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My middle name is “adventure.” Though a geek at heart and Certified Public Accountant, I often manipulate time and space to fit in crazy escapades like surfing, longboarding, pole dancing, cheerleading, karting, traveling and a whole other crazy stuff.

The Flair Candy Blog contains my personal thoughts on Budget Traveling, Adventures and Sports, The Formula 1, a little bit of Photography and gadgets and many more. I collect hobbies!


Photography by Garvin Yao

Hair and makeup by Charlene Lu-Tan

Site is owned and maintained by Hannah Rika Villasis, a Certified Public Accountant who persued her career as a full time blogger, TV show host, internet marketing entrepreneur, social media addict and a lot more things on the side.

I’m half-autistic and sometimes I have my own little world, a little geeky but also a social animal, I love sports, I love adventures (except camping), I love to party and dance! I know nothing about politics but would love to be enlightened someday. My mind is always open for learning. I watch a lot of science related TV series such as Fringe, Grey’s Anatomy and House M.D. I watch these not only to entertain myself but to gain accidental learning. I love National Geographic and Discovery Channel!

Any studies about the human brain fascinates me. I sometimes think I have ESP. I am a fast learner, and I owe it to my curiosity. I believe that the more you use your mind, the more you unlock its potential. Being curious makes me think a lot and reason with myself, it pushes me to observe and gives me courage to try new things and reach my dreams. I am a curious child asking too many questions that I answer by myself sometimes (which makes me even more confused).

“When you open your mind to the impossible, sometimes you find the truth.”

– Dr. Walter Bishop (Fringe)

I was once a bookworm but now I’m lazy to read. The book needs to capture my attention by the first 5 pages. Harry Potter, Angels and Demons and a few more books really got me going. I never finished reading Eclipse. I watched the movie instead. I love Paulo Coelho books.

I love looking good and I love taking care of myself. To me “Vanity” is not a sin, it is a virtue.

I believe that a right amount of vanity in your vein is a virtue and not a sin. Because if you are vain, you take care of yourself a lot. If you don’t take care of yourself… that just means you’re LAZY! That’s synonymous to “Sloth” which is part of the 7 deadly sins :P I also believe that no one is ugly — just lazy people! :D Feel free to argue with my twisted logic :P

Cameras I use:

1. Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ5 – (deceased) the dude magnet… It took lovely underwater photos when used with underwater case or suit. However, it got drowned on one of my surftrips :(

2. Nikon D40 DSLR with 18-55mm kit lens and 70-300mm G Nikkor zoom lens (for surfing and Formula 1 photography). This baby is lovely and it made me win 3rd and 1st place in one photography contest.

3. Panasonic Lumic LZ10 – my digital camera replacement for TZ5. I bought it for only Php 5,000 in Singapore yet in made me win a contest :)

As of now, my Nikon D40′s kit lens is acting up… I’m trying to decide whether I buy a Nikon D90, a Panasonic Lumix GF1 or a Canon D7… :P

4.  Nikon D3100 with 18-55mm kit lens and 70-300mm G Nikkor zoom lens (for surfing and Formula 1 photography)

5.  Sony Cybershot WX80 wifi camera.  I won this as a prize.


I have my two cyber-bodyguards always. Jehz for blog maintenance and Winston for blog security. The theme header and footer is designed by Jehz. Web hosting and blog consultancy by Jehz. Winston is the only Batang Yagit na bodyguard! He secured and revived my blog when it was hacked the first time, the second time and the third time. Together with Jehz, my blog is now already 99.99% unhackable (if there is such a term).


Fast Candy: I am a fast learner. I don’t know if I’m just skillful enough or I just have what they call “beginner’s luck”.

iCandy: I am born to be techie… I just lurve tinkering with my new gadgets and gadgets of other people lol. I broke my PC several times because I attempt to fix them by trial and error… don’t worry I usually fix my stuff… my break to fix ratio is about 20:80 :D not a big of a problem right…? :P

Rockstar Candy: There’s no Dancing without music! I have been a dancer my whole life and music is simply a part of me Surf Candy: I am just simply addicted to surfing… surf around my blog to get a peek of my surfing photography and videos.

Green Candy: *wink* *wink* Coz I am green in all aspects (LOL) I love the color green, I love money coz it makes me do a lot of things, I love the environment and I am a nature lover… so remember… Reuse… Reduce… Recycle!

