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Australian Oranges Vlog

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My diet

It gets harder to maintain my ideal body as I grow older, but I refuse to succumb into this circumstance. There are ways to keep a youthful body and I’m sure you have already read a few tips and tricks here and there. What worked for me is to stay away from junk, eat natural foods and avoid sugar and carbs. There are exceptions though, I’d eat fruits if it is high in fiber and low in GI (Glycemic Index). It just means I eat good carbs moderately, they are digested slowly and thus you don’t get a spike in your blood sugar which is harmful to your body.


Hunt for super foods!

I am always on the hunt for super foods! My conditions are:

1. It has to be healthy
2. Not processed
3. It has lots of nutrients
4. It has to taste good, otherwise, what’s the point 😛


Hello Australian Oranges!

Sharing with you now my latest discovery – Australian Oranges. Citrus fruits like oranges help your body boost its immune system against common illnesses. with its healthy properties, oranges protect you from illnesses. Australia is know for producing great tasting oranges, it set the bar up for my standards!

  Health Benefits of Oranges

Aussie Oranges

1. Works hard to support the immune system. Oranges have antioxidants that support our immune system and fight free radicals 2. Keep your ageing process in check. Super antioxidents such as polyphenols and carotenoids assist in helping slow down the ageing process and keeping degenerative diseases at bay. 3. Oranges for a happy heart. Oranges contain the perfect recipe of heart protective nutrients such as folate, potassium, fiber, and antioxidants 4 Eat healthily and maintain a healthy weight. Oranges are an ideal fruit as part of a balanced diet. With low GI and high fiber, they’ll ward off hunger pangs and keep you satisfied for longer.

Aussie Oranges

Check out my vlog too!

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Time to Travel again! Singapore Airlines and MasterCard Partnership

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It’s Singapore Airlines’ 50 years in the Philippines and they have a lot of perks for Singapore Airlines flyers!
– Great fares to over 50 destinations in Economy Class, Premium Economy Class and Business Class exclusive to MasterCard cardholders and KrisFlyer members
– A pair of round trip Business Class tickets to Dusseldorf, Germany and a pair of roundd trip Premium Economy Class tickets to Cape Town, Africa with Priceless Packages


Singapore Airlines and MasterCard, together with SilkAir – the Airline’s sister carrier, launched the largest nationwide Mid-Year Travel Fair from July 8-31, 2016 encouraging all travelers to begin new adventures. Throughout this period, MasterCard holders as well as KrisFlyer members have the exclusive privilege of availing the special promotional deals and a chance to win a trip to Germany or South Africa.

For travelers who are not KrisFlyer members yet, the Airline and MasterCard encourage all travelers to sign up as a member on krisflyer.com for free to enjoy the exclusive fares and get the chance to win the exciting prizes.

The Airline is offering all-inclulsive round trip promotional fares starting from USD180 for travel out of Manila, Cebu, Davao and Kalibo from 8 July to 31 March 2017.

Economy Class All-In Fares
All-in economy fares to Singapore are available from USD180, while tickets to Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam and Hong Kong are available starting from USD230 and to Cambodia and Myanmar from USD250. Japan and South Korea fares start from USD450.

Fly off to either the great city Dubai or the great outback of Australia for as low as USD600 only.

For vacations off the beaten track, travels to India, Maldives, Nepal and Sri Lanka are available from USD640. Enjoy the cobblestoned-streets of Europe and take an unforgettable safari in South Africa starting from USD850.

The pictureque hills and meadows of New Zealand (Auckland, Christchurch, Wellington) is only USD950 away, and traveling to see the family all the way to the USA will just cost USD950 per ticket.

Premium Economy Class All-In Faress
Experience the all new Premium Economy Class when you travel to mystical Delhi, Mumbai and Dubai for only USD1,200 per ticket and to thrilling Sydney from USD1,350, diverse Cape Town and Johannesburg from USD1,700, historic Amsterdam, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, London, Manchester, Munich, Paris, and Zurich from USD1,900, and modern Auckland (New Zealand), and fantastic Los Angeles, San Francisco, and New York from USD1,900 only.


Business Class All-In Fares
Asia is the pear for travelers around the world, and Singapore Airlines makes this part of the globe more accessible for luxury travelers and businessmen. Enjoy all-in business class treatment on board when you fly to the business centers of Singapore, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanman, Thailand, and Vietnam for as low as USD890, and to Dubai and the Maldives from USD1,800.

