in September 2006. Less than four months later the album reached the highest position at the iTunes Dance Album Chart in the USA: number 1! To continue this success Miss Nine released an album on the world famous Armada label: Dancefloor Sessions (ARMA134) in June 2008. Miss Nine is currently busy with mixing a second Yoshitoshi album. Don’t forget to turn on your internet radio station: Miss Nine hosts her own radio shows Nine Sessions at more than 30 radio stations worldwide, including DI.fm, Proton and Frisky.

While enduring this exhausting tour schedule, Miss Nine still works fulltime as model for Elite. Modeling also takes her across the globe, most note-worthy campaigns include Tommy Hilfiger, Armani, Lancôme, Custo, and Pepe Jeans. She has appeared on the cover of several magazines, including Elle Magazine in Amsterdam. Miss Nine also performs at private Dolce & Gabbana parties.

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Meeting Miss J and Nigel Barker – Beyond the Surface

Posted by on Apr 15, 2011 in Celebrities, Entertainment and Lifestyle, Events, Fashion, Featured, Manila, Movies & TV

Meeting Miss J and Nigel Barker – Beyond the Surface

First of all, I would like to thank Ayala Malls for making this possible!

As part of Ayala Mall’s “Style Origin” events from Feb to May, they invited over Fashion Photographer Nigel Barker and Runway Coach Miss J over at Ayala Malls.

They will be in 3 malls, in 3 days.  Day 1 just finished 😛 If you want a chance to meet them too, read further 😛


Host was Bianca Valerio and she did a great job :)


I have been observing how she hosts the entire night because I host events too.  I learned from her.  She has a guide with her but she barely looks at it.  She even read the books of Nigel and Miss J beforehand just so that she can ask more relevant questions and follow-up from it.


Nigel Barker – Beauty Equation

It was an inspiring night for me :) I’ve followed ANTM throughout the different cycles and I learned a lot watching the show, from how to pose and even some photography techniques and ideas!

Anyway, the night started with Nigel Barker being interviewed first.


He also has a book called Beauty Equation.  In his book, he couldn’t emphasize enough that beauty is measured beyond the physical only.  I tried to buy the book, but it was sold out :( or rather, Powerbooks and Fullybooked (who had mini booths selling their books) didn’t have enough stock >.<  Maybe I shall buy it online or something.  I’ll figure it out.


Nigel was also once a model himself and he even studied everything related to his industry – that includes pattern making, tailoring, makeup and many more.  He said that one mistake people make in pursuing their career is to just focus on one thing.  What he believes should be done is to learn everything about the industry that you are in :)


Miss J – Follow the Model

Next, Bianca introduced Miss J!


I personally told him my thank you for being an inspiration to many (including me).  He can’t emphasize enough that you must live your dreams, work it, and own it!  Everything is hard work and you should believe in yourself.

(I took down notes because I want to remind myself all the time why I’m doing what I love doing)


On the book signing, I mentioned to him that I’m an accountant too, but that I sort-of moved forward from it and he said so dearly in his own writing:



New Friends

I met a few new people, one of them has my name @_@

Hannah :) and Genevieve



A few Lucky people who interacted with Miss J and Nigel Barker, teaching them catwalk 101.



Book Signing with Nigel Barker and Miss J



After the first set of interview,




It’s a good thing that at I had at least one book


Nigel Barker and Miss J will be in two other malls tomorrow (Friday) and the day after (Saturday).

Unfortunately, no more meet and greet on the day after Saturday (Sunday).

Sorry if I confused you, Rebecca Black is in my system!


If you want to get a chance to meet them, here’s how:

(info based on the Greenbelt 3 Park flyer and schedule)

– They will give stubs to shoppers with seating priority on first-come, first-served basis.

– Stubs will be issued early in the mall, so go check early on at Trinoma on Friday and Alabang Town Center on Saturday.

– 1 stub = 1 seat only

– For Ayala Malls A Cardholders: First 24 Ayala Malls A Cardholders to reserve seats are entitled to 2 tickets.  (757-4853 is their hotline)

I’m not sure if the rules are the same on the different malls, but do go there as early as 11am if you really want this chance!


– and of course, follow Ayala Malls on Facebook to get the latest updates because I think they will be posting soon (or maybe they have posted it already), the details for the Trinoma and ATC meet and greet.



