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Clumsy Candy

Posted by on Mar 3, 2010 in Life, Personal, Wall of the Weird

Wherever I go, I always stumble and fall.

In whatever I do, I have super duper *minor* accidents.

I believe in Guardian Angels.

For if not, I think I would have died because of my clumsiness…

Even if I just walk barefoot, I’d still slip-trip-and-fall…

Sometimes I just don’t know what to do with myself anymore…


I used to get embarrassed all the time…

But now, I just could not count the many instances of my fall…

So I just laugh at myself – apologize to the crowd if they were distracted…

I swear I did not seek your attention…

It was just me – clumsy as usual 😛


So here I am…

Standing Four Feet Eleven


Yet I still bumped myself into a very sharp edge…




… and had a **BUKOL** in my head



a very big one that I burst into tears like a 5-year-old… ahuk… ahuk… ahuk…


It was too painful even for a clumtard like me…

I checked if my brain’s logic is still functioning – 1 hamburger + 1 large fry + coke = McDonald’s Value Meal for lunch

I checked my memory – I remembered that I was hungry and I needed food.

— no wait… That’s not a memory, that’s just my stomach being a b*tch telling my brain what I need to do… at least I know my reflexes and my nervous system is still fine… neurons are working fine…



I remembered to camwhore though… so I think I should be fine 😛

ktnxbai 😛

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Happy to Wake Up

Posted by on Feb 4, 2010 in Life, Personal, Wall of the Weird

There are times when you wake up and you feel relieved that you are living in the *real* world.

I seldom have nightmares… and usually, it doesn’t involve ghosts and monsters…

My nightmares involve some of my biggest fears,

The one that can hurt me most…

My nightmares play with my emotions…


And so, I woke up with sweat all over…

Unsure if some were tears or sweat in the pillow.

I see the sunshine…


and hums a tune in my head…

“Don’t worry, bout a thing… Coz every little thing… is gonna be alright”


*picture grabbed from squiddo.com
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Blog Clogged – Writing from Windows Live Writer

Posted by on Feb 3, 2010 in Personal, Wall of the Weird

As much as I wanted to publish one blog post per day, I wasn’t able to.  Now, I have a blog clog.  Anton of ourawesomeplanet.com advised me to publish events and blog post as it happens as much as possible because a lot of things happen in a day.  Next thing you know, you’re blog clogged.

Shame, and it is my situation now.

Suddenly, I miss my MSI Wind UMPC.  The really light net book that I can bring anywhere.  I have a sun mobile broadband pen right now and it is really a handy tool.  I am using a very bulky 14 inch laptop right now though.  I figured, if I partnered my sun mobile with my UMPC, that would be perfect.  But, I gave it to my aunt for her use… T___T

Anyway, I love technology and it has been quite a long while since I’ve made a blog tech post.  There were a lot of events in January and I now that I am feeling well, I’m off to publishing everything…

Today, I just feel like writing… no pictures… no whatever… I have been using Windows Live Writer application and it has been a very convenient tool for my blogging.  You should try it out by yourself if you want because you would never know how comfy it is to write a blog post and arranging pictures etc. until you try it out yourself.

Let’s work hard…

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Insomnia + Boredom + Nerves

Posted by on Oct 4, 2009 in Entertainment and Lifestyle, Featured, Music, Personal, Wall of the Weird

EQUALS this T______T

The Candy attempts to sing to tire her nerves at 3am in the morning coz she has the insomnia attack… Or is it just a lame excuse for her to sing? …

It’s fun talking to yourself in third person haha… I hope you enjoy as much as I did ^_^

BTW, I’m not wearing any make-up in this video because my friends keep telling me not to! So you’ll see my bare naked face ^_^ and hear my naked voice without any background music on…

Oh and yeah.. I uploaded this video like 18 hours ago and it already had 26 views!! I wasn’t even promoting it or anything because the instant I uploaded this, my internet died lol.

Anyway, I was so surprised that it already had a comment as well! and Guess who?

