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Front Seat

Posted by on Jun 14, 2013 in La Union, Philippines, Travel

Front Seat

Today’s selfie!!!

I’m off to La Union again to surf! This time, I will be with my officemates for our team building activities!

Currently, I’m riding a Partas bus going to Vigan. It’s going to pass by Urbiztondo beach, San Juan, La Union, where we will be staying!

By car, it would usually take me 6 hrs to drive if I leave at 2 am.

By bus, and traveling during day time, it’s gonna take about 8 hrs at least! We left at 2pm and we expect to arrive at 10pm. Enough for late dinner and some drinks 😛

Partas bus station is in Cubao, by Araneta st. cor. EDSA. Ticket to LU is around 400 something. If you Google Partas bus fare and schedule, you will find it 😀

Anyway, ttyl folks.


*This blog post was written via WordPress mobile and Smart iPad mini LTE.

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AEE Magicam

Posted by on Sep 10, 2012 in Art & Photography, Featured, La Union, Northern Luzon, Philippines, Travel

AEE Magicam


CONCLUSION: Great function at reasonable price!


AEE Magicam Underwater and Sports Camera

I got a chance to review the new AEE Magicam underwater and sports camera.  It’s less known to the public than GoPro here in Manila, but after using it, I conclude that it’s a pretty good contender.

Pricing is not yet set here in the Philippines since it is new but it will soon be available in Pixel Pro.  It should cost lesser than the GoPro and unlike GoPro which doesn’t include the LCD attachment in the initial purchase, this AEE does.  It also comes with more accessories included in the box such as the remote control, lcd monitor and extra battery pack.  For GoPro, you would have to buy these separately.


Mounting and Installation on a Surfboard

I installed everything myself! You need to buy an extra accessory for surf board mount.  GoPro uses suction tube, whereas AEE uses 3M adhesive.  Mind you, this adhesive is pretty strong.  It’s pretty safe especially if it’s new.  It comes with two parts so that in case one gets detached, you still have another one clinging to your camera.  Be sure to have that safety thread hold on :)

Installation was very easy.  Just make sure the board’s surface is dry, wax-free, dirt free.  Clean it well first before sticking the 3M mount.

Comes in 2 pieces, in case one part gets ripped. Unlike the suction where although secure, when it’s gone – it’s gone.

*thank you so much to Kristel for the photos above :)


AEE Magciam sports camera put to test (Surfing Video)



AEE Magicam SD21 Specs

  • With LCD glass screen: real-time display various status
  • External TFT display screen, real-time display video content or play recorded content
  • With IP68 standard waterproof case, and the waterproof depth is 60 meters, two kinds of housing design
  • Support setting, replay, delete ect. operations with connecting to 1.5″ TFT display screen
  • With built-in dismountable high-capacity lithium battery, it can be re-charged
  • HD video recording/photo snapping function with various models
  • Self-time function with front indicator and timing recording
  • Laser indicator function make record and snapshot easlier. 
  • 1/3 inch CMOS sensor 8.0 Mega Pixels
  • Recording MOV videos, to be directly played by PC or uploaded onto video websites
  • Auto exposure, auto white balance, easy to operate;
  • F/3.0 aperture, and support nightshot
  • 10x Digital zoom
  • 170°extra-large wide-angle lens
  • Auto recording when acceleration occurring (function as the black box of the car) *optional
  • Auto stand-by for power saving
  • Supporting fast forward and fast rewind, and skipping of contents in the next segment (when connecting with TFT screen player)
  • Supporting time setting (RTC function) and time superposition function;
  • Supporting USB2.0;
  • Built-in microphone, forming high-quality stereo voice recording effect
  • HDMI output, AV-OUT function
  • Support TF card (max. 64G)
  • Build-in buzzer for sound indicator
  • Photo 180 degree reversal function
  • Low battery alert
  • Memory capacity alert
  • Wireless remoter (record, stop, photo snap, laser indicator)
  • Various sport accessories, truly realizing the video recording of sports;
  • Good seismic resistance;
  • Support system: Windows 98SE/2000/Me/XP/Vista/Mac OS