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Latest Earthquake Information in Manila Philippines

Posted by on Mar 21, 2011 in Announcements, Manila, Philippines

A quick post to guide everyone on the latest earthquake information in Manila especially that we experienced a 5.7 magnitude today, March 21, 2011 at 6:37 pm with Lubang Island near Mindoro as epicenter.  I was actually in a hotel having dinner when this happened.  Technically people here in Makati area still felt it.

Another 4.7 magnitude happened at around 9:27 with the epicenter at Pili, Camarines Sur.  It is milder but it can be felt by people in high skyscrapers like me who’s staying in the 18th floor of the hotel now.

As I type, I felt dizzy again and saw my chandeliers swaying slowly.  I’m waiting for the official word from DOST website to check if indeed it was another registered earthquake.

To get updated on the latest earthquake information in Manila and all over the Philippines, you may check out this site: http://earthquake.phivolcs.dost.gov.ph/update_SOEPD/EQLatest.html

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Shokuji Traditional Japanese Cuisine

Posted by on Mar 8, 2011 in Food, Manila, Promos

Shokuji Traditional Japanese Cuisine

Who loves Japanese food raise your hand!!!

Anyway, there are thousands of Japanese restaurants here in Manila and I actually haven’t featured a lot of Jap restos on my blog yet!  Anyway, that will change today because I’m sharing a new discovery!  I recently went out to lunch at Shokuji and tried their different kinds of Japanese dishes.  Truly they offer Traditional Japanese Cuisine.

shokuji traditional japanese restaurant

Are you hungry yet from staring at the photo above? Because I am!

The pains of being a food blogger, you drool over your own blog post 😛

Only P250 to Enjoy Succulent Sashimi, Crunchy Maki & More Healthy Japanese Treats at Shokuji Restaurant! (Original Price: P500)

There’s a lot of history in this place and it has been standing here in Makati for almost 2 decades I believe :)

I always try to appear tall in photos and this time you see me tip-toe-ing 😛


This is their Teriyaki Chicken barbecue.  They explained that their Teriyaki sauce is quite unique and they make it in a special way.

Taste it to believe it guys :)

Shokuji is known for their Sizzling Tofu Steak.  This picture right above was really yummy tasty and healthy!  You should order this and try it out if you happen to drop by :)

Other than this, they are also known for their Crunchy Maki, Philadelphia Roll, Spicy Tuna Maki, Tempura, Yakiniku Beef, Chicken Teriyaki, Tonkatsu and Sukiyaki :)

Philadelphia Roll is my favorite! and this one didn’t disappoint! :)

This is their Spicy Tuna Salad

What’s special about their Ebi Tempura is that they use BIGGER prawns.  After the first bite, I can attest to the fluffiness of the meat :)

And of course, as always,  Flaicrandy.com and WhenInManila.com always tries out the best deals in Buyanihan.com first hand and we are happy to say that you can try out Shokuji’s best dishes at 50% off!

Just check out more details on the link below :)


Get your tummy ready and have fun!

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Thunderbird Resort Binangonan Rizal Event Center

Posted by on Feb 22, 2011 in Art & Photography, Business & Finance, Celebrities, Entertainment and Lifestyle, Events, Featured, Gaming, Manila, Philippines, Pilipinas

Thunderbird Resort Binangonan Rizal Event Center

Last Friday, I got invited to the launch of Thunderbird Resort’s Event Center in Binangonan Rizal.  I had fun being on the bus to and fro the venue for 2 hours with other bloggers.  We had to travel about 2 hours to Thunderbird Resort Rizal (traffic) and 1 hour heading back to Manila (no traffic).

Thunderbird Resort Binangonan, Rizal, Philippines 50

I walked around the resort with other bloggers.  I love their infinity pool.  This shot is a little bit blurry, auto-focusing fail.  I just set timer for this 😛

Thunderbird Resort Binangonan, Rizal, Philippines 48

Isn’t it lovely here?  My settings are on *Auto* mode using my Nikon D40.  Yes, once again using my DSLR as a point-and-shoot.  That’s when I get lazy to think about tinkering manual settings 😛

Thunderbird Resort Binangonan, Rizal, Philippines 44

These are their rooms.  It was very peaceful and cozy here.  Me and the other bloggers wouldn’t mind staying overnight 😛

Thunderbird Resort Binangonan, Rizal, Philippines 41

lovely Red flower contrasting the background at night

Thunderbird Resort Binangonan, Rizal, Philippines 36

If you want to play and win for some cash 😛

Thunderbird Resort Binangonan, Rizal, Philippines 33

They had surprise fireworks display :)  Again, like I said, my camera’s on Auto mode.  Click on the image and view it on Flickr to check exif settings