For vacationers who seek the Zzen in the south, smell the spices of India, Nepal and Sri Lanka start from USD2,000. You can rest easy on board as you make your way to Australia – available at USD2,000, and New Zealand for USD2,800. Finally, travel in style all the way to Europe for as low as USD3,000, or to South Africa starting from USD3,300 and the Americas from USD3,500.

Booking your tickets
Travelers can book via singaporair.com using their MasterCard credit card for Economy Class and one-to-go Business Clalss. Promom code will be announced in the Singapore Airlines Facebook page. For all promotional fares, travelers can visit the Singapore Airlines and SilkAir ticket offices, contact SIA Reservations at 756-8888, SilkAir Cebu at 6332-505-7871, SilkAir Davao at 6382-227-5301, SilkAir Kalibo at 6336-500-7226 or any participating travel agent. Customers may also visit the Singapore Airlines booth at the Travel Madness Expo on 8 – 10 Julyl 2016 at the SMX Convention Center. KrisFlyer members have the option of using MasterCard credit card or cash in Philippine Peso. More information can be found on singaporeair.com


Book and Stand a Chance to Win Priceless Packages

Big surprise from Singapore Airlines and MasterCard! MasterCard cardholder and KrisFlyer members who purchase promotional tickets will automatically earn a chance to enter into a lucky draw. Lucky winners will enjoy these exciting prizes: a pair of Business Class tickets to Dusseldorf, Germany with MasterCard’s Priceless Package, or a pair of Premium Economy Class tickets to Cape Town, South Africa with MasterCard’s Priceless Package.

Every purchase of Economy Class ticket is equivalent to one (1) raffle entry, while for every purchase of Premium Economy Class ticket is equivalent to five (5) raffle entries. Ten (10) raffle entries can be earned for every purchase of Business Class ticket.

The Ultimate A350 Experience

Sometimes it’s not just abou the destination that matters but also how you get to the destination. With Singapore Airlines’ new Airbus A350-900, any flight will be like being on Cloud 9. The new generation aircraft boasts a much more comfortable inflight experience with greater spaciousness. Singapore Airlines has fitted its first A350-900 with a three-class configuration that includes 42 seats in Business, 24 in Premium Economy and 187 Economy. One of the unique perks of the aircraft is the “Companion App” feature, the first of its kind int he world. Available across all cabins, the mobile app gives passengers a chance to customize their entertainment experience. Once they find their seat, they can connect their mobile phone onto the IFE system and it will automatically play their picks during the filght.

Come 23 October 2016, the Airline’s A350 will also commence non-stop flights between Singapore and San Francisco on a daily basis. Alongside this launch, the Airline will also be adding a second daily flight to Los Angeles.

New Destinations, New Adventures

The Airline continuously expands its network with the recent announcements of new services to Dusseldorf, Canberra, Wellington, and two more cities in Laos, Vientiane and Luang Prabang via the Airline’s regional wing, SilkAir. Visit the Deaconess’s Institute of Kaiserwerth where Florence Nightingale worked, relax along the romantic Rhine river and drink and be merry in Altstadt, locally nicknamed as the “longest bar in the workd” when you fly to Dusseldorf as it commences first flight on 21 July 2016.

With the new service to Australia and New Zealand, the Airline will bring international flights to Canberra, and link Canberra with Wellington for the very first time.

Rewarding those who love to travel

KrisFlyer is he frequent flyer programme of Singapore Airlines and is designed to reward everyone who loves to travel. Best of all, you not only earn KrisFlyer miles every time you fly. You can get them whenever you use your credit card. Book a hotel. Hire a car. Even when making a phone call.

Earn when you fly as Singapore Airlines, SilkAir and dmore than 30 world-class partners including Star Alliance airlines participate in this program.

Earn on the ground with over 170 global non-airline partners.

Earn when you shop! Shop at KrisFlyer Spree and earn KrisFlyer miles with more than 2,000 leading brands from around the world. Plus, KrisShop lets you earn 1.5 KrisFlyer miles for every S$1 you spend in the air and online. And with your KrisFlyer of PPS Club memebership card, you can take advantage of Boarding Pass Privileges all year round – even when you’re not flying.

You can sign up for free and start earning miles straight away, just visit krisflyer.com.

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Mister Donut New Flavors! Bavarian Doubles Mangostillas and Chocoyema

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Mister Donut proves that two is truly better and more surprisingly delightful than one.