Parameter List

  • Pixel: 8.0M CMOS SENSOR(3200*2400)
  • View Angle:170°
  • Snap mode:3M(2048*1536)/5M(2560*1920)/8M(3200*2400) 
  • Record mode:1080P 720P WVGA QVGA
  • Frame rate:1080P/30fps 720P/30fps WVGA/60fps QVGA/30fps
  • Record format: MOV(H.264 video compression)
  • Snap format:JPEG
  • Memory medium: Micro SD/MMC(Max 64GB SDHC)
  • Store Consumption:(2GB SD card)  Snapshot3M(1900pcs) 5M(1160pcs) 8M(770pcs); Record:720P/60min, WVGA/135min
  •  Display: LCD screen
  • laser power:1MW
  • digital zoom : 4x
  • AV OUT :support NTSC/PAL VGA and HDMI 
  • USB Jack:  USB2.0
  • Microphone: Support Built in 2 Microphones
  • Power consumption :[email protected](MAX) 
  • Lithium battery :1000mAh
  • Record time: 2.5h/ battery
  • Operation system:  Windows XP SP2/Vista or Above/Mac OS. CPU:Pentium4  1.5GHZ above, RAM:1GB above 
  • RTC function :support
  • Store temperature : -20℃–60℃
  • Operation temperature :  -10℃—50℃
  • Operation humidity :  15~85%RH 


AEE Magicam vs GoPro Hero

I have also tried GoPro Hero  and by comparison,

  • AEE seems sharper than GoPro.  Some experts say, it’s GoPro’s case design that ruins its sharpness and color.
  • GoPro is wider than AEE. Some experts say, too wide – too distorted and they’d rather have AEE.

for video testing side-by-side between the two cameras, check this out:


As for AEE Magicam, it gives sports and film enthusiasts an an option with great function, quality at a very reasonable price :) 

AEE Magicam will soon be sold at Pixel Pro branches in Manila.

Follow them on Facebook for updates: https://www.facebook.com/pixelproinc



Comparison Chart between AEE and GoPro Cameras

*click to enlarge chart

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Surfing Photography Tips

Posted by on May 5, 2011 in Art & Photography, Featured, La Union, Sports, Surfing

Surfing Photography Tips

Surfing is definitely one of the sports that is fun to capture. Every photo you take has something to do with how the waves form, how your subject performs his tricks and of course – luck and timing! After you get a really good capture, it’s all worth it! Show your subject your gnarly photo of him and he will appreciate it. I’m a surfer too and I know how it feels when someone captures a great photo of me surfing and that doesn’t happen often.

Here are some important tips you need to know when you want to take surfing photos.

1. Wipe-out shots look cool!
I’m not going to hold back this trick that I realized by myself when I was taking surfing photos. This is no secret, but many fail to realize how awesome the shot is – when your target gets wiped out! Most surf photographers focus on “capturing the moment” but this is just basically “luck” and timing! Patience is a virtue indeed – and just keep on shooting.

This is actually a wipe-out shot.  It’s me and I’m about to fall in .01 seconds

Looks cool though!

2. Try shooting on water.
When you do, make sure your camera is either water-proof or has a secure camera casing. Taking shots while you’re on water gives a more real photo with splashes of water here and there and you get to capture your subject in different angles – up front, sideways while the wave is making a barrel, underwater and many other angles!

Just be sure to hold the camera still. Switch to video mode at times – just in case!

3. Light is your best friend.
This is important when you are shooting by the shore. The best light usually happens early morning. Sunset shots usually just give you silhouettes and unless you are taking an “artistic” surf shot, try to avoid taking photos at this time and maybe, enjoy the time to surf yourself!

This was taken at noon.  And you think the lighting is best at this time, well – it is not! Notice the shadows that cover the surfer’s face and body.

4. Zoom lens!
Zoom lens is important if you are taking shots from the shore. You need at least a 200mm lens or an 8x zoom digital camera, or higher.