Thunderbird Resort Binangonan, Rizal, Philippines 30

I was scared for the people lighting the fireworks up.  They were so close to it @_@

Thunderbird Resort Binangonan, Rizal, Philippines 24

Beauty Queens got serenaded by Jed Madela

Thunderbird Resort Binangonan, Rizal, Philippines 09

The event was hosted by the lovely Nikki Gil.  I love her new hair! It looks fab on her :)  I also love her shoes! ^_^

Thunderbird Resort Binangonan, Rizal, Philippines 07

Cher, Aerin and Alex at the new Events Center of Thunderbird Resorts

Thunderbird Resort Binangonan, Rizal, Philippines 04

They had drum beaters welcoming us at the entrance :)  they also had fire dancers who breathe fire out – or something like that 😛

Thunderbird Resort Binangonan, Rizal, Philippines 01

Oh yeah, so next time you need a classy events center for your meetings, seminars, parties and other purposes, check out the chic and posh events center of Thunderbird Resorts.  It’s just 1-2 hours away from Manila and would help your guests focus out of the city for a bit :)

For more information on Thunderbird Resorts Binangonan Rizal, check out their official website:


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Play and Stay at the Cliff Golf and Beach Club at Thunderbird Resorts Poro Point

Breakfast at Olives

Thunderbird Resort Binangonan Rizal Philippines 57

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2011 Pyromusical Fireworks at SM Mall of Asia Korea and Spain

Posted by on Feb 13, 2011 in Entertainment and Lifestyle, Events, Featured, Manila, Philippines

2011 Pyromusical Fireworks at SM Mall of Asia Korea and Spain

I can’t stress much how I love fireworks.  My eyes were just shimmering with happiness and amazement last night as I watched probably two of the best fireworks I’ve seen in my entire life (for now.)

Korea had their fireworks show first and I was amazed.  Then Spain displayed their fireworks and I was more at awe.  The music was REALLY in sync with the Fireworks and they designed it very well.  They had more unique fireworks too like the Spiral purple fireworks that I have never seen before.

I also watched the first ever Pyromusical in SM Mall of Asia and I say this year is bigger and better than ever.  This year they had:

– performances from both countries: Korea and Spain

– Korea had one of their artists come over here to serenade the crowd with her violin skill.  I am very sorry that I forgot the name of the artist, but if you do know who, please comment below Smile She was amazing though, her finale song was a very remarkable cover of our classical song “Anak”.  She made it funky-melodramatic-rock. and it was awesome

– Spain had flamenco dancers who gracefully enchanted everyone watching

– Close Up had a stage where Sponge Cola performed.  It was my first time hearing them live and they do rock.

Pyromusical 2011 Participating Countries and Schedule

February 12

7pm Seoul Korea

8pm Spain

Feb 19

7pm Portugal

8pm United Kingdom (U.K.) UK

Feb 26

7pm China

8pm France

March 5

7pm Japan

8pm Canada

Mar 12

7pm Australia

8pm Philippines

Ticket Prices for VIP with dinner, VIP, Gold and Silver


Pyromusical Photos Korea and Spain Fireworks

*All rights reserved.  Pictures are copyrighted.  If you want to use my photos, just send a link to my blog http://flaircandy.com If you want to use my photos for commercial purposes, or anything else, you can contact me and we can discuss.

You may click on the photos (and view on Flickr) to view EXIF data and settings I used to capture the fireworks.

Captured by Nikon D40 and kit lens.  Special thanks to Cheryl Golangco for lending me her tripod :)


Pyromusical 2011 Fireworks SM Mall of Asia Spain vs Korea (76)Pyromusical 2011 Fireworks SM Mall of Asia Spain vs Korea (78)Pyromusical 2011 Fireworks SM Mall of Asia Spain vs Korea (67)Pyromusical 2011 Fireworks SM Mall of Asia Spain vs Korea (68)Pyromusical 2011 Fireworks SM Mall of Asia Spain vs Korea (74)Pyromusical 2011 Fireworks SM Mall of Asia Spain vs Korea (73)Pyromusical 2011 Fireworks SM Mall of Asia Spain vs Korea (75)Pyromusical 2011 Fireworks SM Mall of Asia Spain vs Korea (51)Pyromusical 2011 Fireworks SM Mall of Asia Spain vs Korea (50)Pyromusical 2011 Fireworks SM Mall of Asia Spain vs Korea (40)