Combining two famous names to form a totally new name or a “hybrid” became a craze very recently. Celebrity names like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie formed a popular tandem, “Brangelina”. A scrumptious combination of croissant and donuts became the hybrid that is “cronuts”. Corndog has been around for quite some time now but that name was also borne out of marrying two delicious snack favorites, that which are CORN and HOTDOG. These new “terms” just prove that when you combine two good things, something even more surprisingly wonderful comes out of it.

Mister Donut, known for its Bavarian flavored donuts with the right sweetness or “tamang-tamang tamis” as we say it in Filipino, pushed its product innovation further through the Bavarian Doubles with 2 fillings! Yes, 2 famous all-time favorite flavors in one uniquely delightful treat in the newest addition to the Bavarian Doubles line. Mister Donut combined Mango and Pastillas to create the truly original and delectable Bavarian Doubles “Mangostillas”!

This new name was coined through a fun and cute way by the brand’s lovable talents in its latest TV Commercial. The young twins featured are seen enjoying the new variant brought home by their mom as a more than pleasant surprise. Another brilliant union of fillings is the Bavarian Doubles “Chocoyema”, which combines Choco Fudge and Yema. The more famous Bavarian Doubles and one that already has a strong following among the Mister Donut customers is Chocolate and Bavarian, now called Chocovarian! As shown through the joy and excitement of the twins in the commercial, the shared moment between the kids and their mom becomes even more special and cherished.

Catch these surprisingly new flavor combinations at the nearest Mister Donut, and share the moments “na punong-puno ng fillings.”


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Hobing Korean Bingsu (Shaved Ice Dessert)

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I went to Korea and Bingsu was everywhere! So yummy! Since then I am addicted and have been looking for a Bingsu place in PH, I was very happy to find reataurants that offer it.

Hobing is one of the dessert restaurants rhat offer this. Actually, it’s their specialty!

Here are the things I love about Hobing Bingsu:
– not too sweet
– red bean and injeolmi varriant is somewhat acceptable in my fitness diet (non-cheat day).
– dessert with protein (milk, beans, nuts, grilled soybean) which is acceptable in my diet
– it’s hot in the Philippines! Cold desserts are always welcome!
– the shaved ice is so fine, it melts in your mouth
– affordable! Price is competitive compared to other restaurants that offer it.
– you can have it for take out (to go) and the bag includes ice beside your bingsu

Location: Bonifacio Stop Over, BGC.


Hobing Bingsu for take out / to go


Injeolmi and Brownie bingsu

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Milo Nutri Up Fitcon

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It was a fun day when Milo held its firsr ever Fitcon! Fitness enthusiasts gathered in one venue to work out together, dare to do the challenges and meet new friends as well.

Polecats Manila had a booth as well and I was there the day before to ingress and setup. I went at 6am on the day itself to formally open the booth with other Polecats. The sun was raining its sunshine glory on our booth and while I’m thankful of the wonderful weather, my skin now cries of sunburn! Good thing I have Cetaphil body wash to gently clean very swollen and burnt skin and Snow Lotion to even out my skin tone before my Maldives trip in 10 days!

Anyway, the day went reallg great! We were able to meet new friends and fellow fitness enthusiasts! We also had free flowing Milo Nutri Up drinks and this is my favorit variant so far! I just bought sachet packs to bring with me in Maldives!

I was in charged of Polecats Manila’s snapchat for that day and I snapped A LOT! Follow us on Snapchat: polecatsmanila





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Clarity at 30

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I was talking to my significant other before writing this. I’ve written about quarter-life crisis many years back. But you know, I just realized life is nothing but a constant journey. There are so many things I have achieved – dream, after dream, after dream

I am a multipotentialite. I have many interests and I learn fast. But you know, when you suddenly want to settle down on a field, it could get pretty tough. Companies will ask me why did I leave the Bank, went into Social Media, blogged full time and went back to work for a TV network, and then back to working for an E-commerce company?

Well, I think everything is related. Each of my different jobs were not a waste, they all added up to make my consequent jobs better. I go nowhere but up. I continuously learn and innovate and be creative in problem solving (which every job has a lot of).

So now, I sort of regretted making one career decision in my life. But again, at that time, I thought it was the best decision to do so. And now, I am eager to go back to making a difference to society again. Very eager and excited!

Whatever regrets I have, I must continue moving forward. Always keep going… never give up 🙂

When you’re 30, you have already been through a lot of things. At least, this already filters out what you like and don’t like – in love, relationships and career.

Right now, I am happy where I am. I know what I do not want. And I am very excited for my next endeavour.


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Hello, Are you there?