Love Candy: Because I am in search for my soulmate… and I quote Paulo Coelho

The whole of man’s life on the face of earth can be summed up by the search for his Soulmate. He may pretend to be running after wisdom, money or power, but none of that matters. Whatever he achieves will be incomplete if he fails to find his soulmate. – Brida, Paulo Coelho

Logic Candy: See above, plus I am a Math Wizard (I’m really such a proud sissy) geeez +_+’

Why Candy? Why is it all about the “Candy?” – ‘Coz candy comes with different colors and flavours. It can be sweetsourspicy and mint but almost never bitter :P

How about Flair you ask? ‘Coz I do all of the above with “Flair

Flair means talent or elegance as per encarta’s definition:

flair [ fler ]
1. talent: a natural ability to do something well, especially creative or artistic ability
2. elegance: obvious elegance or stylishness

So now you know and that’s it for now… I believe there are more personalities to Candy and I will just add If I can remember… Or… you may suggest a personality of me if you may just drop some mail love here.

(x)flair + candy = Hannah

It’s like “flair” is variable and “candy” is constant. yep… that’s one gnarly way to describe me… :P

Welcome to Candy’s world!

My blog and Me

Magazine Features

  • Meg Magazine 13th Anniversary issue – 25 young achievers (link)
  • UNO Magazine features (link)
  • One of the 10 Bright Young Manila Feature in Chalk Magazine (link)
  • UNIPRO Now International magazine for Filipino American Unity (link)
  • Meg Magazine article mention (link)
  • Stir.ph (link)
  • Adobo Magazine (link)

Newspaper Features

  • Blog-o-Rama feature in Manila Bulletin (link)
  • Philippine Star mention (link)
  • Philippine Star Smart LTE (link)
  • Philippine Star PLDT party (link)
  • Manila Bulletin Style Weekend Feature – Woman at work: Blogger style (link)


  • Won Best Personal Blog at the Digital Filipino Awards (link)
  • Nominated Best Personal Blog at the Philippine Blog Awards


  • Underwater photography published on Action and Fitness Magazine (link)
  • Photo published on CNBC Business Magazine (link)
  • 1st and 2nd place winner of Kraft Keso de Gallo Photo Contest (link)
  • Winner of Real Leaf Paparazzi Photo Contest (link)


TV and TV Show Host

  • Tek Tok TV Host for Global News Network (GNN) Business Portal
  • Special News Anchor for Global News Network
  • WhenInManila.com Fake News Correspondent
  • BUYanihan travel show host
  • Interviews with QTube and TV5
  • Bloomberg TV (link)

Speaking Engagements

  • Blogging 101 speaker at De La Salle University LEAP
  • iBlog 6 Convention Speaker
  • Digital Filipino Awards Speaker
  • Web Safety for Parents Host
  • Buhayko.org speaker for Blogging 101
  • Manila Bulletin 3D Newspaper Launch Host
  • Photo-blogging 101 speaker for Globe Telecom
  • Boss Ironman Club Victory Party Host
  • Metro Comic Con 2011 (host)
  • GUS Furniture launch (host)
  • CISQO Wireless solutions product launch (host)
  • Neutrogena Hydro Boost product launch (host)
  • 2011 Conference on IT Concepts: A Slice of the Web Today (Lyceum-Northwestern University) (speaker)


  • Radio Guesting onMellow 94.7 “The G-Spot” Edumacate Me segment
  • Sports Writer at Technorati.com
  • Contributor at Wheninmanila.com


Pole Dancing Achievements and Workshops



  1. “When you open your mind to the impossible, sometimes you find the truth.”
    I love this quote by Walter Bishop. hehehe 😀

    Dude GF1 na bilhin mo, di ka mag sisisi. 😛 hehe

  2. hello.. nice blogs & pics ^^

  3. I’m really forced to click your about page because your posts are interesting – and the pictures too. Glad to see fellow PICPANs in the blogosphere.

  4. Thanks Vic! nice to see there’s another PICPAN like you too!

  5. just dropping by…I really love the tag line..>:)

  6. cool candy i may say. love ur blogs:)

  7. saw your pic on when in manila. had to find your website after seeing you there. buti na lang naka-watermark yung site mo dun sa isa sa mga pics. you have that beauty na hindi nakakasawa.

  8. Thank you @crixus 🙂 which photos are these? sometimes tinatamad na ako mag watermark.. thanks for reminding me how important this is

  9. i looove your blog! just browsing regarding ACTS then i saw this cool page, keep it up! stay pretty 🙂

  10. Thank you Aeci! you love dancing too? 🙂

  11. your blog nicer than mine many many times… clean and simple ^^

  12. Cool blog!. Jehz is my online and blog idol too. Keep up the good work Candy.

  13. I also love paulo coehlo. your blog is really cool, i learn a lot from your posts, i even recommend it to my girl office mates, that way, they will have some flair.

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  15. how are you

  16. hi how
    are you?

  17. hi i love reading ur blog… nice ganda.. I already add ur blog on my bloglist… 🙂

  18. Thank you! I’ll visit your blog too 🙂

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    i will be updated in here

    much love and hugs


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