5. Be patient and alert.
Get ready to take photos when you see your subject paddling and getting a wave. Try to put your settings to “burst” mode so that you can capture every move without missing any happening! Remember to take even the wipe-out shots!

6. Move!
Don’t just shoot from one angle. Try to find the spot with the best light, but also move around and try taking photos on different sites.

7. Respect.
Don’t publish unflattering photos like nipple slips or a really ugly facial expression or an awkward wipe-out position. This is very unprofessional.

Best of all, have fun taking photos! If you want to make this a career, enroll in a photography class in your local area. But if you just want to have fun and try this, just remember the tips above and have fun shooting!

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Thunderbird Resorts Giveaway You Shouldn’t Miss

Posted by on Jan 13, 2011 in La Union, Philippines, Promos, Travel

Thunderbird Resorts Giveaway You Shouldn’t Miss

Win P100k and a Vacation Getaway from Thunderbird Resorts, plus win an Apple iPad!

Dubbed as “Extraordinary”, Thunderbird Resorts launches its first Online Video Contest. Participants will get the chance to win P100k, a Vacation Getaway for Four at Thunderbird Resorts Rizal and La Union, Enjoy Philippines Card and other cool prizes.

The resort’s thrust is to create extraordinary experiences for its guests, giving them a luxurious vacation lifestyle with each stay. It holds two world-class properties here in the Philippines catering to leisure, sports, recreation and entertainment activities. One is located in the highland oasis of Binangonan, Rizal; the other Mediterranean-inspired property is in the peninsula of Poro Point in San Fernando, La Union. Through the online video contest – which is a trend already becoming popular on the worldwideweb – Thunderbird Resorts would like to share this experience and more.
Just answer “What Makes you Extraordinary” in a video to join. Full mechanics is posted on www.thunderbirdresorts.ph/videocontest. Shoot the video at Thunderbird Resorts – either in Rizal or Poro Point – to have your hands on an Apple iPad.

“Extraordinary” is Thunderbird Resorts way of saying thank you to all its online fans and followers. Special mention to Enjoy Philippines, Travelbook.ph, and Nuffnang Philippines for supporting the contest.

For more information on the “Extraordinary” Online Video Contest, go to www.thunderbirdresorts.ph videocontest or visit the official website www.thunderbird-asia.com.

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Play and Stay: The Cliffs Golf and Beach Club at Thunderbird

Posted by on Aug 18, 2010 in Featured, La Union, Philippines, Sports, Travel

Play and Stay: The Cliffs Golf and Beach Club at Thunderbird

Pictures speak louder than words.  So this blog post is picture heavy 😛  We really didn’t get to play, but they toured us around the compound.  :)  If you play golf, you’d love playing here with the breathtaking view of the mountains and the sea.

The Cliffs Golf and Beach Club (45)

My best shot for this series… Thank you Nica for touring us around :)

Thank you Thunderbird!

I <3 this shot :)

The Cliffs Golf and Beach Club (47)


The Cliffs Golf and Beach Club (46)

Fantastic View!

The Cliffs Golf and Beach Club (43)

Front view of Thunderbird!

… no comment

The Cliffs Golf and Beach Club (38)

Blue and Green

The Cliffs Golf and Beach Club (30)

There were ants on the ground @_@

Catch me do a cartwheel on 4:00 😛

Contact Details

Resort Address: Poro point Freeport Zone, San Fernando City, La Union

Telephone no.: +63.72.888.7777

Makati Office:  24 F Salcedo Towers, 169 H.V. Dela Costa St., Salcedo Village, Makati City

Telephone no.: +63.2.886.5555

Fax no.: +63.2.894.3333

Email: [email protected]

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La Union Botanical Garden and Butterfly Photography

Posted by on Aug 1, 2010 in Art & Photography, Featured, La Union, Philippines, Travel

La Union Botanical Garden and Butterfly Photography



Me, and butterfly photography!