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My dear friends, how have you been? It’s been a while since I’ve written a post, one that’s from the heart.

I would usually meet people from events and some new faces I see when they attend my class. To my surprise, some would say that they have seen me before, and they would remember me as the great “Flaircandy”. It made me smile and think that I did share a little piece of myself to my readers and inspired a few to go for their dreams as well. At least something good came out of this crazy dream for bloggerspace domination and world peace 😅

Hello? Are you still there?

Blogging may not be my ultimate priority now, but I’m still writing. It’s been 8 years, since I’ve first written my blog post. You can dig deep in my archive, but it was all about a cancer scare. Thinking that you may be ill can really change your perspective.

By the time I reached 20, my life changed dramatically. I passed my CPA board exams and I felt like I rule the world! My personal dreams have changed over the years. It all started when I dreamed of becomming a full time blogger. What a fun life that was 🙂 I have a demanding lifestyle that made me seek a more stable financial ground and so I went back to work. And then, I wanted to dance! And now, I am dancing and teaching for a living 🙂

Life is good. Not always the best, but it has always been my choice to make it good. We decide what happens to our lives. There are lots of opportunities all for us to grab. IMPOSSIBLE is now an obsolete word for me.

If you’re still reading, I hope for courage to keep you going. It would be nice if you share a little bit of something in the comment section.

Now on to the next journey!

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Who would’ve thought year 30 is by far, my happiest 🙂 
I owe it all to my family, friends who stuck with me through thick and thin, random people who inspire me, my colleagues and mon amour 🙂 

Surround yourself with love.

Live life with passion and purpose.

Connect with people who deserve your attention.




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You win some, you lose some. But if you think like a businessman, you would turn even your losses into profit. Have you heard of the term “by-product”? It is simply a product derived from a process of creating a main product (not the main product itself). Technically, they use this term in manufacturing. (Sorry, former accountant here) But I can use this term to explain how we can create a product out of our losses/mistakes.

As you know (or not), there are two kinds of assets – tangible, and intangible. GAAP (Accounting Standard) does not recognized intangible products anymore (with exceptions). “Internally developed intangible assets are recognized only if (1) it is probable that the expected future economic benefits that are attributable to the asset will flow to the entity, (2) the cost of the asset can be measured reliably, and (3) certain other criteria are met (source)”. I may not be able to put any value or cost to my intangible by-product, but I am most certain that it can put in a step closer.

Even so, I still like to convert a loss into profit. What am I talking about? – Learn from your mistakes. Observe what happened, backtrack, think through, use all angles and remember what worked and what didn’t. In my case, I write these realizations on my blog – technically these losses could actually earn now if a reader got attracted to clicking an ad in my sidebar 😉

Never give up!

Convert any downfall into a ladder to get your way up to reach your goals. Tired of my metaphors?

Just stand up and do it!

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What is beauty? Is it universal? Is it really in the eye of the beholder? Or does ir have a formula. For the living organisms beauty might scientifically mean healhy genes. For the ears, beauty through sound and music. And of course there’s touch and texture allnour senses judge beauty.

I just heard this one great song, perfectly put together. The rhythm and the melody just moved me, and I am one who is affected by beautiful music. The instrumenta arranged carefully to create this pleasant sound in my ears… It was calming, inspiring, moving. It made mw believe beautiful things can happen…

How do we create beauty? I am not entirely sure. But I think it’s all about pattern. This song I hear right now, can take me to places my mind has not been. Amazing!

P.S. I wrote this while the song is playing and exactly ended with the word “Amazing” when the song also ended.

Time to sleep now. Ciao! 😘 

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Dove Deo Getaway – Win a Trip to Maldives

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Holidays can be really hectic for all of us women as we usually plan upcoming reunions, family trips and holiday celebrations! Along with so many other things we have on our list, we also want to make sure that our underarms are beautiful and ready – one less thing to worry about!

I recently had my underarms being treated by laser hair removal at Aesthetic Science. It is my duty to become my best self and I do invest on the things that would make me better. That said, we usually abuse our armpits, shaving, waxing and plucking really cause quite strain to our underarms. By day, I teach pole dance classes at Polecats Manila and we naturally use our skin to grip the pole – I have added more strain to my skin. More and more women like me, need a deodorant that delivers skin caring benefits and helps us get beautiful underarms too.