Pyromusical 2011 Fireworks SM Mall of Asia Spain vs Korea (51)


Pyromusical 2011 Fireworks SM Mall of Asia Spain vs Korea (43)Pyromusical 2011 Fireworks SM Mall of Asia Spain vs Korea (50)Pyromusical 2011 Fireworks SM Mall of Asia Spain vs Korea (64)Pyromusical 2011 Fireworks SM Mall of Asia Spain vs Korea (56)Pyromusical 2011 Fireworks SM Mall of Asia Spain vs Korea (61)Pyromusical 2011 Fireworks SM Mall of Asia Spain vs Korea (52)

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Pyromusical Facebook Page

Pyromusical  Philippines Official Website

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Bistro Better Homemade Goodness

Posted by on Feb 1, 2011 in Food, Manila, Promos

Bistro Better Homemade Goodness

Since I’m always away from home and I don’t cook, I always crave for home-made cooking.  Recently, I had a shoot for Buyanihan at Bistro Better and I am so glad I discovered the place!  The ambiance is very humble, cozy, and home-y.  The interior design was simple but full of artworks on the wall.  The food is something that you need to try.

IMG 070 copyIMG 163 copy

Bistro Better serves quality food in big servings at affordable prices.  I talked with the owner and I was happy to know a little bit of history of their food here.  Their recipes are handed down from generations to generations and I always love tasting these genuine food that tell a story.  Someway, somehow, their family shared a part of their lives into the food they prepare at Better Bistro!

Oh, and there’s no excuse for you not to try these delicious meals because Buyanihan.com is offering another great deal for you guys, watch this video Smile

40% Off Valentine’s Date at Bistro Better!

ah, yes… my partner Vince wasn’t there with me on the shoot so I brought White Teddy with me on a date instead Smile with tongue out



The Dishes

Chicken Alexandra

Shredded chicken and corn in white sauce and topped with mashed potatoes.  This is my favorite so far! I love the creamy corn

Chicken Alexandra 2

Chicken Alexandra

Roast Pork

BBQ Pork Spareribs

Baked Chicken with Roast Garlic

marinated and slowly-roasted chicken and garlic with gravy

Baked Chicken with Roast Garlic

Pork Embutido

Meatloaf with olives, raisins, eggs and topped with gravy

Pork Embutido

Shrimp Gambas

in spicy sauce

Shrimp Gambas in spicy sauce 2

Beef Morcon

Ground beef rolled on a strip of beef with sweet onion sauce

Beef Morcon

Buyanihan and Bistro Better Valentines Deals

The meals that you can buy for P299 are already good for two Smile

In my case, I shared it with White Teddy ^_^

Just Like Heaven
Chicken Alexandra
BBQ Pork Spareribs
2 Fried Rice
Spaghetti with Meat Sauce
Buttered Vegetables
2 Slices of Bistro Better Chocolate Cake
2 Glasses of Iced Tea

Way Back Into Love
Beef Morcon with Sweet Onion Sauce
Baked Chicken with Roasted Garlic
2 Fried Rice
Macaroni Salad with Sausage and Pineapple
Buttered Vegetables
2 Slices of Bistro Better Chocolate Cake
2 Glasses of Iced Tea

Ever After
Grilled Dory Fish with Lemon Sauce
Roast Pork with Gravy
2 Fried Rice
Spaghetti with Meat Sauce
Buttered Vegetables
2 Slices of Bistro Better Chocolate Cake
2 Glasses of Iced Tea

Love Actually
Pork Embotido
Shrimp Gambas
2 Fried Rice
Macaroni Salad with Sausage and Pineapple
Buttered Vegetables
2 Slices of Bistro Better Chocolate Cake
2 Glasses of Iced Tea

More Photos

Bistro Better Chocolate CakedisplayFacadeIMG 125 copyIMG 156 copyMacaroni Salad with sausage and pineappleSpaghetti with meat saucevintage radio

*photos courtesy of Con of Buyanihan.com

Bistro Better

Bistro Better Official Website


Bistro Better
GF-2 GEE Bldg. 2301 Pasong Tamo Ext. Makati City
(between the Chrysler and Chevrolet showrooms)
10am-8pm Mon-Fri / 10am -2pm Sat / Closed on Sun & Holidays
(632)886-7870 or (63) 917 6124858

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