I know I’m not really a hardcore photographer but I have patience… If you would have seen me inside that butterfly garden, you would see sweat dripping down my back and everywhere… Now, that sounds disgusting!  But I am a very determined woman!

I did not really have macro lenses or what not… so I just used my defective kit lens (18-55mm Nikkor) with my Nikon D40 and my Panasonic Lumix LZ10.

Leh, no grabbing the photos and using it without my permission okay?

la la la…

Here we go 😀

General Information

Open daily from 9:00 am – 5:00 pm

General Admission: P 20

Senior Citizens and Students (with ID): P10

Children below 5 years old: Free

The La Union Botanical Garden was initially maintained and operated through the countrywide development fund (1995-1998) of the  then Congressman Victor F. Ortega representative, first district of La Union.  Presently, The garden is being managed by the La Union Botanical Garden Foundation and being subsidized by the city government led by the then Hon. Mayor Mary Jane C. Ortega and now presently by the Hon. Mayor Pablo C. Ortega.

La Union Botanical Garden and Butterfly Photography

By the Entrance

La Union Botanical Garden and Butterfly Photography

La Union Botanical Garden, Cadaclan, San Fernando, La Union Map

La Union Botanical Garden and Butterfly Photography

You need patience to capture them beautifully… this one isn’t even as beautiful as I hoped it would be

La Union Botanical Garden and Butterfly Photography

Pink Frame

La Union Botanical Garden and Butterfly Photography

Purple Gray

La Union Botanical Garden and Butterfly Photography

Spider ant

La Union Botanical Garden and Butterfly Photography

eh? monkey! why that pose leh?

La Union Botanical Garden and Butterfly Photography


La Union Botanical Garden and Butterfly Photography


La Union Botanical Garden and Butterfly Photography

Ferdz (ironwulf.net) taking photos of Lam-ang (a hero in Philippine Literature – Biag ni Lam-ang)

La Union Botanical Garden and Butterfly Photography

Just used my digicam Panasonic Lumix LZ10 to do macro shots

La Union Botanical Garden and Butterfly Photography

The world is beautiful

La Union Botanical Garden and Butterfly Photography

Close Up 😛

La Union Botanical Garden and Butterfly Photography

busy Butterfly

La Union Botanical Garden and Butterfly Photography

La Union Botanical Garden and Butterfly Photography

Poor flower, all eaten by grasshopper

La Union Botanical Garden and Butterfly Photography

still using digicam… quality not as good as SLR… which made me think of buying a new one *faints*

La Union Botanical Garden and Butterfly Photography

La Union Botanical Garden and Butterfly Photography

Serpent Eagle

They probably feed on serpentsssss 😛

La Union Botanical Garden and Butterfly Photography

Philippine Sea Eagle “the suplado”

Eagles have really strong features.  I got intimidated just by looking at it resting on top of a rock… good thing there’s a cage, if not I… *faints*

La Union Botanical Garden and Butterfly Photography

Hawk Eagle “The Pirate”

I called him that because his other eye is injured :(

Unlike the other eagles above, I can say that this Eagle is more like a “rockstar”

he’s a goofy kinda eagle…

La Union Botanical Garden and Butterfly Photography

Rofus Night Heron

La Union Botanical Garden (59)

I named him “Spock”

because he looks like spock 😛

La Union Botanical Garden (56)

what a show off lol

La Union Botanical Garden (60)

O_o mushroom growing on top of the mini fountain

La Union Botanical Garden’s mission is to establish a garden for environmental education, scientific research, biodiversity conservation, aesthetic recreation and public service potentials.  It also aims to bring together as complete a collection of all Philippine native plants and all ornamental plants suited to the climatic zone of the lowland areas of Northern Luzon.

more photos here.

Hope you enjoyed reading and viewing my photos hehe 😛

I only used my digicam Panasonic Lumix LZ10 in almost all pictures because my Nikon D40 kit lens’ auto-focusing is broken :(

Up next on my Thunderbird Resort Series of Adventures,

the MACHO Temple!

That’s right

Temple of MACHO!

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