Dove believes that everyone deserves to experience real care and encourages women to show off their beautiful underarms with confidence, no matter what season it may be. Dove has 1/4 moisturizing cream, lessens underarm skin irritation due to plucking, shaving and waxing, leaving women with lighter and smoother underarms. I have tried deodorants that just make my underarms look flaky and dry. I say, moisturizers are the way to go!

And as Dove Deo takes care of women’s underarms, Dove now wants to give girls everywhere a chance to experience real care through a relaxing getaway for two!

A chance to win this relaxing getaway is easy with the Dove Deo box, available in major supermarkets and retail stores nationwide for the price of your regular Dove roll-on (P89 for Dove Original, and P95 for Dove Ultimate White and Dove Powder Soft). This Dove Deo box contains the Dove roll-on in Original, Ultimate White, or Powder Soft, along with a FREE tote bag!


Plus, in purchasing the Dove Deo box, you get a chance to win a beach getaway for two to an international destination by using the promo code found at the bottom of your Dove Deo Box. Just text DOVE DEO PROMO CODE to 2600. The winner will be contacted directly by the Dove team so watch out for it!

Join the #DoveDeoGetaway, and experience real care with Dove Deodorants. Visit www.dovedeo.ph for more details.

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Meeting Under Armour Ambassadors – Power in Pink

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Tea and Yoga party with Under Armour Ambassadors

Afternoon tea and yoga party with Under Armour Ambassadors

“If it doesn’t involve you stepping outside, touching other people, it is pointless.” says Under Armour’s ambassador Emmanuelle Adda, a French-Filipina performing artist and fitness enthusiast. She is referring to expanding her enthusiasm for fitness and spreading this passion to other people.

Under Armour Power in Pink celebrates those who use sports, fitness and an active lifestyle in the fight against breast cancer. Under Armour will donate a minimum of $500 to various breast cancer centers and charities through their Power in Pink program.


Inspiring change
I could relate quite well to Emmanuelle’s firm belief as stated above. Lately, I have been on a mission to become the best version of me. With the help of friends, fitness mentors, nutrition coach, doctors and the support of loved ones, I slowly am headed to becoming my best self in all aspects of my humanity. By slowly changing and transforming myself, I realized that my students, friends, readers and followers slowly notice the positive changes in me, and then I began to realize, I could in fact inspire change or make an impact in other people’s lives. I respond slowly to fitness questions via email, skin and beauty tips via social media and facebook messages and even as as far as giving advice to people who are emotionally distraught. I think one thing my readers know about me is that I am transparent in my struggles and they see the real deal. I blog about these things, but more importantly, I never fail to share that I am always trying to stand right back on my feet, dust off some negative juices and try again.

Blogging could surely take up a lot of my time. Traveling from one event to another, writing and documenting travels, hours of research and content writing too, and so on and so forth. I am not even blogging for the money, nor is this my main source of income. I blog continously so that I could send a message to everyone that they can achieve anything they want to as long as they put their heart to it.

Success is not as sweet, when you keep it to yourself. Success is best when shared. And I applaud Under Armour fo their campaign “Women of Will”, which engages women of different shapes, ages and bckground to immerse themselves more into active lifestyle and fitness.

Women of Will goes Urban

Under Armour has designed whole month-long fitness activities for women who want to empower themselves. These activities have already begun, starting with the breakfast group “Girls Run”, headed by Tessa Prieto and Under Armour athlete Doray Elis last October 28, as they tried Under Armour sports bra in their fitness yoga and run. These activities are now being conducted regularly for the month of November together with partner gyms and women groups.

TheWomen of Will campaign rallies to fight against breast cancer so be sure to check out these dates and GET ARMOURED!

  • Women of Will Wednesdays at Urban Ashram. All Wednesdays of November
  • Total Wellness and Fitness Saturdays at Edsa Shangri-La Health Club. All Saturdays of November!
  • Exclusive Tea Fitness Party at Raffles Hotel. ovember 0, 2015 at :0 pm.
  • Women’s Basketball Treat – PBA Basketball 3 on 3. November 28, 2015.
  • Ftness Day with Belle de Jour. November 29, 2015.

For Further information, please visit Under Armour’s official website at www.ua.com.ph and follow Under Armour Philippines on instagram (@underarmourph).


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Taisho Ramen SM Light Mall Mandaluyong

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Ever since I came back from Japan, I’ve been craving ramen on my cheat days. One particular Sunday, my usual cheatday, I passed by SM Light Mall to check it out since I live nearby and want to explore it.

I saw the ads of Taisho Restaurant as I looked for parking. I guess physical poster ads do work! It worked for me!