It’s ReVibe BABY!!! —


REVIBE WHAT??? oh you’ve got to listen to their cover of Knock You Down you’ll be so amazed! Here here clickity-click below!!! I’m pretty sure they made a better cover (100000x better) than I did! Check these dudes out they’re awesome! and hey, in case you need a gal to sing with you let me in! XD

I know I’ve haven’t heard of them before to be honest but they are wonderful Pinoys in Australia… and I think they already have an album out with Sony BMG. ^_^

I’m just so enthused that I got a comment from them! (blush)

Check out their youtube page here.

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Posted by on Sep 8, 2009 in Featured, Life, Personal, Wall of the Weird


Freedom is like water
Only in your deserts you’ll thirst for her
But no riches can buy her wells

– Poem: Joseph Hurtado

Freedom from fear…  the fear of the future…

There’s such a comfort in the thought of death… Knowing that you might die soon (like I did before when I thought I might have had cancer) will give you the courage or the “reason” (hehe) to do the things you want to do!  Hence, this blog is born and so many of my adventures to date!  Somehow it keeps on reminding me that life is too short.  Thinking that you’re dying is a great excuse to do crazy things you never thought you’d do like EAT A PIG’s BRAIN! (which reminds me, I need to post that video up!)

Freedom from embarrassment…

…and just laughing out your weird funny moments with the people that matter!  Ooooh yes I have tons to tell!  Ask my best friends, my officemates, my boss, my family… You’ll gonna be hearing a whole bunch of blooper stories!

…my blooper trademark: NOT being able to recognize or know the MOST FAMOUS PEOPLE!  So he could be seated right next to me he’ll get no special treatment lol… This person could be the hottest surfer in the Philippines but I always have just thought that he is just one of the locals.  This person is an TV icon, but I’m clueless to who he is ROTFL!  But they love me still!

Freedom from mistakes and *luck-less-ness*…

Converting every negativity into something worthwhile and valuable.  You know what they say, “If life throws you lemons, make a lemonade.”

“If life throws you a SNAKE – make some shoe or a bag out of it” 😛

“If life throws you knives … well you gotta run or else you’ll die” XD

My point is… look for opportunities even in the most unfortunate situation… EXCEPT when you think it will really kill you then don’t push it lah… Use your common sense eh!

Freedom is a choice!

I choose to be free… I make my own decisions, my own choices and I am responsible for it… So right now, I’m just gonna have all the fun I can get out of life!

Life is a stage and I’m the star!

Work hard… Party Harder!

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I think I have ESP

Posted by on Apr 2, 2009 in Personal, Wall of the Weird

ESP or extrasensory perception is perception occurring independently of sight, hearing, or other sensory processes. People who have extrasensory perception are said to be psychic. It is commonly called ESP, a term popularized by J. B. Rhine, who began investigating the phenomenon at Duke University in 1927. ESP refers to telepathy, clairvoyance, precognition, and in recent years, remote viewing and clairaudience. The existence of ESP and other paranormal powers such as telekinesis, are disputed, though systematic experimental research on these subjects, known collectively as psi, has been ongoing for over a century in parapsychology.

I think I have precognition. Blah this is not an April Fools day post ok It’s just that there were some things that happened that made me think I have one… I’m skeptical about it though, but many times I have experienced this and I tried to ignore it!  I just say “It’s just a coincidence.” But it happens most of the time and the occurrence is getting more often.

Sometimes, someone would just appear in my mind all of a sudden then it’s either I see him/her in actual person or I receive a text message or call.  Most of the time I have my phone lying around and I am busy and so engrossed tinkering with my computer or watching TV or DVD, then all of a sudden I panic thinking “whoah where’s my cellphone someone might text me” a second or 2 later it rings / alerts me of a new message.

Another thing that always really happens to me, like I thought at first this is always a coincidence but it just really is happenning too often for my skepticism to this idea melt, is when I say I am in a car driving while listening to music.  Suddenly I just feel like looking to the right and I see a billboard with the word “vacation” then synchronized with the lyrics of the song (or sometimes what the dj says) is also the word “vacation.”

What made me fizz this morning in my office was when I was thinking of updating my CPE (Continuous Professional Education – something like that) credits for my CPA (Certified Public Accountant) license.  Which is a very rare thought because I was so busy tinkering on my computer then all of a sudden this thought (that I don’t think about much probably it’s the first time even that I thought about my CPE for the year) just passed by my mind.  About 30 minutes after, my boss asked me “BTW, have you checked on HR if your trainings are accredited to your CPE?”  @_@  I was like, whoah I just thought about that 30 mins ago.  And this incident so far is the longest time gap from the “precog” to the event happening itself.

Unlike Phoebe in charmed, she knows when she’s having a precog and the precog is not a sudden thing and it happens around sometime in the near future and not after 2 seconds or just 30 minutes.  My “precogs” however, if you must name it that, is just a sudden thing like it happens after 2-10 seconds usually and the longest was 30 minutes.

Yes, coincidence it may be and I don’t really put in mind that I have ESP because it’s ridunculous.  I mean I’m not saying I don’t believe it exists or it happens I’m just skeptical about me being one of those people having that.  I don’t really know about science and physics and how the brain works but technically I think that ESP stuffs have a little bit of scientific basis also other than the “paranormal” description it has.  I think in humans we call it “ESP” what we call in animals “animal instinct / intuition”.  Animals (I don’t know if scientifically proven) know if an earthquake or a calamity is coming… Right?

And so I plurked this morning saying “I think I have ESP.”  Then I have a friend who is a mentalist saying “We can test it, flaircandy. I have certain procedures I use to test for psychics.”

Then I found it interesting that you could actually test yourself if you have some ESP going on…

…and knowing that almost everything is interned, I googled “Test if you have ESP“…

I clicked on the first search result it said “More than 1 out of 6 tries would indicate possible ESP usage.”  I was supposed to guess (if this is the proper term) the shape of the card that the computer picked.

At first I scored 1 out of 6.  XD  This was because I was just randomly putting the mouse anywhere.  I was really just “guessing”.

I scored 2 out of 6 on my second attempt.  I scored wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, right, right.  Among the “wrongs” i was still “guessing”.  on the last two consecutive “rights”  I made an effort to “see” what the card the computer picked.  I know he instructions said “Trust your vision.  Trust your intuition.  Try  not to let anything distract or influence you.” , but I think that does not work for me because I can only anticipate the super-near future if I use my other senses.

On my final two attempt (deep inside I did not want to fail the test because I thought it would be somehow cool to have this), I closed my eyes randomly pointed it at somewhere and my eyes automatically focused into one object.  I saw the shape (shape that I don’t notice before that I have in my room), a “hallow circle” or just an outline of the circle in my bedsheet.  Then I clicked on the option on the computer “outline circle” then I got the right answer.  I did the same thing on the next shape and physically saw Compaq’s logo that looks like a square and then there you go… correct!

Focusing was kinda tiring for my brain lol.  but I said I want to try another test.  And so, I clicked on the second search result of google.   I took the test and got this result:

Total Points 21 to 30
You have some psychic abilities working for you, but, it is scattered. Maybe you should work on this potential and fully develop your precognition abilities. You can then go beyond the simple manifestations you may be currently experiencing like: Thinking of someone just before they call … or sensing danger just before danger appears … or getting impressions of people (good or bad) only to find out later how right you are … and you only had a few moments to get such an impression. By working to develop your psychic sense, you will get even deeper impressions and more accurate readings.

Then it kinda creeped me out because that is so true to me… All of the things there.  And I remember how I almost always say to the people I am close with that I have this certain kind of intuition that I know who to trust and it just never fails me (well not yet) .   And didn’t I just mention above about the call thingy, yes that happens often.  But probably, if I indeed have ESP, it is weak!  Because this has been with me for quite some time but I really don’t believe in the possible fact that I have precog.  So probably it just gets weaker.

Now that I have sort of acknowledged the possibility (possibility only) that I may indeed have this then… we’ll see XD

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How Does Your School Experiment with Creativity?

Posted by on Mar 3, 2009 in Entertainment and Lifestyle, Events, Wall of the Weird

Lab experiments are nice but can often confine you to a world of microscopes, Petri dishes and boring partners.  But what if as alternate experiments, you can test how people react when you suddenly quietly break dance inside the library or sleep, complete with pajamas and pillows, in the middle of a school cafeteria?