 Here’s my quick review of Taisho Restaurant at SM Light Mandaluyong.

I ordered the most basic, classic, traditional ramen. I am not a fan of fusion or overly loaded with flavor food. I want an authentic taste to slip through my tongue!

Can I just say that no ramen place here in Manila is ever gonna compete with the ramen in Japan. 

I got the Tonkotsu ramen worth 315 (plus service charge). For rhe price, the ramen is just okay. 3.8 stars out of 5 for me. But to be fair, this ramen did not dissappoint and satisfied my craving. Not the best but pwedz na 😉

More details in their social media sites.

Facebook: Taisho Ranen & Teppanyaki House
Twitter: @TaishoRamen
Instagram: taishoramen

*This is an unbiased review. Food was paid for by me.


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Free Airbnb Credits to Celebrate Smart and Airbnb Partnership 

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Smart and Airbnb teamed up to bring awesome travel experiences to Filipinos. To go straight to the good news, All Smart subscribers can enjoy Php 2,500 off on Airbnb bookings worldwide.

Filipinos have been more active in traveling and Airbnb is one of the options for booking accommodations. This is great because different people like different things and have varied budgets. Airbnb is present in 34,000 cities and over 190 countries – be it an apartment, a castle, or a villa.

You can download the Airbnb app from App Store and Google Play Store.

Text SMARTAIRBNB to 2855

From today until January 2016, Smart subscribers will receive a P2,500 Airbnb discount for any Airbnb booking with a minimum spend of P8,000. The discount is limited to one booking per subscriber, valid until December 2016. The booking has to be made by March 31, 2016 and the date of travel must be between today and December 2016. For more information about the terms and conditions at Airbnb.com/smart.


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#DoItAllHair with New Pantene Pro-V Conditioners

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Pantene Do It All Hair Dare #DoItAll

I have received a dare from Pantene!

“Dare to let your hair down!”

Attached: Gift Card to The Palace for Php 1,000

I am very busy this month of October because (1) It’s Polecats Manila’s anniversary, and (2) It’s my birth month! I am planning to do this dare this Saturday, Oct. 24, 2015. Before going to Palace, please also drop by our party at URBN!


See you there 🙂 I’ll let my hair down promise 😛

Meanwhile, let’s talk about the dare and why it makes sense. I have been rotating a few shampoo brands once in a while, but when I want that soft, tangle-free, and healthy hair, I use Pantene.

Pantene Pro-V Conditioners unveils stronger, shinier hair that can take it all. It’s a common problem to Filipinas in this country – that part where we live in a very humid country, affects the state of our hair.

From its long range of Pro-V products, Pantene adds Histidine in its conditioners to restore and maintain hair health from the core, resulting in stronger hair that can take it all. This is the key ingredient to our happiness. Finally, we can go anywhere in this country and still maintain that fabulous hair.

I may have not gone to party at the Palace to do the dare yet, but I have been gaining the benefits of the new Pantene Pro-V Conditioner.

Hannah Villasis Pantene hair

Hannah Villasis Pantene hair

The Miracle Molecule

Rooted in proteomics research, the Pantene Hair Research Institute discovered that oxidative mineral build-up does not only exist on the surface but also occurs within the hair’s deepest cuticle layers. These impurities create a damaging cascade of reactions that break down the hair’s protein structure, degrading it down to the core.

The Histidine technology in Pantene conditioners has anti-oxidant properties, similar to the free radical fighting anti-oxidant ingredients in skin care products that work to prevent age spots and wrinkles. Histidine penetrates deep into the endocuticle layers in hair to seek out and identify oxidative mineral deposits, removing them to help protect hair’s naturally healthy, strong structure. Together with theEDDS Keratin Damage-Blocking technology in Pantene shampoos, Histidine reverse years of damage up to 2.5x more effective than Pantene shampoo alone.

Pantene Pro-V 3 Minute Miracle with Histadine

Dare to do it all with #DoItAllHair

It’s going to be fun joining this dare. The New Pantene Pro-V Conditioners get up to 97% less breakage, 230 degrees Celsius heat protection, and 72 hours freedom from frizz.

Pantene Total Damage Care Shampoo, Conditioner, and Pantene 3 Minute Miracle Conditioners are available at Zalora, and all leading supermarkets and pharmacies.

Pantene 3 Minute Miracle Conditioner

Php 159.00 (180ml)

Php 259.00 (340ml)


*Related post: Mystery Hair Care brand revealed.

* My Pantene commercial in 2010

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