In the very first user-generated youth online show, Teazperiments brought to you by TANG Fruit Teaz, all of these have been made possible. An initiative to combat boredom among tweens, the TANG Teazperiments brought together participants from 7 school organizations and had them give their unique rendition of a flash mob. A rapidly growing international phenomenon, flash mob performers assemble in a public place, display a unique action – much like in the famed Grand Central freeze where 200 people suddenly froze in place for 5 minutes— and finally disperse. 

So how did Filipinos give a local twist to the flash mob? Here are the young participants who each experimented with their uniquely fun and creative antidotes for boredom

UP Theater Council

“It was a test of creativity,” shares Patrick Valera when asked about their TANG Teazperiment. “Here, we had no lights, no production crew or special effects – the crowd’s reaction will only depend on us and how we perform.”

And as expected, the UP Theatre Council rose up to the challenge. The group staged a ‘Human Spelling’ routine in hallways of the UP Diliman’s high school (UP- IS) and performed a ‘harana’ number right on the steps of Palma Hall. He adds that through the TANG Teazperiments, their organization, which originally

aimed to produce high quality productions, mold new talents and improve the skills of its members, found a fun outlet to break out of the theater routine.  

Ateneo De Manila University’s Dulaang Sibol and Tanghalang Ateneo

From one theatre group to another, Ateneo’s Dulaang Sibol (Sibol) together with Tanghalang Ateneo (TA) also took on the TANG Teazsperiments challenge. Considered as one of the country’s leading school-based theatre companies, Sibol and TA has long been proving themselves unique and original in the field of arts.

“We don’t want to be known solely for producing excellent theater plays – we’re also a group that knows how to have fun,” quips BJ Crisostomo. And their teazperiments stunts, Fan Mob and Dance Like Nobody’s Watching, which the group performed along the high school walkway and inside the hallowed halls of the Ateneo Library, proved their claim.

San Sebastian Theater Arts Guild

Composed of only the most dynamic and artistic students of San Sebastian College, the Theater Arts Guild exists as a venue where individuals with theater inclinations can have the chance to educate and develop their talent to the fullest.  Their Teazperiments entries, Sleeping Beauty and Megaphone, showed just that.  “Our organization takes pride in creating top quality productions and stories that’s why we made it a point that our entries are no less than excellent,”says Jerico Mañalac.


FEU-FERN Theater Society

A budding theater group, the FEU-FERN Theatre Society was recently established in 2008 with the goal of forming a creative outlet for the students who are inclined in the performing arts.  That’s why when they heard of the Teazperiments project, the members as well as their advisers got excited.  “Even though we were not as experienced as the other groups, we were very proud of how our outputs turned out,” says Erryel Valmonte.  FEU-FERN Theater Society was able to produce fun and creative teazperiment stunts such as Kamot and Eating While Standing.

La Consolacion College Manila’s Arté.Comm

Now in their fourth year of productive existence, Arté.Comm is an organization in La Consolacion College Manila that is geared towards developing and enhancing the skills and creativity of the students.  Reflective of its tag line, “The Order of the Creative Minds”, Arte.Comm was able to produce two original teazperiment stunts, Zombie and Ballerina.  “The organization believes that education and experience are in sync in molding the members to be better professionals,” says Thereze-Lou Sison  “The Teazperiments are great opportunities for us to practice our creativity and talents.”

Defining Creative Moments

“Teens naturally want to explore things around them, hoping to discover something fun and interesting that would cure their boredom,” says Cindy Abella, Brand manager for Tang Fruit Teaz.  “Through Teazperiments, we thought this natural curiosity can be geared towards creative and exciting outputs.”

Abella further explains that the best part about this show is that the tweens themselves can judge who created the most fun and creative flash mob presentation.  They vote online by logging on to www.teazperiments.com.

So the equation for tween fun is really simple–combine school orgs, teazperiments and creativity, you get the best antidote for boredom.

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Tweens Unite Against Boredom

Posted by on Mar 3, 2009 in Events, Music, Wall of the Weird

If you think TV, radio, Internet or even the latest gaming console will stop them from being bored, think again.

With the majority of the 12- to 24-year-olds saying they’re still bored even with the vast number of entertainment options available to them; the newest generation of tweens will stop at nothing to combat boredom.  True enough, studies show that the bored tweener is more likely to experiment with smoking, alcohol and drugs.  But with Teazperiments, the very first user-generated online youth show from TANG Fruit Teaz, Filipino tweens now have a better option of beating boredom with clean and fun experiments.

"Tweens naturally want to explore things around them, hoping to discover something fun and interesting that would cure their boredom,” says Cindy Abella, Brand Manager for Tang Fruit Teaz.  “Through Teazperiments, we thought this natural curiosity can be geared towards creative and exciting outputs.”

Truly one-of-its-kind here in the Philippines, Teazperiments unites tweens from different school organizations in the metro to combat boredom through the first user-generated online show geared towards the Filipino youth. Here, participating school organizations will be asked to come up with unique teazperiments that can in turn be accessed at www.teazperiments.com.

Hosted by celebriteens Ketchup Eusebio and Andi Manzano, This teazperiment localizes the internationally-growing flash mob fad where a large group of people who assemble suddenly in a public place, perform an unusual action for a brief time, then quickly disperse – leaving the audience amazed by the performance.  Tweens can judge the most fun and creative teazperiment presentation by voting online.  

“Although some adults may find the new flash mob fad to be a little bold for their taste, tweens find the idea is fresh, upbeat and fun,” says Abella.  “We hope that through the teasperiments brought about by TANG Fruit Teaz, we can empower the Filipino youth to make everyday positively experimental, creative and unexpected,” asserts Abella.

So if Gen Xers are content with watching the latest TV series or surfing the Net, the youth of today takes their fun a bit further.  But be it Gen X or Gen Y, both would definitely agree that there’s nothing wrong with having a little fun—well, the good and clean kind, that is.



Teazperiments, the very first user-generated online youth show from TANG Fruit Teaz gives the Filipino tweens a better option of beating boredom with clean and fun experiments (www.teazperiments.com)


Top Young Celebs Andi Manzano and Ketchup Eusebio hosts Philippines’ First Ever User-Generated Youth Online Show – Tang Fruit Teaz’ Teazperiments.


UP Theater Council


Trinity University of Asia’s Student Council


La Consolacion College Manila’s – Arte’.Comm


PUP’s Cooperatives Student Council


Dulaang Sibol and Tanghalang Ateneo from Ateneo De Manila University

clip_image018FEU FERN Theater Society

clip_image024San Sebastian Theater Arts Guild

TANG Fruit Teaz is the catalyst that brings together the Filipino youth in becoming experimental, creative, and out-of-the ordinary

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Candy in the Sun

Posted by on Dec 31, 2008 in Pilipinas, Sports, Travel, Wall of the Weird

Candy In The Sun – Swirl 360

Song Lyrics | CANDY IN THE SUN lyrics 360 SWIRL

Please play the music while you read this post for more attitude! 😛

Now Candy’s got a new hobby!!!

What is? This is…

flaircandy’s now a Surf Candy! It was my first time surfin’ as I joined the Citisurfer’s trip to La Union and got caught up with gnarly awesome waves!!! I got a whole lot of adrenaline packed for this!

Surfin the Holidays away! It was my first Surf trip ever with the CitiSurfers!

Who: CitiSurfers
Location: La Union
Status: Addicted!!!
Medical state: got bruises everywhere!!!

For now, just sharing the experience we had last weekend… will be posting up more details of my first time surf within the week…

In the meantime, scroll along the pictures and get envious 😛 visit my multiply to comment on the photos!

Also, this is a compilation of some videos I had during the trip!  I will be looking forward to more videos in the future surf outings!  Also, I will soon be featuring surf videos from Pawie the surf dude who takes gnarly adrenaline-pumpin’ videos up close!

Come back for more Surf Action Updates!

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Naked Candy

Posted by on Sep 3, 2008 in Entertainment and Lifestyle, Events, Personal, Wall of the Weird

Pardoneme but I could not find any more title worth clicking for 😛 … and nope you ain’t seeing any naked Candy here! ;P


Today was the Medical Exam day for our company and boy-oh-boy the physical exam was unexpected!  The breast exam was quite bearable for me since I have had surgeons cutting through it (including a cute anesthesiologist *shy* *shy*).  For those who do not know what happened to me click here.  But then again, breast exam is not so invasive or not even so scary at all as compared to having the doctor ask you to drop your pants and bend over!  So uncomfortable experience!


The funnier part about that is when she asked me to do that, her cellphone rang… and her ringtone goes…


“I feel you creepin I can see it from my shadow… *blah blah* … and possibly bend you over… look back and watch me smack that…”


Oh jeeeezz and the stool sample I am just not so intended to comply with…  Why force us to submit anyway huh?


This day, there was a positive correlation between the long queue in the toilet and the number of patients having their medical examinations this day!  So grossness and haosiaoness!  Stool and Feces all over *faints!*


I know I know this is no ordinary experience and this post is definitely not Rated triple X!  It’s Rated G (without the P) for Grossness!


till next time,

Naked Candy

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I Think I Just Killed a Chicken

Posted by on Sep 1, 2008 in Personal, Wall of the Weird

It’s not like I don’t eat Chicken (which you have to kill first so that you could eat it).  But yes, today is the first tragedy I ever had in my 5 years of driving already. It just appeared all of a sudden!  Out of nowhere along the road that connects East ave and Quezon ave.

This event makes me want to be a vegetarian..

Seriously boss S, I know you’ll be laughing and teasing me when you read this.  I hate vegies, that’s why I just drink an expensive supplement.

OK, fine now, at least for the day I’m not gonna be eating any Chiken!

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EDSA: wifi and big Levi’s advertisment

Posted by on Aug 26, 2008 in Featured, Pilipinas, Tech Chic, Wall of the Weird

I have plurked this one time before. I was so bored with the traffic from EDSA. Comming from Commonwealth Q.C. all the way to my office in Fort Bonifacio, it’s either I sleep (you know I dont like sleeping) or pretty much cuddling my MSI Wind on my lap. Just then along EDSA I was so surprised to catch a wifi connection!!! “Seiche Tunnel” is the name of the wifi connection. It was amazing as i had uninterupted connection from East Ave. to C5 bridge! Click here to view some details I scoured over the net: from Robin Lim on Mobility Philippines.

Also, another interesting thing that perks up my mornings… This big advertisment along EDSA from LEVI’s wrapped into the whole of the building is just so… so… so… BIG!!! You know…!!! BIG! It kinda really draws some attention you know… With the hawt guy on the building and the really sexy image *plus* the traffic along EDSA, would make you wanna stop and stare… Carefow now ladies and even gentlemen, I now consider this part of EDSA as an “accident prone area”. Though I heard from the radio station that this is even recognized in Guinness Records… though I’m not so sure about that fact, let me just update you with this… for now, enjoy the pictures, for those of you who don’t have the camera to shoot and is focusing on driving while passing this way…

Lots to drool,

Flair Candy 😛

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Hacking Time

Posted by on Aug 21, 2008 in Career, Entertainment and Lifestyle, Featured, Personal, Wall of the Weird

Time is definitely not on my side right now. Just like how I study some stuff to hack (whoopsies… now you know), I’m also learning how to hack my Time!

Click more if you want to see me doing something CRAZY!

Just right now, do you want to know what I’m really doing at this exact moment? Yes! Time-hacking! While waiting for my Lotus notes to find the email I’m looking for in my archive, I take advantage of this time to make a blog entry!

Time management has been critical for me now. I just want to do so many things but time and my own energy is running out too. Most of you know that I hate sleeping! Yessssss!!! (with 5 Ss!) I mean we just sleep because it’s necessary right… But, sleeping takes 6-8 hours of my precious time… This is the reason why sometimes I want to try sleeping in the Comfort Room.

disclaimer: boss S, if you are reading this this is only “acting”… for blogging purposes only

toilet sleeper

Now that my Lotus notes is ok, then I must go back to work… That’s the skill of hacking time ladies and gentlemen. 🙂

Until next time!


Time Hacker

Hacking Time

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